AMAS: Chapter 6-The Female Rival in Trouble (Part 1)

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The next few days, Jiang Fei in succession, went to more than 10 villages, inspecting the place. It was just three ring roads away outside which wasn’t a distant place; but at the same time a far place to distance oneself from something, nearly a hundred kilometers away from the bright city walls, which already includes other cities that was within the scope of his plan.

But even so, Jiang Fei had still not found a place that he desired.

Jiang Fei had always cared about pursuing material benefits, even if there were only 5 dollars in his pocket, he would still only eat cookies that he had acquired, and after a period of time he would also be able to become a business proprietor. As far as himself is concerned, later on he would save money, so that he could live in a place away from the place his in, he would certainly not improvise with what he desires, and would rather have nothing than accept a trashy alternative.

“Keep looking! In this spirit of place there’s bound to be plenty of land, I don’t believe that I won’t find a village with exquisite scenery!”

The next day, Jiang Fei was ready to close his clinic, starting his car, he drove around looking for his place.

He had just taken off his white coat, but didn’t have enough time to pack his stuff up, as the clinic across his, actually had an accident, arousing his curiosity.

“This mediocre doctor had harmed someone!”

“You must give us a statement. Otherwise today, we’ll smash this pharmacy!”

“My mother always had a healthy body! But after taking the medicine prescribed by this mediocre doctor, she had become like this.

Seeing five or six men, carrying an unconscious lady on a stretcher, they stormed into the female doctor’s office, rampaging, shoving the people lining up to see the doctor away.

Several man shouted nonstop, as the nearby female relatives showed a sorrowful expression, crying, making the matter bigger.

“Medical accident?” Jiang Fei surprised for a moment, without closing his clinic, watched the fun across the street. As far as his rival is concerned, he didn’t use any tricks to deal with them, but had gotten themselves into trouble, with regards to this he was naturally delighted.

Jiang Fei doesn’t have an evil mind, but he was also not magnanimous enough for him to worry about his competitor. Moreover, this competitor was very ‘vicious’, almost forcing him to close down.

And now this female doctor had a medical accident in her clinic, for him, this was equivalent to an opportunity. Maybe he can take advantage of this opportunity, which would allow his business to become prosperous once more, and not like the things are right now.


A middle-aged woman hit the counter, pointing her finger as she glared at the female doctor, shouting: “Come Out! You come out here and face me!”

Nearby, several guys placing the unsconscious old lady on the stretched on the ground, and with strong momentum walked over: “Quickly come out. If you don’t come out, we might destroy the place!”

In the clinic, there was a counter with a tempered glass where all kinds of medicines are placed in. The counter divided the clinic into two, the patient being outside the counter, while the doctor sat inside the counter as the person sees the patient.

Therefore at this time, the female doctor sat inside, if she didn’t come out, the person causing her trouble wouldn’t be able to catch her.

As for normal days, the female doctor had a very good relationship with her customers, naturally nobody dared to mind the other people’s business, but encircled them at the side, talking about and looking at the development.

This was a medical accident, the old lady on the stretched evidently hasn’t died, but her life wouldn’t last long.

If the female doctor had really caused this, she’d be in big trouble.

The female doctor understood this, that’s why her usual bright and careful appearance, after seeing the furious family members, her eyes inevitably revealed that she was panicking, her complexion became pale.

However, it was obvious that it was impossible to avoid the matter and hide like this, so she had to settle things.

The female doctor by the name of Su Nan, was called by everyone as Dr. Su. She had a long straight and luxurious black hair, taking a few breaths, she calmed down her emotions, standing up, she said: “Don’t worry, let me see what’s the matter.”

Su nan opened the counter lock, having just come out, a strong and healthy middle-aged man fiercely pulled her arm, dragging her in front of the unconscious old lady, saying: “How is it? You have to take a look! My mother said the for the past few days her heart had become uncomfortable, having no appetite to eat, we went to see a doctor here, getting a prescription from you yesterday. But after taking the medicine last night, she hadn’t gotten up since this morning! We’ve dialed 120, sending her to the City People’s Hospital, finally the doctor in the hospital didn’t receive us, and told us to go home and make arrangements for the funeral!”

Saying this, the middle-aged man’s eyes became somewhat red, grabbing Sunan’s arm, he waved his other hand, facing the crowd and asked: “You say, should we ask this mediocre doctor for an explanation?!”

The mass who heard the story, suddenly pointed, saying.

“The doctor caused someone’s death?”

“This indeed needs an explanation.”

“Mother died like this, this matter I just can’t put aside, I won’t be at ease without knowing who’s at hand.”

Hearing this, Su Nan’s complexion immediately became white.

Even the City People’s Hospital weren’t willing to shelter, and rescue the patient, this meant that the patient was terminally ill, and without a doubt die.

Any doctor in this kind of situation, wound find it hard to stay composed.

Her head tilt, kneading her arm that was sore which was fiercely pulled by middle-aged man, she said somewhat tremblingly: “When did this old lady come here to see a doctor, how come I don’t remember!”

At this time, a middle-aged woman walked towards her, shouting: “Good! You also want to deny, you mediocre doctor! This person smells bad, having no sense of shame, you shameless wench!”

Jiang Fei listened happily, this big sister truly wasn’t refined, repeatedly scolding the mediocre doctor, how did it involve her being a wench.

However, at this time his heart was both gloomy and delighted, he was tired of his competitor’s clinic troubling him every time. Granted that his skills ultimately improve, later on his business would also possibly be hugely affected.

But he was wondering, he heard that Su nan’s skill in medicine was quite passable, treating a minor illness like a cold tremendously compared to him, how did she suddenly mistreat a patient?

Did this old lady have a disease that Su nan didn’t know, prescribing an inedible medicine to her?

The big sister who at this time cursed at her, pulled out a small white plastic bag from her pocket, which was the bag commonly used to prescribed a medicine by a doctor at a small clinic, “Open your eyes, have a closer look, is this medicine from you? Did you write this note?”

With that, the big sister went to work, pulling Su nan’s long hair, keeping her hand on the female doctor’s head, very shrewdly.

Usually, if the beautiful woman was treated like this, the men hre would have already ‘defended against injustice’ like a hero rescuing a beauty. But today the situation was different, who would dare cross this turbid wave.

Moreover, not only did she not give anyone an opportunity to help, instead she continued hitting the female doctor while she was still down, saying: “I already said that this woman wasn’t a good doctor. A doctor that grows into this, all day long dressing up in a beautiful attire, how can her medical skill be good? Look, now she mistreated someone and cause the person to die!”

“Before you said that the patient was sick, the patient isn’t dead yet, so why did you run to this clinic that’s 500 meters away.”

“Who ran towards here all day? I might sue you for slander!”


Su nan felt her scalp ripped off, as her head was shaken by the middle-aged woman, it was painful, she was almost in tears.

However, she held it back. She couldn’t cry at this time, crying would only make the matter worse, even if she cried nobody would sympathize with her, and it also wouldn’t quell the patient’s family’s anger.

Su nan with both of her hand held the middle-aged woman’s hand that was on her head, with difficulty said: “Show me the medicine. The medicine I give absolutely wouldn’t be able to kill someone, all of it are just generally ordinarily common medicine!”

Su nan had now affirmed that this old lady had indeed come to her clinic to see a doctor, but she didn’t believe that the medicine was absolutely that she prescribed, that killed the patient!

“Give you the medicine? Do you think I’m stupide! If you swallow all these medicine into your stomach, destroying the medicine, what do I do then?” The middle-aged woman’s hand loosened off of Su nan’s head, pointing at her, she scolded.

The middle-aged man’s hand didn’t let go, ruthlessly dragging her, he said, “Enough talking about nonsense, my mother has been unconscious since this morning, you have to save my mom right now, or else we won’t forgive you!”

Wearing a black threaded high heels, Su nan was pulled, breaking her balance, she suddenly tumbled on the ground.

The city hospital didn’t dare give shelter to the patient, which meant that the patient was beyond help, so how exactly could she save her?

At this time, a weeping sound from a little girl came from inside the counter. Wearing a powdered make up, a 5 to 6 years old child came out crying loudly: “Mom…..Mom….”

This little girl was was Su nan’s child.

Su nan wanted to cry, still holding it back, she stood up and patted her daughter’s head, her complexion still looked pale, but unyieldingly looked at the middle-aged couple, and angrily replied, “Fine, I don’t want the medicine. However, we can take a medicine test, and see if there are issues with the patient, and whether or not the patient can still be treated! If the responsibility is really on me, and that my medicine led her to become like this, I’ll be at your disposal!”

The middle-aged couple looked at each other, revealing a unusual facial expression that wasn’t easy to detect, and in a flash they recovered.

It was as if they were somewhat flustered.

However, it quickly vanished.

The middle-aged woman sneered, saying: “Stop talking nonsense! We don’t have a lot of time to accompany you and your interludes.  We don’t understand anything about medicine, when the time comes and you casually deceive us, how would we know? Anyway, the truth has now been placed in front of your eyes, you must take responsibility!”

The middle-aged man viciously walked around, without paying attention to the weeping little girl, said: “Either cure my mother, or compensation!”

“Compensation?” Hearing these words, Jiang Fei who was standing inside the crowd of onlookers, found a little clue.

This old lady was unconscious and dying.

But it seems that it isn’t due to medical mistreatment…..

Su nan’s mood became completely haywire, so she actually didn’t pay attention to this, in addition to taking care of her daughter who was crying harder and harder, but hearing the relentless middle-aged couple, she immediately asked: “Compensation? What compensation?”

Hearing this the middle-aged woman was happy at heart, but pretend to be very sad, as she angrily replied: “If you can’t save my mother, we want 200000 as compensation!”

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