AMAS: Chapter 61

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After Jiang Fei decided to hire a doctor from his alma mater, he quickly contacted his former teacher Tian Shanshan of class Q.


In University, Jiang Fei wasn’t a top student, nor was he the class representative of his class who would be the one tasked to help the teacher. But even then, it wasn’t like he was unnoticeable. Especially after Jiang Fei graduated and having worked for Jincheng Hospital, his income became among one of the best in his class of dozens of students. Thus after graduating, Tian Shanshan was even more impressed of Jiang Fei.


Tian Shanshan, who was still a teacher of his university, was told that Jiang Fei now plans to open his own hospital and wanted to come to his alma mater to recruit potential doctors. Tian Shanshan warmly welcomed the idea.


Although Jiang Fei’s hospital was too small, only needing five or six doctors, but wouldn’t it at least solve a few students’ employment problem.


Jiang Fei’s alma mater, Jincheng Medical University, is only one of two universities. Compared to the famous Chuanshu Medical University, the status between the two was just too great. This means that the graduates of Jincheng Medical University who are trying find a job, are unlikely to find one.


More importantly, Chuanshu Medical University graduates are of great ability. Each and every one of their third-year university students are first rate materials. So long as they didn’t spend their four years of time idly, any hospital would want to employ them! On the other hand, students who graduated from Jincheng Medical University are treated less valuably. Not to mention finding a job in the capital of Sichuan, even finding jobs in County-level cities would be hard. And who knows how many back doors and red envelopes they would need?


In addition to Jiang Fei’s hospital being in Jincheng, the condition that Jiang Fei put forward was very generous. The wages were also very high. This kind of treatment was the same that students in the other school have and was an opportunity that they were looking for.

However, what disappointed Tian Shanshan was that the doctors Jiang Fei was looking to hire wasn’t their students in Third Clinical College but from the Chinese Medicine College.


Of course even if he wasn’t hiring students at their college, Tian Shanshan said that he would still try his best to help Jiang Fei contact them. He can just come to his office to find him when he arrives at the University. At that point, he will then notify the graduates from Chinese Medicine College to come apply at his hospital.


They had a dream that their students, out of good will, would come back to their alma mater to recruit graduates from their old school. This was something Tian Shanshan was proud of. This kind of thing, was like paying back their debt to their alma mater.

Fortunately, Jiang Fei didn’t tell Teacher Tian that he was now known as a highly skilled doctor and that he was even published in the Sichuan Metropolis Daily newspaper. Otherwise, Teacher Tian would probably make Jiang Fei go to his classroom to give a speech and be a role model for his juniors in the university.


After contacting his old teacher, Jiang Fei was preparing all kinds of equipment and various business certificates needed for the hospital. He needed these done before planning to go to his alma mater, and implementing his plan to hire proficient graduates.


Buying a variety of equipment was simple. So long as they have the money, there would be no problem. However, the troublesome thing was getting all the certificates needed to open up the hospital. Jasmine Lin had already used all the connections she had. She had even given out a lot of red envelopes but even then, the process was still taking too long. She was panicking as she didn’t know just how long it would take for them to finish the things on their side.


On this day, Jasmine Lin returned to Jiang Fei’s clinic panting. She flung the suitcase in her hand on the bench as she said: “This is just so irritating!”


It was now noon and Jiang Fei was preparing to get off work. Seeing that there were no more patients, he went out of the counter and asked: “What happened? Did you still not get the documents we need?”


“Last week, the people of the Health Department told me that they would give me an answer this week. But when I went there again, they said that they would give me an answer next week. These people accepted money and said that they’ll do it quickly but after receiving the money, they actually dare to not finish the things on their end!?” Jasmine Lin said, enraged.

As Jiang Fei sat next to Jasmine Lin, he sighed and patted her on the shoulder. With a smile, he said: “Calm down, calm down. That’s just how it is now in China. The rich aren’t the ones in power, but instead those who have authority are in power! All right, we’ll just go again next week. Well, we don’t have anything to worry about these days anyway.”


“Why not rush! We’ve already rented a building, that’s a month worth of rent, if we just sit back and relax we’ll lose more money!” Jasmine Lin stared at Jiang Fei who wasn’t even a bit nervous of the matter.


Jiang Fei smiled and said: “After we make money, we can just build a building for our hospital, at that point we would no longer need to pay rent like other people!”


“You’re way of thinking isn’t too bad!” Jasmine Lin glanced at Jiang Fei and sighed: “You say that you’ve treated and cured many patients these days, and that you’ve earned a lot of money, but how come you haven’t met one bureaucrat yet? If you treat a patient with a high position, getting our certificate today wouldn’t be this laborious!”


Jiang Fei touched his nose and said: “Maybe my patients are just too low-key. Perhaps I’ve already treated a patient who have grand positions but they just didn’t say anything.”


Actually, people who have money may find it hard to find a good doctor. They may even find it hard to register in a good hospital. But those individuals who have authority were different.

When they get sick; they can, without any difficulty, find a doctor with exquisite skills. Moreover, they may not even need to spend money to get treatment so why would they even bother to come to Jiang Fei for help? Even if they know that Jiang Fei’s medical skills were exquisite, it doesn’t mean that he was necessary for them!


While Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin were complaining about this incident, people suddenly walked into his clinic and asked in a cold voice: “Is Doctor Jiang here?”


Jiang Fei, who was surprised for a moment, hurriedly stood up and looked at this young but not so ‘big’ chested slim girl with big eyes. He said with a smile: “That’s me. Have you come to see a doctor?”


“You are?” The girl’s voice was as cold as always. There wasn’t any arrogance in her voice but it still gave a feeling of a great sense of distance between the two. She was giving off an impression that she was hard approach.


Her big eyes looked as if she was looking at a prisoner as she stared at Jiang Fei from head to toe. She frowned, seemingly as if she was dissatisfied with Jiang Fei’s appearance.


Jiang Fei observed the person’s style. Her dress was awfully plain. Her hair wasn’t long but was also not considered as short. The young woman wasn’t wearing any makeup and she had a slender body. Seeing such a look, one can’t help but remain silent and think that it was unlikely for the woman to come here for a breast enlargement.


Although the woman was slim, she wasn’t skinny and was still within the normal range but her chest was just too small. What a flat chest, ah! She’s the same as Princess Taiping. (TL: Known for her beauty and politically powerful, don’t know if she’s flat chested though)

Also, if she did come here for breast enhancement, Chinese Medicine is very useful in that regard. Whether it was acupuncture or eating Chinese Medicine, it would have a good effect on her body. If this woman came to Jiang Fei for this exact purpose, then Jiang Fei should be able to help her.


Of course, Jiang Fei wasn’t silly enough to take the initiative to mention such a thing. Perhaps if he were to say it in good faith, a loud slap would reverberate inside the clinic.


Some time ago, there was even a news about a boyfriend who had sent his girlfriend for breast implants. The result was a hard slap in the face by his girlfriend, after feeling that she was being insulted.


Women, about their own traits, was in fact more concerned about it than men do.


Big is good but if it is small, smart men wouldn’t say anything!


“I am Jiang Fei. Have you come to see a doctor?” Jiang Fei looked at the woman and walked towards her to ask again.


“I didn’t come to see a doctor. I wanted to ask you to come with me.” The woman said with a cold tone, as if she was commanding him to.


It was natural that the woman, Ye Yuanyuan, had that kind of tone towards him since she came from a military family.


Jiang Fei wasn’t angry at her tone towards him. He just smiled and said: “I’m sorry. I usually don’t go to others for medical treatment. If you have a family member or a friend who is sick, you can have them come to my clinic here.”


“My grandfather’s legs are paralyzed. Please follow me to take a trip and visit him. I’ll pay you double the consultation.” Ye Yuanyaun’s big eyes looked at Jiang Fei, as she once again asked.

In fact, people who are being stared at with such a look would feel very uncomfortable. But since the woman’s eyes were too big and beautiful, Jiang Fei couldn’t help but not get angry at her.


Jiang Fei shook his head and explained: “I don’t have any problem with doing consultations but I generally don’t do visits. Besides, its already 12 o’clock. It’s time for me to have lunch and close the clinic.”


Hearing his words, Ye Yuanyuan frowned. She was quite unhappy. Having grown up in the army, the way her mind worked was either he agreed or disagreed. Making excuses wasn’t going to work on her.


Can such things like eating and sleeping be counted as a reason?


Not having much patience, she subconsciously went to grab Jiang Fei’s shoulder to drag him away…..


Title: If Her Chest Is Too Small, Don’t Say Anything About It