AMAS: Chapter 64-Heavily Guarded

After getting in the car, Jiang Fei thought that the sanitarium this dignitary was in should be in the center of Jincheng so they should arrive there in just a few minutes. But contrary to his expectations, the car drove to the suburbs.


The car’s speed was not slow at all and after two full hours, they arrived at a place he was completely unfamiliar with!


Jiang Fei was quite a spiteful person. He didn’t have a good impression of the flat chested woman at his side so he didn’t talk to her at all during the whole trip. The only thing he knew about her was her name, Ye Yuanyuan. As to what her and her grandfather’s identities were, Jiang Fei still didn’t know anything.


Of course, Jiang Fei didn’t dare ask. There were two soldiers armed with assault rifles sitting in front of them. But Jiang Fei thought that he was still safe so long as he was as far from them as possible.


The so-called sanitarium was a very Soviet-style building that looked quite modern. It had some signs of aging but it still had a touch of an inexplicable sense of deterrence and beauty. Just looking at it and one could understand that ordinary people can’t set foot in such a place.

There were no signs hung on the sanitarium and the place was heavily guarded by soldiers. Even the short tempered military personnel, Ye Yuanyuan, had to go through multiple strict processes before she was allowed to go in.


Jiang Fei, who was watching at the side, couldn’t stand this sort of behavior. He couldn’t help but cast his gaze away. This intense army like atmosphere made him feel like he had returned to the past, to the last century ago. This so-called military sanitarium also made him feel like he was in a film that he had watched before.


The car finally entered the inner courtyard. Jiang Fei didn’t have the mood to become friends with Ye Yuanyuan so he looked outside of his window and had a look around. The car continued to move, leaving behind the heavily armed soldiers guarding the place. Silence overwhelmed the place, making it hard to gasp for breath.


This kind of defense looks like a formation meant to protect a country’s leader! Let alone people, even birds would be unable to pass through this place. If one enters this place without being inspected, would they perhaps be shot down? Jiang Fei secretly thought in his heart. After obtaining the skill [Triassic Cloud], he naturally had some insights in martial arts. Thus, just by looking at how the guards were positioned, he could easily tell how heavily guarded the place was.


Although the soldiers looked disorganized, they seamlessly guarded every space in the yard to the death. It was obvious that there was no danger but even then, the guards’ eyes were sharp. And in case of any enemy appearance, they’re thoroughly prepared and kept their nerves tight. They were the highest standard of soldiers possible.


Fortunately before this, Ye Yuanyuan had promised him that even if he couldn’t heal her grandfather’s legs, they wouldn’t do anything to him. Otherwise, how could Jiang Fei be so laid-back?


“However, what if I can treat the big man’s illness?” Jiang Fei couldn’t help but think of the possibility.


This flat-chested woman, Ye Yuanyuan said that if he could cure her grandfather, whatever it was he’d asked for, she promised that she’d fulfil it—at this time, Jiang Fei thought of the unpromising future of his hospital.


If he could just lead a few soldiers armed with assault rifles and have them enter the office of the health department head; wouldn’t he just need to sit down, smoke a cigarette, and without even needing to talk, get the documents he needed for his hospital?


Just thinking about it, Jiang Fei smiled. As if it was already decided that he could cure Ye Yuanyuan’s grandfather, he embarked towards the peak of his life.


However, Jiang Fei quickly stopped his thoughts. He knew that curing this patient wasn’t going to be so simple. If the person’s identity really was as he thought it was then even if he was sick, it should be possible for him to set up a special medical team just for him and bring in the best doctors in the world to treat him. In spite of all that, it doesn’t appear to have been effective. On the contrary, although Jiang Fei had no idea how they had heard of his reputation, they seem to be desperate enough to try everything and invite him in without losing hope.


This sort of thorny situation, Jiang Fei hoped that his level six medical skill was enough!

“I just need two more days and my medical skill would level up to level 7. At that point, I could be more rest assured.” Jiang Fei’s character interface resurfaced in his head. He looked at his Level 6 Medical skill which already had a 96% proficiency so he was somewhat regretful!

To raise his Medical skill level by another level was difficult. The higher his proficiency, the harder it became to increase it. So although he only needed 4% more proficiency, if he wanted to raise it by another level, he would still have to see a lot more patients before he could successfully level the skill up.


Finally, the car stopped in front of a separate building and soon after, there were security guards helping to open the door. Ye Yuanyuan blankly looked at Jiang Fei as the flat-chested beauty coldly said to him: “Get off.”


To be honest, Ye Yuanyuan didn’t think much of Jiang Fei.


It wasn’t that she was discriminating against him, but that Jiang Fei was just far too young. It looked like he was only two years older than her, presumably 26 years old.


How old was this doctor?


It would have been fine if he specialized in Western Medicine but in Chinese Medicine, vast experience was needed to become good at it. Famous doctors from the Chinese Medicine Association were good examples. In the Chinese Medicine Association, there were only a few famous doctors that were less than 50 years old and majority of them were old men.

Jiang Fei nodded and got out of the car. He followed behind Ye Yuanyuan, bypassing the huge garden in front of the building. And after passing through two huge yellow fruit trees, they entered the building and went up the second floor.


On the second floor, there were layers of guards armed with guns.


These guards seemed to be even more powerful than the guards down below. This made Jiang Fei, who had always been courageous, a little bit afraid.


“Perhaps this is the legendary aura of death?” A very strange though emerged in Jiang Fei’s heart. He felt that the guards looked a little different, as if they weren’t afraid of dying.

But after arriving at the second floor, the guards who saw Ye Yuanyuan and Jiang Fei didn’t intercept the two and had let them through without a fight.


He reckoned that the woman, Ye Yuanyuan, had something to do with it.


Ye Yuanyuan and Jiang Fei’s footsteps resounded quite unpleasantly in this quiet corridor. Sunlight reflected on the southern edge of the building as they approached a room at the far end of the hallway.


Outside the room, stood a calm yet imposing middle-aged man. This man was obviously different from the other security guards. Unlike them, he wasn’t wearing a military uniform and instead, donned an ordinary sportswear appearing like a very kind middle-aged man. However, when Jiang Fei saw this man, his subconsciousness jumped. He felt that the man wasn’t so simple.


“Miss, is this Dr. Jiang?” The middle-aged man asked.


Ye Yuanyuan nodded and said, “That’s him.”


The middle-aged man reached out as he shook hands with Jiang Fei before politely saying: “Dr. Jiang, please wait here for a while. Right now, there is an old doctor from Beijing diagnosing the commander.”


Hearing this, Ye Yuanyuan curiously looked through the window on the door. Surprised, she said: “I heard that the doctor from Chinese Medicine Association will come this afternoon, why are they here now?”


The middle-aged man nodded.


At this time, Jiang Fei’s eyebrows knitted. This was the second time he had heard of the ‘Chinese Medicine Association’. The first was from the female reporter who worked at Sichuan Metropolis Daily, saying that the old man, Qin Zhengming was also one of the members of the organization.


Remembering such a thing, he couldn’t help but look through the window as well.

Inside, a man about 50 years of age was looking serious. He was focusing his sight on the legs of the old man lying on the bed.