AMAS: Chapter 65-Lucky

Although they could see through the window on the door perfectly but because the room was soundproof, they couldn’t hear anything being said inside the room.


“This is an old doctor from the Chinese Medicine Association, his name is Yu Qingsong. He is the highest ranking professor in Beijing Chinese Medicine University, and is also the best acupuncturist in the hospital he works in. It wasn’t easy to invite him to come here in Jincheng. It has already been 20 minutes since he had started treating the commander.” The middle-aged guard explained to Ye Yuanyuan and Jiang Fei the extraordinary status of the doctor inside the room.


Ye Yuanyuan nervously looked through the window. She saw her grandfather’s leg punctured with seventy-eighty needles, both long and short.


The old professor of Beijing Chinese Medicine University, Yu Qingsong looked cautious as he constantly changed the placements of the needles to different acupuncture points. A nurse was helping him at the side, wiping his sweat. From time to time, he would ask the old man what the problem was then ask him if he could feel anything yet.


The old man leaned against the bedside but there wasn’t any hint of pain on his face. There was also no look of disappointment or surprise as if he had already expected such an outcome.

7-8 minutes passed but the old man’s face still looked the same. Eventually, Yu Qingsong shook his head. A helpless smile appeared on his face as he pulled out all the needles on the old man’s leg.


It was evident that he couldn’t treat the old man’s paralyzed legs and could only give up from here.


Seeing this, the big-eyed Ye Yuanyuan suddenly became very disappointed, her mood far worse than the old man on the hospital bed.


If I didn’t see it myself, I would have never thought that this woman was filial. Those who are filial are generally not bad people. It seems like besides this woman’s bad temper and cold personality, she isn’t scum like Gao Hengyuan. Jiang Fei looked at the side as he thought internally. Seeing that Yu Qingsong had already pulled out all the needles on the old man’s leg, Ye Yuanyuan turned over, and stared at Jiang Fei: “We should go in. In a while…you must treat my grandfather’s legs. Otherwise….otherwise I won’t let you off!”


Jiang Fei was shocked, but he didn’t oppose her. Hastily, he said: “You said that even if I couldn’t heal your grandfather, you wouldn’t make things difficult for me. Once said, a man should never go back on his own words!”


“I’m not a man, I’m a woman!” Ye Yuanyuan somewhat angrily replied a line in a classic scripture. In short, she was deliberately making trouble for him.


“You’re going overboard!” Jiang Fei angrily said.


If not for the many security guards around all armed with guns and live ammunition, Jiang Fei would have taught this flat chested woman a lesson.


He wanted to let her know that as a woman, once she had said something, she should live up to her promise and treat it as something even more important than her life!


Who would dare marry a woman who never keeps her words?


“I’m going overboard? So what?” Seeing that a so-called famous doctor was helpless before her grandfather’s paralyzed leg, Ye Yuanyuan’s mood became even worse. Her temper was also worse than before. And after saying the end of her sentence, she opened the door toward the hospital ward.


The calm middle-aged man beside him comforted in a low voice: “Dr. Jiang need not worry. Miss Ye is a good person, she didn’t mean it. Even if you can’t cure the old commander’s legs, she won’t make things difficult for you. However, I still would like to ask Dr. Jiang to do his best to diagnose and cure the old commander’s legs!”


If she was a good person, then there would be no bad people in the world!


Jiang Fei looked serious as, he nodded: “Rest assured. As a doctor, no matter what kind of patient I meet, I will try my best to diagnose and treat them. If I can treat it, I will certainly do my best!”

Entering the room, Jiang Fei could finally see the old man clearly, or perhaps he could finally feel his strong vitality.


The old man was lying in his bed but even in his old age, he looked tall and his body looked very strong and vigorous. The old man seemed very kind, yet on his body, a faint and marvelous vital energy/qi leaked out. Just by looking at him, one could already feel how towering his qi is.

The ward was designed in such a way so that this kind of qi can be seen.


Although the ward was heavily guarded, the room the old man lived in wasn’t luxurious. Everything seemed very simple, yet it was unusually neat and clean. The vase, the cup, the book, and everything else seemed like it was meticulously placed there for a reason. Making the people who step inside feel like they were out of place. (TL: not belong here)


Outside, he didn’t feel anything peculiar but after entering the room, Jiang Fei could clearly feel that the old commander had been a soldier for many years. It seemed that he had climbed up to the top ranks from the very bottom.


Such soldiers, in general, were worthy of admiration.


The old man was called Commander Ye. With Jiang Fei’s barren military knowledge, he roughly knew the ranks of each division. If he was the commander of the PLA region, then the old man would most likely be the general or at least, the lieutenant general (lower than general). If the old man was the commander of the Jincheng Military District, then he could only be the chief of staff. If he was the commander of an ordinary army, then generally speaking, he would be the major general. (TL: I don’t know anything about army ranking in China, but I’m pretty sure most of it is correct except for the chief of staff part)


However, no matter what position he had, he was genuine general. Moreover, it seemed like it wasn’t a position with practically no obligations, and that he genuinely had an army under his command!


Such a position, for ordinary people, was simply unattainable!


“Grandfather, how do you feel?” After entering the room, the aura that Ye Yuanyuan emitted immediately changed. She was no longer the ice-cold flat chested woman that Jiang Fei had met before, but an ordinary young girl who loves to act like a spoiled brat.


Arriving at the old man’s bedside, she took the old man’s arm, feeling as if she was wronged as her lips curled. She was distressed because of the old man’s condition.


Seeing this scene, Jiang Fei almost couldn’t tell that it was Ye Yuanyuan.


Was this the ice-cold woman that he had met a moment ago? Was this the same stranger that had called two soldiers armed with assault rifles, just to have him come here? The difference between the her before and the girl now was just too big!


Looking at Ye Yuanyuan, Jiang Fei felt that she resembled the young girl living below his apartment, Xia Xiaozhi. She looked a little bit adorable.


Women really are born natural actors! How can the difference between the her from before and the her now be so different! Jiang Fei couldn’t help but say in his heart.


Yu Qingsong, the famous doctor from Beijing, somewhat guiltily said: “I’m sorry Commander Ye. I’ve tried my best but…”


After he wiped his own sweat, he knitted his brows as if he was pondering. He then said: “According to my diagnosis, the nerves of Commander Ye’s legs are paralyzed. The primary cause is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis as well as blood infection and poison. In addition to that, your vertebrae seems like it’s also somewhat infected. However, even if these two are added together and you are seriously paralyzed, under my acupuncture, you should have still felt something. But Commander Ye, you…..I really can’t think of anything to cure this. Perhaps, your only option left is to wait for ‘demon hand’ old Cui to come back and treat you himself. Aside from this, I really can’t think of anything else.”


The old man didn’t feel discouraged and instead, he smiled and nodded his head: “I’m sorry for inconveniencing Doctor Qin.” Immediately, his line of sight was placed on Jiang Fei. He then asked: “Is this young man the doctor titled ‘Acupuncture King’ that was mentioned in the newspaper?”


Ye Yuanyuan nodded as she also looked at Jiang Fei: “He is.”


The old man looked surprised. He didn’t expect that Jiang Fei would be so young. But unlike Ye Yuanyuan, the old man trusted Jiang Fei as he said: “Dr. Jiang is really young and promising! At such a young age, you already have such good acupuncture skills.”


Hearing this, Jiang Fei immediately understood how he ended up here.


It seems that his reputation had once again increased after getting published in the newspaper. And now, there are even powerful figures that know of his title, ‘Acupuncture King. It appears that after he opens his own hospital, his business would once again bloom.


However, Jiang Fei wasn’t happy for too long. The nearby doctor, Yu Qingsong couldn’t hold himself after hearing Jiang Fei’s title of ‘Acupuncture King’. The look on his face was exactly the same as the one that Qin Zhengming had a few days ago when he had met Jiang Fei.


“Acupuncture King? Him?! What a huge name!” Yu Qingsong didn’t care where he was. So long as the time was right, he would act as he wanted, directly suspecting the man named Jiang Fei.

Just by looking at his appearance, one could easily tell that he was furious. He found the matter ridiculous and just like Qin Zhengming, he also wanted to remove the title ‘acupuncture king’ from this absurd young man, Jiang Fei.


Jiang Fei touched his nose. At this time, he felt that his title of ‘Acupuncture King’ seemed a little heavy. Finding it hard to keep such a big title to himself!


However, Jiang Fei didn’t justify himself. The old commander who had read the newspaper laughed and said: “Dr. Yu, don’t underestimate Dr. Jiang. A few days ago, Qin Zhengming of Jincheng Hospital personally lost to Dr. Jiang on Acupuncture…..”


Hearing his words, Yu Qingsong found it ridiculous. He looked at Jiang Fei somewhat dumbfounded: “You won against Qin Zhengming? How is that possible!”


After hearing what Ye Yuanyuan’s Grandfather had said, Jiang Fei’s impression of the old man became even better. He even thought that he would do his best to diagnose and cure the old man.


Jiang Fei placed both his hand behind his back as he modestly said: “I was just lucky a few days ago and unwillingly won against Doctor Qin…..”


Not letting Jiang Fei finish, Yu Qingsong flew into a rage. He just couldn’t bear listening to him anymore so he immediately interrupted him and said: “Perhaps your ‘luck’ really was good!”

“What do you mean by that?” Jiang Fei wasn’t happy with his tone.


What luck? Can he really win against Qin Zhengming just by relying on luck alone?


If it weren’t for his noble character, why would he have spoken in a modest way?


Looking at the two doctor fighting on the spot, Ye Yuanyuan couldn’t stand it any further and quickly stopped the two: “Stop, stop! Jiang Fei, first diagnose my grandfather. Soon it will be made clear if you are the Acupuncture King or not!”


Yu Qingsong recovered at this time. He knew that he had overreacted a while ago. Sneering at Jiang Fei, he said: “Right, I would also like to see how powerful the Acupuncture King is!”