AMAS: Chapter 66-Three Days

Paralysis on both legs. This kind of illness, to an average family, was very difficult to cure. The best medical treatment was to massage the muscles of both legs, coupled with stimulating it with acupuncture, and only by doing this will the condition of the patient somewhat improve.


Jiang Fei had treated several patients before but not once did he need to treat a paralyzed patient. This was the first time, but Jiang Fei wasn’t worried. Although it was his first time to treat such an illness, he would only feel a sense of strangeness. So long as he had his Level six Medical skill, it would certainly not be a problem.


Ignoring the suspicion of the famous doctor from Beijing, Yu Qingsong; Jiang Fei placed his right index finger and middle finger on the old commander’s wrist. As a result, a diagnosis of the old man popped into his mind.



Severe Cross Section Paralysis

Patient has severe muscle atrophy and sclerosis, as well as spinal column injury. Patient is also suffering from spinal disc herniation and spinal hematoma. There is also blood infection as well as spinal stenosis, making the transmitted information from the neuron to break apart, leading to the paralysis of the lower limbs.
Treatment: Acupuncture to stimulate central nervous system, plus massage techniques. A total of eight treatments are needed, at twice a week! (This is the only cure!)

It is recommended that the user’s Medical Skill has reached Level 7 before attempting to perform the treatment.

Success Rate at Level 6: 40%

Warning: A mistake in the stimulation of the central nervous would result in the patient’s condition to worsen, and could even lead to their death!

In the past, whenever Jiang Fei saw a patient, his mind would roughly have the same picture popping up in his mind, and nothing else.


But this time was different.


When his diagnosis was completed, the following was marked with a bright red font: It is recommended that the user’s medical skill level has reached level 7 before attempting to perform the treatment. If forcibly done at level 6, the success rate would only be at 40%. In the case of an accident during the stimulation of the central nervous system, the patient’s condition will worsen and could even lead to their death!


Seeing the warning, Jiang Fei’s body jumped in fright.


He was just thinking that if his medical skill had reached level 7, then the success rate of this treatment would become much higher. Unexpectedly, or unfortunately for him, he had guessed it right and that he would really have to wait until his medical skill had reached level 7 before attempting to cure the old commander’s legs.


As for his medical skill at level 6, there was a chance that he would succeed. And although it was not too low, at 40%, Jiang Fei simply wouldn’t consider it.


Not to mention the old man’s identity was not so simple, if his treatment was unsuccessful or worse, lead to his death; Jiang Fei wouldn’t be able to continue eating. Even if the old man was only an average person, Jiang Fei would still not consider treating him.


As a doctor, when treating a patient, one should always do their best! If you can’t cure the patient, one should at least ensure that it would not lead to the patient’s death!


Otherwise, a medical accident may occur!


It would be a stain on the Doctor’s life if such a thing were to happen. Doctors shouldn’t gamble with the lives of their patients. This was a doctor’s most basic code of conduct.


“Dr. Jiang, can you treat my legs?” The old man still didn’t look afraid or worried. He smiled as he looked at Jiang Fei and asked. Even though both of his legs were paralyzed, the old man asked Jiang Fei as if it was as simple as eating.


What good mentality! To tell the truth, Jiang Fei really admired the old commander’s mentality.

Generally speaking, the richer a person is and the higher the status, the more they were afraid of death and cherish the beauty of the world more than anyone else. It was the same for emperors in ancient times. Emperor Qin Shihuang and Emperor Wu, in their youth, were both ambitious and energetic. However, in their later years, they became languid and began to pursue a luxurious life.


But General Ye wasn’t afraid that both his legs were paralyzed or that he could no longer get up from bed. It seemed like he didn’t care about life or death and looked quite indifferent.

Only a true soldier would have this kind of style and mentality!


Jiang Fei eventually replied: “I can’t. At least not right now…..”


Having said that, Jiang Fei could clearly feel how everyone felt about him in the room. The big-eyed Ye Yuanyuan was extremely disappointed and she somewhat resentfully looked at Jiang Fei as she gritted her teeth. It even seemed like she wanted to vent her anger on him. The middle-aged security guard, on the other hand, only let out a small sigh.


The famous doctor from Beijing, Yu Qingsong, let out a cold hum as he looked at Jiang Fei in disdain.


It was obvious that he was mocking Jiang Fei’s title of ‘Acupuncture King’….although he himself was also powerless before the old commander’s paralyzed legs but at least he had tried, even trying to stimulate the patient’s legs for a long time.


But Jiang Fei had only taken his pulse, then immediately said that he couldn’t heal him. It was clear that his medical skills were extremely poor that he didn’t even dare to start. It was evident that he didn’t fall in the same ranking as him.


As for Jiang Fei’s last words ‘at least not now’, everyone simply ignored it.


The sentence had no credibility. In their opinion, Jiang Fei was just trying to save face, that he was just a fraud..

(TL: I removed a sentence that didn’t make sense to me at least, I don’t know how a person that lost a fight and calling people up to beat the other person up the same as what he did)


The old man was quite cheerful at first but after hearing such a thing, a flash of disappointment inevitably appeared on his face. But he quickly recovered as he said: “It’s all right. I’ve already expected that this would be the result. To be born, to grow old, to get sick, and to die; everything is destined to end. I, Ye Zhennan, am already old yet I’m still alive. This upon itself is a blessing given by the heavens. As they say, reaching the age of 70 is rare. I myself know, even if I struggle, I will not live long. Don’t feel bad young lad.”


Hearing what her grandfather had said, Ye Yuanyuan suddenly gave up.


But first, she glared at the ‘useless’ Jiang Fei and then turned to say: “Grandfather, so what if reaching the age 70 is rare? You still have to live a long time! Jiang Fei is just a fake doctor. We’ll find a real doctor, one like ‘Demon Hand’ doctor Cui, and your disease will definitely be cured!”

Jiang Fei’s face turned black.


He had always placed his face more important than his own life. He believed that he lived an honorable life so how could he be despised like this? You can look down upon my moral integrity, but you can’t look down on my medical skills!


Can’t endure! I can’t endure it anymore!


“Hey, did you listen to what I said? I said I can’t treat him right now, but that doesn’t mean i won’t be able to cure him!” Jiang Fei wasn’t satisfied with what he had heard.


Yu Qingsong didn’t wait for Ye Yuanyuan to open her mouth, he coldly looked at him and said: “Can’t cure, can’t cure, You can’t cure him yet you’re still looking for an excuse! What, you’re saying that you’re still young, that you’re still inexperienced? And after dozens of years, you’ll be able to cure him then?


That’s right, most people’s medical skills get more and more sophisticated as they age. But there were also some exceptions! A young man dared to shamelessly proclaim himself as the ‘Acupuncture King’. Having such a reckless mentality, even if you have more years, your medical skills won’t have much progress! Moreover, do you think commander Ye’s body will wait for you for that long?”


Fuck! Jiang Fei couldn’t help but swear in his heart, after hearing what he had said to him.


How can this old man act in the same way as Qin Zhengming? (TL: Yu Qingsong is also an old man)


Someone else gave me the title ‘Acupuncture King’. Why are you angry at me like I’ve offended you and all those in the Chinese Medicine Association?


Since it’s like this, I’ll just have to teach you bunch of geezers for taking advantage of your seniority! I’ll let you know the difference between our abilities; that in life, the new is constantly replacing the old; that I’ll pass through the uncrossable waves and reach the top!


Jiang Fei’s eyes narrowed. He became quiet for a bit before saying: “Who said that I needed a decade to cure him? Which ear did you hear me say that I needed a decade to treat him?” Jiang Fei didn’t even look at Ye Zhennan as he said: “Three days! I just need three days! And then I’ll come back to diagnose and treat old commander Ye. I can assure you there will certainly be results!”