AMAS: Chapter 69-Someone Waiting for his Return

He got back to the city around 5 pm.


If it was the usual Jiang Fei, with his lazy personality, he would have definitely gone back to his home to rest. But today’s situation was different. Before he had even returned to the city, he had asked the driver to send him back to his clinic. He planned to continue operating for two more hours and in doing so, he should be able to treat more patients and enhance his medical proficiency.


His current Medical Skill was at Level 6 +96%, only needing 4% more to reach Level 7.

However, even in its final moments, the skill’s proficiency was difficult to increase however three days was absolutely enough to completely fill it up. Jiang Fei felt that he also needed to get used to things after reaching the 7th level thus, even if it’s just treating one or two more patients, he would do so. Doing so would let him reach Level 7 as soon as possible to avoid any unforeseen mishaps from occurring.


He was only given three days before he would need to go back to the sanitarium to treat the old man, Ye Zhennan’s legs, where Ye Yuanyuan would come herself to personally retrieve him. And if he wasn’t able to reach Level 7 by then, with the woman’s character, it was close to impossible to know what she would do to him if he really wasn’t able to treat her grandfather.

As he opened the doors of his clinic, although it was late and close to dinner time, it didn’t seem like the number of patients coming in would end soon, just like an endless stream.

This was the benefit of a doctor with a good reputation.


No matter what time it was, even without doing any promotion, there would always be no lack of patients.


As a result, Jiang Fei treated patients one by one, his medical proficiency increasing little by little, slowly and steadily approaching the targeted 7th Level.


And about two hours later!




A lady’s handbag struck the glass counter. Jiang Fei didn’t even need to look up and just by looking at the handbag, he could already tell who came in.


“What happened?” Looking at her eyes full of anger, Jiang Fei smiled and asked: “Who provoked you?”


Jasmine Lin didn’t receive it so well, instead she became angrier and her eyes were even starting to turn red: “You said who?! You’ve already come back, yet why didn’t you go home?”


Jiang Fei referred to the patient who had just left and said: “I was treating patients! After I got back, I returned to the clinic and continuously treated patients.”


“Usually you close at four or five every day. It’s already seven o’clock today, so why are you still treating patients? Why are you so diligent today?” The red-eyed Jasmine Lin said. “Even if you wanted to treat more patients, why didn’t you give me a call first and inform me that you’ve safely returned? Do you know how worried I was about you? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to get back?”


Jiang Fei was surprised for a moment and in the end he came to understand as to why Jasmine Lin got so angry at him.


At noon, Ye Yuanyuan had taken him away together with two soldiers, both armed with assault rifles. At that time, Jasmine Lin had even cried. But even with Ye Yuanyuan’s assurance, she couldn’t completely relax.


She had been worried about his own safety all this time. Yet he on the other hand, was busy trying to improve his medical skill proficiency, completely forgetting the matter and did not even consider giving Jasmine Lin a call.


Seeing Jasmine Lin angry, Jiang Fei felt touched. This woman was really worried about him. So instead of trying to make excuses, he softly said: “Sorry.”


Jasmine Lin was still upset. Even though she wanted to continue scolding Jiang Fei, what came out of her mouth instead, was something else: “Forget it! It’s good as long as you’re all right!”


Discontented, Jasmine Lin walked to the counter and sat next to Jiang Fei’s chair. Fear lingered in her heart as she asked: “What was that woman’s identity? How could she daringly have soldiers randomly arrest someone? Did you cure her grandfather’s illness?”


Jiang Fei shook his head and said: “The identity of the woman is still unknown, but her grandfather should be the general of our Jincheng Military Region so it’s no big deal for her to bring two soldiers and have them arrest someone. As for her grandfather’s illness, his legs are severely crippled. As I am now I still have no way to treat her grandfather’s legs, but in three days I’ll go back and try again.”


“You’re going there again in three days?” Jasmine Lin exclaimed, she anxiously said: “Today you weren’t able to cure her grandfather so how will you be able to treat him after just three days? If you can’t treat him, they won’t embarrass you, will they?”

As a person who has worked in a hospital before, Jasmine Lin had a basic understanding of medicine.


A doctor’s medical skill depends on the accumulation of many years of experience and only by gaining such experience will they gradually become more skillful. How was it possible for a doctor’s medical skills to change qualitatively in just a mere three days?

Jiang Fei smiled and comforted: “Don’t worry. I was the one who proposed that I would come back in three days. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I wasn’t sure of myself. Don’t you know me by now? I never do things that I’m not sure I can do.”


Still, Jasmine Lin frowned as she felt that he wasn’t being safe.


In her view, since Jiang Fei wasn’t able to cure the patient’s illness today, it was best for him to forget about the matter. For her, it was the correct choice. After all, today Ye Yuanyuan and two soldiers armed with assault rifles had come to the clinic which was a big impact to her.

Where could an ordinary person experience such an event?!


Although in the business field, it was best to make friends with someone of great power, but it was also important for them to not overstep their boundaries.


“Well, I have my own way of doing things. I’ll be fine.” Jiang Fei said, interrupting Jasmine Lin’s way of thinking. With a smile, he stood up, clapped, and said: “Let’s go. It’s time to get off work, go home, and cook a meal. I haven’t eaten yet so I’m starving. Did you have lunch?”


“You were taken away this afternoon, where could I have found the time to eat?!” Jasmine Lin flirtatiously laughed as she glanced at Jiang Fei.


“No time to eat, or you don’t want to cook it yourself?” Jiang Fei teased.


“Hey, Jiang Fei, have you no conscience!” Jasmine Lin was discontented. “Even if I don’t want to cook for myself, if I want to eat, can’t I just go to a restaurant for food? In this world, if you aren’t here, would I be incapable of getting anything to eat and would even starve to death?”


Jiang Fei quickly raised his hands in surrender. He took off the white coat he was wearing and said: “Well, I know I’m in the wrong. In order to repay the girl, Jasmine Lin, that has been worried for me all this time, I’ll cook anything you want to eat tonight!”


“That’s good enough!” Seeing Jiang Fei’s confident appearance, it was safe to assume that nothing would go wrong with the treatment, thus Jasmine Lin felt a little bit relieved. Jiang Fei locked the door while Jasmine Lin began to list the things she wanted to eat.


“Tonight I want to eat Osmanthus Cod Fish, Colorful Beef Stir-fried, Lotus Tofu, Kung Pao Rabbit. Oh, I also want to eat noodles, I want to eat Longshang noodles! Yes, the desert you made last time was also not bad, what’s it called? It was apple wrapped in flour and eggs, and baked in the oven….right, it was crispy apple pie!”


“OH! Your request is really big, it almost seems like I’m hosting a banquet! There’s so much, are you sure you can finish it all?”


“Are you looking down on me? I’m just getting started. I still haven’t thought about what to eat later in the evening….” She said, holding Jiang Fei’s arm.


Nowadays, Jasmine Lin truly worships Jiang Fei’s cooking capabilities. Worshiping it even more than his medical skills.


After all, the food that Jiang Fei makes now could be considered the best and could even be unparalleled in the world. And just like what they say in anime, he would make a good husband (TL: wife actually lol), the best one at that.


Not only could he make all kinds of delicious dishes, all the food he makes are also extremely healthy. Thus even if one were to eat a lot of it, the problem of gaining weight was nothing to worry about!


Thus as the days passed, Jasmine Lin had become more and more inseparable from Jiang Fei.

In the next two or three days, Jiang Fei had unexpectedly increased the operating hours of his clinic. Every day, he would treat more and more patients than the day before.


Even the instructor at his University, Tian Shan, was made to postpone his request of interviewing students in the University just so that he could increase his medical skills. Jiang Fei had to apologize for postponing and said that he would need two more days before he could make a visit.

And finally, his hard work paid off. In the afternoon of the next day, Jiang Fei heard a wonderful sound in his mind. When he heard it, Jiang Fei who had just pulled out a silver needle from a patient’s body, quickly pulled out his character attribute in his mind.

Character: Jiang Fei


Level: 1


Experience: 924/1000


Body Strength: 1.2


Spirit: 2.3


Agility: 2.2


Force: 1.4


Unassigned Points: 0


Martial Art Skills: Triassic Cloud (Level 1 [0/100])


Available Skill Points: 92.4


Secondary Professions: Weapon Forgery (Level 9), Planting (Level 9), Cooking (Level 9), Gardening (Level 9), Playing Piano (Level 9), Winemaking (Level 9), Summoning beasts(Level 9), Medical skill (Level 7 [0/100])…..


“Levelled up! My Medical Skill finally reached Level 7!” Although he had long expected this to happen, but seeing it actually happen made Jiang Fei a little bit excited.


With his Medical Skill reaching the 7th level, there was no longer any danger in treating Ye Zhennan’s paralyzed legs.


Moreover, I’ve also been gaining experience points and in just a few days, I should be able to reach Level 2. At that time, my stats would increase once again and I’d have another chance of opening yet another Level-Up Box! Jiang Fei thought in his heart.


At that time, Jiang Fei’s combat capability would once again soar. Moreover, there was also a chance of him gaining one more martial art cheat!