AMAS: Chapter 7-The Female Rival in Trouble (Part 2)

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“200000?!” Su nan’s voice cried out in alarm.

The middle-aged woman wickedly said: “What, still too much? You caused her to become like this, unable to rouse my mother-in-law, did you expect that I won’t charge you a penny!”

Su Nan for a moment was empty-headed, and was unable to respond.

This middle-aged couple, decided to blackmail her from the very beginning, demanding compensation!

Su Nan recognized that even if they asked for less money, the prestige of Su Nan’s clinic would still been in trouble. But this couple were actually like lions opening their mouth wide, wanting 200000, this is simply stealing money!

Although her clinic was hot in business, and after opening she didn’t need to worry about food or clothing, as she was making lots of money. However, she had just opened for business for less than a month, so where can she get this much money?

Su Nan’s face was pale, embracing her daughter, she furiously replied back: “200,000, I don’t have!”

Hearing that she didn’t have money, the middle-aged woman didn’t care.

And Holding out her hand ‘Pow’, she slapped Su Nan’s face, furiously saying: “Wench, still want to bargain with me! 200,000, and not a penny less!”

Being publicly slapped with so many people around, Su Nan no matter how stubborn she was, couldn’t bear it anymore. Her eyes turned red, as tears immediately flooded, covering her face she said: “I don’t have money really! Even if you hit me, I don’t have money!”

“Don’t hit my mother, don’t hit my mother….” The weeping sound of a little girl was also pitiful.

The middle-aged woman’s thick eyebrow distorted, considering this, she said: “You don’t have money right now, then write an IOU slip! and pay it back in the future.”

Su Nan wasn’t willing to obey, and said: “I will not write one. Nevertheless, I still say that we go to the hospital and see if what you’ve said is true. If it is as you’ve said, the 200000, I’ll try giving it to you. But if the responsibility is not on me, I will not give you anything!”

The middle-aged woman was completely angry, and reaching out, she grabbed Su Nan, and yelled at her: “You fox! You’ve already killed a person with the medicine you’ve given, but still don’t acknowledge your fault. If you still don’t admit your fault this year, then don’t expect you can even take half a step away from your clinic. I will give you and this clinic a beating!”

The middle-aged woman issued an order, and then several guys with her had also swore at her, they then pounded at a few table, and had also pounded at a few stools.

Su Nan hurriedly bend down to her waist, protecting her daughter with her body, not allowing these people injure her the slightest, and as she was sobbing, she said loudly: “If you continue to do this, I’ll call the police!”

“The police? I’d like to see how you’ll call them! Even if the police were to come, you, the murderer would be the one running away!” The middle-aged woman slapped Su Nan, swearing at her. The room was mixed with the mother and daughter’s tears, making the scene very chaotic.

There were people that had surrounded them at the side, but no one had actually stepped in to stop it!

Seeing that thing have gotten to this points, the crowd sitting at the side weren’t fools, they could certainly see that something was wrong, but they still refused to help, as they refused to get themselves into trouble.

This was now a common belief in the community. As long as it was other people’s business, they won’t concern themselves to the other party as they don’t want to invite themselves trouble.

At the beginning, when Jiang Fei had found that his competitor was in trouble, he was very cheerful and happy, thinking that recently his luck has been too good.

But seeing that the matter had slowly developed into this, especially when he saw the little girl ran out to her mother crying, he frowned, and felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart.

Even if Su Nan was his competitor, but she was after all woman, as well as having a child, and was taking care of the child by herself, while she herself had a weak and fragile body.

Jiang Fei thought at the beginning, that after this matter, this attractive young married woman, would no longer capture his business, but now……he thought that it seemed to be a bit too much!

A widow and a child, being bullied by a group of people like that, what kind of man would he be if he possibly ignored it?

A group of people looking for trouble, smashing things, and a comatose old lady on the stretcher, and at the other side the young woman was the only person defending herself.

“This woman really is stubborn, and would rather die than surrender! However, she can also be considered to be really stupid. Doesn’t she know how to be accommodating, temporarily comply and coax this group of people, and then later call the police?”

Jiang Fei muttered.

Seeing what had happened today, he who had always thought that this young married woman who had always put on a white coat, high heels as well as black legging, had actually thought that she was a prostitute, but now he saw her in a different light.

He sighed, then went towards the comatose old lady’s side, squatting down to see his body, and then with his right hand, he checked the old person’s pulse.

“What are you doing?!” A young woman asked discretely, shoving Jiang Fei away.

Jiang Fei smiled, said: “I am the doctor at the opposite side of your clinic, I just want to take a look at this old person’s pulse, and see what kind of sickness he has.”

Hearing this, the young woman sneered in disdain, and said: “Oh, so you’re the guy who was going out of business, the doctor who’s about to close down! My great aunt, even the hospital’s doctors couldn’t do anything, so what can you do!”

But the young woman actually didn’t stop Jiang Fei from taking the old person’s pulse.

Jiang Fei smiled

And at this moment, with his finger, he caught sight of the old lady’s pulse, afterwards a picture had all of a sudden appeared in his mind.

Patient’s Condition: Hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhages. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s called a stroke.



Suggested Method of Treatment: Acupuncture:

·         The Six levels of acupuncture

v  Can detain the patient’s life temporarily

v  Awakens the patient (But patient’s health isn’t completely restored)

v  The lower part of the patient’s body is paralyzed

v  Unable to move

v  Cognition barrier

v  Speech disorder


“It really isn’t a medical malpractice!” Jiang Fei was able to guess how the whole thing had happened.

A stroke, Jiang Fei, as a doctor, naturally knew very well.

To suddenly have a hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhages, was naturally impossible to happen just by taking Su Nan’s medicine.

Certainly the old lady was a patient with a high blood pressure, although her recent mood wasn’t very good, and she was also somewhat a bit too excited, but she had only slept for a night, for her condition to suddenly worsen. And then in the morning, her family immediately discovered that she was in a coma, who was at death’s door.

But this middle-aged couple, since they had gone to the hospital for a check-up, they definitely knew what condition their mother was in. So when Su Nan had proposed to go the legal way, they were anxious, so they started causing trouble instead.

From the very beginning, they just wanted to take advantage of their mother’s death, and blackmail Su Nan to extort money from her, so they had refused to take the legal route.

“200000, their appetite isn’t small.” Jiang Fei whispered.

To be honest, standing as her competitor, Jiang Fei didn’t want to get himself involved in this matter.

But seeing that the crowd at the side, he saw that they were only watching the mother and daughter get awfully bullied, and didn’t plan to help and just planned to watch the fun. What’s more, wasn’t this person who had the same profession as him, his ‘own personal enemy’?

If Su Nan was to close down because of this middle-aged couple, he would have no more competitors, and he would become the biggest winner.

Unfortunately, just like in the hospital three months ago, when he had saved Jasmine Lin, although his mind was telling him not to get involved, but he lost into his emotion and had instead gotten himself involved with her.

“Stop, stop…”

As of right now, Jiang Fei still hadn’t learnt any martial art cheats, as well as his character level also didn’t have a chance to level up yet. But being a 1.8-meter-tall man, he still had strength.

He quickly pushed the crowd, and saw Su Nan’s hair being pulled up, her face was full of tears, as well as wounds, and even the coat of the beautiful young woman Su Nan had a lot of stains on it.

Although she was already badly beaten up, Su Nan still firmly protected her five or six-year-old daughter, not letting her get hurt.

“Who are you! Dare to stick your nose in other people problem, your just tired of living!” The middle-aged woman looked at Jiang, and was very unhappy. She fiercely stared at Jiang Fei. And since she had several men’s support behind her, today she felt that she was very powerful, and wasn’t afraid of anyone.

Su Nan was barely able to stop crying, she then looked up, and looked at Jiang Fei distressed, and said in surprise: “You are?”

They were competitors.

Although they have the same profession, they were still direct competitors.

Jiang Fei knew that Su Nan was a beautiful young married woman who likes to wear high heels as well as black leggings. But Su Nan also naturally knew that Jiang Fei was a rather handsome young fellow.

She was very angry, and at the same time was very sad.

She by the middle-aged man had been stubbornly pulled, the rude and unreasonable had also pulled her hair, even though she wanted to call the police she didn’t have the means to do it. She was praying at heart that someone would be unable to tolerate it, and stand up to help her and her daughter, for that she would then certainly be grateful.

But for a long time no one had actually lent a hand, nobody had even pleaded for them to stop. And finally someone stood up for her, but that very person was her rival!

She had never imagined it to happen.

Su Nan wasn’t a fool, this time it was also clear to her, that ever since she had opened her clinic, Jiang Fei’s clinic had run out of business, presumably Jiang Fei must have hated her.

If it was an average person, who saw her calamity, perhaps they’d be able to sleep in the dark at night and still manage to smile when they wake up, and couldn’t help but pat the palm of their hand. Just where could she possibly find someone who would stand up and help her?

“I am the doctor at the clinic on the opposite side, and I had just watched the whole thing, and I just have something to say.” Jiang Fei smiled.

“The doctor at the clinic on the opposite side?” The middle-aged woman sneered at him, and immediately threateningly said: “I don’t care who you are, but roll far away from me! Otherwise, you can only wait and have your clinic also get smashed!”

Hearing this, Jiang Fei’s expression turned cold.

This woman was simply a bully!

Shaking the cell phone in his hand, Jiang Fei said: “Your free to hit me. However, a moment ago I had called the plice, if you hit me, then when the time comes, you’ll have to fully compensate me. It just happens that my clinic needs money right now.”

Not only the middle-aged woman, but also the men behind her had their complexion change.

This matter had been reported to the police, they weren’t confident at heart that they’d be able to win, so naturally they didn’t want such a thing to happen.

“Brat, did you eat nothing today so you’ve come looking for trouble? Even if you reported this to the police, do you think that I can’t fix you up?” Behind the middle-aged woman, a man with a tattoo on his arm came out, making a fist.

The corner of Jiang Fei’s mouth twitched, he caught sight of his strength being high, and looked somewhat sinister.  Just by looking at this big person’s appearance, he was indeed afraid, and didn’t want to provoke this guy.

This was an annoying person, even if he had reported it to the police, it would just be useless, as even the police can’t guarantee his safety at any time, and could always find a chance to get back at him.

“Damn! If I level up, or get a martial art cheat, see how this father will deal with you!” Jiang Fei thought to himself.

Ignoring him, Jiang Fei handed a packet of tissue to the charmingly young woman and said, “I’m not looking for trouble. I just think that this old man’s just unconscious, and not the cause of medical malpractice, but was instead taken as something bad.”

“You fart!” The middle-aged woman’s eyes flashed with panic, she then scolded: “What’s your deal kid? The public hospital had already said that it was caused by medical malpractice, but you still say it isn’t so?”

“I said no, it isn’t.” Jiang Fei indifferently said.

“Why not?  Can you save and wake up my mother-in-law? If you can save her, then I’ll believe you! But if you can’t, then roll to the side, and let this fox lose money! The middle-aged woman got angry and shouted at him, wanting to scare Jiang Fei away.

Jiang Fei waved his hand, and then said: “If you say so, then I’ll give it a try. Maybe my luck is good, and he’ll eventually awaken….”

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