AMAS: Chapter 70-Can’t handle you

When his Medical Skill reached Level 7, Jiang Fei could feel an obvious change in his body.


First, his expertise in acupuncture had become much more skillful than it was at the 6th Level, making him more proficient in using it to treat his patients. For example, although his spirit after his medical skill reached Level 7 remained the same at 2.2. After his Medical Skill broke through the 7th Level, he who used to only treat 10 patients at medium difficulty, was now able to treat 15 patients of the same level without any problems!


This was the benefit of having a higher tiered Medical Skill.


Second, Jiang Fei’s prescribed medicine had become more subtle and more accurate! Now, not only could he cure a patient’s disease without a problem, he could also do it in a shorter amount of time than before.


Today, Western Medicine had become a better option than Chinese Medicine. In today’s society, the position of Chinese Medicine in people’s hearts had worsened and one of the most important factors that led to this was the quick effect of Western Medicine to the patient. No matter if it was a temporary or a permanent cure, after taking the medicine, a significant improvement could quickly be seen in the patient’s condition.


Although Chinese Medicine had a better effect on patients than Western Medicine, a long amount of time was needed before any noticeable changes could be seen. As a result, people who were accustomed to a fast-paced world, quickly abandoned opting for Chinese Medicine and had instead chosen the other option which was Western Medicine.


However, if the time factor were to be overcomed, Chinese Medicine would naturally become a better option than Western Medicine.


If one were to obtain such an achievement, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors who uses such prescriptions would basically reach a new level, topping over the current Chinese Medicine society was even of no difficulty!


Two days had passed, and although Jiang Fei had improved his Medical Skill, Ye Yuanyuan still hadn’t contacted him ahead of time.


Only now did he discover that he hadn’t even left his contact information the other day. Ye Yuanyuan had only told him that she would personally come to pick him up and that he wouldn’t be able to get away from him.



Finally, the third day has arrived.


At noon.


Jiang Fei didn’t wait in the clinic any longer, as a thought suddenly appeared in his mind. He thought to himself: I wonder if this woman misunderstood. I did say ‘after three days’, so maybe she’ll come on the fourth day? Would she come back tomorrow rather than today?

Okay, then.


In fact, when this thought came to Jiang Fei’s mind, his attention was only towards his equipment. After careful consideration, he came to the conclusion that the woman would come on the fourth day and not the third day. Thinking about it, Jiang Fei was a science and engineering student, thus he was not that good with regards to the country’s official language. After all, the one who had taught him Chinese in primary school was his PE teacher.


Since Ye Yuanyuan hadn’t come yet, he closed the door to his clinic and got ready to go home for lunch. Confident with his capabilities, he no longer cared when Ye Yuanyuan would come since he had already obtained enough strength to fulfill his promise.


Jasmine Lin who helped out in the clinic today, also wanted to see if Ye Yuanyuan would come for Jiang Fei. Unfortunately for her, the Ministry of Health came, letting her know that the case was in its final procedure. And after today, she would be able to get her hands of a series of documents that they’d need in opening a hospital. So although Jasmine Lin was a little worried, after Jiang Fei’s persuasion, she went out and became busy.


Back at home, after opening the door, Jiang Fei was greeted by the Tibetan Mastiff who had heard the sound of the door opening.


Ever since Jiang Fei had given the [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine] to the Tibetan Mastiff, Simba, each day its body would experience rapid growth. And just like that, the Tibetan Mastiff that resembled that of an adult rabbit in the past was no more. After only half a month, it had gained more than 15 kg of weight.


Witnessing such astonishing growth rate, Jiang Fei inspected Simba and checked whether or not it had been afflicted with some kind of strange disease but as expected, all was normal. He was now even beginning to doubt whether or not he had actually bought a monster.


Of course, Simba’s rapid growth was due to it devouring food at an alarming rate. Every day, Jiang Fei would feed it dog food but in addition to that, he would also give the Tibetan Mastiff, Simba, Pig Cartilage as well as pig liver and the like.


Moreover, a three-month-old Tibetan Mastiff should have definitely been difficult to carry. The main cause of which was its low IQ so every time it was held, it would just slip out of one’s embrace out of disobedience. However, Simba was different. Unlike normal Tibetan Mastiffs, Simba was able to fully understand and obey Jiang Fei’s command.


Simba was in a happy mood. Wanting to play, it would repeatedly go around Jiang Fei and just by looking at it, one could notice that its hair had grown longer than before and the hair on its head and neck was starting to resemble that of a lion’s. But instead of playing with Simba, Jiang Fei gave it something to eat before he started to prepare something for himself.


Jiang Fei now has a double-door refrigerator and in it was a variety of ingredients. In doing so, he wouldn’t have to go to the market to buy food every single day. The food that Jiang Fei was making now was not only delicious and extremely nutritious, it also took very little time to make and quite simple to do.


At noon today, Jiang Fei made a few homemade dishes. The main point was that it was the first time that he had been able to cure all kinds of meat (all marinated in soy sauce)!

In fact, curing meat (marinated in soy sauce) is best done after Winter Solstice. At that time the air temperature would become relatively low so the meat marinated in soy sauce would come out better and its taste incomparable to before. In addition to that, it would take longer for it to rot or become expired.

(TL: here’s a recipe of what I think the author meant,


But with his superb skills, as long as he had enough sophisticated ingredients, making such sauce is possible so curing it in summer was of no problem as well.


Cutting the marinated meat, not only was its aroma very fragrant, its taste was even more intoxicating than it was before. Moreover, the moment he had opened the glass jar, the aroma within burst forth causing his appetite to increase. The smell of the meat was far better than those ready-made cured meat sold outside, an obvious difference of heaven and earth.


In addition to that, the nutrition level of the two was also incomparable. Many news report on TV revealed the use of additives on the meat sold in the street. It was not only harmful to the body, the possibility of cancer could also occur. Since Jiang Fei had personally made it so instead of being harmful to the body, not only was it harmless, it was also beneficial to the body.


Below Jiang Fei’s living quarters, there was a stall which specialized in selling marinated meat. In the past, he would buy food from there often, having become a regular of the store. But ever since he had begun to try making a sauce the same as those, he had never gone back to buy from there again.


After a job well done, Jiang Fei cut the meat and served it on the table then prepared two small wine bottles to drink. Just when he was about to enjoy the afternoon, a knock on the door could suddenly be heard.


Jiang Fei was surprised for a moment, thinking that it was Jasmine Lin who had finished the documents so quickly. But when he opened the door, a different person was on the other side. Surprised, he said: “What are you doing here?”


“What am I doing here? I went to your clinic to look for you but to my surprise, you actually dared to close up this early. Do you really want to escape that badly? Did you really think you could hide from me just by going back to your place?!” Ye Yuanyuan stood outside, both her hands were inside her trouser’s pocket as she coldly stared at Jiang Fei.


He had come to the door only to find someone else and to his surprise, it was Ye Zhennan’s granddaughter, the big-eyed Ye Yuanyuan.


“Who wants to run away? Am I not allowed to go home and have lunch?” Jiang Fei said. “Moreover, how do you know where I live?”


Ye Yuanyuan grinned, her big eyes slightly squinting: “How can it be difficult to find out your address? That said, I came to pick you up in person. I won’t let you get away.”


“I told you already, I’m not trying to run away! Wait outside and let me finish eating. I’ll go with you after that!” Jiang Fei said as he turned around, ready to shut the door on the woman outside.


He obviously wanted to eat first before following the woman back to the sanitarium. The last time he went there, he didn’t have any time to eat and was directly taken there. As a result, not only was his stomach empty the whole afternoon, he didn’t even have any time to drink a glass of water!


Moreover, the treatment of the old man’s legs was definitely not going to be a simple job thus he needed to eat something first to have the energy needed for the treatment.




And just like that the door slowly closed but before the door could even be fully closed, Ye Yuanyuan quickly sneaked in, squeezing through the gap of the closing door and infiltrating Jiang Fei’s house. The woman grew up in the army all her life and had been trained in the art of Martial Arts. Although in terms of speed she couldn’t hold a candle against Jiang Fei, but in other aspects of martial arts, she was definitely more adept in it than Jiang Fei.


“Why are you coming inside?” Jiang Fei was displeased. “Didn’t you eat already? Sorry, I only made food for myself, there’s no share for you!”


“You’re overestimating yourself!” Ye Yuanyuan said in disdain: “Even if you begged me, I wouldn’t have a single bite of the food you make!”


As the mistress of the Ye family, Ye Yuanyuan had eaten all kinds of delicacies since birth. How could she eat something made by someone like Jiang Fei? In addition to that, Ye Yuanyuan was a neat freak, thus she wouldn’t want to eat in a place like this. She was fine eating at high-quality hotel restaurants but she wasn’t accustomed to going to another’s house just to eat the food that they had made.


Ye Yuanyuan followed behind Jiang Fei and walked into the house. She looked around his house and continued: “I came to monitor you. If I was outside and you jumped out the window, wouldn’t you have escape just like that?”


“Jumping out the window? You watch too much movies!” Jiang Fei went back to the table and began to eat. An evil smile appeared on his face as his eyes looked at Ye Yuanyuan who was slowly yet quietly walking towards the table.


Since you insisted on coming inside, then I’ll make it so that you won’t be able to stand not being able to eat the food that I’ve made.