AMAS: Chapter 71-This Little Girl is Wrong

Ye Yuanyuan really didn’t want to eat any of the dishes that Jiang Fei had cooked. In particular, those that Jiang Fei’s chopsticks had already touched, like the tray of vegetables that he had just eaten, Ye Yuanyuan found it impossible to eat those that have been contaminated already by another person.

The same could be said even if she hadn’t had lunch, just like the empty stomach that she was experiencing right now…..

Of course, this was under normal circumstances.

Or at least if she wasn’t attracted to the food that Jiang Fei made.

After entering the room with Jiang Fei, the man simply returned to his seat and continued eating his meal. Ye Yuanyuan on the other hand, without her knowing, subconsciously followed behind. It was true that she didn’t have any intention of eating at first but before she had even entered the house, she found something amiss. Her exquisite nose detected something. Taking a deep breath, the air surrounding her went inside her nose and finally, she noticed that the fragrant aroma had come from the inside of Jiang Fei’s house!

Ye Yuanyuan’s grandfather was the general of Jincheng Military Region… or at least that was in the past. Now her father had taken over as general and her mother, on the other hand, was the assistant commander of the Air Force. Ever since she was born, she had enjoyed the treatment of being the granddaughter/daughter of the general. Coming from such a family, Ye Yuanyuan lived a life of luxury. Although she didn’t grow up wearing luxurious dresses, she had eaten a fair share of delicacies from a young age.

Even Ye Yuanyuan’s home chef’s cooking was comparable to that of a 5-star hotel chef.

However, after Ye Yuanyuan smelled the aroma that was coming out of the vegetable dish, she could guarantee that she had never smelled anything like it before!

After smelling such an aroma, her not too hungry belly suddenly felt empty. She couldn’t help but swallow the saliva that was being accumulated inside her mouth. Ye Yuanyuan’s big eyes continued to stare at the food Jiang Fei had made and slowly but surely, she made her way to the dinner table which was 2 meters away from her. Without even noticing it, she asked: “What are you…..eating?”

Seeing Ye Yuanyuan like this, Jiang Fei knew that the big-eyed woman had been hooked in. It was just like a fish that had smelled its bait, and even though it knew that it was dangerous, it still couldn’t stop itself from trying to take a bite of the said bait.

Jiang Fei felt very satisfied. He almost couldn’t help but want to smile as he looked at the near Ye Yuanyuan. Pretending that he hadn’t noticed the way she looked right now, he said: “What am I eating? Of course, it’s my lunch!”


After saying that, he pointed at the dishes he had made one by one: “This is Mapo Tofu, one of Sichuan city’s famous cuisines. You’ve definitely eaten this before, right? There are Five different aspects that make Mapo Tofu: Spiciness, Numbness, Color, Fragrance, and Heat. But my Mapo Tofu is different. Another element is added to the mix, a crisp texture! Have you seen Cooking Master Boy? Mapo Tofu was introduced in the anime and in order for it to be regarded as a magical Mapo Tofu, six aspects needed to be present. Because I replaced the meat with soybeans, not only will the dish not be greasy, one also can’t get tired of it. Well, it’s something not worth mentioning…..”

Jiang Fei kept a piece of soybean on his chopsticks without breaking it, and threw it into his mouth: “Delicious, delicious!”



Ye Yuanyuan’s eyes were fixed on the piece of tofu that was entering Jiang Fei’s mouth. Seeing such a scene, she couldn’t help but swallow another mouthful of her saliva.

“These are fried dumplings. Although making it is simple, cooking the dish is hard. The control of heat is the key to this, that’s why many undergraduate chefs find it hard to make it. Using a strong flame or a weak flame can have a huge change in the taste of the dish. Of course, the most important thing is still the secret sauce that I’ve made! You just have to dip it in the sauce, throw it in your mouth, and eat…..Yup, it really does taste good!”

At this time, Ye Yuanyuan unconsciously moved. Slowly, she got nearer and nearer until she was finally beside the table. There were several dishes on the table. Looking at it, she found that most of the dishes were extremely ordinary, dishes that could be often found in most common households yet for some reason, she couldn’t take her eyes off of the dishes that were right in front of her eyes.

Usually, if dishes such as these were placed right in front of her nose, she wouldn’t have found the appetite to eat. But after smelling the aroma that the dishes in front of her gave off, Ye Yuanyuan, just like a greedy insect that got hooked with the smell, saliva started filling her mouth again. And just like a while ago, she gulped another mouthful!

“Then what is this?” Ye Yuanyuan with some difficulty, pointed at a uniformly cut, dark-colored beef with a somewhat fancy beef sauce.

“This? Ah….there’s a story about this dish. This is a yak tendon meat that I’ve bought. First, I cut it into pieces. Then, I marinated it in a special sauce and several spices. In this world, this should be the only one. You can’t find anything like this anywhere else but here. You’ve probably never smelled meat as fragrant as this before, right? In fact, if you put this sauce on this marinated beef… would become even more fragrant! Ah, so delicious!” Jiang Fei put the beef dipped in sauced into his mouth and then smiled as she looked at the flat-chested big-eyed girl.

“Enough!” Ye Yuanyuan couldn’t resist it any longer as she slapped the table. Her eyes continuously blinked while her line of sight was still stuck on the dishes placed on the table.

Ye Yuanyuan wasn’t stupid. After listening to Jiang Fei’s explanations as well as the way he was eating, she could tell that this was his way of retaliating towards her!

The bastard wanted to use the food on the table as a way to hook her in. And just like how the bastard wanted it, she lowered her head and gave in while the person in question, on the other hand, took the opportunity to taunt and laugh at her.

Originally, Ye Yuanyuan had wanted to turn around and turn a blind eye just like a contemporary militant.

However, like some people have said, to humans, the most difficult feeling to overcome… is hunger!

Otherwise, why would people in their extreme sense of hunger, give in and eat human flesh? Moreover, if there was no human flesh, why would they even consider eating their own arms at such times?

Of course, Ye Yuanyuan wasn’t in such a situation. However, although she wasn’t that hungry, but after looking at the luxurious dishes on the table as well as the scent it was giving off, she finally couldn’t bear it any longer. After shouting, her pair of big eyes once again looked at Jiang Fei, signifying that she had conceded.

Moreover, this defeat was even more humiliating than the last time she had admitted defeat at the sanitarium. And the more Ye Yuanyuan felt that she couldn’t bear it anymore, the more blows that her proud heart took.

Swallowing another mouthful of saliva, she held back all her anger and cast a pitiful look while embarrassingly saying: “Jiang Fei…..I actually haven’t had dinner yet. So…..can I also have a bite to eat?”

Jiang Fei couldn’t help but feel extremely satisfied, having made the flat chested woman give in today as well!

However, not making it obvious, he made a face as if he was puzzled: “You want to eat? I thought you said you don’t want to eat any of the food that I make?”

Anyone under his roof, have no choice but to bow their head and give in!

Endure! I’m a woman anyway, not a man, so I don’t need to be so strong-willed!

Ye Yuanyuan restrained her anger, she put on a face that she only put in front of her grandfather and after making such an adorable face, she pathetically said: “I just didn’t know that you’ve made these dishes, it looks delicious.”

“Just delicious?” Jiang Fei frowned. Waving his hand, he said: “Just delicious, then there’s no need for you to eat. Go downstairs and find yourself a restaurant to eat at.”

Hearing this, Ye Yuanyuan quickly revised what she had said: “No No No! This little girl was wrong. It’s not just delicious, but very, very delicious! I’ve never smelled such delicious dishes like these in my entire life.”

Hearing Ye Yuanyuan call herself a ‘little girl’, Jiang Fei finally couldn’t stop himself from bursting out laughing.

After placing another piece of beef dipped in sauce in his mouth, he smiled and asked, “You really want to eat?”

Ye Yuanyuan’s hatred of Jiang Fei had made her teeth itch. Although she wanted to cut Jiang Fei into pieces, but in order to taste the delicacies on the table, she could only bear with it and nod in reply.

Although today she also had soldiers armed with assault rifles on standby downstairs, she couldn’t just make them threaten Jiang Fei with guns just for her to eat, can she?

Last time she had invited Jiang Fei, he had refused so it was an extenuating situation. But if this time she was to do so again, as one of the mistresses of the Ye Family, she would simply not be giving Jiang Fei some face.

Jiang Fei sighed. Witnessing Ye Yuanyuan suppress her anger, it was almost like she was listening to her grandfather’s words all too seriously. In the end, he could only reluctantly say: “Seeing that you’re so sincere, I’ll let you sit down and eat some of the…..”

Hearing this, Ye Yuanyuan was so furious that she had almost vomited blood. But looking at the food in front of her once again and without even letting him finish, she quickly took a seat, ready to eat! As for having Jiang Fei’s chopsticks touch the dishes in front of her, she simply didn’t care about it anymore and just thought ‘to hell with it’!