AMAS: Chapter 9-Doctor Jiang!

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“Move, what moved?”

The middle-aged woman for the first time wasn’t able to react, and was baffled. But quickly, as if she had thought of something, hurriedly turned her head and look.

As soon as she had turned her head, she happened to see the chair, where the old lady announced by the public hospital to be ‘dead’ sat, slowly opening both of her eyes!  Her cerebral vein had burst, so the patient only had two hours left to live. But in just half an hour, and after pulling out the four long needles just a moment ago, the old lady had unexpectedly roused as if a miracle had happened!

The middle-aged woman was clear about the old lady’s condition, she couldn’t believe what was happening, so she rubbed both of her eyes hard. But the image that appeared in her eyes, still didn’t change.

The old lady had indeed revived!

However, she seemed weak and was unable to speak, both her eyes didn’t show any signs of vitality, and was somewhat confused, even after she had opened her mouth she was still unable to say anything. Jiang Fei’s present medical skill level wasn’t very high, so he couldn’t completely cure the old lady’s symptoms.

Just like what the game system had said, after the patient is awakened, the lower part of her body would be paralyzed, unable to move, couldn’t think, and couldn’t speak.

But no matter what, the patient hadn’t died, and lived.

“This…. How is this possible!” The middle-aged woman couldn’t help but let out her voice.

Seeing her mother-in-law not yet dead, and awake, her face didn’t show any signs of her being pleasantly surprised, but had instead showed a look of both shock and anger.

Jiang Fei at this time felt quite weak, but at spirit he was very excited. Seeing the patient at death’s door, come back to life because of his very own hands, he felt amazing! Proving his skill was indeed almighty!

“You can give up now. The old person has already woken up, and so long as there is no accident, she won’t die. At this point, you can bring the old person to the hospital, and have her checked again.” Jiang Fei stated, and in the end one can’t pass judgment on a person’s life until had been buried.

Turning around he saw Su Nan distressed appearance, as her whole body was covered in injuries, and her torn white long gown, traces of tears could still be seen on her face, Jiang Fei said: “Also, since I was able to rouse the old lady, it is just as I’ve mentioned before, that her disease wasn’t caused by Su Nan’s medicine, but was caused by emotional stimulation, as a result she had high blood pressure only then did she just suddenly suffer from a stroke.”

At this point, Jiang Fei sent a meaningful look at the middle-aged woman. If he had guessed it correctly, it was perhaps this daughter-in-law who had made the old lady mad, making the old lady have an emotional stimulation, almost causing her to die.

After saying that, Jiang Fei looked again, and just by looking at her eyes he could see a hint of guilt. Even her husband beside her, revealed an awkward and embarrassed expression.

At this time, the police like always arrived late.

Another half an hour passed by….

Thus, although the middle-aged woman was unwilling, but since the police had already arrive and the old lady had awoken, she could do nothing but helplessly give up. Su Nan didn’t find them trouble, and didn’t sue them for hitting her, smashing her stuffs and blackmailing her to the police.

Quickly, the people causing her trouble left, the police also left, but the surrounding people who watched the scene didn’t leave, they looked at Jiang Fei showing a look of worship, seeing Jiang Fei as if he was a God.

A doctor who can snatch a life away from the Death God’s hand, wasn’t he a deity?

Without knowing they had taunted Jiang Fei a moment ago, and had disdained him, but now they clamored: “Doctor Jiang, help me take a look at my disease, it has already been many years since I had a lumbar disc disease, but I still can’t find a permanent cure. I heard that acupuncture and moxibution treatment is very effective on it, would you help me?”

“Dr. Jiang, me too! Recently I always feel pain on my temples, a doctor trained in Chinese medicine suggested to me to have acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. However, I heard that they needed to insert a needle over my head, I didn’t dare undertake it, as I was afraid that I’ll meet with a mishap. But if it’s you Dr. Jiang pricking me with an acupuncture needle, I’ll absolutely bet at ease.”

“Dr. Jiang, may I ask if you’re able to, that is…..treat my kidney disease?”

A slim man asked with a red face.

Eventually, Jiang Fei wasn’t able to have a look at them.

If it was the usual, seeing that he has so much business, Jiang Fei would certainly be happy. But today, he had already displayed his acupuncture skill for half an hour, his mental strength was only limited, so he had no energy left to help treat another patient’s illness again. So he could only refuse them, and have them comeback to his clinic the next day.

The people who saw that Jiang Fei really didn’t have any strength left, could only take their leave, but at heart they were resolved and prepared to see Jiang Fei at his clinic when it opens next time, and must line up first!

It can be deduced that after this, Jiang Fei’s clinic would become absolutely hot.

But of course, the one who was the most grateful to Jiang Fei right now, must be the young married woman, Doctor Su Nan.

“Dr. Jiang, I don’t know what to say, how should I thank you! Today if you didn’t come, us mother and daughter don’t what we could have done! Thank you….please overlook the enmity between us.”

Jiang Fei saw this beautiful young married, who had knelt down wishing to express her gratitude towards him.

Jiang Fei shook his head, although before, he had indeed somewhat bore grudge to this ‘hanging open’ beautiful young woman. However, since he didn’t need to worry about his business anymore, he naturally wrote off their previous scores.

“Don’t say that. We didn’t even have any enmity between us.”

Jiang Fei would certainly not acknowledge it, and instead pretended to be a generous master, and said with a smile. “Doctors, each make a living through their skills, while the patients are only willing to go to the doctor who is more skills, so other doctors can’t be jealous towards them and can only blame themselves for their lack of skill. Seeing that you were bullied like that a moment ago, I knew you were wronged, so long as the person have even a little conscience, they would stand up and help. This was just as simple as lifting a hand.”

The left side of Su Nan’s face was swollen, but the right side of her face at this time had also turned red, as she embarrassingly said towards him: “Dr. Jiang is magnanimous, but before I had nevertheless thought of you pretty badly. I secretly thought in my mind, that Dr. Jiang’s medical skill isn’t good, but seeing what Dr. Jiang had just done, I saw for the first time that your medical skill is just too amazing, and that you’re a highly skilled doctor, worthy of reputation!”

Jiang Fei beckoned with his hand, and said: “you’re too kind.”

When my medical skill become level 9, at that time, what you had just said would become true!

Because she was scared a moment ago, the little girl just like a small bird hid behind Su Nan, but at this time she displayed her courage, and spoke with an babyish voice: “Thanks, Uncle Jiang~~~”

Jiang Fei quite liked the child, moreover Su Nan’s daughter was so cute, resembling a small porcelain doll.

He bent upto his waist, and placed his head on the little girl’s head, rubbing her hair gently, he smiled and asked: “You don’t need to thank me. What’s your name? How old are you?”

“My name is Tong Tong, I’m 5 years old this year.” The little girl wasn’t afraid, and bravely replied.

The child may be small, but she could tell who was a good person, and who was a bad person. The person who had hit her mother a while ago was the bad guy, while this Uncle Jiang who had stood up to help her mother, was naturally the good person.

Eventually, Su Nan still didn’t know how she could thank Jiang Fei enough.

Closing her business, and not rob of Jiang Fei’s business? This she really couldn’t do.

All her savings, as well as the money she had borrowed, was spent in this clinic. She had just opened her clinic, so she hadn’t made much money yet, if she were to close the clinic, what would she and her daughter do, sleep outside having nothing to eat?

So she could only gratefully invite Jiang Fei to her home, and invite him for dinner.

Jiang Fei was spiritually exhausted and didn’t want to remain here for long, as he wanted to go home and sleep and recover his spirit.

But before he went, he touched his nose, and a little embarrassedly pointed at Su Nan’s long legs, said: “Your legging had gone bad.”

Su Nan lowered her head, and saw her black silk legging was torn badly because of what had happened a moment ago, but she didn’t know when it had been pulled and what had caused such a huge torn….

Jiang Fei returned home, but didn’t sleep immediately to recover his spirit, but instead looked at his character stats screen.

His basic stats didn’t change, but his experience and medical skill proficiency had increased.

Before he had treated the patient, his experience was 31/500, while his medical skill (Level 6) +4%

But now, his experience had become 37/500, while medical (Level 6) was now at +7%!

In other words, when he had treated the patient, it had increased his experience points by 6, as well as medical skill by 3%.

However, Jiang was suddenly startled, as he had discovered another change in his stats, and that it the change didn’t stop with these two aspects.

His spirit which was one of his four basic properties: Physical Strength, Spirit, Agility, and Power, had changed.

His Physical strength, agility, and force didn’t change, and had kept it’s original value. However, now his spirit had actually turned into 0.6 (When spirit is lower than 0.5, the player will automatically enter dormant state)!

Character: Jiang Fei

Level: 0

Experience: 0/500

Physical Strength: 1

Spirit: 0.6/1.1 (When spirit is lower than 0.5, the player will automatically enter dormant state)

Agility: 1

Force: 1.2

Unassigned Points: None

Martial Arts skill: None

Secondary Professions: Weapon Forgery (Level 9), Planting (Level 9), Cooking (Level 9), Gardening (Level 9), Playing Piano (Level 9), Wine-making (Level 9), Summoning beasts (Level 9), Medical skill (Level 6)


“Doing acupuncture reduces spirit?” Jiang Fei was somewhat in a daze.

Automatically entering a dormant state, is he same as fainting.

If later he could upgrade his medical skill to level 9, and his spirit was weak, then he certainly wouldn’t be able to treat severe disease!

Before I thought the basic stat [Spirit] was useless. But now it seems like after I level up, I’ll need to assign some of my points to increase my [Spirit] stat! Jiang Fei thought in his mind.


Jiang Fei finally fell aspleed, but he didn’t know that the matter of him bringing the patient with a stroke back to life had not only circulated among patients, but had also been found by a newspaper reporter in Huaxi city.

So after the reporter did a simple interview, it had been opened up in a small section in the newspaper, and had been as the headline of the newspaper!

The article was title: A Highly skilled doctor in folk! A small clinic doctor had saved a patient ‘noted’ with stroke from death!

After this reported had published it on the same day the matter had happened in Su Nan’s clinic.

Of course, some portions of it were deleted.

They didn’t dare report about the public hospital not taking in the patient, as well as the patient’s family members blackmailing incident.

After all, somethings can’t just be spoken irresponsibly, otherwise they’ll have a lawsuit.

The content that the reporter had written, paid great attention to Jiang Fei’s mysterious acupuncture skill, and how inconceivable it was. Then taking advantage of this topic, wantonly exaggerated how fierce Traditional Chinese medicine was, and even said that developed countries like America and Europe needs to take traditional Chinese medicine seriously, hoping that fellow countrymen don’t revere foreign countries, and carefully delve into what their ancestors had left behind.

Jincheng PLA (People’s Liberation Army) nursing institution.


A grey haired patient, who had persistently reading the newspaper everyday out of habit.

On this day, he happened to see this story, and thought that it was somewhat funny.

In his view, the things that the newspaper had explained was too fake, that pertained to traditional Chinese Medicine actually being real.

So after the old person had looked at it, he placed it to one side, and didn’t pay attention to it, until…..

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