Awakening: Chapter 105-Mistress

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“Now what do we do?” Looking at the drunk woman who was in a complete mess, Kurata Ryoko asked Masashi.

“Do you know where her family is?” Masashi asked.

Kurata Ryoko shook her head.

“Then I’ll send her to a nearby hotel to let her rest for the night. You go get a cab.”

“Okay.” Kurata Ryoko immediately went to the roadside to go get a cab.

Placing this beautiful woman on the hotel bed, Masashi said to Kurata Ryoko: “It’s all right now, Kurata cousin, you go home quickly. I’ll bring both Aiko and Asami home.”

“What do we do to her?” Kurata Ryoko pointed at the woman on the bed and said.

Masashi thought for a moment, said: “I can come and have a look at her tomorrow morning. Let’s go.”

In the cab, Aiko pulled his clothes and asked suddenly: “Genna-san, did you save her just because she’s pretty?”

Masashi smiled and said: “This one is just a little interested.”

Hearing his answer, Aiko suddenly became frantic, “I said, how can you be so kind to save someone else’s mistress, so you really do have a plan.”

“It’s because she was my elder’s mistress, that I have a little feeling for her. Moreover, looking at such a beautiful woman getting drunk to have a 3p, is always not a comfortable thing.” Masashi said slovenly.

Actually, he left out the most important reason he saved her. At that time, he could see that the woman was drowning herself with liquor to forget her sorrow. Because of this, he went out to help her.

He looked like he wasn’t even a little serious, seeing this, Aiko got angry and gritted her teeth. Asami on the other hand looked at him with a strange expression.

After sending back Asami home, Masashi continued to send Aiko back to her apartment.

When Aiko quietly opened the door with her key, she suddenly saw the light in the hall lit up.

“Is that you Aiko?” Wearing a white silk night gown, Naoko-sensei walked over from the sofa.

“Sister, were you waiting for me?” Aiko walked over and held her hand tenderly.

“Later, don’t play until late at night, if father knows that you came back home late, he’ll certainly ask you to go home immediately.” Naoko-sensei frowned and said.

“I know, sister you’re quite a nag.” Aiko held her hand acting like a spoiled brat.

“Really don’t know what to do with you. Ah, Lei….Masashi why are you here?” Naoko-sensei arrived at the door, and saw the smiling youth.

“Oh, sorry, forgot you were here.” Aiko stuck out her tongue at Masashi.

Naoko-sensei had a very complex look when she saw him, looking at her own appearance she was hesitant to speak up.

“This afternoon I went out with a few relatives, and bumping into Aiko with Asami. Afterwards, my relatives wanted to go to the ballroom, but Aiko said she also wanted to go, so I accompanied her. And just came back.” Knowing what she was thinking, the youth explained at a moderate pace.

Hearing his explanation, Naoko-sensei finally relaxed.

“Aiko, it’s not very late, you go take a bath quickly. You still have a class tomorrow.” Naoko-sensei turned her head to her own younger sister and said.

“Ah, Gennai-san, do you want to sit down and have a cup of tea before you go?” Aiko wanted him to stay for a while.

Glancing at Naoko-sensei, the youth nodded.

Aiko was very glad, and then went to get a change of clothes.

After Aiko got into the bathroom, the youth looked at the slightly cramped Naoko-sensei, and then suddenly slapped her thigh.

Naoko-sensei’s face immediately turned red, and after a while, she lowered her head as she walked towards the youth, then slowly sat on his thigh.

Tightly hugging the captivating beauty, the youth as usual moved his head closer towards her white jade-like neck gently smelling her unique fragrance. Maybe because she had just finished taking a bath, she had a faint scent of shampoo, very tempting.

The youth appreciatively grasped her fine pair jade-like foot, and whispered to her ear: “Tomorrow afternoon wait for me, I’ll show you a place.”

“Ah.” Naoko-sensei blushed while she cried out softly.

She had a obedient and shy look, making the youth feel like his self-control constantly disappearing.

Lifting her head up with his right hand, the youth made an effort to kiss…..

“Elder sister, where’s Gennai-san?” Aiko who walked out of the bath while wiping her hair and asked.

“He just left.”

“What, that hateful guy, I obviously told him to wait.” Aiko unhappily complained.

“What’s wrong, do you have some matter to ask him?”

“No. Sister, I tell you, today…,was all right.

Well, sister,why is your face so red, are you uncomfortable?” Aiko asked with concern.

“I….fine, it’s just a bit hot in here.” Naoko-sensei didn’t dare look at her sister’s eyes.

“It’s all right then, I’ll go back to my room. Good night.”

“Good night.”

After watching Aiko go back to her room, Naoko-sensei touched her lips thoughtfully, making her heart beat faster and faster.


When the sun from outside shone onto the half-open window onto her face, Tanitoshi Akiko woke up, and for a time, she felt a splitting headache.

It was dusk when she drunk outside, so she quickly knew that she was in a room at a hotel. After searching, she finally totteringly entered the bathroom.

After washing her face, she looked at the mirrow and saw a pale thin woman, Tanitoshi Akiko smiled bitterly.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of a door opening from outside.

Surprised for a moment, she immediately went out to see who it was.

Unexpectedly, it wasn’t a waiter, but a high school student wearing a school uniform.

“Who are you?” Tanitoshi Akiko warily asked him.

“Gennai Totaro’s relative.” The teenager simply replied.

Hearing that name, Tanitoshi Akiko’s eyes darkened.

“Were you the one who brought me here?” She looked at the young man and asked.

“You can say that.” The youth walked towards the sofa and sat down.

“Why did you help me? You should know that I am Totaro’s mistress. The Gennai family can’t wait for me to die, as I’ve made them not only lose their face, but Totaro also left a lot of heritage to me an outsider. I know, you want me to have sex, right? Don’t men want my body?” Tanitoshi Akiko nervously laughed.

“You’re the most self-righteous woman I’ve ever seen. If I want to play with you, I could have easily have done it last night. Would I need to wait until now?” Masashi watched her lazily.

“What do you actually want?” Tanitoshi Akiko didn’t like that kind of look that the youth was making in her eyes.

“Nothing, I just wanted to see that you didn’t die. However, you seem to be in good spirit, since there’s nothing else.” Contrary to her expectation, the youth actually got up and walked.

“Hey, you wait?” Tanitoshi Akiko immediately called out to him.

“What, you want to have sex with me?” The youth looked back at her.

Seeing the youth’s playful eyes, Tanitoshi Akiko immediately flared up in anger.

“Go to hell! I just wanted to pay back the money for this hotel.” She really wanted to slap him in the face.

“Okay, but I don’t accept credit card.” Looking for a long time, she only found small changes inside her handbag, while the youth leisurely said.

“I’ll have to go to the back to pay you.” Tanitoshi Akiko said with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I don’t like people like you who owes me.” With that, the youth was too lazy to speak to her, so he instead walked out of the room.

“Bastard!” Thinking of the youth’s pretentious look of generosity, Tanitoshi Akiko was mad.


“Aiko, you seem like in a good mood today, what happened?” In Gym class, Ryoko asked.

“No, I’m the same as every day.” Aiko said.

“No, a few days before, you had a preoccupied look. I don’t believe you, there must be something that happened.” Ryoko steadfastly pursued further.

“Really nothing, quickly prepare, it’s our turn to run.”

“Well, just you wait I’ll find you afterwards.” Looking at the physical education teacher, Ryoko pretended to prepare.

Once Ryoko ran out, Aiko whispered to Asami: “Ami, do I really look strange?”

Asami stared at her for a moment and said: “Just a bit different, your smile looks a little silly.” Saying that she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hate you, someone really told you.” If it weren’t for the fact that she was afraid of getting other people’s attention, Aiko would have already dealt with her.

“Needless to say, it should be because of that Gennai fellow.”

“How do you know?” Aiko looked at her.

“Come on, the old Aiko don’t get so moody because of a boy.” Asami said a bit helplessly.

“Ami, I think Gennai-san likes me. Otherwise, why would he risk his life to save me yesterday?” Aiko gently smiled.

Looking at the young girl falling into her train of thought, Asami didn’t know what to say. Her only hope now was that the youth would gradually be attracted to the girl and end up to really like her.


Thinking that they were going to drive her own car, after going out of the apartment, the youth actually parked a new black BMW at the front of the door.

“Lei, who’s car is this?” Naoko-sensei looked at him quizzically.

“Wait, you’ll find out later, get in the car.” The youth smiled and said.

Naoko-sensei didn’t ask, and quietly sat inside.

Once she was inside the car, the youth went around the other side of the car, opening the door to the driver’s seat and sat inside.

“Lei, let me drive, ok?” Looking at the youth who was in the driver’s seat, Naoko-sensei suddenly said.

“Do you think I don’t have a driver’s license like last time? I already took a driving test.” The youth said snappily.

Remembering that night, a year ago, Naoko-sensei covered her mouth and chuckled.

Such a good memory, perhaps from the beginning of that night, I’ve already unknowingly liked this boy.

Thinking of that, Naoko-sensei’s heart infinitely beat, as she gently laid her head onto his shoulder.

“Hey, you were also a high school teacher, don’t you know you need to wear the seat belt?” The youth started the car and said.

“Lei, can you help me?” Naoko-sensei said softly.

Hearing this girl who rarely acted like a spoiled brat, the youth couldn’t bear it as his heart beat faster.

Half an hour later, the beautiful car stopped at a relatively quiet community in Shinagawa.

When Naoko-sensei thought that they were getting off, Masashi actually pulled his car behind the garden of the foreign-style villa where the garage was.

“Lei, who are you taking me to see?” Naoko-sensei, somewhat curiously looked at the two-storey foreign-style house.

“How can you react in the same way as my mother? Go inside, you’ll know.” The youth said while pulling out a key opening the front door of the villa.

After looking at all the rooms inside the villa, Naoko-sensei sat on a sofa inside the hall puzzlingly look at the youth.

“Lei, I don’t understand why you brought me here.”
Masashi laid his head on the back of a chair and looked at her, smiled, said: “Isn’t it clear? I think you should be able to guess a little, I’m not sure if you’ve guessed it, but the house including the car outside, I bought it.”

“Is what you’re saying true?” Naoko-sensei revealed a surprised expression.

“Good, much more calm than my mom. Next, you should ask me, where the money came from, right?”

Naoko-sensei looked at him without blinking.

She had the same interpretation as Rumiko, so Masashi showed her the thick secured transaction of the place, and sat next to her explaining slowly.

Naoko-sensei didn’t know, that this stack of records, a few of the listed companies were made successful by the youth in a chaotic way.

“How much does this house cost?”  After a long time, the transaction records only made Naoko-sensei confused.

“Plus tax, the total is ‎¥‎140,000,000.” The youth simply answered.

Naoko-sensei didn’t ask the price of the car. This amount of money to her family wasn’t too much, but seeing that he hadn’t even reached the age of 18, moreover he was also a youth who didn’t have a background, building up several millions, and unexpectedly increasing it by 40 times in such a short amount of time, was really incredible. However, if it was him, she actually believed that he could do it, because he was out of the ordinary.

“Lei, are you moving out to live her?” After a short silence, Naoko-sensei looked up and asked.

Masashi shook his head, suddenly stood up and walked to the couch hugging her around the waist, then went towards the glass floored hall.

“Didn’t you say last time? When I come back at home, you’ll cook for me and serve me well.

So, this house, I’ve bought for you. Later if you have free time, you can wait for me to come back here, cook for me and also serve me here. You say, Ok?”

The youth said, as Naoko-sensei burrowed herself straight to his arms bursting into tears.

After a long time, she slowly calmed down, then the youth said in her ear: “Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but the place I lead is the place that I like the most inside the house.”

When Naoko-sensei who was being hugged by the youth saw the king-sized bed in the master bedroom, her face turned bright red, quickly burying her head deep in the youth arm unwilling to look up.

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