Awakening: Chapter 106-Skipping Class

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As if after a long time, the two’s lip separated, the youth buried his head on the left side of her pillow.

The smell of her hair exudes a faint scent of shampoo, the youth then gently said in her ear: “Naoko, do you know how attractive you are? Really want to eat you right now.”

“Lei…” Hearing the youth, Naoko-sensei who was lying beneath him became even more excited, her body couldn’t help but sway from side to side, and at the same time both her hands grasped the back of the youth.

“Fool, don’t move heedlessly. I won’t be able to bear it.” The youth’s breathe was a little rapid, as he said something in her ear.

Feeling the youth’s strong desires, Naoko-sensei was bash and happy, suddenly making her whole body stiff.

“I have a credit card in my left pocket, help me take it out.” After a while, the youth said suddenly.

Naoko-sensei moved her right hand down into his hip pocket from his back, and at the same time felt that she had touch a card.

“This credit card is for you. I’ve saved some money in it.” Before she could speak, the youth opened his mouth first.

“Lei, you don’t need to do such a thing, I am not short on money.” Naoko-sensei said.

“I know your family is rich, but now you’re my woman, so of course you have to use my money.” The youth said overbearingly.

Hearing the words ‘You’re my woman’, Naoko-sensei suddenly burst into tears. Nearly using up all her strength to embrace him, wishing that her whole body dissolves into the youth’s body.

Feeling that astonishing wonderful curve, the youth lifted her skirt up ready to heat things up, but taking her heart into account, he didn’t dare to execute the captured offender, and instead had to hug her while their chest rubbed in order to oppress her sex appeal, and unceasingly cool down.

But by doing so, it was no different than adding fuel to the fire, at that moment Naoko-sensei became as hot as fire, skin like a rosy color, eyes tightly close, she couldn’t help but to pant unceasingly.

In these circumstances, seeing her expose completely her seductive body, his bone below was filled with ecstasy, the youth felt like he was unable to back down.

Suddenly, as if cracking a joke at the same time, his cell phone rang.

Awakened by the phone, Naoko-sensei shuddered, immediately not daring to move.

The youth couldn’t tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing, smiling bitterly, he pulled out the cell phone that spoiled the fun from his pocket. Looking at the number demonstrated on it, he knew it was from Kazumi.

“Hey, Kazumi?”

“I’m sorry, today I went to my friend’s house to play, so I lost track of time. What time is it?”

“Already after school. Yes, you don’t have to make my meal, I’ll eat here with my friend.”

“I know; I’ll be back soon.”

“You didn’t know, I just met up with my friend. Well, all right, I’m hanging up.”

Feared that she would ask again, the youth hurriedly ended the phone call.

Looking at Naoko-sensei, he found that she was secretly looking at him. Seeing the youth looking at her, she quickly closed her eyes, blushing as red as blood at the same time.

Looking at her rosy color skin as well as her pretty face with a thick trace of spring that hasn’t yet disappeared, the youth didn’t dare to light her up again.

After sitting up, the youth gently hugged her bosom as he pulls her closer.

“Wait a minute I’ll make a phone call to your sister, say you have something to do, so you’ll be back later tonight, and she’ll just call for a takeout. Stay her tonight and I’ll cook. Ok?” The youth pressed his face on her hair and said.

“Um.” Naoko-sensei docilely complied.



“Kazumi, there’s less than a month till the test, how’s your preparation going?” Having lunch on the roof, Rumi suddenly asked while Kazumi took out the lunch box.

Kazumi felt it was strange, as Rumi had never asked her about tests before. And she should know that her result is always if not first second in the school, so she doesn’t need to be worried for her. Just as she was about to reply, she suddenly saw Rumi unintentionally looking down at her lunch after she had looked at Masashi, she immediately revealed a knowing smile.

“Shouldn’t be an issue. Because I go to school and attend classes on time every day, and never skip class, nor leave early, so in the eyes of teacher I’m a good student.”

“This way, I can be rest assured.” Rumi coughed loudly.

“You don’t need to be worried about me, but what you should be worried about is a person who frequently skips class. If I remember correctly, that someone made a bet with you. I think I still remember the content of the bet at that time, probably someone said that if he lost, he must listen to you and so on. Right, brother, you still remember what that person said, right?” Kazumi turned her head to ask Masashi.

“You little rascals don’t sing a duet, that bet I still remember. See what you’ve done, teaching Rumi bad things.” Masashi stared at his own younger sister with one eye.

“What, I’m just kindly reminding you about it. But I’m a little surprised, why did you skip class so much, haven’t your teachers bother you about it?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s second nature to them now. They think that I’m in class on time in every class, and they just thought I had a fever.” Masashi continued to lower his head to eat his lunch.

Actually he knew the reason why. Since that time with Congressman Ikeda kneeling down and apologize to Masashi in front of the principal, the principal didn’t dare to look trouble for him. It seems like he had also explained it to his teachers.

“Senior, do you really have no issue? Even at home I still don’t see you read.” Rumi was a little worried as she pulled his arm.

“What hasn’t read, what’s the things piled on my bed?”

“I’m talking about textbooks.” Rumi was very dissatisfied with his careless attitude.

“Little rascal loves to worry, wait and see how your senior force you and Kazumi down the honour role.”

Hearing this Kazumi made a face.

Rumi believed he couldn’t do it, and was planning to one day find a time to go to the temple and pray, hoping he can pass.

After lunch, after the two girls went back to their classroom, Masashi turned and walked to the front of the school.

“This guy never changes.” From the window of the classroom, looking out of the window Kazumi somewhat reluctantly sighed.

Because Naoko-sensei sometimes need to help her schoolmate write some manuscript in the magazine company she works in, he was afraid that he would disturb her, which is why they don’t meet daily. And today was such days.

When he was considering where to go, suddenly, a taxi opened to his side.

“Masashi, it really is you. I thought it was a wrong person.” Walking out of the car a young girl wearing a modern clothes came out.

“Who are you?” Masashi thought that she looked a little familiar.

“Fool, I am Kurata Ryoko, your cousin.” She was a little angry, lifting her hand, she knocked his head.

Lei Yin was always the one that knocks people on the head, and have never been struck before, his so-called cousin was no exception.

“Sorry, on that day you tied your hair, and didn’t put any make-up on, so I didn’t recognize you for a while.” Masashi fender her off and said gently.

“Well, do I look attractive putting this on?” Listening to him, Kurata Ryoko immediately forgot the matter, and a little happily demonstrated her dress.

“Yes, if the skirt were a bit short, it would have been a problem, as it had nowhere to go up.” Masashi commented while nodding.

“Brat, dare to laugh at me, see how I’ll deal with you.” Hearing this Kurata Ryoko suddenly went crazy.

“Hey, your friend has been impatiently waiting for you. Well, what matter do you look for me?” Because she bravely stepped forward wanting to help Masashi that night, he had regarded his cousin as a rare individual with a sense of justice, for this he appreciated her.

“There’s nothing special as to why I looked for you, but we just say you on the side road thinking that person looks very much like you, therefore we took a look, we didn’t think that it really was you.” Kurata Ryoko looked like she was doing a tongue twister.

“Clearly your correct, since the diagnosis is unmistakable, you can go now.” Masashi said. He discovered that this fellow was also very interesting.

“Brat, I must teach you today, follow me quickly.” Kurata Ryoko said pulling him into the taxi.

“Hey, I’m very busy, have no free time to fool around with you.” Masashi called out.

“Who are you trying to deceive, looking at your appearance, your definitely skipping class to come out and play, since you have such a free time, then go accompany me.” Kurata Ryoko closed the taxi’s door rashly.

Masashi had no choice but to sit obediently.

At this time, in the car he saw two girls with Kurata Ryoko who was the same age as her, one sitting next to the driver’s seat, the other was sitting next to him. He was currently looking at the female student sitting next to him.

The two girls were quite attractive, one has a composed long hair, the other had hair’s length that only goes up to her ears, it was very refresing.

Among the girls, he found that there’s a very strange phenomenon, generally girls would always be together with friends that have looks or appearance that are on the same level as them.

Kurata Ryoko patted his shoulder and said, “Well, aren’t my two friends very attractive?”

Sitting next to Masashi, the girl with the hair that only goes up to her ear said: “Ryoko, this is…”

“I’ll introduce you, he’s my younger cousin, Gennai Masashi, his a high-school student this year.

Masashi, This is Minoru Tachibana, the other one is Yamaguchi Tomoko, they’re my college classmates.” Kurata Ryoko introduced them one by one.

“Hello.” Masashi greeted them.

“Hello.” The two girls also very politely greeted him.

“Don’t be polite with him, this fellow is actually very amusing.” Kurata Ryoko said carelessly.

“Well, where are you trying to take me to?” Masashi looked outside the window.

Tomoko’s sister has been hospitalized, we’re visiting her now.” Kurata Ryoko said.

Masashi suddenly had the impulse of wanting to roll his eyes, “Are you crazy, you allow a stranger who had never seen the person before? Do you think this is a blind date?”
Pfft, nice try, but Tomoko’s sister is very attractive, so it would be strange if she takes a liking for you.” Kurata Ryoko said in disdain.

“I give up, but it’s just a metaphor. In short I want to get off.” Masashi felt a little powerless.

“No.” Kurata Ryoko declined.

Masashi asked Tachibana Minoru who was sitting next to him: “Is this fellow usually like this?”

The short haired girl nodded, covering her mouth as she laughed.

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