Awakening: Chapter 107-Ward

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“Hey, what happened to that woman?” Kurata Ryoko asked.

“That woman you refer to is someone’s mistress?” Masashi asked.

“Nonsense, who else but her.”

“What else can happen, I saw her spirit is quite good in the morning, so I left.” Masashi casually said.

“She didn’t say anything to you?” Kurata Ryoko continued to ask.

“She did, she wanted to pay me back the hotel money, but only had her credit card with her at that time and no cash, so she failed.”

“And that’s it?”

“What else do you want?”

“Honestly, I think that woman is actually quite pitiful.”

“Pitiful? Many people are more pitiful than her. How many young women like her have to work nine to five following their boss’ order and receiving their anger every day, and then go home to serve her husband and take care of their children. People are like that, when you don’t need to work for a living, they will worry about many specious problems.” Masashi said disapprovingly.

“You seem to hate her appearance, don’t tell me it’s because she lost Gennai family’s face.” Kurata Ryoko looked at him strangely.

“It’s not hate, just a bit dismissive toward a woman with such a good condition like her to wallow in the degenerate, that’s all. How many women who lose their weight, facelift, breast augmentation but unable to achieve even half of her look?

However, it’s also hard to say, after all, everyone chooses different road. Take those golddiggers for example, some women addicted to love, some women want to be an accomplished woman. Similarly, there’s nothing wrong with women who love money more than other things.”

“I find your thoughts a bit contradictory.” Kurata Ryoko said thoughtfully.

“I also find you’re quite wordy, keep asking all the time. By the way, how long we’re going to have to sit here?” Masashi didn’t want to talk about this topic, steered the other way.

“It’s coming. When we arrive at the hospital, do not talk nonsense. I’m afraid you guy will scare people.” Kurata Ryoko was in the mood to talk but actually stopped short by him, became a bit unhappy.

“Are you afraid I will suddenly propose your classmate’s younger sister to marry me?” Masashi’s eyes were full of playful banter.

“Can you guy less annoy me?” Kurata Ryoko was unbearably angry, squeezed his neck with her hands.

The two classmates next to her smilingly looked at them.

After 15 minutes, the taxi stopped in front of a large Hospital.

Looking at the big sign in front of the Hospital: Aomori General Hospital, Masashi smiled, “Never thought it’s actually this Hospital.”

“What’s wrong?” In their way to the Hospital, Yamaguchi Tomoko found that the boy is actually very easy to get along with. Seeing him like this, she was a bit puzzled and asked.

“It’s nothing.” The youth looked at the Hospital building and said thoughtfully.

Two years ago, Lei Yin rebirthed into his present body in this Hospital. And now to see it again, the heart could not help but sigh.

Yamaguchi Tomoko took them to a very nice private room on the second floor with a very good lighting.

On the white bed, lay a slightly pale young girl who at the moment leaning against a pillow reading a book.

The girl saw Yamaguchi Tomoko, immediately smiled very bright, “Sister, you came.”

“Masako, do you feel better today?” Yamaguchi Tomoko went to her bed and asked with care.

“I am fine sister, you don’t worry too much about it.” The young girl said.

“That’s good, yesterday really scared me to death.” Yamaguchi Tomoko told her she had brought a flower in a vase on the table.

“Ahem, excuse me, can you two sisters not regard us as transparent person?” Kurata Ryoko dryly coughed and said.

“Ah, so sister Ryoko also came with sister Minoru, really wonderful.” Yamaguchi Masako very happily said.

“You d*mn little rascal, you really treated us like air.” Kurata Ryoko went to her bed and said with a fierce look.

Yamaguchi Masako laughed, “People just didn’t notice. I was thinking, are sister Ryoko and sister Minoru going to visit me today? Don’t think you really came.” She said while holding Kurata Ryoko’s hand, unceasingly acting like a spoiled brat.

Kurata Ryoko shook her short hair several times, suddenly relented down. Minoru Tachibana smiled and brought the fruit to her table.

“Sister Ryoko, you guys don’t have classes today?” Masako looked at Kurata Ryoko and said.

“Heard from you sister you suddenly fainted and hospitalized, where were our mood to attend the class. But don’t you worry, today’s lesson is optional and not very important. Do you want to eat an apple?” Kurata Ryoko from the fruit basket took out an Apple said.

“Em, thank you sister Ryoko.”

“Fool, why being polite to me.” Kurata Ryoko said while picking up a fruit knife to peel the Apple.

Initially a quiet hospital room, because of the three girls it suddenly became lively. Coupled with Kurata Ryoko’s somewhat boisterous character, Yamaguchi Masako has been laughing non-stop.

“Ryoko, where’s your cousin?” After a while, her friend Yamaguchi finally found their group seemed minus a person.

“Oh, right, that guy didn’t come in? Where did he go?” Kurata Ryoko suddenly stood up.

“He’s your cousin, and you have the nerve to ask us.” Tachibana Minoru snappily said.

“What, didn’t you also just found out he’s not here?” Kurata Ryoko was unconvinced and said.

“Stop it, quickly go look for him, he should be around here.” The relatively calm Yamaguchi Tomoko said.

“What a troublesome fellow, I wouldn’t ask him to come if I knew he’d be like this.” Kurata Ryoko complained as she walked out of the room.

Clearly it was she who pulled someone else here, but now spoke such words the two girls felt angry and funny at the same time.

“Sister, is there someone else?” Yamaguchi Masako asked.

“On the road, Ryoko met her cousin, but she pulled him here hard, really suit her. But strange, when we went upstairs her cousin clearly followed behind us, how come we can’t see him now.” Yamaguchi Tomoko explained.

“It is indeed a lot like sister Ryoko’s style of doing things.” Masako covered her mouth to smile.

At this time Kurata Ryoko’s loud voice came from the outside, “Are you crazy, you’re here to visit the sick, not to sleep here.”

“Didn’t you say you fear I’ll scare the little kids? So it’s better for me to sleep. Alas, just fell asleep, only to be wake up by you, disturbing people’s dream is a great sin you know.” The youth yawned and said.

“But you can’t just lie down to sleep on the outside chair, aren’t you ashamed?” Kurata Ryoko was furious.

“Relax, if anyone asks, I won’t say you’re my cousin.” The youth lazily said.

“That’s not the problem.” Kurata Ryoko was about to go crazy.

“You are really long-winded, I’ll just wait outside okay, let me know when you’re finished.”

“Hey, where are you going?” Kurata Ryoko asked.

“You don’t let me sleep, so I’m going to buy a newspaper to read.”

“What newspaper, quickly come with me.”

“Hey, can’t I not come in? I don’t know the other people.” The youth reasoned with her.

“If you don’t see the face, how would you know?”

Heard the dialogue of the two cousins outside, Tachibana Minoru and Yamaguchi Tomoko burst out laughing.

Finally, with a bit helpless expression the youth was pulled inside the ward by Kurata Ryoko.

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