Awakening: Chapter 108-Jackpot

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”Small Ya, this is my cousin Gennai Masashi, just like you, he’s also a high school student, but has too many bad grades compared to you. Masashi, this is Yamaguchi Tomoko’s sister Masako. Didn’t I say small Ya is very attractive? Fool, quickly greet her.” Kurata Ryoko said making an effort to pat his shoulder.

Like this Kurata Ryoko took care of introducing them, even showing a bit of deep attachment with each other. The youth then snappily took one look at her.

“Oh, it’s you?” Against all expectation, after seeing the youth’s appearance, Yamaguchi Masashi who was sitting on the bed suddenly called out in an excited voice.

“Small Ya, do you know my cousin?” Seeing her surprised look, Kurata Ryoko asked surprised.

The other two girls also looked at her in confusion. On the other hand, the youth was bewildered, he couldn’t remember where he saw this girl before.

Suddenly, Yamaguchi Masako covered her mouth, as tears drop from her eyes.

“What did you do to small Ya?” Seeing her suddenly shed tears, Kurata Ryoko held Masashi and asked loudly.

“I haven’t seen her before.” The youth was confused.

“Then why is Small Ya like this, it must be that you have done something wrong to her, quickly confess.” Kurata Ryoko didn’t believe him, and started squeezed his neck with both of her hands.

“Small Ya, what really happened?” After looking at Masashi’s eyes, Yamaguchi Tomoko was very concerned and took her hand to ask.

Seeing Masashi ‘tortured’ by Kurata Ryoko, Yamaguchi Masako hurriedly wiped her tears, smiled and said: “Sister, you’re mistaken, he really doesn’t know me.”

“Then why are you crying?” Kurata Ryoko was surprised for a moment, releasing her hands from Masashi’s neck.

“Nothing.” The girl stuck out her tongue and said with a smile.

“Small Ya, if this guy’s bullying, you say, I’ll give this guy a good lesson.” Kurata Ryoko said wanting to squeeze Masashi’s neck again, but the youth had dodged it instead.

Yamaguchi Masako didn’t answer her, and instead moved her mouth closer to her elder sister, saying something in a low voice.

After listening to her younger sister, Yamaguchi Tomoko looked at her a bit puzzled. Then, seeing her pleading eyes, she finally submitted, nodding to her.

Seeing her sister nod in agreement, Yamaguchi Masako immediately smiled very happily.

When the others were puzzled, Yamaguchi Tomoko turned towards Tachibana Minoru and Kurata Ryoko, said: “Small Ya suddenly want to see young girl comics, let’s go buy one for her. Ryoko, can you make your cousin stay and accompany small Ya?”

“I can, but why him?” Although Kurata Ryoko was a bit impulsive, she wasn’t an idiot, and immediately understood why Tomoko was sending them away.

“Don’t ask, let’s just get out of her. Otherwise, small Ya would be unhappy.” Tachibana Minoru thought it was very interesting, although she was curious, but she still pulled Kurata Ryoko and walked outside.

“If there’s something just call my cell phone.” Yamaguchi Tomoko gently touched her younger sister’s face, then look at the youth with one eye, leaving the room afterwards.

After they left, in the hospital ward, the only ones remaning was the two high school student. Because no one had made a noise, the hospital ward immediately became very peaceful and slightly awkward.

“Please, please sit down.” After a while, Yamaguchi Masako stuttered and said.

Looking at the embarrassed girl, Masashi smiled.

Masashi readily pulled a chair and sat down in front of her bed, “You’re called Masashi right. Can you now tell me what happened?”

Because the youth was sitting so close, Yamaguchi Masako could clearly see his eyes, for a time, she felt her face becoming hot.

“Yes, I’m sorry, that was rude of me, I was just surprised of you.” After a while, she said a few words with great difficulty.

“To be precise, you were only surprised and nothing more.”

Hearing him speak, Yamaguchi Masako suddenly relaxed a lot.

“Do you want to eat apples?” Flustered, she took a fruit out from the fruit basket and gave it to him.

“I heard that this is probably a pear.” Masashi looked at the fruit in her hand and said.

“Sorry, I’ll immediately change it.”

“No, I don’t like to eat apples.” Masashi took the pear from her hands.

When the youth’s finger accidentally touched her hand, Yamaguchi Masako’s face couldn’t help but be a bit red.

“Well, can you tell me now?” The youth said as he cut the fruit’s skin.

Taking a deep breath, Yamaguchi Masako quietly said: “I….I know that you’re the man who hit the home run on the court.”

The teenager looked at her a little surprised.

“Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” After a while, the youth casually said something, then lowered his head as he continued to cut the pear.

“I’m sure it was you, because I’m also a student from PangMu high school, and by chance, I was also in the infirmary that day.” Yamaguchi Masako looked at him and said.

Listening to her talk, Masashi smiled bitterly in his heart. On that day he went to the infirmary to ask the school doctor for a mask, and probably saw a girl was also there, but hadn’t paid attention at her appearance at the time. He didn’t think that It would unexpectedly be her.

“Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t want to cause a ruckus. I just didn’t expect to see you here, I, I’m really happy.” The girl hurriedly explained.

“In fact, this isn’t a big deal, I’m just afraid of causing trouble so I don’t want to let people know about it. So, please keep it a secret for me.” The youth looked up at her again.

“I, I’ll help you keep it a secret.” Yamaguchi Masako said with a little excitement.

“Well, this is for your hush fee.” Masashi smiled, placing the pear that had been cut in her hands.

“Thank you.” Yamaguchi Masako a little helplessly received the pear. Until after biting it, she remember that he had cut it for him to eat.

“I’m sorry, I’ll help you cut another one.”

“I’ll do it myself. Actually you can’t even eat a hush fee, then let’s make a deal.” Masashi took out another pear from the fruit basket.

“I, can I call you by your name?” After a while, Yamaguchi Masako asked in a low voice.

“It’s up to you.”

Hearing his reply, Masako immediately smiled very brightly.

“Do you know? My small body isn’t good, so I must go to the hospital to see a doctor frequently, that’s why I particularly appreciate those who are athletic. In all the sports, my favorite is baseball, because a lot of people are passionate about baseball, sometimes as I watch players lose or win as they hug the ball and cry, I can’t help but cry with them.

In junior high school when I became the baseball manager, I later had to drop out because of my body. At that time I was very sad.

Seeing you hit two home runs that day, I was really excited.

At that time, only the did I know that you were that mysterious player. Aside from knowing that you were a student from Asakura High school as well as remembering your appearance, I knew nothing else about you, so I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I really didn’t expect to see you here, I’m really quite happy.” She said bursting into tears.

When Masashi saw her excited appearace, the youth was still unable to understand as to why the Japanese were so attached to baseball. Perhaps he was unable to understand because he was Chinese.

Although it had been thousands of years of continually switching to different nationalities and even different bodies, but from heart, he always sees himself as Chinese. This may be because before he had been hit by lightning becoming an immortal spiritual body, he had already a matured. The so-called leopard changing its spot, is simply a sentence tailor-made for him.

“Wipe your tears, or they’ll think I bullied you when they come back.” Masashi handed over a sheet of paper towel.

“Thank You.” Masako whispered her thanks.

When Yamaguchi Tomoko and the others came back, the three were surprised to see that the Yamaguchi Masako was talking and laughing as she chatted with the youth.

“You….” Kurata Ryoko looked at them wanting to ask.

“Sister, did you buy me the manga?” Without waiting for her to speak, Masako hurriedly intercepted her.

“It seems like we came back too early.” The beautiful short haired Tachibana Minoru said with a smile.

Seeing her younger sister shyly lowering her head, Yamaguchi Tomoko smiled, putting a bag of mangas in front of her, “I bought back some, see if you like it.”

“Thank you, sister.” Knowing that she was helping her break through the situation, Masako said very gratefully.

“Strange fellow.” Kurata Ryoko said as she sat down.

“Hey, Masashi, wait a minute and we’ll go out for dinner. Make a phone call to aunt and tell her that she doesn’t need to make your meal.” The cousin of the youth also said.

“No, I’ll go home for dinner.”

“No, rarely see your face, so it’s settled.” Kurata Ryoko found that this guy got along very comfortably, and didn’t want to let him go so quickly.

“Has anyone told you that it’s a bad habit to make decision for someone else, if you don’t change, then it would be difficult to marry later on.”

When Masashi had finished speaking, the other three girls immediately laughed.

Kurata Ryoko didn’t agree with him and said: “Go, I also despise those self-righteous smelly men who flies around those beautiful girls all day.”

Tachibana Minoru said to the youth with a smile: “Masashi, you just don’t see her much, in face she is very welcomed by boys in the school. Boys prefer outgoing girls like her.”

“It seems like people really are masochistic now.” Masashi said with a harsh smile.

“To hell with you.” Kurata Ryoko couldn’t bear it anymore and gave him a whack.

The few people laughed and sat down, and after a while, Tachibana Minoru glanced at her watch, said: “It’s getting late now, we’ll come back tomorrow.

Hearing that they were leaving, Masako seemed a little lost.

“Don’t do this, we’ll come back in two days. Besides, the doctor said you can be discharged in a few days. After your discharged, you can come with us any time.” Yamaguchi Tomoko comforter her sister.

“Exactly, quickly smile.” Kurata Ryoko said as she pulled both side her cheeks with her hands.

“Hateful, Ryoko sister.” Masako ridiculed as she hit her gently.

The others also smiled, as the atmosphere immediately relaxed.

“You….will you also come back to see me?” Masako’s face redden, asking the youth in a low voice.

He didn’t expect the she would suddenly ask this question, so Masashi didn’t know how to reply for a while.

“Relax, I’ll bring this fellow along next time.” Seeing his hesitant expression, Kurata Ryoko hurriedly grabbed his shoulder and said to Masako.

“Will you really come next time?” Masako looked at Masashi again and asked.

To be treated as a souvenir, the youth weakly nodded.

Masako smiled as beautiful as a rainbow after the rain.



Finally, they walked out. Looking at the deserted ward, Masako sighed softly.

Since she was a little bored, she took out a manga from the bag.

After reading less than ten pages, the ward door flung open.

It turned out to be Yamaguchi Tomoko and the others.

“Why did you come back sister, did you forget something?” Masako asked pleasantly surprised.

Then she found that something was wrong, the three girls didn’t answer her, and just kept panting.

Suddenly, Yamaguchi Tomoko covered her mouth rushing towards the ward’s toilet.

Masako clearly heard the sound of her sister vomiting inside.

“What to do now?” Kurata Ryoko was terrified to ask. Tachibana Minoru looked pale and helpless.

“What happened?” Feeling the atmosphere was quite strange, Yamaguchi Masako asked timidly.

Masashi looked at her with one eyes, bitterly smiled, and said: “Jackpot.”


–Scene Before–


“Masashi, when did you meet small Ya?” When the four left the hospital ward again, Kurata Ryoko couldn’t wait and immediately asked.

This immediately caused Yamaguchi Tomoko and Tachibana Minoru to be interested.

“Previously, it was when their school had a school festival.” The youth simply replied. Strict, but she knew herself that he really didn’t know her.

“But why did you say in the beginning that you don’t know small Ya?” Kurata Ryoko hastily examined him closely.

“This issue is a little complex, it’s better if you ask the person herself.” The youth decided to throw this question back to the instigator of his headache.

“No, you have to answer this question.” Kurata Ryoko didn’t easily let him pass.

“Oh, it seems like this hospital was occupied by a great person.” Masashi suddenly looked at the high-intensive care unit.

He interrupted the three girls, making them unconsciously look back.

At the front of the door of the intensive care unit, two armed police officers were standing.

What kind of person was in the hospital ward that would even need the police to be mobilize and protect such individual?

Seeing the three girls look at the ward curiously, Masashi revealed an unnoticeable smile.

To avoid answering a question that one doesn’t want to answer, the best way was to diver the attention of the people asking the question.

At this time, a person was loaded on the hospital bed, quickly pushing it running towards them.

Lying on the bed, they saw a man with his head strapped with bandage, while his entire body was covered with the hospital bed’s white bed sheet.

Next to the bed, was a doctor and a nurse running along.

“Please let us through.” Seeing the two policemen standing in the hallway, one of the doctors in the back shouted.

Seeing the bed heading towards them, immediately the police instinctively stepped aside.

When the hospital bed when through the police side, without warning, the police suddenly lift the sheet that cover the head of the patient who was lying on the bed, then, a man who didn’t look like a patient held a digger cutting across the policeman’s neck.

No sound, the cover that the police lifted immediately turned bright red, becoming redder and redder.

With her good eyesight, Tomoko Yamaguchi could clearly see the white sheet turn red continuing to go up to the bed sheet, turning it also bright red.

At the same time, not only that ‘patient’, the doctor that was pushing the hospital bed, suddenly inserted a dagger on the chest of the other police. The other police couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked at the dark-skinned ‘doctor’, then calmly fell down.

Everything happened in a short span of a few seconds, the three girls stood there dumbfounded, their mind blank.

Looking at the ‘nurse’ pick up a pistol from the bed, who then immediately looked at their side.

The youth immediately took the girls and ran back….


–Back to Present–


“Who were actually those people?” Yamaguchi Tomoko with a paled face, asked from inside the bathroom.

Kurata Ryoko and Tachibana Minoru’s complexion wasn’t very good, and now they were denying the sense of reality as if they were in a dream. They were just ordinary girls living in the metropolis of Tokyo, they weren’t accustomed to seeing the corpse of police or doctors, they only occasionally see the dead’s body when they join a funeral to revere and pay respect to the deceased remains, or when they accidentally see a traffic accident on the road.

Closely seeing two real people like this, being brutally killed, was something they will be unable to forget during their life time.

“It seems like they want to kidnap the person in one of the hospital ward.” Masashi who was quiet for a moment, suddenly spoke.

“What do we do now?” Tachibana Minoru asked.

“Nothing to be done, if that person is their only target, when they succeed they’ll immediately leave afterwards. So, we can only wait her until those people leave the area.”

Hearing his words, the girls became calmer.

Although he said that, the youth was still worried about another situation that might happen.

“Rest assured, small Ya, it’s gonna be fine.” Seeing her sister’s worried look, Yamaguchi Tomoko sat on her bed immediately hugging her.

Feeling the slight shiver of her sisterwho couldn’t hide it, Masako tightly held her hand.

Minutes ticked by, Yamaguchi Tomoko looked at the alarm clock on the table, ten minutes had already passed by. It seems like nothing was happening, so the three girls slowly began to calm down.

But soon, the ear piercing sound of screams that came and the sound of gunfire that came from outside shattered their optimism.

The youth sighed in his heart, it seems like he had hit a grand prize.

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