Awakening: Chapter 109-Hostage

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Several minutes later, the outside scream and wail were getting louder, and the messy footsteps were getting nearer.

“Crash!” The ward door was kicked open. Then, a man carrying submachine gun menacingly walked in.

“Everybody get out.” The man with a very stiff Japanese said some words out loud.

Several girls inside the ward looked at each other, stunned silence in the room.

All the patients, doctors, and nurses about more than 500 people were concentrated in the corridor of the second floor and the first-floor lobby.

Standing around them, constantly patrolling, were twenty young man with face cover, and hands holding submachine guns.

Masashi’s group of five people in Masako’s ward were removed to the corridor on the second floor.

If only Lei Yin alone, he definitely can, when the other bandits do not pay attention, put down the guy who stormed the ward and then jump from the second floor and leave. But now with four other girls, the matter became a lot more troublesome.

Japan is an earthquake-prone country, the Japanese for this earthquake natural disaster seem to have been a bit numb. Perhaps because of the extension of this role none of the people that were forced out of the wards screamed, the scene seemed quiet and lifeless. But everyone’s eyes revealed panicked look. None of the people present thought they could encounter this only seen in television news scene.

Among the group of gunmen, stood a lanky man whose face covered with red cloth. Masashi saw the just now posing as the doctor, nurse, and patient, two men and a woman were standing next to that man.

On the three chairs next to them, sat three people with hands tied and dejected look.

Seated in the leftmost is a big-bellied like a pregnant woman middle-aged man.

Next to him is a 60-something-years-old old man, his body is only slightly thinner than the big fatty.

Sitting in the rearmost, a more than 50-years-old man wearing a suit with a pair of black-rimmed glasses.

That man with black-rimmed glasses, Masashi had seen him on TV, and guessed he probably stayed in the highest quality ward.

The current mayor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, is one of the most likely candidates to win the seat of Prime Minister. The other two men were also heavyweight political figures.

“Why are you doing this to us? Please let us go.” An old man in front of the standing stood lanky man suddenly said out loud.

All eyes from the people in the old man’s line of sight immediately focused on that man.

That lanky man gave a meaningful look toward the “nurse” next to him; the woman immediately nodded knowingly.

The woman in a very stiff Japanese said: “In the name of God’s mercy and love, we are the Middle East ‘July Movement’ Jihad members, we have no intention of killing friendly foreign citizens. Because through the reports and news we learned that our Religious Committee asked us not to kill. Unfortunately, your government held up an exiled important member of our organization in your country, and will shortly be transferred to the United States for trial. The trial is unfair, in order to free our comrade, we decided to use your freedom in exchange for his freedom.

Although we have no intention to kill, if there are people who disrupt our plan, we will kill them on the spot. Please behave.”

That woman finished, all the people immediately in an uproar.

That said, they are really being held hostage?

At this time, outside the hospital, the police finally arrived. Within the space of a few seconds, more than ten police vehicles parked outside the hospital building. Dozens of armed policemen got out of the car and immediately pulled out their guns and then hid behind the cars.

A police officer used a megaphone to speak to the people inside the hospital: “The people inside listen, you have been surrounded. Immediately lay down your arms now and surrender, or we will use violent means against you.”

The woman who has just spoken came to the door and said: “We ask for a dialogue.”

“Patrol Head, what’s the current situation?” Ryotaro Maeda walked to a police officer and asked.

That Patrol Head saluted and said to him: “Report to Chief Deputy, there are more than twenty people inside who claimed to be the ‘July Movement’ Jihad members, they took the whole people in the hospital close to 500 people as hostages. Mayor Shintaro Ishihara, Fumi Fukunaga, and Yamazaki Choju two congressmen were also in their hands.

They ask us to, within 12 hours, release the detained foreign prisoner in Tokyo prison called Marando. And demand the government to hand over $100 million in ransom. Finally, they also demand that the prisoner Marando to be released here, and to prepare a plane for them right now.

They claim that if in twelve hours didn’t see Marando, each minute will kill a person.”

“Marando? Is that guy also their accomplices?” Ryutaro Maeda asked.

“Sorry, I don’t know.”

Watching from afar the inside of the building densely packed with hostages, Ryutaro Maeda sighed before saying: “Quickly notice the Chief Police, report to him the situation here in detail. We cannot deal with this situation. This is literally a mass hostages situation, and now can only rely on those gang of guys who usually do nothing.”

“Yes, Deputy Chief.” After the Patrol Head saluted, he immediately called the headquarters.

It was getting dark by this time, 15 minutes later three van-like vehicles came in.

When the car stopped, thirty dressed in black body armor, heavily armed young men jumped down from the rear carriage.

“Hello, I’m the commander of the special crime investigation department Ryosawa. Are you in charge here?” A 30-something man went over to Ryutaro Maeda to ask.

“Hello, my name is Ryutaro Maeda, I’m in charge here.”

“I want to completely understand the entire situation here,” Ryosawa said.

“Patrol Head, you explain the situation here to officer Ryosawa.” Ryutaro Maeda called over the Patrol Head.

When the Patrol Head explained the specific of the situation to Officer Ryosawa, suddenly, several premium limousines entered the scene.

‘Such a big case really alerted the people on the top.’ Watching the incoming premium limousine of the Police Chief flanked by several high-ranking police officers, Ryutaro Maeda quietly thought.

“Officer Ryosawa, you are the expert in dealing with such event, do you really think this will be okay?” Half an hour later, after listening to Ryosawa’s action plan, the 50 years old Police Chief Jinsho Kikoeru asked.

“Report to Police Chief, in order to maximize the rescued hostages, this is the best approach,” Ryosawa replied.

“I do not agree with this plan, it is too dangerous for the hostages inside.” A police officer immediately objected.

“I also do not agree, the majority of the patients inside are sick, to do so would cause great casualties.” Another person also said.

“Unless we really accept those conditions, otherwise, this is the only way to maximize the rescued hostages along with the Mayor and two congressmen.” Ryosawa retorted.

“No, we absolutely can’t agree to their conditions. Don’t you remember 20 years ago, the ‘Red Army’ members hijacked the airliner incident? That time our government promised the hijackers’ demand, to our country’s disgrace. So afterward the government deliberately established this branch of special forces. If this time we also agree to those people conditions, afterward our country will become the other terrorists’ ATM. I decided, in the absence of other better solution, we’ll act according to officer Ryosawa’s plan.” The Metropolitan Police Chief firmly said.

“Yes.” Since the Chief has given his order, others had no choice but to comply.

‘Will it really be smooth?’ Waiting at the side, Ryutaro Maeda secretly anxious.

“Will they really kill us?” Looking at the numerous police vehicles and the police outside, Yamaguchi Masako suddenly asked.

“Rest assured, we will be fine.” Yamaguchi Tomoko hugged her sister to console her.

“Alas, never thought this would happen. Until now, I still think I’m in a dream, but no matter how I pinch it feels painful.” Tachibana Minoru softly said.

“Masashi, are you afraid?” Kurata Ryoko gently asked the silent youth sitting next to her.

“Not really, just a bit hungry.” The youth said with a shrug.

“You are a pig, right now still has the mood to eat.” Kurata Ryoko snappily said.

“If I don’t eat something, how could I have the strength to do things?” The youth dismissively said a sentence.

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