Awakening: Chapter 110-Preparation

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“Hello, I’m the reporter from NHK television, what’s the situation of the hostage now?”

“I’m the TBS reporter, I want to ask the Metropolitan police how they’ll deal with this hostage incident?”

“Please reply? The audiences in the nation are in urgent need to find out the details of the incident from the police.”

“This incident, do you acknowledge that the police were negligent?”

“These terrorists request of releasing one criminal, is that person their partner?”

Looking at the troop reporters who were gathered outside the hospital entrance, the police chief bitterly smiled saying: “You see, I believe that tomorrow, the world will know what happened here, if not handled properly, not only will the police have no face left, but it would also become a stain towards our country. Fellow colleagues, please be diligent.”

“Please rest assured Chief, we will successfully rescue the hostages. As soon as the plan begins, we will immediately break through the door and rescue the hostages.” Ryosawa said firmly.

The police chief nodded, turning his head to ask another police officer: “How’s the preparation going?”

“The main deployment has already been completed, the snipers are also already in place. We’ll coordinate with officer Ryosawa as much as possible.” The police officer replied.

“Are those things also prepared?”

“Yes, I’ve secretly notified the headquarters to have it arranged, after half an hour, they’ll be transported by helicopter.”

“If possible, I don’t really want use this method.” The police chief sighed.

Turning his head towards the other police officers he said: “Continue making negotiation with the terrorists, moreover, we must find out the situation inside as much as possible. This matter doesn’t allow for any negligence.”


At this moment, as time draws near suddenly several people came out of the command center.

“I would like to ask, what’s actually happening here?” In the middle, an old man wearing a white coat came out and loudly asked.

“Good evening! Congressman Tatsuyama, Congressman Hisanaga, Congressman Nagai and Sir Momozaki.” The police chief said respectfully to these political veterans.

“I was just eating at home, when suddenly Nagai called me, saying that terrorists had taken hundreds of hostages in the hospital. Is this true?” The old man first continued to ask.

“Yes, there are 25 people in the hospital claiming that their the ‘July Movement’ Jihad members, they’ve held about 500 people as hostages. Moreover, mayor Shintaro Ishihara, Congressman Fumi Fukunaga and Congressman Yamazaki Chou are also in their hands. They request that in 12 hours the affiliated criminal Marando be released. And also request the government to hand over 100 million US dollar as ransom.” The police chief answered.

“Well said, but we absolutely can’t release Marando. Because we’ve promised the United States to transport him to New York this week.” Another congressman said.

“How did you let this happen Police chief, allowing more than twenty terrorists armed with weapons and infiltrate Tokyo, and also allowed them to take these many hostages. How are you going to explain these to the reporters?” Congressman Tatsuyama’s face was filled with anger as he asked.

“Sorry, this indeed was my dereliction of duty. Our police will recuse the hostages as soon as possible.” The police chief bent down to the waist and said.

“Hopefully, your guarantee is real.” Congressman Tatsuyama said desolately.



“It seems like these guys are very civilized.” Looking at the man who was holding a gun patrolling back and forth, the youth suddenly said something.

“What are you thinking? Having the mood to praise those who kidnaped us at this time.” Kurata Ryoko glared at him.

“At least they haven’t raped or abused the woman taken as hostages. If they were from the soldier of Nazi Germany in World War II they would have treated the Japanese hostages very differently, you’re really much luckier.” The youth sneered.

Looking at the girls dazed look, the youth knew that they really didn’t know about the history during that period.

“Do you have a coin?” The youth disliked this topic so he didn’t bother to talk to them about it, then he suddenly asked another question.

“What?” Kurata Ryoko asked.

“Don’t ask, just give me all the coins you have on you.”

Kurata Ryoko pulled out her wallet and threw it towards him.

After collecting the coins of the two other girls, the youth counted, there was only a total of 12, less than expected. However, adding on the 6 coins that he has, it should be nearly the same.

Seeing that he put all the coins that he had taken into his pocket, Kurata Ryoko Couldn’t bear to ask: “Hey, what are you trying to do with that? This money can only let us buy soft drinks, it’s not enough to bribe them to let us go.”

“It’s rare for you to crack a joke, good, leand me your ear, I’ll tell you something.”

Kurata Ryoko glanced at him, as he had gotten through her head.

The three other girls watched, puzzled as the two cousins whispered to one another.

“Will this really work?” Kurata Ryoko was surprised after hearing what the youth had said.

“Theoretically it’s possible.” The youth said.

“Theoretical your head, if it doesn’t work, we’re dead.” Kurata Ryoko said ill-humoredly.

“Excuse me, what you just said, can you tell us?” Tachibana Minoru interrupted and couldn’t help but ask.

The youth winked at Kurata Ryoko, afterwards Kurata Ryoko whispered a few words to Tachibana Minoru’s ear.

After the other girls have also been told about the youth’s plan, they all had a startled expression.

“Masashi, isn’t this too risky?” Tachibana Minoru looked at the gun man standing in the distance and said.

“This is the only way to increase the chances of our survival.” Said the youth calmly.

“But isn’t the outside police rescuing us a better plan? I think our method is too risky.” The short-haired girl said again.

“The first thing is certain, the Japanese government will never agree to the conditions put forward by those guys. Although the Japanese government did indeed promise to do what the hijackers requested in that ‘Red Army’ hijacking twenty years ago, but that was an idiotic action. But unlike that time, this time they can longer afford to lose face. But the main thing is that the prisoner is a person that the United States want, so this make it more impossible for the Japanese Government to release the man. So, the only thing they can do is to have the police forcefully break in and kill these people. In fact, doing so makes sense, but if you look at those guys. Don’t you think that in such a hot weather, they wearing something too thick?”

The girls didn’t understand what he meant as they looked at him puzzled.

The youth went closer to Kurata Ryoko, whispering into her ears.

“bom….” She didn’t finish as the youth immediately covered her mouth.

Hearing the word that came from Kurata Ryoko’s mouth, the other girls suddenly became pale.

In a deep voice, the youth said: “All thos people are religious fanatics, they would rather die than be captured by their enemy. That’s why they’re called terrorists.”

“Can we really do it?” Yamaguchi Tomoko asked.

“To be honest, the chances are half-half. We can only wait right now, not long the police will take action, as soon as it had become chaotic here, just act according to my instructions. Of course, if you want to stay here, I will not force you, after all, the life is your own.”

“But, even if the situation becomes like you say, what do we do with the guys patrolling around? They’ll likely to immediately open fire at us.” Tachibana Minoru asked.

“That’s why I said the chances are only half-half. At the appointed time, if you think that it’s safer to go with me, then follow me, if you don’t trust me, then stay.” The youth said, subconsciously flipping the coin that was inside his pocket.

The four girls were looking at each other, suddenly no one spoke.



“Kazumi, isn’t senior coming back for dinner?” At the same time, inside the kitchen to help, Rumi asked.

“Um, he had called before, he said that he met Kurata cousin on the road, and asked him to have dinner together, that’s why his not coming back to eat with us tonight.” Kazumi was making a stir-fried dish as she answered back.

“This.” Rumi was a little disappointed.

“Relax, he shouldn’t come back too late tonight. Come, help me take this plate of vegetables.”

“Okay.” Rumi arrived at the hall with the plate of vegetables.

“Rumi, if you’re tired, you can quickly sit down and have a rest.” Wiping the table in the hall, Rumiko said with a smile.

“Aunt, I’m not tired. Actually I was just about to help in your side. Really hope that some day, like you and Kazumi I can also prepare such good food. I don’t understand, I’ve done the recipe step by step, but the food always taste weird.” The kendo girl said with some regret.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you practice you’ll slowly become better at cooking. In two days I’ll have a vacation, do you want me to teach you then?” Rumiko pulled her to sit down.

“Really? That’ great. Thank you, aunt.” Rumi was very happy.

Chatting for a while, Rumi suddenly said that she wanted to help in the kitchen. Rumiko patted her hand and let her go.

“Hey, aunt, why is there a lot of police cars, what happened?” After passing by the TV, Rumi suddenly stopped and took a look at the TV screen and asked.

“I’ve also just turned on the TV, listening to what the reporter had said, it seems that there are some terrorists that taken hundreds of doctors, nurses and patients as hostages. The police are now working on it.”

“What, this also happens in Tokyo?” Rumi was very surprised.

“Really a surprise, only hope that they can successfully recue the hostages.” Rumiko knew that this was a big incident, as Maeda Ryutaro Vice-chief of the police, he would also certainly be at the scene. Therefore, she added in her heart, hoping that nothing happens to Mr. Maeda.

Watching the TV screen, she didn’t know why, but Rumi suddenly felt her heart jump a bit in an irregular manner.

“Fortunately, senior’s not there, he should be having dinner with his cousin right now.” Thinking of this, the kendo girl couldn’t help but be relieved.

Remembering that she also needed to help the busy Kazumi, she hurried back to the kitchen.

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