Awakening: Chapter 112-Liable

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As Yamaguchi Tomoko and Tachibana Minoru still haven’t recovered from the shock they had from being in mortal danger just moments ago. Seeing that the youth continued to move forward, they still followed him while staring him from behind.

The more they went up, the lower the concentration of the smoke, and when they arrived at the eight floor, Yamaguchi Masako slowly woke up.

“Where am I?” She asked a little weak.

“Small Ya, you finally woke up, thinking that you won’t wake up anymore, you really scared me to death.” Yamaguchi Tomoko held her hand while wiping her own tears.

“I’m sorry, sister, for worrying you.” Masako whispered apologetically.

“Fool, so long as you’re all right it’s all good. Masashi, Masako’s awake, let me carry her.” Yamaguchi Tomoko was afraid that the youth was tired, so she opened her mouth to say.

“No need, this little rascal is very light.” The youth without looking back, continued to go up.

The girl’s elder sister followed from behind as she explained the matter to her younger sister when she had fainted.

Feeling the youth’s body temperature, Masako felt embarrassed.

From the start, Kurata Ryoko and Tachibana Ryoko walked without making a single noise, merely just silently following closely behind.

“Was there really an explosion below?” Masako asked.

“Um, there had been two big explosion already, the shock from it even broke the windows, but luckily we quickly left. So I just don’t know what happened to the people downstairs.” Yamaguchi Tomoko said very anxiously.

If they had just stayed there, they couldn’t imagine what would have happened to them. Thinking of this, Tachibana Minoru felt scared.

Finally, walked to the 12th floor, arriving at the roof of the building.

After arriving on the roof, the youth looked around, then lead them to hide behind the building’s water reservoir.

“Now, we should temporarily be safe here, so let’s rest. Cousin, use your cell phone and alert the police, and tell them that we’re on the roof, and have them send a helicopter to save us.”

“I know.” Kurata Ryoko nodded, taking out her cellphone on her body.

On the other hand, the other three girls watched, surprised, as the youth took his gun out, and in a very skillful way took out the magazine checking the amount of bullets left.

After checking, he loaded the magazine, then with both hands held the gun tightly as he stared at the door to the roof.

“Masashi, you….” Tachibana Minoru couldn’t bear to ask.

“Think, If we could run up to the roof, isn’t it also possibly that these terrorists can also come up here, so we should be prepared if such a thing happens. No matter what happens, don’t expose your head. Understand?” The youth interrupted her words.

“I, I understand.” At this time, the girls were completely out of ides, so they could only believe the youth in this kind of situation.

After making the call, Kurata Ryoko looks at the youth who was holding a gun while staring at the entrance to the roof.

At this time, she suspected whether or not this person really was, Masashi, her cowardly and ordinary cousin.

When Masashi first saw her with her friends, Yamaguchi Tomoko and Tachibana Minoru, she felt that the youth was somewhat different. Together, she grew up with her cousin Masashi, although they rarely meet, but they could still see each other several times every year.

Starting from the funeral, she discovered at that time that here younger cousin’s appearance changed a lot. At that time, she only thought that the reason for this was that he grew. But, along with her observation over the last two times that they’d met, she found that his change wasn’t that simple.

Today, in the face of such a dangerous situation, he demonstrated a calm and decisive attitude that of a murderer, killing without batting an eye, she was extremely shocked. If not for his facial feature having no major changes, she would have really doubted if this youth was really the same person who she knew before.

“Someone is coming.” When Kurata Ryoko was indulged in her thought, the youth suddenly whispered something.

Hearing his words, her heart immediately tightened. Because they were hiding behind the water reservoir they couldn’t see and had to listen attentively for any sounds outside.

After a while, they really heard several footsteps slowly getting closer.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the youth began to get headaches, as there were six of them. Imagining that those fellows really had good tricks. And because he only had two guns having 10 bullets in total, even if he simultaneously opened fire to instantly kill two people, and also hit their heads. If he had hit the spot where the terrorists had put their bomb, it wouldn’t be a wonderful situation, so it was just impossible to counterattack.

Thinking about this, he changed his strategy, lunge up, and jumped on the balcony above the entrance.

After jumping, the youth adjusted his breathing, quietly waiting for these people’s arrival. If it was close combat, he believed that no one was his opponent. So long as his swift, it should be much more effective than using a gun.

Finally, the footsteps were getting closer, he could hear the people’s breath. Maybe because it had been a long time since he had faced such a crucial moment, Lei Yin couldn’t help but be a bit excited.

However, when the people rush to the roof, he knew that he didn’t need to fight.

“You’re the police, right?” The youth looked at their uniform with an exhaltedly big ‘POLICE’ inscription, and asked.

Those members of the special department were already really tensed, so when they suddenly heard a sound from above, they immediately wanted to shoot above.

“You guys are sick. I’m a hostage!” Fortunately, Lei Yin in the tip of the moment, already turned back, going out of the way when he had saw them, or he would have certainly been miserable. Looking at the bullets flying towards the edge of the balcony, the youth shouted.

Hearing his words, the police couldn’t help but be surprised for a moment, and then immediately stopped firing.

His grandmother, this whole bunch were idiots. Lei Yin scolded as he looked up, at the starry sky, unceasingly shining. It seems like the helicopter have arrived.



“isn’t such a thing not proper? Giving them a vacation, moreover a long one. How enviable.” Lying on the bed, the youth was reading the newspaper, and gleefully said.

Maeda Ryutaro smiled bitterly, “Easy for you to say, but now our entire division as long as they’re in our division, was also forced home to reflect. Me coming out now to visit you is already violating the rule.”

“There is nothing that can be done, always putting the blame on someone else’s back, in any case it’s just like people stealing an innocent cow, your boss probably returned with a bigger headache compared to you. Right, was the number of death written on the newspaper really these many?”

“Yes, probably even more than that. That’s because many people weren’t able to get out of danger.”

“Humph, there were people that was killed by the bomb and being stomped on so to speak, yet there were people that were obviously scarred after being involved in the bomb and have been hospitalized? Don’t tell me you also believe that those things thrown at the site were indeed tear gas?” The youth sneered.

“I don’t know, but more and more people have the same question as you. Now the Metropolitan Police are surrounded by reporters outside. The most shocking thing, however, is about the police chief shooting himself, no one could have imagined that he would do that.” Maeda Ryutaro sighed.

“He did this to express that he nevertheless was a unyielding person, this way, the idea is regarded as a relief, at least those people would no longer be bothered by it.” Putting down the newspaper, the youth said dismissively.

Seeing Maeda’s sudden strange expression, the youth said ill-humoredly: “There is something I have to tell you, don’t look like you have constipation.”

Maeda Ryutaro looked at him and asked: “Can you tell me honestly, were you the one that knocked down the two terrorist?”

“Sorry, I don’t know what you’re saying.” The youth said with a smile.

“Don’t trick me, at the scene we found two dead terrorists, their guns were taken away, and you happened to have two pistols, so I know it was you.” Maeda Ryutaro said quite surely.

“Can’t you imagine that someone else killed them, then I just conveniently picked up their gun?”

“Since you don’t want to admit it, I won’t force you. It’s about time, I should get back, you get some rest.” Maeda Ryutaro said before standing up.

“Hey, help me get discharged as soon as possible, I’m really fine, but it might be good if those girls were checked, especially the girl named Yamaguchi Masako, she has been dizzy for some time. Well, anyway, these doctors will handle it. In short I want to get out of the hospital as soon as possible.” The youth said to him with an unquestionable tone.

“Sorry, this matter can only be decided by Rumiko, I would like to reflect at home, so I don’t have the time.” Before leaving Maeda Ryutaro exposed a sly smile.

“Really is rare, this old boy also unexpectedly know how to crack a joke.” The youth looked at the door that was shut tightly, and thought aloud.

Under extreme boredom, the youth wanted to look at the time, picking up the phone he found that the phone was shutting down, it seems like it was out of power.

What seems to have been forgotten, was slowly being remembered.

Suddenly, outside he heard a rapid sound of footsteps, then “Peng”, the door of the hospital wards all of a sudden opened.

“Sorry, I forgot to watch the movie with you.” The youth raised his head, and said to Naoko-sensei who was standing in the doorway panting.

“Lei!” Naoko-sensei suddenly rushed up to hold him.

“Fool, don’t cry, I don’t have any injuries.” After a long time, she calmed down a little, the youth felt bad as he wiped the tears on her face.

“Lei, I was scared.” Naoko-sensei looked at him while tears continued to flow down from her eyes.

“Come, sit, take off your sandals.” Lei Yin tapped the extra space of his bed.

If it was the usual Naoko-sensei, seeing the action of the youth, she would become extremely shy. But this time she was very emotional, thinking for a moment, she took off her sandals and climbed up.

Hugging her, he felt her sweet soft body, the youth felt a very unspeakable sense of satisfaction. Uknowningly, this woman had become an increasingly important person in his heart.

“Naoko, promise me one thing, please?” The youth faced his head against her forehead and said.

“Lei, as long as you’re okay, I’ll promise you anything.” Remembering the explosions that were seen on the Television, Naoko-sensei still felt scared.

“No matter what happens, you have to wait for me to come back. Okay?”

“Lei….” This sentence made Naoko-sensei feel very uneasy.

“Don’t be cranky, because I sometimes go to faraway places to do somethings, it may take me longer to come back, I don’t want you to worry, just tell me that you promise that no matter what happens, you won’t give up and believe that I’ll come back to you. So, before I come back, you must take care of your body, okay?” Lei Yin looked deeply in her eyes, said.

“Ah, no matter what happens, I’ll wait for you.” Her eyes stared back at him, Naoko-sensei gently but firmly said something, and then leaned her head against his shoulder.

“By the way, how did you know I was in the hospital?” It stands to reason that she didn’t know that he was in the hospital.

“I was at home waiting for you, but for a very long time you still didn’t come home to see me, so I called your cell phone, but your phone was closed, I was a little worried, so I called your place, your mother was at home and told me that something had happened to you. It scared me, so why are you here?” Naoko-sensei looked up and asked.

“it’s a little long to say, wait a minute and then I’ll tell you. You just said that my mother was at home, she’s supposed to come back and get me a change of clothes, perhaps she’s already back.”

“What?” Naoko-sense was startled, immediately wanting to jumped down the bed.

“Don’t move, let me hug you. In any case, let her see her beautiful daughter-in-law earlier.” Lei Yin laughed and hugged her waist, not letting her go.

“Lei, let me go quickly.” Naoko-sensei blushed up to her ear as she struggled.

“I’ll only let you go if you give me a French kiss, otherwise I won’t let go.” Lei Yin proudly looked at her.

“You bad guy.” Naoko-sensei blushed as red as blood as she continued to look at him.

Originally, he thought that with her shy personality she would hesitate for a long time, but to his surprise, although she still felt embarrassed, but soon her cherry lips moved closer….

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