Awakening: Chapter 113-Dinner Party

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“It seems like you’re in high spirits, I feel relieve.” In the female hospital ward, Lei Yin leisurely sat beside her cousin’s bed.

“Did you really come to visit a patient? Didn’t even buy a bouquet of flower and came empty-handed.” Kurata Ryoko said ill-humoredly.

“Hey, I’m also a patient.”

“Come on, which part of your body resembles that of a patient? Lying down the whole day, I’m bored to death.” Kurata Ryoko rubbed her face.

“How long did the doctor say until you can leave the hospital?” The youth took an orange from the table to peel it.

“They said that in two days I can be discharged. Damn, I have to go for two more days here, I really can’t stand it.”

“How’s your two schoolmates?” The youth divided the peeled orange by half giving it to her, as she bluntly stretched out her hand.

“Just like me, they can also leave the hospital in two days. However, Small Ya’s situation isn’t quite good. She was already a patient, at that time she had sucked in a lot of smoke, listening to Tomoko, she said that she’ll have to be observed for half a month before she can leave the hospital. Oh, didn’t think that this would happen.” Kurata Ryoko sighed to say.

“So long as no one’s injured that’s good, but half a month, it will pass quickly.”

“Can you be a little more compassionate? Right, I have something I wanted to ask you.” Kurata Ryoko’s expression became very serious.

“Tell me.” Lei Yin had already guessed what she had wanted to ask.

“That day, your actions were so unusual, although I promised that I would keep it a secret for you, but an ordinary person like you could never use a gun to kill a person. I want you to tell me the reason how you were able to do it.”

“The reason? Perhaps because I often play games….You should know, headshots are very common in many shooting game.” The youth said nonchalantly.

“I knew you wouldn’t tell the truth. Well, since you don’t want to tell me, I won’t force you, but I just want you to know, I’m your cousin, no matter what happens, I’ll stand by your side.” Kurata Ryoko sincerely said.

“The atmosphere is pretty good, but to be honest, you watch too much soap operas, it’s quite disgusting.” The youth smiled.

Kurata Ryoko’s face reddened, immediately standing, she was ashamed and angry, “You bastard, always annoying and making me angry, die.” Saying that she sent a kick to him.

As soon as she stood up, Lei Yin had already slid back with the chair, evading the kick with ease.

“You….What are you doing?” At this time, the door was suddenly opened, and wearing similar to that of a patient, Tachibana Minoru puzzlingly looked at Kurata Ryoko who exaltedly stood on her bed.

“Minoru you came.” Discovering that her own posture was a little elegant, Kurata Ryoko hurriedly sat down. And then stared at the youth’s eyes.

“Quite bothersome, I wanted to leave the hospital earlier. But father and mother won’t let me.” Tachibana Minoru complained a little as she walked in.

“I’m also the same, if not for you living next door, I don’t know how I’ll get over the next two days. Tomiko? Is she at small Ya’s room?” Kurata Ryoko said on her bed.

Minoru nodded, “she’s a good older sister. Masashi, are you also leaving the hospital in two days with us?”

“Sorry, I’m leaving the hospital today. Don’t you see that I’m wearing civilian clothes?” The youth said slowly.

“Why are you discharged so quickly?” Kurata Ryoko asked in surprise.

“Because I convinced my mother, I told her that nothing’s wrong with me, moreover I still have to deal with the final exam, so I must get back to class early, so she helped me go through the discharge formalities. As for you guys, recuperate here.” The youth a little meanly said.

“Just like that? If I had known that would work I would have also said the same thing as you.” Tachibana Minoru said in regret.

“Don’t be proud, I order you as your cousin, from tomorrow onwards, you have to com visit us everyday, until all of us leaves the hospital.” Kurata Ryoko overbearingly said.

“If I have time I’ll think about it. My mother should be back, I’ll leave first.” The youth stood.

“Bastard, I mean, if you don’t come, I won’t let you off.” The youth’s cousin continued to say.

“As I said, I’ll come when I have time, you’re really too wordy. Bye.” Lei Yin said as he left the ward.

“Ryoko, this time your cousin saved us.” After a moment of silence, Tachibana Minoru said.

“I just asked him the question, but he didn’t reply. What did really happen to him to become like that in just two years? I just don’t understand this guy.” Kurata Ryoko frustratingly said.

“Well, anyway, he’s quite a good person. If he weren’t a high school student, I would have run after him.” Minoru said with a smile.

“Too lazy to talk to you, let’s go see small Ya.” Kurata Ryoko got out of bed and wore slippers.

“Ah, wait for me.”



“Sister, what are you doing?” After watching a volume of soap opera, Aiko turned her head to ask.

“I’m knitting a scarf.” Naoko-sensei said, lowering her head, she continued to knit.

“My god, it’s summer right now, why are you knitting a scarf for? You’ll get a heat stroke.” Hearing that she was knitting a scarf, Aiko thought about the heat.

“Fool, of course I wouldn’t be used it right now. I’m knitting for someone, I’m not good at knitting, so I have to practice, and when I knit a good one I can give it as a present for him.” When she spoke of ‘him, Naoko-sensei’s expression suddenly became very gentle.

“Who is he? Sister, do you have a boyfriend?” Aiko responded, immediately staring at her.

Looking at her younger sister’s surprised look, Naoko-sensei nodded very shyly.

“When was this? Sister’s too hateful, such a big matter as getting a boyfriend, bud didn’t tell me.” Aiko was very discontented.

“Actually it was just recent, so I didn’t have enough time to tell you. Aiko, can you help me keep it a secret? Don’t tell this matter to father.” Naoko-sensei held her younger sister’s hand to say.

“Why, this is a good thing, why won’t you let father know? I know, you’re afraid that father will oppose, right? Well, father can be very stubborn sometimes.” Aiko said thoughtfully.

Naoko-sensei nodded.

“Good, I’ll help you keep it a secret, but you must have me look at him. Which fellow is so powerful that he can even pursue such a beauty like big sister. Right, do I know that person?”

Regarding her sister’s question, Naoko-sensei didn’t know how to answer it.

Thinking for a moment, she was about to speak, when her phone suddenly rang.

“I’ll pick up the phone.” Naoko-sensei secretly felt relaxed.

Seeing her elder sister answer the phone, Aiko then continued to watch TV.

Not long after, Naoko put down the phone and walked back. Sitting on the sofa, she suddenly sighed. Saying to herself: “It seems like I can’t watch the movie tomorrow evening with him.”

“Elder sister, who was it?” Aiko casually asked

“It’s a call from my college friend, she organized a class reunion, inviting me to go.”

“It seems like it’s fun, did you say you’re going?” Aiko continued to ask.

“Um, because I haven’t seen my schoolmates for quite some time, rejecting it was embarrassing. Tomorrow I’ll ask aunt to help make dinner for you. You have to be obedient, and not run around.”

“I know, sister always treat me like a child, I’m already a high school student.” Aiko said.

“Even if you get married in the future, your still my sister. Ah, it’s late already.” Looking at the clock on the wall, Naoko stood up.

“Sister did you make a mistake, it’s just 10:30, can this be considered late?” Aiko looked at the time, and said the thing on her mind.

“I’ve promised him that I must go to bed and rest before 10:00. Aiko, you also sleep earlier, you have class tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll go to sleep in half an hour.”

Immediately, she curled her lip saying: “Elder sister, I’m not really clear, why would you listen to that fellow? If I have a boyfriend in the future, and he dares to be wordy like this, I’ll immediately would have certainly broken up with him already.”

“You are young, you don’t understand, he’s good like this to me. Remember, don’t stay up too late.” Then, Naoko-sensei took the yarn and went back to her room.

“Looking at the gentle and happy expression that her sister was revealing, Aiko was confused.

If Gennai that fellow also told me to do this, will I really do according to what he said? Thinking of this, Aiko became more enthralled, forgetting to continue watching TV.



Different from a high school student’s school reunion, Naoko-sensei’s schoolmate organized their reunion in a very high-quality dining room.

After going, inside was brilliantly illuminated, men and women wore western-style clothing or evening dress everywhere. Looking at the familiar or unfamiliar face, Naoko-sensei felt like time flew backwards all of a sudden.

“Naoko you finally came. I and the others were waiting for you for a long time.” Just as she stepped into the dining room, a woman with short hair walked over very happily.

“You are….” Naoko-sensei was a little confused as he looked at the woman in front of her.

“Fool, I’m Matsumi, Fukuhara Matsumi. This fellow unexpectedly forgot me, too hateful.”

“What, your Matsumi? Didn’t you used to wear glasses? Your hair is also short, sorry, I couldn’t recognize you for a while.” Naoko-sensei embarrassedly thought.

“Don’t need to mind it, in any case a few people also couldn’t recognize me. I’m wearing wearing contact lenses, the pair of old glasses I used before was already gone. No wonder you didn’t recognize me, we haven’t seen each other for years, you’re more beautiful than ever, really worthy of our school flower.” Fukuhara Matsumi said with a smile.

“Not really, in fact, if you hadn’t called me I wouldn’t have come.”

“You’re still as shy as always. I’ll take you to see our former classmates, they certainly haven’t forgotten about you.” Then Fukuhara Matsumi pulled her.

“Be careful, Naoko, you still have a lot of suitors who haven’t given up. Oh, I really want to see what will happen if they see you.” Fukuhara Matsumi said as they walked.

“You’re talking nonsense again, I have…..a person who I like.” Naoko-sense said shyly.

“Didn’t think that our school flower has finally been captured. In the past many people pursued you, but you weren’t interested, I want to see what kind of person you like? Why didn’t you tell him to come? Anyway, there’s also a lot of couple tonight.” Fukuhara Matsumi exposed a very curious expression.

“I’m sorry, he couldn’t come tonight, he has something to do.” Naoko said falteringly.

“Since he couldn’t come, why apologize. Hurry.”

When Fukuhara Matsumi drew attention with her dress, afterwards, Naoko-sensei came in wearing a splendid attire, everyone couldn’t help but look at her. Soon, some people recognized that this beautiful woman was the former school flower, Hase Naoko.”

Suddenly, the people who didn’t have a girlfriend immediately encircled her.

“Are you Naoko? It really is you. I’m Yamakawa, do you recognize me?”

“Hello, it’s been a long time since we’ve met.” Naoko greeted with a smile.

“Naoko you’re so beautiful, do you recognize who I am?” Another man asked as he revealed his white teeth as if he was doing a toothpaste advertisement.

“You’re from the track and field club, Ishida, right?”  Naoko said thoughtfully.

“Yes, that’s me. I didn’t think you’d remember.” The man appeared to be very proud.

After a round of dazzling introduction, Fukuhara Matsumi courageously pulled her to the washroom to avoid these excessively enthusiastic men.

“I wasn’t wrong, right? It seems like our Naoko’s charm is now even more than before. Just wait, if you tell them you have a boyfriend, I wonder what kind of expression they’ll show.” Fukuhara Matsumi showed a joking smile.

“Right, is Anzu coming?” Naoko-sensei asked.

“How do I know if she’ll come or not. If she doesn’t come the better.” Fukuhara Matsumi sneered.

“Matsumi, after all these years, you still hate her? We were good friends.” Naoko-sensei asked, worried.

“I’ll never forget the matter of her stealing my boyfriend.” Fukuhara Matsumi clenched her teeth as she replied.

“You.” Naoko-sensei sighed.

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