Awakening: Chapter 114-Honest

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When the two came out of the washroom, they immediately saw an attractive woman wearing a yellow dress, skirt with dotted beads. Next to her was a young man wearing a high-quality suit.

“It’s Anze, she also came.” Naoko-sensei said a little surprise. But then she immediately noticed Fukuhara Matsumi’s complexion becoming not quite good.

Gently taking her hand, she said: “Matsumi, it’s rare to see many of our old schoolmates, cheer up okay.”

“Rest assured, I’ll restrain myself, I don’t want to lose face in front of her.” Fukuhara Matsumi said coldly.

Seeing her this way, Naoko could only sigh in her heart. Making a forced smile, she pulled her over.

“Anze.” Naoko-sensei walked in front of the woman and said with a smile.

“Oh, Naoko, long time no see. Didn’t imagine that you’d also come.” Tsuhara Anze said somewhat coldly.

“Since graduation, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, how have you been?” Naoko asked.

“I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.”

Seeing her indifferent expression, Naoko didn’t know what to say for a while. The nearby Fukuhara Matsumi couldn’t tolerate it anymore, and butted in to say: “Naoko, it seems like young lady Anze doesn’t want to talk to use, we’d better not bother her anymore.”

“Matsumi, don’t be like this.” Naoko said in a low voice.

She then turned her head to say to Tsuhara Anze: “Anze, haven’t seen you for such a long time, I really miss you, I’ve even tried to call your cell phone, but it seems like you changed your number, so I couldn’t find you. In the future, let’s hang out again?”

“Until then we’ll talk. Forgot to introduce to you, this is my boyfriend, Maeyama Gentaro. You should have heard about the Maeyama trading company, right? He’s the eldest son of Maeyama trading company chairman. His also the future successor of the Maeyama trading company.” Tsuhara Anze said a little happily.

“Hello, Maeyama Gentaro.” Naoko greeted, as Tsuhara Anze nodded.

“Hello, I didn’t think that Anze also had such pretty schoolmates.” Maeyama Gentaro said.

“You flatter me, in face, actually Anze is the most attractive.”

“Tsuhara, I want to ask, how are things going with you and Tatsuki Kimigen? When I ask you to hang out you would always come with him.” When Naoko was having a small talk with Maeyama Gentaro, Fukuhara Matsumi suddenly said something with a smile.

Hearing her words, Tsuhara Anze’s facial expression change right away.

“Gentaro, it’s a little stuffy here, let’s take a break somewhere else.”

“Two beautiful ladies, if you’ll excuse us.” Maeyama nodded, turning towards Naoko and Matsumi to say.

“You’re too polite, please feel free.” Naoko answered.

After they left, Fukuhara Matsumi smugly laughed, “Did you see her face? Thinking that catching a rich boy would make her great. If I talked about her romantic history, I’m sure that her boyfriend wouldn’t want to see her anymore.”

Matsumi, why are you like this? I know that Anze did something wrong to you, but it was a long time ago, you don’t need to fight with her anymore.” Naoko urged.

Fukuhara Matsumi was silent for a moment, then said: “Naoko, you haven’t experienced such a thing, so you wouldn’t understand. Your own good friend unexpectedly robs you of your own first love, having to watch the two of them every day, they’re lucky that I hadn’t killed them. Sorry, I forgot to put my make up on, I’ll come out quickly.” With that, she walked towards the washroom.

Naoko knew that she cried, at this moment, she truly felt that Matsumi suffered badly in the past.

In a crowd of laughter, at a distance she looked at the beautiful Tsuhara Anze pulling her boyfriend, Naoko suddenly thought that she seemed strange like she was another person.

Slightly feeling Naoko’s slightly depressed mood, these men whose eyes saw that no one was at this top beauty’s side, they immediately swarmed at her like a piranha smelling the blood of an Amazon.

For several minutes, Naoko was completely encircled by men, in her hands were a bunch of name cards.

In order to obtain the favor of this beautiful woman, all these men displayed their skills to make her happy. In between, to some extent it was hard to avoid any conflict, for a moment, the tension increased.

“I knew you group of perverts won’t let Naoko off.” At this time, a woman suddenly came and coldly snorted.

“it turned out to be class leader.”

“Matsuri you also came. I haven’t seen you for a long time.

Looking at the woman standing behind them, several men awkwardly smiled.

“You certainly didn’t want me to come. Naoko let’s go, just ignore this perverts.” The woman with a short hair and non-frame eyeglasses walked towards the middle of the crowd, holding Naoko’s hand.

“Class leader, you said too much, right? We were just talking about the old days with Naoko.” A man said a little discontented.

“Reminisce is it? Good, come talk with me, let’s cherish the memory of you deceiving several girls in school. I really miss those days.” The intellectual beautiful woman sneered.

“Uh, I….right, didn’t you have something to discuss with me? Have almost forgotten, let’s talk at that side.” The man hurriedly drew another man to get out of the way.

“You, do you also want to talk about the old days with me? I’ll accompany you for a bit.” Looking at the remaining men, Matsuri asked.

“I have something to do, Naoko, I must say good bye now, I’ll come to talk with you again.”

“I have something else too. Good bye, Naoko and school leader.”

In less than a minute, the men made an excuse and hastily left.

“Matsuri you finally came, I was waiting for you for a long time.” Naoko complained very happily.

“The editor-in-chief looked for me for a little something, that’s why I arrived late. Did Matsumi come? I haven’t seen her for more than two years.”

“She already came, she’s here.”

“Speaking ill of me is it?” Fukuhara Matsumi walked cheerfully.

“Matsumi, it’s not like that.” After sizing her up carefully, Matsuri said.

“Am I not more attractive than before? You’re actually the same as before. Come on, wearing eyeglasses isn’t popular anymore. Just change like me.” Fukuhara Matsumi said.

“Wearing it has already become a habit, too lazy to change. Right, this is your month’s pay, a few days ago you didn’t show up, so I forgot to give you.” Matsuri took out a cheque from her pocked and handed it to Naoko.

“Thank you.” Naoko received it and put it inside her wallet.

“Does Naoko help Matsuri with writing a manuscript?” Fukuhara Matsumi asked curiously.

“Yes, because I have more time now, I could help them translate something or write some drafts and so on.” Naoko-sensei replied.

“Well not to mention, I haven’t eaten yet, quickly let go get something to eat.” Matsuri said.

Follower from behind, Naoko walked with Fukuhara Matsumi shoulder to shoulder and said in a low voice: “Sorry, Matsumi.”

“Fool, it’s none of your business.” Matsumi smiled as she gripped her hand.

Dining is mainly in the form of buffet, so there were a variety of high-class food.

Because the school leader Matsuri stood beside Naoko who was known as ‘Pervert mosquito-repellent’, there were only a few men that dared to actually disturb them. That’s why they all could eat in a very relaxed manner.

Suddenly, they saw Tsuhara Anze with her boyfriend Maeyama Gentaro.

“Oh, Naoko, school leader also. What’s wrong, haven’t your boyfriends come? Or you still don’t have a boyfriend.” Seeing them, Tsuhara Anze holding a wine suddenly laughed.

“Anze, you’re durnk. I’m sorry, Anze probably got drunk.” Maeyama said apologetically.

“Gentaro, I’m not drunk. Right, Naoko, we haven’t talked for a long time, do you want to talk outside?” Tsuhara Anze suddenly said.”

“Anze, are you gonna be all right?” Naoko asked, worried.

“I’m fine, come on, let go talk outside. You guys, this is just my matter with Naoko, just the two of us.” Then, Tsuhara Anze pulled her walking towards the balcony outside.

Fukuhara Matsumi was about to follow them, but was pulled by Matsuri, “don’t worry, it’s ok.”

At the balcony, the evening gentle breeze blew towards their face, even blowing up their skirts a bit.

“Naoko, do you know? Sometime, I really hate you.” Turning around, Tsuhara Anze suddenly said to her.

“Anze, I don’t understand what you mean.” Naoko said, amazed.

“In school, although you conceal yourself very well, but I know that you’re a princess of a wealthy family. You’re attractive, family also rich, but also many male students want to pursue you. Is there anything you can’t do? Do you remember Tanaka? Fukuhara Matsumi’s boyfriend who I stole from her.”

Looking at her eyes, Tsuhara Anze continued: “Matsumi was a genuine fool, the person that Tanaka really likes was you. But after you rejected him, he slowly accepted Matsumi. After knowing the truth, I immediately bid farewell with him, I’m not willing to be others’ recycling station.”

“Anze, why must you do this, do you know that you harmed Matsumi?”

“Why you ask me, I don’t know, perhaps I just couldn’t get used to seeing these men bleeding for you. What’s so great about you? You only look beautiful, but you assume that you’re all mighty. Really makes me sick. However, before long, I’ll be the company heir Maeyama’s wife. At that time, I no longer have to go to work every day to see smelly men. As for you, I hope I won’t see your face anymore.” Then, she threw the glass of wine on her hand on the ground, swaggering away.

Looking at her from afar, Naoko suddenly felt an unprecedented weary feeling well up.

Almost unconsciously, she took out her cell phone to call the familiar number.

But just then Matsuri and Fukuhara Matsumi came, Matsumi was the first to ask, “Naoko, are you okay, what did that guy tell you?”

“Nothing, Anze was just drunk. Let’s go back and have a sit.” Naoko smiled walking back to the hall.

“Naoko….” Matsumi wanted to ask, but was pulled by Matsuri.

“If she wants to talk she’ll talk, we don’t want to push her.” Matsuri said calmly.

Glancing at her, Matsumi nodded and also returned to the hall.

Matsumi discovered that since the talk with Anze, Naoko had become absent-minded. Several times she wanted to ask her, but was stopped by Matsuri. This made her feel very depressed.

Suddenly, one of the waiters came over and asked: “May I ask, which one of you is young lady Naoko?”

“I am, what’s the matter?” Naoko looked up and said.

Seeing the teacher’s face, the waiter couldn’t help but stay silent for a moment, after a while he responded: “Outside, there’s a gentleman named Gennai-san looking for you.”

“What?” Naoko immediately stood up.

“Naoko, what’s wrong?” Matsumi hadn’t seen her make such expression.

“He…came.” Naoko said very shyly, hurriedly running outside.

“Did her boyfriend come?” Matsumi watched her back and said.

“When did Naoko have a boyfriend?” Matsuri asked strangely.

“Let’s have a look to know.” Then, Matsumi pulled her walking towards the entrance impatiently.

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