Awakening: Chapter 115-Suit

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“Lei, how come you’re here?”

“On the phone, your voice sounds a bit different than usual, so I come to see. What happened?”

“Lei….” Looking at his caring eyes, Naoko leaned her head tightly against his arms.

Lei Yin didn’t ask anymore, but embraced her waist with his left hand, his right hand gently stroked her hair.

Feeling his gentleness, Naoko almost fainted with happiness.

“Nao….” Originally followed her out Matsumi Fukuhara, to see Naoko being hugged by a man, managed to suppress the words in her mouth with great difficulty.

Lei Yin slightly raised his head to look, and then leaned near Naoko’s ear to say: “Your schoolmates is here.”

Hear his words, Naoko quickly turned her head to look back and saw Matsumi Fukuhara and Tadashi Mari curiously looking at them. Her face immediately turned red, unconsciously loosened both of her hands on Lei Yin.

Feeling herself being a killjoy third-wheel character, Tadashi Mari smiled bitterly.

“Lei, can I introduce you to my good friends?” Naoko looked at him with a pleading eye.

“Of course you can.”

Naoko was a bit shy but very sweetly pulled his arm to walk toward Tadashi Mari and them.

“Masashi, this is Matsumi Fukuhara and Tadashi Mari, they are my college friends. Matsumi, Mari, he is the man that I just mentioned, Gennai Masashi.”

Matsumi Fukuhara and Tadashi Mari had no time to pay attention to Naoko’s shy expression, they were very surprised looking at them man before them.

With countless experience in reading people’s face, Mari Tadashi actually can’t see the man’s age.

The man wore a snug comfortable light gray suit, with round neck unlike the other’s who wore a tie. But strangely, such appearance didn’t give people a sense of incompatibility.

His facial features looked very young, although not the kind of impressively good looking man, there’s difficult to write difficult to describe peculiar manners.

This man looks like an 18-year-old boy from afar, but on closer look, he was actually like a 30-year-old mature man. A person with such a big age gap really made the two women a bit difficult to adapt.

“Hello.” Without wasting any time, he extended his right arm toward them.

‘Neither cold nor hot.’ When Mari held his hand and felt his hand’s temperature, those were the words that she thought.

“May I ask Mr. Gennai what is your line of job?” Matsumi Fukuhara was getting more curious about this man.

“Sometimes I will invest in securities as a freelancer.”

“Oh, can I ask you how long have you been with Naoko? Before this, I didn’t know Naoko has a boyfriend.” Matsumi Fukuhara continued to ask.

“It should be more than a month right?” Lei Yin turned his head to look at the beauty beside him.

“From that day plus tonight, altogether is one month and six days,” Naoko smiled sweetly.

“You remember it well.”

“Well, of course.”

Watching the two people whispering at each other, envy feeling rose up in Matsumi Fukuhara’s heart.

Relative to Matsumi’s enthusiastic manner, Mari appeared much colder.

She was more a rational than emotional woman. She always believes that mature attitude needs to correspond with a stable economic base. Without a proper job, a man who wallow in unstable stock market hype, can’t bring happiness to Naoko. Therefore, her favorable impression toward this Gennai fellow was now gone.

“Mr. Gennai, if you don’t mind please go in to sit.” Matsumi Fukuhara opened her mouth to invite.

After taking a glance at Naoko, Lei Yin said with a smile: “To trouble you then.”

To hear him willing to accompany her inside, Naoko excitedly clung tightly to his arm.

The beauty regardless where would always be the center of attention. When Naoko walked back to the hall, slowly, more and more eyes saw this never been taken by a man first-rate beauty who at the moment like an innocent girl, walking arm in arm in a very intimate manner with a man.

For a time, surprise, jealousy, envy, various kind of emotions were there.

“Naoko, can you help introduce this gentleman to us?”

Several men finally can’t restrain themselves came up and wanted to have a look.

Feeling the non-friendly atmosphere from these guys, if it were usual, Mari would cynically open her mouth to drove them away. But now she has no favorable impression toward this Gennai guy. Therefore, she just sat quietly not ready to say anything.

After a round of introduction, a man asked: “May I ask Mr. Gennai engage in what kind of work?”

Lei Yi told him the same answer he just said to Matsumi Fukuhara.

Hearing his answer, another man said: “As far as I know, in recent years, the Japanese stock market fluctuation is significant. Many small investors have been implicated. Don’t know whether Mr. Gennai also has the same troubles?” He emphasized the “small investors” on his sentences. Other people listened took the hint to smile.

“Impact? Doesn’t seem large, barely passable.

Naoko, help me get a glass of wine, okay? I am a little thirsty.” Halfway through, he suddenly turned around to Naoko and said.

“Um, you wait for me.” Naoko very gently nodded, and then stood up to walk toward the food table.

That several men saw the completely submissive appearance of Naoko, can’t help but burst with envy. They never saw the school flower to treat a man like this.

When a man wanted to open the mouth to make things difficult for him, suddenly, from the side came a rich magnetic male voice, “Excuse me, are you Mr. Gennai Masashi?”

Those men looked back and saw the man turned out to be Tsuhara Anze’s boyfriend, the heir to the Maeyama trading company Gentaro.

Although the several people on the scene were fairly successful, at most just a mix of supervisor or manager level. But in the business world, networking is always the most important. For the heir of Maeyama trading company, they were absolutely afraid to offend. Therefore, these people quickly made a very wide path for Maeyama Gentaro to walk in.

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Gennai Masashi?” Arrived before Lei Yin, Maeyama Gentaro asked again.

“I am Gennai Masashi, do you have something for me?” Lei Yin did not have any impression of the young man in front of him.

To everyone’s surprise, Maeyama Gentaro, all of sudden, very respectfully bowed to him and said: “I am Maeyama Gentaro from Maeyama Trading Company. I am very honored to have the opportunity to see Mr. Gennai. Chairman Sakurai once explained to us, when we see Mr. Gennai, must not be disrespectful.”

Although his words were looming, Lei Yin’s mind naturally conjured up a beautiful figure. It seems this Maeyama Trading Company is a Tokyo base Japanese Corporation purchased by Black Dragon.

“You are too kind, if you can, please give my regards to Miss Sakurai.”

Maeyama Gentaro bowed, and then said: “I will certainly convey Mr. Gennai’s message.”

“We are all guests here, do not need to be so overly courteous. Please feel free to have a great time.

“Many thanks for Mr. Gennai’s care. If there’s anything, please feel free to tell me.”

“Good.” Lei Yin nodded his head.

Maeyama Gentaro after giving him another salutation returned to his original position.

After he left, everyone watched in amazement at this leisurely sitting on the sofa “Mr. Gennai.”

“Excuse me, but you just seem to have something to say to me, could you repeat that again?” Lei Yin asked the man who previously was about to speak.

“Em, really unexpected that Mr. Gennai actually knew the young master of Maeyama Trading Company. If there’s anything rude just now, please do not mind it Mr. Gennai.” The man hastened to say with a smiling face.

“You’re too polite.” Lei Yin dismissively said.

“I, I have some things to do, Mr. Gennai, if you’ll excuse me.” That guy who just published the “small investor theory” very embarrassingly said a sentence, then hurried away.

Mari sneered watching these men constantly making excuses to leave. She had just seen such a scenario, the last time was created by herself, but this time because of this strange man.

“Masashi, what happened to them?” Coming back with a glass of wine Naoko strangely looked at those men with hurried footsteps.

“I don’t know, they just said they have to do something, so went away.” Lei Yin nonchalantly said.

“This is your red wine, and some dishes.” Naoko didn’t ask anymore, returned to sit by his side while putting the wine and the dish on the table.

“Thanks.” He picked up the glass of wine and drank.

“Why are you polite to me.” Naoko gently said with a red face.

The nearby Matsumi Fukuhara and Mari can’t help but look at each other’s eyes for a moment.

“Gentaro, who is that guy?” After the boyfriend came back, Tsuhara Anze asked with an odd expression.

“Anze, do not talk nonsense, that gentleman is a person who absolutely can’t be offended. I don’t care what grudges you have with your classmates, but I want to remind you, it is best not to do things that embarrassed me, or else….” Until here, Maeyama Gentaro didn’t continue his talk, just raised his glass and took a sip.

“You….” Tsuhara Anze’s face turned pale, coldly snorted and went to the bathroom.

‘Why is it always like this, it seems that all good things will go to that woman.’ When passing near them, she gave Lei Yin and Naoko a vicious glance.

At Nine PM, the dinning was over. At this time, several people began to retreat. Naoko couple and her two friends are one of them.

“Then we go first, you guys must drive carefully.” Inside the car, Naoko opened the window to say to her friends.

“Unfortunately, I work in Yokohama. Otherwise, we’ll be able to see each other more often.” Matsumi Fukuhara a little sadly said.

“It doesn’t matter, later on, we can just call each other more often.” Naoko comforted her.

“I know, you guys quickly go.”

“Em, see you next time, Matsumi. Mari, too.”

The nearby Mari also waved goodbye.

Looking at their similar goodbye gesture, Lei Yin started the car and slowly drove.

Watching the car went farther and farther away, Matsumi Fukuhara said: “It seems that Naoko has found a good man.”

“I hope so.” After finishing this words, Mari didn’t make a sound.


“Tonight I don’t look like a kid, hoping not to embarrass you.” Driving the car, Lei Yin suddenly said.

Naoko knew he usually doesn’t like to wear a suit, tonight he deliberately wore it, entirely for herself.

“Lei, thank you,” Naoko said softly.

“Why are you polite to me.” Lei Yin smiled, returned her original words.

Naoko watched him as he drove the car.

Since together with him, every day is a very happy and fulfilling day. But these happy days would last how long?

The day after tomorrow is back to the hospital for a checkup, at that time what would be the result? She has no certainty about the outcome. Thinking about these, she became very depressed.

“What’s wrong?” Like having a six sense, the youth suddenly turned to glance at her.

“It’s nothing. Perhaps a bit tired.” Naoko said with a smile.

“After going back, you need to rest early. If there’s something, remember to give me a call.”

“I know.”

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