Awakening: Chapter 116-Scene

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Watching Rumi on the playground doing the baseball’s pitching practice, Lei Yin asked: “Does that kid everyday practice until late hours?”

“Yes, because of the forthcoming local area trial, only the winning team can enter the Koshien to participate in the competition. So, recently in this period of time every day have to practice.” Kazumi replied.

“Then what about her schoolwork?”

“Schoolwork is fine, she’s always been a good student, everyday carefully listen to the lecture and take notes. Should not be a problem. What I’m most worried about is her body, I’m afraid she will one day fall from burnout. I’ve tried to talk to her not to go, but she didn’t listen. You know that Rumi is sometimes very stubborn.” Kazumi said with a sigh.

Lei Yin didn’t say anything but silently watched the engrossed in practice Rumi.

After a long pause, he suddenly said: “It looks like they finished practice.”

Kazumi looked up and really saw the team began to disperse. But the bearded coach was still talking to Rumi, momentarily can’t return.

“Hey, Senpai also came.” After a while, the bearded man finally let go of people. Rumi went to the edge of the playground and found Masashi was actually there, suddenly very happy.

Because usually Lei Yin frequently skips classes in the afternoon to accompany Naoko, he seldom able to accompany them together. Rare to see him herself, therefore, Rumi was pleasantly surprised.

“Look at you, sweating profusely, wipe it first.” Kazumi handed her a handkerchief.

“Thank you, Kazumi.” The kendo girl expressed her gratitude as he received the handkerchief.

“Let’s go home, today officer Maeda will come to our home for dinner, and mom should almost ready the meals. Taking benefit from association with that guy, we are in for a treat tonight.” Kazumi said with a smile.

Rumi also smiled listen to this.

Looking at her somewhat weary smile, Lei Yin couldn’t help but filled with a sense of guilt. He had cared too little for this girl.

Thinking of this, Lei Yin took the heavy book bag from her hand to hold it in his own hand.

“Senpai, I can do it myself.” Rumi quickly said.

Let’s go.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

To see the outpouring of pity look from his eyes, the kendo girl’s heartbeat suddenly quickened, feeling a rush of hot in her face.

Lei Yin was thinking of something so didn’t notice her abnormality.

The two people walked quietly. To see this good atmosphere, Kazumi tactfully didn’t make a noise.

After a while, Lei Yin suddenly said: “Rumi.”

“Yes, senpai.” The kendo girl answered with a bit of fluster.

“Originally I do not intend to interfere your school life, but promise me one thing, okay? Starting tomorrow, I want you to stop attending the baseball practice. As for the Baseball club, I’ll go tell them for you.”

Hearing his words, Rumi suddenly stopped.

Lei Yin stopped and turned to look at her.

“I’m sorry, senpai, this thing I can’t promise you.” After a brief silence, Rumi bit her lip and said.

“Tell me your reasons.” Lei Yin continued to look at her.

“After a period of time, there will be a local area trial. Although we all know that our chance to win is small, we don’t want to give up this opportunity. Now all the members of the baseball club are diligently practicing, how can I quit at this time?” Rumi said with tears streaming from her eyes.

“Very well, I withdraw my previous sentence.” Lei Yin a bit reluctantly said, already guessed correctly that she would not agree.

This sentence completely took the two girls by surprise, never thought he would be so easy to compromise.

When Rumi haven’t had the time to smile through her tears, he said another sentence: “In exchange, while you participate in the training before this trial, you can’t go to the Kendo club to practice.”

“But….” Rumi hastily said.

Before she finished, Lei Yin interrupted her words, “No buts, these two clubs; you can only choose one. If you continue like this, before the trial arrives, you will fall sick. I will talk with Omura-sensei about this, in any case, not going to Kendo club is only temporary. This will not affect you. Unless you think practicing with me at home has zero effect.”

“Of course not. But I feel that this is not a very good idea. Because before I go to the baseball club, I had a good talk with Omura-sensei; after I finish the practice in the Kendo Club then I go to the Baseball club.” Rumi awkwardly said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you deal with this thing. I don’t know how to say you are good, practicing itself is a good thing, but if because of excessive exercise you fell ill or injured, then it loses its original meaning. This matter is settled, these few days, I and Kazumi will pick you up after school.” Brimming with pampering, Lei Yin indulged her with pinching her face.

“Senpai….” Confused whether she should be happy or feel wronged, Rumi suddenly fell into his arms crying out loud.

Changchuan, don’t worry, I won’t let your granddaughter suffer any injury. Lei Yin secretly thought as he stroked her hair.

Watching the two of them hugging on the road, Kazumi’s lips curled into a warm smile.

Remembering the morning talk negotiation with Omura-sensei, Lei Yin felt depressed.

Never thought that this dead fat man really has potential as a profiteer. Although he agreed to temporarily allow Rumi not to practice, the condition was that he wanted Lei Yin to join the Kendo club.

Lei Yin, of course, did not agree. After another round of negotiation, he had to accept Omura-sensei’s final request, to take two or three days per week to instruct the Kendo club members.

He’s fine with teaching a person, especially teaching a talented student like Rumi; A little sense of accomplishment was there. But immediately wanting him to instruct those many people, Lei Yin felt he would suffer a headache. But there was no other way, who told him to ask a favor from other people, forcing him to compromise.

Different from Lei Yin’s depressed mood, Naoko seemed to be in a good mood. She was humming a song while focusing on brewing the coffee. The corner of her mouth also occasionally exposed faint smile.

Seeing her happy look, Lei Yin couldn’t help but smile.

Getting up from the couch, he tiptoed over to her.

“What happened, why are you so happy today?” Suddenly hugged her waist from behind, Lei Yin whispered near her ear.

Feeling the heat from his mouth sprayed over her sensitive ear, Naoko’s body suddenly turned soft and felt weak.

To see her ear and neck skin became pink, Lei Yin knew she was moved. With a sudden mischievous impulse, he bowed his head to latch on her small left earlobe, and finally with his teeth nibbled a few times.

“Ah….” If he was not holding her, Naoko really going to fall.

A natural born sensitive like her, if the teasing continued, it may be out of control like the last time. Therefore, Lei Yin didn’t continue but put her up holding her in the middle.

Holding her soft body, the youth asked again: “Tell me exactly what happened.”

Lifted up her blushing face, Naoko gave him a shy glance and then said: “This morning I went to a doctor at the hospital for a check up. The doctor told me that my condition has stabilized, and the recovery is getting better and better, even she also felt very surprised. Maybe I don’t have to leave you so soon.” Having said that, she couldn’t resist but burst into tears.

Lei Yin suddenly excited and put her tightly into his arms.

When she sobbed in silence, Lei Yin loosened his true qi into her body to observe and found her qi flow in arteries and veins was quite smooth. It seemed doing so was really helpful to her.

Usually, when there are only two of them, whether it was watching TV or chatting, Lei Yin would always hold her in his arms. Naoko didn’t know, he did so, besides liking her smell, the more important reason was that he needed to be in body contact with her to deliver his true qi into his body to slowly adjust her body’s meridians.

The biggest difference between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine is that Western medicine analyzes from the microscopic point of view, study pathology, and also to treat the living organism as a biological object.

While TCM is different. The reason it is called extensive and profound, because it is more focused on the macro perspective, according to the theories of Yin and Yang, Ruler and Ministers, and other theories to analyze the problem. Often the same illness, different TCM will have different opinions and approaches.

Lei Yin knew for such congenital heart disease, the Western Medicine is no help, and can only prolong the patient’s life through some drugs. Although he had also studied the Western Medicine, he didn’t consider himself better than the heart expert who treat and diagnose Naoko’s heart disease. Therefore, Lei Yin cast away the traditional healing method and started from TCM. Every day with his own true qi to unblock her meridians.

Although he had previously tried to use this method to save lives, never treated congenital heart disease. Therefore, his assurance was not very big. However, through the result of this check up, it appeared that the result was pretty good.

Because each time Lei Yin delivered his true qi in steady micro-flow, so Naoko, besides to occasionally feel like being flowed with warm water through her body from the outside, she basically did not aware.

After a long time, Naoko slowly stopped the tears.

“Lei.” She suddenly let out a soft cry.

“What’s the matter?”

“I asked the doctor, she said, as long as this continues, after a period of time, even….even doing that, there will be no problem.” If her mouth didn’t attach to his ear, Lei Yin might not be able to clearly hear her last few words.

“What kind of thing?” Lei Yin let go of and smiled at her.

Naoko blushed as red as blood, didn’t dare to raise her head to look at him.

Lei Yin loved her shy look, lifted her chin with his hand, and then kissed her red lips.

Slowly, Naoko began to respond gently.

“Today the weather is good, and it is such a good news. Let’s take a walk and buy something to celebrate.

“But what about the coffee, it’s almost cooked.”

“We’ll drink it when we get back.”


“Wait a minute.” When the two of them passed a clothing store, Lei Yin looked at a white dress inside a glass cabinet, and suddenly said.

“What’s wrong?” Naoko stopped, a bit puzzled.

Lei Yin didn’t make a sound, merely tried to compare the dress in front of him with her stature. After a while, he said: “Should you wear that dress it would certainly look great. Can you try it for me?”

“Okay.” Naoko blushed and nodded.

“Welcome, please feel free to look.” The two people went in, two young girls wearing short skirts uniform immediately came over and greeted very politely.

“Please help this young lady try that dress on the glass cabinet.” Lei Yin said.

“Yes, please come with me, Miss.” One of the girls led Naoko to the dressing room.

Naoko looked at Lei Yin’s eyes and followed her.

“Lei, I think part of the skirt seems a bit short.” After coming out from the clothing store, Naoko somewhat embarrassedly said.

“It is a bit short; I don’t think your legs to be even more slender than I imagined.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

“Hate, so disgusting.” Naoko smilingly swore and gently hit him.

Suddenly found the corner of his lips curled into a never seen strange smile, Naoko asked: “Lei, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, let’s go back.”

“Em.” Naoko very happily put her hand on his arm.

When the two of them passed through a Community Park, suddenly came from the front four easily recognizable young punks. Among them, there are two men with hair dyed with strange colors. The other wore a lip ring and another with a tiger tattoo on his arm. These four images are definitely the classic Japanese bad youth.

Saw those people came, Naoko was very afraid. Even her hands on Lei Yin’s arm can’t help but tremble.

“Don’t be afraid, I am here.” Lei Yin said softly in her ear.

The four people walked to the front of them, the youth with a lip ring smiled ingratiatingly and said: “Miss….”

“Stop the bullshit, if you want to fight hurry up. You’ve been following us for a long time. Also, your mouth really stink.” Lei Yin interrupted the youth’s words.

The few people looked at each other in surprise.

“If you don’t want to start, then we’ll leave.” Lei Yin said while patting Naoko’s hand, then pulled her behind him.

“Since you want to die, we’re not going to be polite anymore.” The youth with Tiger tattoo in the arm mercilessly stared at him, then came to him first.

“Ah!” Before the other three even reacted, that guy inexplicably screamed, and then clutching his lower body part kneeling on the ground.

“I’m sorry, initially wanted to kick you in the stomach, who told you to grow so tall.” With that, Lei Yin put his foot on that guy’s forehead and pushed him down, the whole person lying face up on the ground.

“Hey, you guys, aren’t you going to come?” Lei Yin raised his head and looked at the remaining three people.

“Go to hell.” The three people looked at each other for a moment and then rushed over to him.

Until this time, Naoko finally knew how Lei Yin rescued her from several students’ evil intention two years ago.

The three people were knocked down to the ground by the youth like he was just joking with them. As if those three people were dummies.

Looking at the four people lying on the ground screaming pitifully, Naoko until now still has an unbelievable feeling.

“Garbage.” From start to finish, he just used his feet, because he didn’t want to dirty his hands.

“Naoko, let’s go.” He turned back to his previous position and calmly pulled the still staring beauty to leave.

Not long after they left, a man holding a black packaged document angrily walked over.

“How could this happen? You guys can’t even beat a high school student?” The man loudly shouted.

“You….Why didn’t you tell us the guy so powerful?” The guy who was kicked in the nuts said with a pale face.

“How should I know? I really don’t know how you do things.” That man sneered.

“Do not think that being rich is great, d*mn, quickly give us the rest of the money.” The young man wearing lip ring grabbed him by the collar and said.

“Such a simple thing you can’t even do, but still want money, go to hell.” The man kicked him in the stomach, kicked out his whole person. He then left without even looking at them.

Because the four people were injured, nobody has the strength to go after him.

“Why would he do that?” Not far away, in a secluded corner, Naoko puzzledly asked.

“Fool, still don’t understand? This is the hero save the beauty scenario. Although corny, it’s very effective. If I didn’t have long known he was following us from the beginning, we might fail to see such a wonderful play. You can imagine, if they weren’t beaten by me, but I was killed by them, and then when you were in your most dangerous moment, a handsome man suddenly appeared and heroically defeat the four punks; it really is an exciting scene.” Lei Yin sneered.

“I really can’t think that Hinatsu Junichiro turned out to be that kind of person,” Naoko said with a bit of surprise.

“In short, you must be careful with this person, you know?”

“I know. In the future, I will no longer take his call.”

“That’s not necessary, as long as you don’t meet with him alone. That fellow is a wolf.”


“Let’s go back.”

With that, Lei Yin took her to leave the place.

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