Awakening: Chapter 117-Exam

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“Masashi, this is your tea.” Ma Fang placed a cup of tea in front of him.

“Thank You.”

Looking at the club member diligently training in the Kendo Hall, Ma Fang very sincerely said: “Since more than a month ago you came to help us guide the Kendo Club, our members’ level improved very quickly. I, on behalf of all the Kendo Club members, thank you.

“You’re too kind, in fact, I didn’t teach them anything, just correcting some of their errors. If they are not willing to accept it with an open mind, then I have no alternative.” Lei Yin said and drank the tea.

“Masashi, with your strength, even if you participate in the National Competition, you also can achieve a very good result. You don’t really think about actually joining the Kendo Club?” The Kendo Club manager asked.

“Did Omura-sensei told you to advise me?” Lei Yin looked at her with a smile.

“Omura-sensei did say so, but this is also my own wish. I really hope that you can join.” Ma Fang looked at him and said.

Seeing her sincere eyes which can make most of the guys excited, Lei Yin cursed in his heart, ‘Omura that pig, actually employs this vulgar honey trap method.’

“I’m sorry, I’m usually very busy, so do not have much time to participate in the Club. Rumi, let’s train.” Lei Yin stood and loudly said to Rumi on the field.

“Yes, senpai.” Rumi immediately replied.

Rare to see Lei Yin to find someone to practice on his own initiative, everyone immediately stopped and cleared the hall, and then stood by fully absorbed in watching the two people sparring.

‘It seems he has seen through it,’ Ma Fang revealed a relieved smile. She had told Omura-sensei that this trick is useless against that guy. If this matter were to be known by her boyfriend, they would surely quarrel.

But speaking of which, the guy is truly a freak, he seemed to really dislike being famous. What a waste of a good Kendoist strength.

Wanting to return back to think, she still stood up with the other club members, watching the two people in the field.

“Finally return to calm again.” After coming out from the Kendo club, Rumi deliberately stretched out and said.

“What’s up, kid, still unhappy about the trial?” Glancing at her, Lei Yin asked.

“No way, although lost, we have tried our best. So we have no regret.” Though she said that, her eye socket unconsciously reddened.

Lei Yin just casually mentioned it but didn’t think it could affect her so much.

After a silent moment, he looked at her and said: “If you want to cry, then cry.”

Seeing his warm eyes, Rumi could no longer hold herself, rushed over to him and then burst into cry.

“Senpai, you are so bad, I’ve tried not to think about it anymore, but you still mentioned it. I can’t accept it, I really can’t accept it, the difference is only two points. We have gone all out, but in the end, we lost. If that person was with us, we can definitely win. Those who have to cope with the University entrance exam, the third-grade club members, for this trial, also try to take the time to practice. We have really tried very hard. It’s true, senpai.” The Kendo girl cried.

Lei Yin was silent, waiting for her to finish venting out, and then said: “Although these words are a little old fashioned, since you have tried, then there’s nothing to regret. Sometimes, not only those who won the competition deserve to be happy.”

The girl lifted her full of tears face, stared at him, and after a while, leaned back in his arms again.


“What’s the matter?”

“Can you promise me a wayward request?”

“Just say it.” For the gentle and cute personality like her, Masashi was very curious about this wayward request.

“Carry me back, OK?”

“Do you feel uncomfortable?” Lei Yin looked at her strangely.

“No, I just want senpai to carry me home. Just like….last time in the Kendo Hall when I was injured in the match. Is that ok, senpai?” The Kendo girl blushed and said.

Looking at her still stained with tears little face, Lei Yin smiled and nodded.

The Kendo girl suddenly smiled. Like raindrops on a pear blossom (i.e., tear-stained face of a beauty), her delicate face was especially touching.

“Senpai.” After leaning over the youth’s back, the girl whispered.

“What’s up?”

“Fortunately, I have senpai on my side.” After a while, she suddenly said something softly.

“Kazumi is already preparing the meal waiting for you to come back. Later on, if you have some unhappy things, remember to speak out.”

“I know.”

Leaning her head on his shoulder, watching him though not handsome but has a soft side, Rumi exposed a very satisfied smile.


“Senpai, you are so powerful.” On the rooftop, Rumi incessantly yelled.

“What powerful, I lost. If you want anything, just say it.” Lei Yin wryly smiled.

“How could it be, you suddenly rise to the top 20. There has to be a mistake, usually never see you read any book, and almost everyday skipped classes, how could your exam results are better than mine, this is really too much.” The Kendo girl pouted her mouth and said.

“This is the strength, but no matter what, our bet is if I can’t get to the top ten then I lose. So, big brother Rumi, I am your little brother. If you need something, please feel free to tell this little brother.” Lei Yin pretended to be serious and shook her hand.

“Hate, senior, the other are telling you the truth.” Rumi charmingly said but didn’t draw her hand back.

“Hey, you two stop playing around, quickly eat your meal.” The nearby Kazumi said.

Lei Yin and the Kendo girl smiled, and then obediently started to eat.

Watching her elder brother eating in earnest, Kazumi could not help but think of today’s exam publication results.

He did succeed in his exam, although not on the top ten high scorers, all of a sudden, he jumped to the top twenty, making a lot of people raised their eyebrows.

She had read his exam papers, most of them have very high scores, including, math, physics, and other science subjects all have perfect scores. But it’s weird, she can’t find his history paper. When she asked him, he just said it’s lost.

She calculated that, in addition to history, her brother’s total exam score on all the subjects is only less 30 than the maximum score. Which is to say, his history score barely passed the threshold. Why was this the only subject with a bad score?

In fact, Lei Yin himself was very depressed. His thousand of years of cumulative knowledge made this high school test a play thing, which was why he confidently made a bet with Rumi.

But as fate would have it, although most of those subjects were okay, that history exam made him unable to write down the answer.

Some questions made him very angry, particularly one question that asked: Japan and Chinese 100-years war, 19th century Qing War (In China it’s called “the Sino-Japanese war of 1894-1895”), and 20th-century Sino-Japanese war. In the 21st century, if Japan opened fire with China, when do you think it would happen? What would be the indirect and direct cause? If Japan won, where would it be, if lost, what would be the condition for it to happen? Try to analyze.

His grandma, what is this nonsense topic.

Lei Yin didn’t bother to write lengthy refute, but with his talent in drawing that he acquired among his countless rebirths, in that exam paper, he drew a big and exquisite life-like student who gave the middle finger.

In Japan’s high school exams, as long as you have, at least, 30 points on every subject, you will pass the exam. But there are more than a dozen subjects, as long as one subject is failed, you will have to repeat the exam. Lei Yin is not an idiot who completely disregard the consequences, so, after finishing all the exams, he immediately wrote a heart-warming, absolutely can “moved” the principal into shedding cold sweat greeting letter, and put it on the Principal’s desk.

Soon, the letter really “moved” the Principal. He ignored the strong opposition from the History teacher and very strongly allowed this centuries-old “good student” Masashi to PASS the History exam.

Having this PASS result, Lei Yin although very unhappy, didn’t bother to pursue the matter further. In any case, with Rumi’s simple character, she would not really push him around as little brother.

“Kazumi, we have finished the exam. In a few days, we’ll be on summer vacation, what are you planning to do this summer?” Halfway through eating, Rumi asked.

“I’m going to use the summer vacation time to go to a cram school,” Kazumi answered.

“What, you are the first rank in the whole school, why would you need a cram school?”

“Public High School enrollment rate is very low; the exam questions are too simple. The test here is nothing. If you don’t prepare now, then in the future University entrance exam it will be very difficult to get admitted to a Top University.” Kazumi slowly said.

“Kazumi, you’re so fierce, turns out you have long planned for this.” Rumi stretched out her tongue.

“Fool, many people have the same idea as me,” Kazumi said with a smile.

“Very well, from now on, I also want to strive, I must attend the same University as Kazumi and senpai.” The Kendo girl appeared to be in a great fighting spirit.

Seeing her with a-small-universe-exploding like face, Lei Yin couldn’t help but smile; this little girl is as simple as ever.

Summer vacation? If everything is all right, he wanted to go to Switzerland to find Amy. This was the plan that he promised the little rascal before he left. Therefore, in Switzerland, he will deliberately buy a house with a car.

Of course, Naoko would also go with him. Otherwise, he would not feel at ease if he leaves her here. He also can bring the little rascal for a summer vacation in Japan. In any case, she should not come over here, but as a tourist it’s fine.

Rumi should fond of this little rascal, with the language barrier, interesting scenes would happen when they meet and talk to each other in different language. Thinking of this, Lei Yin smiled.


“So tired, finally finished the exam.” After entering the room, Aiko tossed down her bag, totally ignoring the beautiful figure of Shimamura Asami, lying on the bed.

“Me too, as if just finished fighting.” Kogure Ryoko feebly said.

“How was your test?” Shimamura Asami sat down on the chair and asked.

“Don’t mention it, the Math and English subjects are very dangerous, I hope that spinster shows mercy, do not buckle too hard,” Kogure said with a headache.

“Little Ai, your performance has always been good, the test result should be good, right?” Shimamura asked the nearby Ai.

“Should be acceptable. I’m not sure.” Ai didn’t say with certainty.

“Please guys, stop talking about exams. Now as soon as I heard the word exam, I have a headache. How about we think about our summer vacation.” Lying on the bed Aiko turned her head and said.

“What else can we do? I can’t think of any good places to go. Why don’t we go to other places to travel? Isn’t a few people organize a self-tour very popular right now?” Kogure Ryoko suddenly said with great spirit.

“Don’t even think about that, with only a few of us girls, when being eaten outside nobody would know. Besides, mom and dad would not agree. Come on, think of something constructive, okay?” Shimamura Asami immediately poured cold water on her.

“If you have any good ideas, do tell.” Kogure refuse to buckle and said.

“I temporarily can’t think of something, in any case, the summer hasn’t started. We have plenty of times to think, no need to be anxious.” Shimamura said with a smile.

“Go.” Kogure said with disdain.

“Everybody, this summer I’m ready to do something very important to me.” The previously silent Aiko suddenly made a cryptic sentence.

“What things?” Piqued by the sentence, Kogure asked.

The other two girls also looked at her.

“I want to confess to that guy.” Although flushed, she is still very firmly said.

“Good, Aiko, I support you.” Kogure immediately created disturbance and said.

“Are you sure about this?” After a while, Shimamura Asami asked.

“Yes. I don’t want to wait any longer. I must make a clear confession to that dull guy, I want him to be my boyfriend.” When the young girl spoke, her eyes seemed to exude some brilliant light.

Infected by her expression, Shimamura went to her side to sit down, and then looked at her and said: “I will also support you.”

“Thank you.” Tightly holding her hand, the girl’s eyes flashed with faint tears.

Ai stared at the seemingly a bit excited girl and suddenly felt a kind of empty feeling.

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