Awakening: Chapter 118-Guest

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“My God, you can actually pass the exam with this drawing?” Naoko incredulously looked at that glaringly arrogant sketch.

“This exam paper I managed to get it back with great difficulty. I rarely draw a picture, do not want to leave it to those guys. This is the legendary masterpiece of drawing, you need to treasure it well.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

Imagining the expression of the History teacher when he saw this piece of paper, Naoko could not help but laugh.

Her laugh finished, Lei Yin picked up her hands and put it on his face, feeling the warm skin on her hands, and said: “A few days after this, summer vacation will begin, do you have nothing to do?”

“There’s nothing special about it. What’s the matter?” Naoko lovingly looked at him.

“In that case, this summer vacation I want to take you to Switzerland for a period of time. What do you think?”

“Switzerland?” Naoko was a bit surprised to say.

“Yes, I want to see that rascal Amy, but don’t feel at ease to leave you here alone. So I want you to come together with me. As for how long, it will depend on the situation. I also planned to bring that rascal to Japan this summer, just consider this as her vacation.”

“Lei….” Naoko breathed and looked at him, suddenly shed some tears.

“Hey, why are you crying. If you don’t want to go, let’s just cancel it.” Lei Yin said, wiping her tears.

Shaking her head, Naoko said: “It’s not this, Lei, I, I am truly happy.” With that, she put her head on his chest and gently wept.

Naoko was really touched, the more she got along with him, the more she discovered that he is actually very gentle and considerate. He rarely spoke the words love or like, but he actually silently concerned about her. He will often keep an eye on the change of her body temperature, and emotional ups and down. When she feels cold or depressed, he will always be the first to know. He never forced her to do anything, except for that time when he told her not to rest beyond ten o’clock. She knew there were times he very much wanted her, but for her body’s sake, he abruptly bore it down.

The quiet care seemed to be just his instinct, he himself didn’t realize, but such casual gentleness was particularly impressive.

Naoko knew very clearly that if she loses this man, her life would have no meaning at all.

Looking at the unable to quell the tears beauty in his arms for a long time, Lei Yin just felt confused. He still did not understand why she would cry like that. Alas, is there any man who dare to say he completely understand a woman?


“Kid, why are you here?” To see Aiko and Asami standing in front of the school, Lei Yin was a bit surprised.

“I….oh, have you taken the test?” Seeing Kazumi and Rumi standing next to him, Aiko suddenly changed her words to a question.

“The test is over, did you come here just to ask this question?”

“I, I want to know what you are planning to do this summer?” Under so many people watchful eyes, Aiko could not open her mouth to say that matter.

“Haven’t decided yet. Since you’ve come, how about this, let’s go to our house for a meal, what do you think? Asami, you can also come. You guys have never been to my house.” Lei Yin said.

“Won’t it be troublesome?” Aiko a bit hesitantly said.

Lei Yin shrugged his shoulder: “Just a meal, nothing troublesome.”

Aiko inquired with her eyes toward Asami, listened to what Lei Yin said, she really wanted to go, because this would give her the opportunity to tell him.

Glancing at her, Asami nodded with a smile.

Aiko immediately chirped: “Then trouble you.”

This was the first time Aiko and Asami came to Masashi’s house. After looking around for a bit, they found the house though not luxurious, very clean and comfortable.

“Gennai, you grew up here, right?” Aiko looked at the house in a very novel vision.

“No, we moved here not long ago. Kazumi was cooking the meal, soon will finish, and then you can eat. First, drink a glass of water.” Lei Yin placed two cups of tea in front of them.

“Thank you. Then what about your mom?” Aiko asked.

“Because mom comes back later than us, so usually Kazumi is responsible for the meal, mom comes home when it’s almost dinner. In general only on Saturday and Sunday when she doesn’t go to work, can help us to cook. After a while, she will be back.” Lei Yin explained.

Hearing his mother will be back soon, Aiko suddenly felt ill at ease.

“We have to go to the bathroom.” With that, she hastily pulled Asami to the bathroom.

“Asami, you help me look, if there’s any mess in my clothes or hair behind me.” In the bathroom, the girl said to her friend.

“Rest assured, our Aiko is the most beautiful and lovely. Absolutely one hundred points.” Asami said with a smile.

“Asami, my heart is beating so fast. If his mom doesn’t like me, what to do?”

Watching the heart in flutter girl, Asami can’t help but feel a bit funny. To see her so nervous look, Asami didn’t know whether her friend was under the impression that she was about to meet the parents to discuss the marriage conditions.

With a bit pity, she took her hand and said: “Relax, just act normal. No one would refuse the beautiful and lovable Aiko.”

“If….if she refuses, what do I do?” At this point, the girl’s eyes began to suffuse with the hint of tears.

“It does not matter, as long as you said it well. No matter what happens, I will be at your side to support you.” Asami held her hand and said.

“Thank you, Asami, if you are not with me, I really don’t know what to do.”

“No, wash your face first, and then we get out together,” Asami said.

“I know.”

After the meal, Kazumi and Rumi went to the kitchen to wash the dishes, leaving Rumiko responsible for cutting the fruit from the refrigerator, while Lei Yin stayed in the hall with the two girls to chat and to watch TV.

“Hey, kid, why tonight you rarely said any word, it’s not like the usual you. My mom didn’t look so terrible, right?” Lei Yin said with a smile.

“How could she? It’s just….” Aiko retorted.

“Just what?”

“It’s nothing.” She said bitterly.

“Masashi, come help me bring the fruit.” From the kitchen on the other side came Rumiko’s voice.

“I would also like to help.” Aiko was the first one to stand up.

“No need, this is the first time you come here as a guest, wait until you come several times and say again.” With that, Lei Yin walked over to that side.

‘His meaning seems to be wanting to invite me here many times in the future.’ Watching his back, Aiko happily thought.

Secretly looking at sitting in the hall Aiko, Rumiko smilingly said: “Come on be honest, how did you meet such a beautiful girl?”

“Mom, don’t think too much, we’re just ordinary friends.” Lei Yin weakly said.

“Really just ordinary friend? But I think that really likes you. Both girls are good, it’s really hard to choose. However, I like Rumi, that’s my opinion for your reference.” Rumiko said with a sly smile.

“I will not interfere with your old lady’s daydream, I go out first.” With that, he took a tray full of fruit and walked out.

After Lei Yin came back, in the living room there were only Aiko, Asami, and Lei Yin, three people. Aiko took a deep breath and then leaned over near Lei Yin’s ear and whispered: “Gennai, I, I want to tell you something in private.”

Seeing her a bit anxious eyes and distended red face, Lei Yin nodded.

After she came to his room, he said: “You wait here for a moment, I’ll let mom know, then picked up the fruit and tea.”

“Em, I’ll wait for you.” Finally only the two of them, Aiko slowly relaxed.

After he had gone out, Aiko surveyed the room curiously.

The room furnishing is very simple, only a bed, a wardrobe, and a large bookcase with a desk.

On the wall, unlike the other normal youth, there were no wallpapers of beautiful women or artists. On the East wall, hung a very sloppy calligraphy writing. After looking for a long time, Aiko couldn’t understand what was written on it.

The most striking feature in this room is the many books that were placed in everywhere.

That bookcase is, needless to say, has no other spot to add another book. Under the bed, and on the bed all stacked with thick stack of books

Aiko thumbed through some of them but found they were all in Chinese or English. Occasionally found a few Japanese, but it was the likes of “Introduction To Deep Consciousness,” “Japan Macroeconomic Analysis” kind of book.

Perhaps the books are someone else’s. Aiko can’t imagine someone could have the energy to read so many books here.

Suddenly she remembered a few girls in the class said that in the room of all the boys, there would be, more or less, some movies or magazines. Thinking about this, Aiko suddenly has a mischievous thought to investigate. She would like to see if this guy is the same as the other boys.

Listened to the outside sound, it seemed that he wouldn’t come so soon. Aiko repressed her laugh, walked to the desk in front of her, and pulled open the top drawer.

The drawer was unlocked, so easily opened. After pulling open the drawer, Aiko found nothing, not to mention magazine. But in the drawer, there’s something that deeply attracted her attention.

She carefully picked up to take a look and all of a sudden, her whole body froze.

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