Awakening: Chapter 119-Indulgence

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“Sorry, kid, making you wait for a long time.” Lei Yin with left hand holding the tray filled with fruit and a tea cup opened the door with his right hand.

After closing the door shut, he put down the tray and said: “Now there are no other people, say what you want to say.”

Like a robot, Aiko stiffly turned around, and then with an incomparably dry voice asked: “Where does this scarf come from?”

“Hey, kid, what’s going on with you?” Found her voice was different, Lei Yin approached her to ask.

“I ask you, where did you get this scarf?” Aiko suddenly threw the scarf in her hand on him.

Holding the scarf in his hand, the youth gently caressed.

Naoko weaved this scarf for him, strictly speaking, this was a flop. Because she thought she weaved badly, after she finished this scarf she cast it aside, not really for him. He later saw it and conveniently took it as a memento. She said when she weaved one satisfactorily then she will give it to him as a gift.

“It seems you already know. Yes, this is your sister’s hand-woven scarf. It’s not our intention to conceal it from you, but she wanted to find an opportunity to personally tell you.” Lei Yin slowly said.

“Turns out, my sister’s boyfriend is you.”

Suddenly, Lei Yin saw two teardrops dropped from her eyes along the girl’s face to her chin, and then fell to the ground, finally splashing into two little watermarks on the floor.

“Kid, you….”

“You guys are bastards!” Aiko lifted her tears stained face, swore loudly, and then pushed him, and rushed to the door to open the door and ran out.

Seeing Aiko ran out without saying a word, Asami immediately chased her out.

“Brother, what happened?” Kazumi asked.

“It’s nothing. I’m out for the night, don’t wait for me to come back.” With that, Masashi went to the backyard and pushed open the garage.

“Senpai, don’t drive too fast, be careful.” Rumi urged from the side.

Lei Yin nodded his head and then drove out the car.

Seeing Rumi’s worried face, Kazumi held her petite hands and said: “Don’t worry, it’s ok.”

Rumi nodded, but her eyes gazed at the direction where he left.

Lei Yin went to Naoko’s apartment driving a car. When he just stopped, he saw Naoko’s anxious face standing at the entrance.

Seeing Lei Yin, Naoko immediately ran and said: “Lei, just now Aiko came back very angry and started to throw things around. What exactly happened?”

“Where is she now?” Lei Yin asked.

“I don’t know, she ran out after, she finished throwing things up. Why would she do that?” Naoko very anxiously asked.

“She knows about us. That’s why she did this. Don’t worry, as long as she’s with Asami, she’ll be fine. Let’s go inside.” Lei Yin said to comfort her.

Naoko nodded her head.

Sure enough, the room was really a mess, everywhere there were smashed things, the entire living room looked like a Typhoon has just passed through.

Lei Yin wryly smiled, “That kid temper is really big.”

After they went in, he put the junk on the sofa to the floor, and then he put Naoko up in the middle of the sofa and said: “There are many pieces of glass on the floor, it’s dangerous for you to wear a slipper here. Let me tidy up here first while you obediently sit still. Understand?”

Naoko’s eyes were red as she very docilely nodded.

“Good.” Lei Yin kissed her on the cheek, then walked to the balcony to take the broom with the garbage shovel.

Naoko held both of her knees with her hands as she watched him cleaning the living room.

Because Lei Yin is the kind of person who rarely clean his own room, moreover there are three very diligent women in his home, so basically he has not done cleaning work. It took him nearly an hour to sweep clean the trash on the floor and restore the living room to look pretty much like the original.

After washing his hands, he walked to the sofa, held Naoko up, sat down on the sofa, and then put the beauty on his thigh.

Hugging her pleasantly warm and tender body, Lei Yin said: “Let the kid calm down. If at twelve o’clock she hasn’t come back, I’ll go out and find her. Don’t worry too much.”

Looking at his pair of purer than precious gems but also deeply mysterious eyes, Naoko softly sighed and said: “I should have guessed it. The boy that she likes is, in fact, you. Because she often inadvertently mentioned your name. I’m her elder sister, but actually failed to perceive this.”

Watching her remorseful eyes, Lei Yin comforted: “I also just knew this thing from her reaction. Don’t think too much about it, a kid like her is still immature, having favorable impression toward the people around her is also a very common thing. When she grow up a little, she will understand that in this world men are actually a lot.”

“I hope so. I’m just afraid she will take things too hard.” Naoko said with worry.

“Nothing would happen, rest assured. If you are tired, then go back to the room to rest.”

“No, I want to be here,” Naoko said and leaned her head on his chest.

At 11:30, Lei Yin’s phone suddenly rang.

He looked at the top display and saw it was an unknown number.

“Hello, who is this?” He pressed the answer key.

“Gennai, I am Asami, quickly come here, Aiko is in trouble.” Over the phone came the rapid voice of Asami.

“Just tell me the specific address.”

“What happened, Did Aiko had an accident?” After Lei Yin hung up the phone, Naoko very nervously asked.

“It’s okay, I’ll go now and bring her back. Wait till I come back.” Lei Yin patted her face and walked out.

Naoko stood in the doorway and watched as he drove away.


“Aiko, don’t drink anymore, let’s get out of here,” Asami spoke again to persuade her friend.

“I….don’t, I don’t want to go back, I hate there!” Aiko said out loud.

“Since you don’t want to go back, we’ll accompany you.” Youth with earrings sitting next to them said with a smile.

“You are really good, 1000 times better than….that bas….tard, no, a million times.” Aiko finished and drank the rest of the half cup of beer.

“If you want to drink, you can come to my house to have a drink. Let’s go.” With that, despite her objections, Asami forcefully pulled her up.

“Hey, young lady, your partner told you, she doesn’t want to go back, why are you forcing her?” Another dyed blond youth stopped in front of Asami.

Looking at these three guys who entangled them from the start, Asami deadpanned: “What do you want to do? If you don’t get out of the way, I’m going to call the police.”

“Young lady, please don’t misunderstand, we just want to accompany you two to have some fun.” The last youth dressed in jeans, like a machine gun, said with a smile.

“I repeat, If you don’t get out of the way, I’m going to call the police.” Asami knew they are not good people, resolutely wanted to go.

Watching the fat prey wanting to slip away, the three of them looked at each other for a moment.

“How about this, I won’t force you, as long as you drink this glass of wine, I’ll let you go. If this time, you don’t even give us some face, then I’m sorry. Arguing like this in here, even if something happened no one would know.” The dyed blond youth suddenly said.

Asami a bit hesitantly looked at that glass of liquor he held in front of her, for a while didn’t know what to do.

Looking at her hesitation, the young man went on to say: “Just a glass of liquor, even if you drink it, you will not get drunk. Young lady, don’t test my patience.” With that, he pulled out a knife from his body and slowly played with it.

Asami’s facial expression changed, she looked at the youth and said: “If I drink this cup of liquor you’ll let us go at once?”

“Of course.” The dyed blond youth put the knife back in his pocket.

“Fine, I will drink it.” With that, Asami reached out and took that glass of liquor.

When she was about to drink that liquor, a lazy voice suddenly came: “Fool, if you drink it, you won’t get out of this bar. There’s something inside it.”

“Gennai!” Asami was pleasantly surprised to see the source of that voice.

“Who are you?” The three young men watched with surprise as the guy came from behind.

“What happened to Aiko?” Lei Yin didn’t bother the three of them, went toward Asami and asked.

“She’s drunk,” Asami answered.

“What a troublesome kid. Let’s go.” With that, he led the way at the front.

“This has nothing to do with you, quickly leave.” The dyed blond youth pulled out a knife in front of him and waved it.

“This world really has so much trash.” Before the dyed blond youth reacted, Lei Yin grabbed his holding the knife hand, put his hand back on him, and put the hand holding the knife to stab on that youth’s thigh.

“A….” That youth didn’t scream out loud, was knocked out by Lei Yin’s punch.

The dyed blond youth was right, to quarrel here, even if something happened, no one would know.

“As you can see, he stabbed himself. Why don’t you take him to the hospital, if he bleeds too much, he will die.” Lei Yin dismissively said.

Seeing his eyes, the two young men shuddered, quickly pulled the fainted dyed blond youth and ran out.

“Well, let’s go, this kid’s sister is still waiting for her at home.” With that, he picked up Aiko and walked outside.

After a time staring at his back, Asami finally reacted, and quickly followed up.

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