Awakening: Chapter 120-Truth

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Outside, the cool evening breeze blew, Aiko slowly woke up.

“Where am I?” She felt very dizzy.

“Well….” Lei Yin didn’t have the time to speak, as Aiko suddenly covered her mouth feeling nauseated.

Lei Yin hurriedly put her down supporting her arm up.

Aiko couldn’t bear it any longer, bending down she started to throw up.

“Aiko, are you all right?” After she finished, Azumi handed her the towel in her hand.

“Ami, my head is dizzy.” Aiko clutched her head while she spoke.

“Wait a minute and you’ll be fine, if you can’t drink don’t drink.” Lei Yin said desolately.

“You….are you Gennai Masashi?” Hearing his voice, Aiko said slightly sobered.

“Well, you hear my voice.” Lei Yin sneered.

After clearly seeing his appearance, Aiko flew in to rage, immediately scolding at him: “You bastard, leave. I don’t want to see you again. Go away….” She said, pushing him as hard as she can.

“Your sister’s still at home waiting for you, I’m not leaving before I take you back.”

“I don’t need you, all of you are liars. I hate you, go away, get the hell away from me.” Aiko cried a little hysterically.

Lei Yin looked at her, and suddenly put her on his shoulder, walking towards the central square.

“You….what do you want? Let go of me….” Aiko cried out in a loud voice.

Seeing his action, the nearby Murashima Asami froze for a moment, but quickly reacted, immediately following the youth.

“Quickly let me go, you bastard, I’m going to call for help. Someone save me, help, someone quickly help, save me….” Aiko without any other way, actually cried out for help.

“Gennai-san, put Aiko down first, this isn’t right.” Asami urged, as she saw more and more people starting to notice them.

Lei Yin didn’t utter a word, and continued to act as though there was no one around, continuing to carry Aiko on his shoulder.

Seeing him act aloof, Aiko was both ashamed and angry, and at the same time continued to call for help while repeatedly hitting his back.

*Splash*, Lei Yin threw the girl into the fountain at the central square.

Asami was completely petrified. My God, this guy would actually do that to a girl.

Although the water level of the fountain was only up to the waist, Aiko still swallowed a large amount of water. After getting up with great difficulty, she coughed desperately.

His action scared the two affectionate man and woman sitting near the fountain. They looked blankly at the beautiful girl and the boy standing at the side of the fountain, even though his clothes was splashed with water, he didn’t care about it.

“What are you looking at, leave.” Lei Yin felt extremely uncomfortable, giving the couple a glare.

They’d never seen such an evil man, their face turned pale, not knowing what they did against the man. Finally, the first to react was the young man, immediately pulling his girlfriend away.

“Gennai-san, you’ve gone too far, why did you do  this to Aiko?” Asami anxiously ran to the fountain going towards her good friend.

“Awake now? If you are, listen to me.” Lei Yin looked at the young girl coughing near the fountain.

“Do you know, if it weren’t for Asami tonight, refusing those trash and dragging you out, you would have already lost your virginity. Also, your older sister is at home worrying about you, waiting for you to get back. Look at your appearance, was it such a big deal? That it’s worth doing this?” Lei Yin unemotionally said.

Asami didn’t say anything, and just held Aiko while looking at her silently.

“There’s something you don’t know. Your sister had a heart attack a few months ago, almost dying at that time. Doctors said that she may not live much longer. I ask you, did you know this? Don’t think that your unfortunate. There are so many people less fortunate than you. I told you this, but I also told your sister not to hide this from you. Don’t abandon yourself after only feeling a bit wronged, you ask yourself, do you genuinely care about your family?” Lei Yin looked at her eyes, and said with a deep voice.

Tears streamed down from Aiko’s eyes.

She finally knew why her sister would go to bed so early every night, and why she take pills every day, although she says that it was only vitamins.

Her sister has been suffering from this pain. Thinking of this, Aiko cried.

Asami quietly held her, as she let her head lean on her shoulder.

“That, my sister…” Crying for a while, Aiko looked up at Lei Yin.

“Her condition is stable now.” Lei Yin said dismissively.

Hearing his answer, Aiko felt slightly better.

After staying silent for a moment, Lei Yin said, “Wait for me, I’ll get the car.” With that, he turned around and walked away.

Looking at him get further away, Aiko said,” Ami, I really didn’t know.…” She said while crying.

“It’s unimportant, come on out.” With that, she helped Aiko out of the fountain.

After getting out of the fountain, Aiko suddenly asked with a very light voice: “Ami, you say….does he hate me?”

Asami was wiping her face with a handkerchief, but hearing her words, she couldn’t help but stopped and reply: “No, if he really does hate you, he wouldn’t have save you, but you should understand that he likes your sister. Maybe I should have told you clearly, that he usually acts like you’re his younger sister when he’s with you.”

“Actually, I already knew that, but I’ve been deceiving myself. But, I, I really like him very much. I feel so exhausted.” As if she was trying to drain off a lifetime of tears, the young girl continued to cry.

Murashima Asami had never seen Aiko this vulnerable. Not knowing how to comfort her, she just held her quietly.

At this time, light was shone behind them, and it turned out to be the youth driving back. Asami knew that the car was Aiko’s sister’s.

Concerned about her friend, Asami went along, back to Aiko’s house.

In the car, Aiko didn’t say a single word, as if she was a lifeless doll.

Arriving at the apartment door, Lei Yin said to her: You two go in. I’ll also have to trouble you to give the key back to Naoko.” As he said that, he handed the keys to Asami.

Asami took a look at him, and then took the keys.

“Gennai-san.” When he turned around to leave, Aiko suddenly called him.

“What’s the matter?” Lei Yin looked back at her.

“No matter what you think, I’ll still tell you, I….like you.” The young girl’s face reddened all over, as she said firmly.

Looking at her, Lei Yin said languidly: “Little rascal, you fall in love too easily. There are many men in this world, many of which die randomly being smashed down by a signboard. Go back and have a good night’s rest, and when you wake up, you’ll find out, that Gennai Masashi is in fact nothing, he’s just a self-righteous asshole. So, you don’t have to do anything stupid for him, you know?”

“I….When did I do anything for him? You’re right, he’s a jerk, moreover a big jerk.” The young girl said while clenching her teeth.

“I know. Go in quick, your sister has been very worried about you. I’ll be off.” With that, he turned around and walke way.

“Humph! Fellow putting on airs.”

Looking at him, the young girl scolded as tears flowed down, making Asami finally relaxed.


Under the light, Naoko gently looked at the young girl sleeping soundly.

It was already a long time, that the two sisters slept on the same bed, talking intimately with one another, like tonight.

From the younger sister’s mouth, she had understood it all. Including how Lei saved her, after that the young girl told her about her increasingly deep affection towards the youth.

Why did they have to fall in love with the same person.

Thinking of this, Naoko sighed softly, easily switching off the desk lamp

Gently touching her sister’s pure white forehead, Naoko put a letter at the end of the table, and then brought a bug of luggage, standing up and walked towards the door.

When she walked out of the door, she saw that the sky was still dark. She looked at her cellphone and the time shown above, it was still around 4:00 AM.

After opening the garage door, she calmly sat on the driver’s seat. And after a while, she started the car.

When the car drove out of the entrance, she suddenly noticed a person with a slender stature standing at the middle of the road. Under the shine of the headlight, she saw the figure as well as the person’s shadow becoming longer and longer.

Opening the car door, the youth sat silently.

“Lei, you…” Naoko looked at him surprised.

Looking at her baggage at the back seat, the youth interrupted her words, “It’s so late, where are you going? Don’t tell me you’re camping out.”

“I….want to move out temporarily. It might be nice for Aiko.”

Looking deeply into her eyes, and after a while, the youth raised his right hand touching her left cheek, said: “I’m relieved. I was afraid that you’ll have and idea like one of those dramas, pretending to have a great exit, and then leaves. Thinking of your character, I thought it was possible that you would make such a foolish decision.”

“So you’ve been waiting here for me?” Naoko’s eyes instantly widened.

Lei Yin nodded and smile: “It seems like I was thinking too much.”

Suddenly tearing off all her buttons, Naoko turned around and threw herself to him, embracing him.

“I’m sorry, I really wanted to do so. However, the thought of being apart from you, made my heart hurt so much. But ever since I was young, I’ve give my everything to Aiko, because she is my most important younger sister. But this time I can’t do it, I just can’t….” Naoko wanted her whole body to dissolve into his body.

After she returned to normal, Lei Yin a little angrily said, “Who told you to do that, what do you take me for?” With that, he slapped her pretty jade-like hip.

“Ah!” This palm was fierce, Naoko couldn’t help but groan.

But before she could call out, Lei Yin slapped her again.

“Ah….” Her tone was very soft.

When Naoko thought that the youth was going to slap her the third time, Lei Yin actually slowly rubbed her hips with his hands.

“Ah….” As she was sensitive, his actions were no less stimulating than before. Naoko was ashamed to find out that in her heart, she really didn’t want his hands to stop.

Suddenly feeling more and more wet that he anticipated, the youth showed a meaningful glance at the beautiful lady, strangely look at her bosom.

Lifting up her bright red face, he said: “Next time you act unreasonably like this again, it won’t simply be just a spank.”

Knowing that he had found out her current predicament, Naoko-sensei didn’t dare to look at his eyes. Only clinging to his back, deeply shrinking down into his arms.

“The day after tomorrow, go see a doctor to see the result, this way, I’ll be able to stroke you.” Lei Yin smiled bitterly.

“Un.” Naoko softly replied.

Taking a deep breath, Lei Yin said: “Let’s go back, it will be just us two in our house.”

Hearing his words, Naoko couldn’t help but tremble in his arms.

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