Awakening: Chapter 121-Cafe

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Looking at the small groups coming together, happily talking about summer vacation, Lei Yin having his back on the wall revealed an indistinct smile. Being a student really was good, doesn’t need to worry about life problems, not only that, they also have two huge free vacation.

“I’m sorry, senpai, for keeping you waiting.” The vibrant kendo girl first went towards him. Rumi then revealed a smile at his back as she slowly came.

“I didn’t wait long, let’s go.” Lei Yin stretched.

“With great difficulty I managed to wait for summer vacation, but unfortunately I’ll have to go back to Hokkaido.” Rumi said a little depressed.

“Your parents haven’t seen you for a long time, certainly they want to have a look at you and see if you’ve become fat or thin. However, they should be rest assured, after you came here, they haven’t seen your no good appetite. Kazumi takes credit for this, for making you fat and plump.” Lei Yin pinched her cheeks while smiling.

“Senpai’s always laughing at others.” Rumi blushed to say.

“The day after tomorrow we’ll take you to the airport, at that time don’t cry.” Lei Yin fondly squeezed her small nose.

“I won’t, in any case we’ll be able to see each other next semester, only senpai has to call me frequently.” She was very fond of his intimate action at heart very much, the young kendo girl pulled his hand acting like a spoiled brat.

“Good. Moreover, I’ve bought some tea and several bottles of liquor, bring theses back to your family as souvenirs.”

“Many thanks senpai.” Without being polite, Rumi readily thanked him.

“Let’s go, we still have to go to the supermarket to do our grocery, tonight Rumi will make meals to your liking.” Touching her hair, Kazumi walked towards Lei Yin standing in front of the school.

Thinking that she wouldn’t see him for the whole summer, the kendo girl’s eyes turned red again. Looking at the back she saw him being bathe under the sunlight, immediately she quickly ran up, tightly holding his hand walking together.


“Miss, your eyes are really good, this only came out yesterday. This is the latest design that ‘Dianne’ made.” A saleslady wearing a uniform warmly introduced the product.

“I want to try it.”

“The changing room is at that side, please come with me.” The saleslady said well-mannered.


In the changing room, looking at the mirror, Naoko blushed.

This underwear seems a bit too much, I wonder what he’ll think about it?

Imagining him seeing her put on this set of underwear, Naoko felt that her whole body became hot.

“Please wrap it.” In front of the destk, Naoko-sensei said to the saleslady.

“Thank you, will you pay in cash or credit card?” The saleslady asked.

“Credit card.” Naoko took out a credit and handed it over.

Handing over the credit card on the salelady’s hand, Naoko revealed a gentle smile on her face.

After coming out of the underwear shop, she looked at the time, it was 3:00pm.

Remembering what he had said yesterday, that he was dropping off someone at the airport, she thought that he probably wouldn’t come today. Thinking of this, for a while she couldn’t think where she’d go. Finally, she arrived at a coffee shop, sitting there to rest.

Shortly after going in the coffee shop, a red race car stopped in front of the entrance. A quite handsome young man walked out from the vehicle, and then entering the coffee shop.

“Hello Naoko, didn’t think that we’d meet this quickly.” Hinatsu Junichiro smiled as he walked in front of the table where Naoko was sitting at.

“Hinatsu-san hello, you wouldn’t by chance tell me that you just happened to see me, right?” Naoko said a little desolately.

“I specially came to see you.” Hinatsu Junichiro sat at the chair opposite of her without consulting anyone.

“What matter did you come find me for?” Naoko looked at him.

“I don’t know if I’m just oversensitive, but recently I think Naoko seems very cold towards me.” Hinatsu Junichiro smilingly said.

As Naoko was just about to speak, suddenly, a female student wearing a maid outfit came and placed a cup of coffee in front of Hinatsu Junichiro.

“Sir, this is your coffee. Please enjoy.”

“Thank you.” When Hinatsu Junichiro spoke, his eyes were actually looking at the outstandingly beautiful woman opposite of him.

After serving him, the girl got out of the way, allowing Hinatsu Junicro to continue talking to Naoko: “Naoko, do you really have no interest in me? It should be very clear to you why I’ve been looking for opportunities to approach you.”

“Hinatsu-san, I’ve told you clearly when I was at Nagoya. I have a person I like, besides him, I won’t fall in love with anybody else. That’s why, please don’t look for me again, all right?” Naoko said sincerely.

“You say that you have a person you like, are you referring to the high-school student Gennai Masashi?” Hinatsu Junichiro sneered.

Hearing his words, Naoko’s complexion immediately changed, “Hinatsu-san, did you have someone investigate me? I am very disappointed with your behavior.” She then stood up, turning around, preparing to leave.

“I want to know, if the head of the Hase house find out that her own daughter was actually living together with a high school student, what do you imagine he’ll think?” Hinatsu Junichiro looked at her while he was sat down.

And sure enough, just as he had expected, Naoko stopped.

“Are you threatening me?” After a while, Naoko asked.

“I didn’t mean that, Naoko, I just care about you. This fellow is only a high school student with no money nor power, and his mother is just an average worker. Do you really think he can make you happy?” Hinatsu Junichiro said slowly.

She’s smiling?

“Hinatsu-san, I don’t want my father to know about this matter, but I’m also not afraid that he finds out about it. That’s why you can do whatever you want to do. I must take my leave now.” With that, she picked up her bag and shopping bag filled with stuff, and stood out of the seat.

This time Hinatsu Junichiro was really starting to panic, he never expected that this woman would be so unyielding. Looking at her killer body gradually get farther, and thena  light flashed in his eyes.

“Naoko, please wait a minute, I have to apologize to you.” Just as Naoko was about to go out of the door, Hinatsu Junichiro ran and stopped in front of her.

“Please excuse me, Hinatsu-san.” Naoko said in front of the man.

“Naoko, I’m very sorry, I apologize. Can you just give me a chance to say a few words? I assure you, I will not mention it to the head of Hase.” Hinatsu Junichiro wouldn’t yield an inch.

Seeing his fully sincere expression, Naoko started to hesitate.

“I just want to say a few words, after that, I won’t disturb you again. Ok?” Seeing that she shook, Junichiro immediately added a few words.

“All right.” Naoko finally nodded.

Back at the seat, Hinatsu Junichiro turned towards the waiter standing not far away, said: “Please give us a cup of coffee.”

“Please wait a moment.” The waiter answered.

Hinatsu Junichiro turned his head back to Naoko, said: “Naoko, I know feeling of such a thing can’t be force, since you really like that person, I can only give you my blessing. However, later can we still be friends? I don’t want to lose you as a friend.”

Hearing him say this, Naoko immediately felt relieved. She smiled saying: “You are my younger sister’s schoolmate’s cousin, so we’re friends.”

“Thank you, Naoko.” Junichiro looked at her and said.

Seeing the hot look in his eyes, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Fortunately, at this time a woman holding a cup of coffee went over and placed two cup of coffees on the table. With that she was relieved.

After the woman left, Hinatsu Junichiro held up the coffee cup in his hand and smiled, “To celebrate us becoming friends, let’s toast?”

“You’re such a joke.” Unable to bear to rain on his parade, Naoko had also raised her cup of coffee and slightly hit his cup for a moment, then slowly took a drink.

Seeing her drink it down, Hinatsu Junichiro showed a faint smile on his lips.

Naoko remembered what Lei Yin had said, Don’t be alone with him, she then stood up and said: “Hinatsu-san, I have somewhere I need to go to. “I’ll also go, I’ll take you back.” Hinatsu Junichiro stood up.

“No, my car is parked in the vicinity.” Naoko turned him down and said.

Hinatsu Junichiro didn’t force her, but said: “Good, let’s always hang out, ok?”

“You’re joking.” Naoko placed the money on the table, then taking her stuff walked towards the entrance.

Hinatsu Junichiro followed behind her.

Looking at him ride his race car not wanting to talk to her, Naoko relaxed. She didn’t think much as she walked towards her car.

Still a few meters away from her car, when suddenly she felt a little dizzy, and felt her body lose more and more power.

What’s happening, is my illness starting up again? But why isn’t my heart in pain?

Taking two more steps, she thought about what was happening to her as she felt her dizziness and weakening was getting more and more serious.

Finally, she arrived in front of her car with great difficulty. Touching the blue car, she thought that she was quite tired, as her whole body was constantly sweating.

Lifting her heavy right hand, she took out the cell phone in her pocket, then looked for his number while her fingers trembled.

She just saw his name, when all of a sudden, a hand snatched the cellphone on her hand.

“Naoko, what’s going on with you? Are you okay?” With one arm around her waist, She heard a familiar male voice that she didn’t want to hear.

Looking at his face unable to hide the grin on his face, Naoko’s heart suddenly felt cold.

“You… the coffee…drug?” Naoko looked at him weakly.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying? It seems like you aren’t feeling too good, relax, I’ll bring you to my house to rest.” Hinatsu Junichiro strengthened the pronunciation of the two words ‘My House’.

Naoko mind immediately became blank.

Seeing that her slowly faint, Hinatsu Junichiro showed a self-satisfied smile.

Because he was afraid that he had been seen, he hurriedly opened the front seat of the red race car and placed her inside, he then rushed to the other side and sat on the driver’s seat.

After closing the car door, he looked at her tender and incomparably beautiful appearance, his face started to distort with excitement.

Bitch, I said that I’ll play with you one day.

Suddenly he saw her mouth move as if to whisper something. Curious, he leaned his ears.


“Lei? Not Gennai Masashi? Well, no matter.

Without wasting any more time, Hinatsu Junichiro quickly started the car and drove away.

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