Awakening: Chapter 123-Desire

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In an old house, several men were talking, an unconscious man lying on the floor in front of them.

“How is he?” Lei Yin coldly looked at the lying on the ground Hinatsu Junichiro.

“Master, he hasn’t woke up till now.” A tall, strong man next to him replied.

“This time, it’s thanks to you, if not you, this guy would succeed.” Lei Yin turned his head toward the several men.

“Master is too kind, this is what we should do. What will master want to do with this person?” That man asked.

Lei Yin was silent, just quietly walking to Hinatsu Junichiro’s side, and then put a hand on his head.

While the several men were puzzled, suddenly, two lines of blood slowly oozed out of Hinatsu Junichiro’s ears.

“Put him back in the car, and then make it look like a traffic accident. This guy is already an idiot, there will be no trouble.” Lei Yin said dismissively.

Those several men’s heart turned cold, and immediately went over Hinatsu Junichiro to pull him up and tow him away.

“Master, we go first.” That tall, strong man bowed and said to him before leaving.

“Mm, you’ve worked hard.”

After those several men left, Lei Yin stepped into the bathroom, opened the tap, and slowly washed his right hand.

Regarding this depraved beast Hinatsu Junichiro, Lei Yin originally wanted to castrate him and then send him to those double plug club letting him taste those perverted XX men’s taste. But, considering that as long as the guy didn’t die, he would one day going to find Naoko to take revenge. Moreover, this guy is a millionaire, if he really kills him, it will draw the attention of the police, so he finally decided to make him an idiot, too cheap for him.

However, no matter how many years, he still doesn’t like this hands-on feeling.


When Lei Yin used the key to open the door, he saw Naoko in an official Kimono kneels at the entrance stair tenderly looking at him.

This is the first time he saw her appearance in Kimono, Lei Yin couldn’t help feel his pair of eyes shone brightly.

“You’re back,” Naoko said as she put the slippers on his feet.

After changing the slippers, Lei Yin asked her: “What happened? Why it’s not the same as usual?”

Slightly lifted up her light makeup face, Naoko lovingly said: “Lei, today let me serve you well, okay?”

“How would you like to serve me?” Lei Yin asked with a smile.

Naoko blushed, and after a while, she took him by the hand and said: “The dishes are ready. Let’s eat while they’re still hot.”

After walking down the hall, he really saw the food and wine ready at the table.

After Lei Yin sat down, Naoko said: “Wait a minute.” With that, she went into the kitchen.

After a while, she came while holding a bowl of warm water.

“First wash your hands, okay?”

Lei Yin smiled and looked at her, and then nodded.

Naoko put both of his hands in the bowl and carefully, gently rubbed.

When she washed his hands, Lei Yin slowly appreciated her single-hearted devotion movement.

After wiping his hands with a towel, she looked up and said: “Lei, your hands have been washed clean.”

But no sooner had she finished speaking, her blooming cherry lips were sealed up by the youth opposite her.

Because the two people were separated by a bowl filled with water, Naoko was afraid to move, and only gently responded.

“You’re not going to eat?” Lei Yin saw only a pair of chopsticks, turned around to look at the blushing kimono beauty.

“I already ate. These dishes are prepared for you.” With that, she lowered her head to pick up a bottle of wine and fill the glass in front of him.

Glancing at her, Lei Yin drank that glass of wine in one gulp.

“Don’t drink too much, there are many dishes you need to try, okay?” Naoko whispered and filled his glass again.

Like a gentle wife, Naoko knelt beside him and carefully wait.

After the tableware had been tidied up, Naoko said to the youth sitting in the hall sipping a glass of tea: “Do you want to take a bath now?”

Lei Yin thought and nodded: “Okay.”

“Wait a minute, I’m going to help you put in the hot water. Also, the bathrobe has been placed on the bed.” With that, she turned and walked into the bathroom.

Watching her back, the youth revealed a thoughtful eye.

Soaking in the steaming bath, Lei Yin felt all the pores are opened, very comfortable.

At this time, a sound of knocking suddenly came from the door.

“Lei, I….help you rub your back, okay?” After that knocking sound came Naoko’s shy voice.

“Come in, the door is unlocked.”

After a while, Naoko wearing a large bathrobe quietly walked in.

Although the bathroom is filled with steam, Lei Yin can still clearly see her flushed face.

“Didn’t you say you want to help rub my back, why don’t you come?” Lei Yin propped his hand on the edge of the tub.

Hearing his words, Naoko finally slowly walked over.

Lei Yin very cooperatively turned back toward her.

Naoko with trembling hand held the towel and gently wiped his back.

Suddenly, he turned around and grabbed her hand, “Do you want to take a bath together?” Lei Yin smiled a bit evilly.

“I….I have washed in the afternoon.” Naoko was full of shame completely afraid to lift her head even a little bit.

“What a coincidence, I also have just washed.” He stood up from the bathtub.

Naoko quickly closed her eyes.

Lei Yin picked her up by the waist and then lowered his head to kiss her closed eyes.

“Lei….I, I will help you clean….your body, okay?” Naoko bit her lips and gently said something.

“No need, we’re going back to the room.” With that, he walked out of the room while still holding her.

Lying in his arms, Naoko felt her whole body melted, and can only tightly attach her face against his chest.

Walking a short distance to the master bedroom, Lei Yin applied his power to evaporate the water on his body.

Gently putting the beauty on the bed, Lei Yin reached out his hand to release her hair.

Watching the luxuriant hair shy beauty, Lei Yin caressed her face and praised: “Naoko, you’re so beautiful.”

Naoko slowly opened her eyes and soulfully looked at him.

“You really do not have any regret?” Lei Yin put his hand on her towel.

She didn’t speak, just looked at him with infinite tenderness.

Lei Yin couldn’t bear anymore and kissed her red lips, while his right hand gently pulled off her towel.

Although this was not the first time he saw her body, because yesterday he was in too much of a hurry, he didn’t take a closer look. Under the shine of light, Lei Yin carefully looked at the soul-stirring beauty before him.

Sensing his gaze, Naoko trembled, and closed her eyes tightly. But even so, she didn’t shrink up her body, but stretched it as far as possible to let him watch.

Knowing that she was really nervous, Lei Yin flicked his middle finger backhandedly, a wisp of wind flew to the light switch beside the door, switching it off. The room suddenly became dark.

In this dark environment, Naoko finally began to relax, her body slowly stopped shaking.

At this time, Lei Yin’s two hands each held her delicate foot, playing with them. After a while, both hands traced her as smooth as the finest Satin skin slowly moved upward.

Although she had prepared for this, when he was playing her feet, Naoko’s whole body became stiff. Both fear and expectation complex emotions continued to impact her nerves.

When the two hands were on her knees, Naoko instinctively clamped her legs. Her mouth can’t help but groan.

By this time, Lei Yin no longer moved his hands upward, but gently put her upside down, pressing his face on her lower body.

“Naoko, now it’s only 8 PM, it’s 12 hours from dawn. The Big Bad Wolf is going to eat the Little Red Riding Hood little by little; you will slowly experience it.” With that, Lei Yin’s hands began to move.

The whole room began to echo Naoko’s more and more helpless charming moan.


When Naoko woke up, her eyes immediately saw on her right-hand side Lei Yin smilingly looked at her with hands resting behind his head.

Before her shyness even shows up, he suddenly held her in his arms.

Listening to his strong heartbeat, Naoko felt a serene mood.

“Still hurt?” Her ears heard his voice.

Naoko felt her face flushed, after she nodded, she quickly shook her head.

“Right now….what time is it?” She asked in whispered voice.

“2 PM.”

“It’s actually so late,” Naoko said with a bit of amazement.

“Hungry yet? Let’s go out to eat.”

“Em.” Naoko held his waist and casually said.

Touching her slippery skin with his left hand, as well as her quite curling buttocks, Lei Yin couldn’t help but have a wave of impulse.

Sticking together with him Naoko immediately noticed his reaction and suddenly blushed.

“Forget it, let’s just wait for a while and then go out. I think you are quite delicious.”

“Ah, no….”

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