Awakening: Chapter 124

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It was already the fifth day of summer vacation, apart from returning home every day to tell them he had come back, Lei Yin almost always run to Naoko’s side whenever he has time.

He wasn’t a young boy who didn’t understand anything, at heart wasn’t a morally nobleman.

But perhaps because Awei died early, and in addition to being dead for ten years, he hadn’t felt a woman in more than a decade. Moreover, the main reason, was that Naoko was simply a true obsequiously natural stunner. If not for taking her illness into account, Lei Yin would have even be unwilling to let her out of the bed for even a minute.

In contrast, with Lei Yin’s careful watering these past few days, it goes without saying already that Naoko could cause crimes with her stunning beauty. The gap between her brown and the corner of her eye exudes a kind of mature woman atmosphere, and just by showing her back, it would intoxicate any men, even with Lei Yin’s cultivation it was also a bit difficult to control himself.

“Lei.” Bending down in his arms like a lazy cat, Naoko acted like a spoiled brat calling for him.

“What’s the matter?” Lei Yin replied, his right hand continued to move slowing going inside her night gown.

“I need….to return and take a look at Aiko. Please, don’t do this again. Ah…people are already….saying not to.” Naoko pitifully looked at him.

“I can’t do anything about it, just who told you to be this attractive?  Right, what did you just say? Once again.” Lei Yin lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead.

“I want to go back and see…..Ah no, don’t do that….” Her sobbing voice grew weaker.

After a while, she let out her last violent utter sad call, Lei Yin slowly pulled out his fingers which were dripping wet, and then placed it in front of his nose to smell it a bit.

“Don’t!” Seeing his action, Naoko’s body shook in embarrassment, stretching out her left hand, she grasped his fingers not letting him continue smelling it.

Feeling his wet finger with her hand, her whole body turned red just like a shrimp.

Taking pity on her, Lei Yin kissed her red lips, and said with a gentle voice: “You go back and have a look at that little rascal, I’ll send you back.”

“Lei, thank you.” Forgetting about her embarrassment, Naoko raised her head and looked at him lovingly.

“Fool, thank you. Let’s go take a shower.” Lei Yin hugged her waist as they went to the bathroom.

Naoko’s face was red. Although she already has such a close relationship with him, but her feeling of shyness still didn’t diminish.

“I forgot to tell you, I really like your smell.” Lei Yin suddenly smiled and evilly said in her ear.

“You bastard….” She couldn’t bear hearing him anymore, so she gently pinched his fist and pushed his chest.

Seeing that Naoko had entered the apartment’s front door, Lei Yin conveniently turned on the radio in the car.

Listening to a somewhat boring talk show, Lei Yin had almost fallen asleep.

The reason it was almost, was because he was awakened by the noise emitted from his cell phone.

“Hey.” Taking a look, he casually answered the phone.

“I know; I’ll meet you as soon as possible. No matter what their condition is, don’t agree with it for the time being, but you also can’t refuse them, stall them off. Wait for me to get there, let’s talk about this again later.”

After five minutes, Lei Yin sternly hung up the phone.

After switching off the radio, he opened the middle compartment of the car and took out a packet of smoke. Picking up one inside, ignited it, and then took a look at the window of the silent scenery outside.

After half an hour, Naoko finally walked out from the apartment.

Looking at her good mood, Lei Yin said: “Was the little rascal all right?”

Naoko snuggled up against his shoulder and said: “Um, it seems like she’s back to normal. She also told me that she’s going with a few of her schoolmates at the countryside to play and will be back in a few days. Looking at her like this, I feel relieved.” She then gently relaxed.

“I’ve said it before; after a period of time she’ll be fine. You always like to worry too much.” Lei Yin fondly kissed her.

Feeling his gentleness, Naoko unrestrainedly burst into tears.

“Lei, I’m afraid, really afraid, these days I’ve felt like this isn’t reality as if I’m in a dream. I’m afraid that this feeling of happiness is only a dream. If this is a dream, I would never want to wake up from it.” She said as she cried on his chest.

Lei Yin didn’t say anything, and instead picked her up on his lap, and tenderly hugged her tightly in his arms.

In the very quiet car, listening her lover’s quiet but strong heartbeat, Naoko wished that time would stop forever.


Walking down the hall, Lei Yin saw Kazumi sleeping on the coach, with the TV turned on showing a program that wasn’t funny at all.

After turning of the TV, he gently picked her up and walked to her room.

Helping her take off her glasses, when Kazumi all of a sudden woke up.

“Nii-san, you’re back.” Kazumi said while rubbing her eyes.

“Sorry to wake you up.”

“No, I just accidentally fell asleep while watching TV, did you eat yet?”

Lei Yin discovered, the just woken up Kazumi’s calm and shrewd appearance was a bit different, apparently look a little dazed.

“I’ve already ate. Okaa-san?” Kei asked implicit as he sat on by her bed.

“Maeda that guy brought her to see a moive. Unfortunately, you didn’t see her tense look, picking a dress for half an hour. I really give it to her, they’ve known each other for so long, but they’re still so shy with each other.” Kazumi said with a smile.

Feeling like he hadn’t had a good talk with her for days, Lei Yin stroked her hair and said: “Didn’t you enroll for cram school, when will it start?”

“It will start in two weeks, without Rumi these days, I don’t know how to spend my time.” Kazumi complained.

“Studying diligently is good, but schoolwork isn’t the most important. It’s summer vacation now, you can call a schoolmate and spend time with them outside. You know?”

“Onii-chan, you’re getting more and more long-winded, always like to preach.” Kazumi grinned as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Who told you to become my younger sister, this is the privilege of being the eldest child. Also, give this credit card to okaa-san for me.” Lei Yin handed her a credit card from his pocket.

“This credit card is to help okaa-san right?” Kazumi took it and looked at him.

“I deposited a sum of money in it, the password is her birthday.”

“Why don’t you hand it to her yourself?” Kazumi asked curiously.

“Due to a little thing, I’ll be going out of town tonight.” Lei Yin thoughtfully replied.

“What? You’re going to go out, for how long?” Kazumi sat looking at him.

“I don’t know, it might take longer this time.”

“How long will it take?” Kazumi pursued to ask.

“I don’t know how long.” Lei Yin said.

“Onii-chan, you? Exactly what happened?” Having never seen him show this kind of expression before, she asked worriedly.

“Nothing, just something personal, don’t let your thought wander off. If Rumi calls looking for me, tell her I’ll be back soon. Relax, everything’s fine. Don’t show such face.” Lei Yin pinched her face with a smile.

Looking at him for a moment, she suddenly threw herself into his arms and said in his ear: “Onii-chan, you must come back safely.”

“I know.” Lei Yin gently stroke the back of her hair.




Lei Yin like a ghost stepped into the kitchen, watching intently Naoko cook something, he felt this scene was very warm. Indeed, someone waiting for them at home was simply a blessing.

“What are you cookin?” Lei Yin held her waist and saig gently.

“Ah!” Naoko was shocked, the ladle in her hand fell off.

Seeing this Lei Yin immediately caught it, and then conveniently placed it on the chopping board.

“Hateful, are you a cat? Why don’t you tell me when you’re back.” Naoko looked at him charmingly angry.

“Didn’t you hear my voice when I opened the door. What are you cooking?” Lei Yin looked inside the pot.

“You’re flying somewhere again, so I wanted to make you something before you leave.” Naoko replied.

“You’re so good.” Lei Yin said as he kissed her right cheek.

“It’s nothing, simply just making something to eat, that’s all.” Hearing his words, Naoko blushes.

Really love her shy and charming look, Lei Yin couldn’t help but kiss her again.

“Annoying.” Naoko scolded in a low voice, and then leaned on his chest as she continued to cook.

After Lei Yin finished eating, Naoko carefully wiped his mouth with a handkerchief.

“I’ll cook a little more? I’ll be quick ok.” Naoko said to him.

“Don’t, I can’t take the plane with a  full stomach.”

“I’ll tidy up the tableware, I’ll be back soon.” With that, she picked up the tableware on the table and brought it back in the kitchen.

After drying her hands, Naoko went out of the kitchen and saw Lei Yin watching TV, but she knew what he was actually thinking.

Naoko went to his side, sat down, and laid her head on his lap.

Stroking her luxurious hair, Lei Yin said: “Naoko, if I don’t come back later in six months. You…..don’t have to wait for me. All right?”

Naoko looked up at him, and after a while, she gently shook her head.

“You are my first man, and will be my final man. If you don’t come back in 6 months, I’ll wait for you for two years. If you don’t come back in two years, I’ll wait for you for ten years, if you don’t come back in ten years, I’ll wait for you for a lifetime.” Her voice is as gentle as ever, but was actually filled with painful perseverance.

“You really are a fool.” Lei Yin sighed, carrying her on his lap, he tightly hugged her. Tightly hugging her as if putting her inside his body.

“Lei, even if you don’t come back it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re safe it’s enough. After enduring the pain, she still couldn’t bear to finally cry.

“I promise you that I’ll certainly come back to you.” Seeing her tears continuously flow, Lei Yin thought that a part of his chest was in pain.

“We’ve reached an agreement, so you must come back earlier.” Naoko wiped her tears, and forced a smile.

Gently wiping away her tears with his hand, Lei Yin looked her in the eyes and said, “I know you have many question, but I fear that you won’t bother to ask me, so I’ll tell you now, I’m going to save a person that I need to save.”

Before he could finish, Naoko suddenly pressed down his lips with her finger.

“Lei, you don’t have to tell me.” Then, for the first time ever, she took the initiative to kiss him.

After a long time, the two lips finally separated, Lei Yin took out a small box from inside his pocket. After opening, inside was two simple designed, but very comfortable-looking couple ring.

Putting it on her finger, Lei Yin said with a smile: “Fortunately, it just fits, otherwise I’d be troubled.

Naoko now knew on the day when they were in the car, why he had tied her finger with a line, was originally used to measure her finger.

“Come on, you.” Lei Yin smiled and placed his hands in front of her.

Naoko blushed as she picked up the other ring inside the box, placing it near her lips and kisses, then carefully put it around his finger.

After she helped him wear the ring, Lei Yin carried her and walked towards their room.

On the wide double bed, Naoko enthusiastically and sorrowfully responded to him as if she never wanted it to end.

Feeling more of his taste, even when she was exhausted, she kept wrapping herself tightly around him.

Feeling her strong sadness, Lei Yin from the beginning was gentle gradually became wild.

In the entire room, Naoko’s moan vibrated unceasingly.

After several consecutive peaks, finally, they fiercely climaxed, and Naoko couldn’t move anymore.

After cleaning the traces of her climax, Lei Yin tenderly took her in his arms.

“Good, close your eyes and have a good night’s rest.” Lei Yin kissed her while she tried hard to open her eyes.

After one look at his eyes, Naoko finally couldn’t bear it anymore as an intense sleepiness overwhelmed her, slowly closing her eyes, and then fell into a deep sleep.

Seeing Naoko’s beautiful and tranquil look as she was sleeping, Lei Yin felt a rising burst of strong sense of responsibility.

Fighting for her, no matter what he must come back alive.

Being reincarnated so many times, it wasn’t the first time Changgan called him on the phone and talked about the situation. But today, after finishing his talk with Changgan, he suddenly had a strange feeling.

Although this feeling was strange, but he didn’t feel strange at all.

Every time he had this feeling, not too long, the body he was using would “retire”.

Not to say that this feeling in itself will lead to an accident, but it just acts an alarm device, warning him in advance that he would soon “change shell”.

In the many times he had reincarnated, it had been tested. He had tried to avoid the devastating consequences that may arise, but in the end always fall short. Later, he just let the so-called nature takes it course.

He doesn’t believe in fate, but this time he was forced to believe that something was controlling his fate that even he couldn’t avoid.

That’s why, just like his previous deaths, he placed his hundreds of millions of dollars in the Bank of Switzerland, in addition to the investment in securities which pays all belong to “Gennai Masashi” the money under his name was divided into two, one is given is to Rumiko, while the other was deposited into Naoko’s account.

But as for Rumiko’s share, the amount of money she was given was not even a fraction of Naoko’s. Not that he was eccentric, but in order to avoid Rumiko to think that it was dirty money, he had only placed a part of the investment into her account.

This time it was different, for Naoko, he must come back alive at any cost.

Looking at the time, in about an hour he needed to board the plane. Lei Yin gently went down the bed.

After getting dressed, Lei Yin arrived at her bedside, deeply looking at her.

“I’ll certainly come back. Naoko, I love you.” Ever since Lei Yin had been reincarnated this was the first time he said such phrase.

Then, he kissed her red lips, and then went out of the room peacefully.

After Lei Yin left the house, Naoko who had been sleeping suddenly opened her eyes.

“Lei….” She bit her pillow and wept in a low voice.

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