Awakening: Chapter 125-Search

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New York’s Chinatown, a famous large Chinese community comprised of several streets, is also the world’s largest overseas Chinatown. On the street, in the restaurants, inside the shops, in the crowded area, the people all speak the vernacular, as if one is standing in Hong Kong’s Temple Street. This scene, to those overseas Chinese, is indeed very familiar and convenient.

Now it’s around 1:00 AM, in a three story high building East of Chinatown, the light is actually still lit. Every now and then someone can see a shadow in the window walking back and forth.

In the basement of this building, Changan was like in meditation, sitting on a chair without moving. The tea placed on the table beside him is already cold for a long time.

Suddenly, a few rhythmic metal percussion sound echoed without warning.

Changan’s eyes flashed, immediately went to the front of the large wooden cabinet filled with debris.

After forcing open the lock, he explored a bit, and then pried open the wooden floor that already partially broken, revealing a metal bezel with a keyhole.

Changan took out a key from his body to put it inside the keyhole, and then he used his hand to lift, lifting up this whole block of metal.

“How long exactly that kid hasn’t cleaned this passage, his grandma, made me catches a lot of spider’s web.” Lei Yin called out from the opposite side as he came out from the channel under the bezel.

“Master has worked hard. If I remember correctly, the last cleaning should be three years ago, after that he moved out.” Changan repressed his laughter to help Lei Yin get off the sticky Spider’s web that covered his body.

“This is your contingency escape place, and should occasionally be cleaned.” Lei Yin found a chair to sit down.

Changan followed after him, gave him a cup of tea, and also sat down.

After drinking the tea, Lei Yin said to him: “Give me the detail about what had happened.”

“Yes, master. Two days ago at night, little Rey was invited to attend an annual gang rally. But on the way there, he was ambushed, two drivers with five bodyguards all died in the cars. Two cars exploded and burned beyond recognition. Four hours after this happened, I received a phone from those guys.”

“There was no witness?”

“We saw two gunned down tramps at the scene. They should be the so-called witnesses.” Changan wryly smiled.

“What was the police reaction to that?”

“They thought it was a gang shoot out, so now they send people staring us all day.

“His subordinates were actually killed, and he was forced into captive, I really don’t know if that kid is getting weaker or the other side is too strong.” Lei Yin sneered.

“Please master, don’t get angry, the other side has planned for this, the matter can’t be entirely blamed to little Rey.

“I know, did you hear his voice on the phone?”

“Yes, they just let him say two words. But from those two words, according to our gang in-house custom code, translated to two words, ‘men in black’ and ‘island’.”

“Men in black in these words is unnecessary because we should have guessed it, but the island word actually has some use. This should mean he is now on an island. However, he shouldn’t know the exact location. What conditions are those guys set out?” Lei Yin put the teacup down.

“The list of all members of Black Dragon, the entire Black Dragon Industries and all the internal data. They told me explicitly, as long as we finish the formalities of the property rights’ transfer, they will immediately release the people. They need us to cooperate in order to show our sincerity.” Changan heavy sound ended.

“It seems they just want to control the Black Dragon, not trying to overthrow it. Understandable, after all, it is much more convenient if you can control a deep-rooted force, such as Black Dragon than to prop up a new gang. Who is the recipient of the property rights?”

“A US brokerage firm called Lyle. I’ve checked, that company was only recently registered. The boss is a US man named Robert J Johnson. He is a veteran with an incredibly clean record. It’s like he build the company by saving a dollar at a time. The staffs, including the cleaners, consist of only five people.” Changan said, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“It’s the worst kind of shell company I’ve ever heard. If one can find out anything from there, I might as well go home to retire. Don’t say these, I remember you said before that a few years ago, you put a gadget on Little Rei’s clothing, what about now, still useful?” Lei Yin looked at him.

The thing that Lei Yin said is actually a small transmitting device, similar to the tracker. But unlike the tracker, the signal of this device is sent as a repeated transmission, with the farthest receiving distance in about 200 km. Although it has such a long distance reception range, due to the battery problem, the device can only send the signal every half an hour, and the battery must be replaced every month. The rings that Changan and ReiLi usually wore is actually this thing.

Changan-ReiLi is the principal of the Black Dragon, in addition to being assassinated, being kidnapped is a very likely thing. So, in order to prevent this situation, Changan has called people to develop this stuff.

Hearing Lei Yin’s question, Changan pulled out a map from a bookcase and came over.

“Master, the last time they called is less than four hours ago, according to little Rei code word ‘Island,’ I immediately sent someone to secretly search the Islands near New York. Finally, we intercepted his signal near this ‘Heart Island.’ But strange, when I sent people to go there to receive the signal again, the signal is gone. There are only two possibilities in this, one he is in a confined space, the signals can’t pass out. The second is the worst case scenario, that is, his signal was discovered and destroyed.” Changan’s expression seemed to be very serious.

“It’s useless to keep on thinking, right now the only way is to go to the Island to make sure. The Dark group people are ready?”

“I’ve called them on standby. Master want to take action now?”

“Of course, this matter can only be fixed by doing a battle to force a quick end. Hurry up, on the road you can slowly tell me about this Island.” With that, Lei Yin stood up.

“Yes, master.”


On top of the continuously swaying yacht, Lei Yin carefully watched the Island in front of him with a binocular.

Right now is late at night, plus there was no moon, leaving the entire Island seemed like a mass of black. Even with Lei Yin eyesight, he probably can only see its outline.

Putting down the binocular, Lei Yin sighed. This is his action that he most unsure of in decades. Besides some little knowledge of the opposite party, he actually knew nothing of their internal situation or their distribution of strength. In contrast, although the Black Dragon is hiding in the dark, after all, it has existed for many years, plus there are frequent expansion these recent years, the others may had some general understanding about them. When the enemy is in the dark and yourself is in the bright, the situation is quite dangerous.

But, however unsure he was, he must save that boy. Who told him to let the boy call himself master.

Now the only advantage they had, was that the other party might not know they’ve already started to act. If they can catch the enemy off guard, they might be able to succeed eventually.

Looking at the rising sea-level with waves that were getting higher by the minutes, tonight seemed to be windy.

Lei Yin turned to Changan and said: “Did you really decide to go with me? Don’t forget, if little Rei and I didn’t come back, someone has to preside over the general situation.”

Also dressed in waterproof clothing, Changan shook his head and said: “Master, if this is like before, I might stay. But after knowing your experience, I suddenly realized something. No matter if the Black Dragon still exists or not, it’s all the thing outside the body. Even if we’re gone, the Black Dragon is dissolved, the following brothers will still survive. The Black Dragon is an underworld organization, not a justice organization, if people want to mess with the outlaws, let them mess with it. In any case, those government officials are not going to sit by and do nothing. Then what the f*ck do I need to care? Therefore, while my body is still active, I want to do things that I want to do.”

Watching his calm smile, Lei Yin knew that further advised is useless.

Touching the outline of the ring on his finger under the glove, Lei Yin said: “Gentlemen, let’s start.” With that, he put the breathing tube, carried the oxygen tank, and first to jump out of the water.

After him, Changan, as well as more than 20 Dark group members, went underwater.

Different from the windy and high waves on the sea, under the sea, was actually very quiet.

Swimming about a kilometer or so, the more than 20 people finally arrived on the beach side of the island.

After determining there was no one near, Lei Yin with the other people went into the woods on the isle.

After hiding the oxygen tanks, waterproof lenses and other things people began to change their attire and put out their pieces of equipment from the waterproof bags.

When everyone got ready, Lei Yin briefly inspected, and then led them to walk to the center of the island.

Walking for almost a kilometer, Lei Yin discovered that, along the way except for a few shabby wooden houses, there were no traces of human habitation on the island.

Did we guess it wrong?

After another half a kilometer walk, he suddenly stepped on a rectangular thing. He picked it up to take a look, it turned out to be a canned box. Beside that, there were also a few similar things.

After smelling the can, Lei Yin whispered some sentences: “It seems like those guys did come here. This canned food is opened today.”

Changan went up to him and said: “Master, it has been half an hour, but I haven’t received the signal from little Rei transmitter. Could they have evacuated from here?”.

“I don’t know, now we can only continue to search. I hope they are still here.” With that, Lei Yin threw away the can and continued to walk.

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