Awakening: Chapter 126-Entrance

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Touching the highly visible tire marks on the ground, Lei Yin and Changan looked at each other.

Changan nodded, Lei Yin followed suit to stand up, waved his hand, and went along that tire tracks on the road.

After walking about a kilometer or so, the tire tracks disappeared in front of a very large cave.

“Master, we want to go in?”Changan whispered.

Lei Yin shook his head, “This is obviously a base, and this cave is the main entrance. Inside there must be full of cameras, and we have so many people. We have no way to enter through this unless they all fell asleep.”

“What should we do then? If we don’t go in, there’s no way of knowing if ReiLi not inside.” Changan showed a worried expression.

“It doesn’t matter. Such a big place like this is impossible without the vents; we can go in through the vents.”

“Then we’ll immediately split up to look for a vent.” Changan nodded and said.

“Wait a minute, let me give it a try to find it first.” With that, Lei Yin took off his gloves and put his hands on the ground.

Five minutes later, he opened his eyes and smiled.

Seeing his smile, Changan knew he had found it, although it was unclear how he did it.

Lei Yin with the other people arrived in front of a hill behind the cave.

He pointed to the above, and other people immediately understood. Then, each of them took out their respective climbing tool, ready to climb.

Lei Yin glanced at his watch, now is 4 AM, will soon dawn. They must successfully enter before dawn.

After signaling Changan and the other team members, he first climbed up.

Because the hill is abnormally high and steep, it took almost half an hour before all the people climbed up.

After taking and wearing the infrared glasses from his pocket, Lei Yin noticed in front them was full of invisible infrared beams.

Everyone carefully skipped or avoided those beams. This was the most crucial time, as long as someone accidentally bumps the beam even a little bit, the people inside will immediately notice their invasion.

Seeing everyone successfully avoided the beams, Lei Yin brushed aside the hanging weeds before him with his hands, revealing a downward slope of a nearly one-meter square vent.

Time is running out, Lei Yin didn’t say anything, with hands and feet, he propped on both side of the vent’s wall and began to crawl.

After climbing to the top, Lei Yin saw the vent was divided into several ways. He then chose to continue to crawl to the right.

The team members also followed behind him.

After crawling for quite a long time, Lei Yin finally reached a room. Seeing the inside of the room from the gaps on the vent, he saw the room was not very big, only a bed with desk, with a notebook placed on it. On that bed, a bulky man was sleeping soundly.

Finally seeing a person, Lei Yin gently removed the bezels from the vent and then jumped down like a cat.

Arrived at that man’s bedside, Lei Yin’s hand moved like a blur, jabbing several of the man’s acupuncture points.

After finishing that, Lei Yin slapped him in the face.

That man suddenly woke up.

Seeing a figure before him, he suddenly scared out a cold sweat. He wanted to yell, but unable to. He wanted to move but found his body as if not belong to him, no matter how hard he tried, his body didn’t react.

This cannot move and cannot speak feeling of terror, almost made him mad.

In the dark, Lei Yin can clearly see the fear in his eyes. He slapped him again.

“I can let you speak, but if you dare to yell, I’ll immediately kill you. If you hear me, blink your eyes twice.” Lei Yin said in English.

The man just looked at him blankly.

Seeing him like that, Lei Yin elbowed him in the stomach. The man immediately hummed out “ah” sound.

“I’ll say it again, if you hear what I just said, blink your eyes twice.” Lei Yin said coldly.

The man immediately blinked his eyelids twice.

After he jabbed the man twice, Lei Yin asked: “Now you can talk. First, answer me, who are you?”

“I….” The man opened his mouth and was surprised to find that he could talk.

“Answer me, who are you?” Lei Yin asked again.

“I….My name is George Cornell, a researcher here. Who are you people?” He saw two people jumped down behind this man.

“What kind of research you’re doing here?”

“The research and development of Biological cells anti-rejection agents. I’m just one of the members of the research group.” The man called George stammered.

Seeing him this way, Lei Yin pressed the bedsheet over his mouth and then ruthlessly punched his stomach several times.

To see his pained expression, Lei Yin took the bedsheet out of his mouth and said: “Don’t give me a half-assed answer, I don’t have the patient.”

“It’s true, I’m just a fellow researcher who researches this kind of thing, really none of my business,” George said, almost crying.

“Why are you studying this stuff, don’t tell me is just used as drugs for organ transplants. You don’t look like such a caring person.” Lei Yin heard some hidden clues.

“They….they want to add something else in the human body. In order not to cause rejection, they called me to research this stuff. However, the side effect of the drug is very big, and can’t be used on the average person. I really only know so much, don’t ask me this again.” George called out.

Lei Yin covered his mouth, “Who told you to shout? Do you want to die?” After saying that, Lei Yin sent out another fist.

“Do you know where’s the man that your people caught two days ago?” Lei Yin asked.

“I don’t know, I’m just a researcher, everyday all the time in the lab. If they caught someone, I really don’t know.”

Looking at the way he was afraid to die, Lei Yin knew he shouldn’t be lying. Having had no time to care about their experiments, Lei Yin continued to ask: “Do you know where’s the place where they usually put the people they caught in? Do you have the sitemap here?”

“The sitemap is on my computer.”

With a wink from Lei Yin, Changan immediately took the laptop on the table.

“Show me the sitemap.” Lei Yin released his acupuncture points, then put the notebook on his body.

George searched the file on the computer with trembling hands, after a while, he showed the sitemap to Lei Yin and the others.

“Call everyone down, let them remember this sitemap well. Whether we can escape or not will rely on this.” Lei Yin said to one of the Dark team members.

“Yes, sir.” That person immediately

In less than three minutes, the room filled with more than twenty people. George looked stunned.

“What are these few red places?” Lei Lin referred to the position on the image.

“I don’t know, they just told me those are restricted areas, and if we enter without authorization, we’ll be executed on the spot.”

“What do you think the most likely place that is used for keeping a person?” Lei Yin asked.

“I….I don’t know.”

“His grandma, is there anything that you know?” Lei Yin asked as he punched him again.

Too lazy to care for him, Lei Yin said to his people: “You guys remember this sitemap well.” With that, he gave them the notebook.

“Master, this is such a big place, if we search the room one by one, it would be a waste of time,” Changan said.

“I know. That’s why I want us to split the search. By the way, how many bombs that we bring this time?”

“Each of us has three, which added up to nearly 70,” Changan replied.

“Good, you look for those obviously important room. For the so-called restricted area, especially send out a few. Set the time for detonation at 8 AM. But you also need to think about a good escape route, do not engage if you don’t have to. Whoever found ReiLi first, immediately send out a signal to inform, I’ll immediately rush over. Good, let’s split four people per group, and make it quick. Changan, you also go.”

“Yes, master.” Changan immediately led several people to climb up the vent.

“Move when you can remember the sitemap clearly. I don’t need others to follow, you guys go ahead.” Lei Yin said to the rest of the people.

When everyone left, Lei Yin caught George by surprise, letting this big man died in his own bed without a scar.

Putting the notebook back to the table, Lei Yin began to adjust George position. After he made it look like euthanasia, he also followed to climb up the vent.

Because the control room isn’t marked on the sitemap, he has to search like the other people. In order to find ReiLi, he needed to find the control room and occupy it as soon as possible, so as to avoid being found.

In the ventilation tunnels, Lei Yin moved toward the suspected control room according to his memory of the sitemap.

After nearly 15 minutes of crawling, he came to the room, looked down from the vent, and saw seven or eight large cabinets stood on the room. It seemed that this was just a place to store files, not the control room.

He didn’t want to stay long, immediately crawled to another suspected room.

His luck was quite good, as he arrived at the second suspected room, sure enough, he found the control room.

Looking down from the top, he saw two very tall white men. One of them was sitting in front of the monitor platform, asleep. The other one was looking at “Playboy.”

Lei Yin gently broke the exhaust fan baffles, then stretched out his right hand to flick. A wisp of wind flew and hit the nape of the man looking at the magazine. The man’s neck crooked as he fainted.

After jumping down from the vent, he stepped in front of the monitoring station, and casually jabbed his hand several times at the sleeping man. Then, he carefully watched the images on the dozens of surveillance monitors one by one.

Finally, in one monitor screen, he saw the tied up on the bed ReiLi.

Saw that kid, Lei Yin breathed a sigh of relief.

After waking up the man that just looking at the magazine, and some additional coercing, Lei Yin, from this man’s mouth, knew in which specific room ReiLi was.

Over the radio, Lei Yin informed Changan about ReiLi’s position. After knowing that, Changan immediately rushed to save the people.

So far, the progress seemed to be going well, just hoping they didn’t make a mistake. But, without knowing why, after coming in, Lei Yin always had an unsettled feeling.

Too late to think at this point, after killing the two people, Lei Yin hid a time bomb at the bottom of the monitoring station and set the time. Then he put the control room on the deadlock by putting the cabinet against the door.

After doing all these, he hurried back to the ventilation pipe and crawled to ReiLi’s room.

“How is this kid?” Jumping down from the vent, he went over to Changan and asked.

“Master, little Rei seems to have been injected with a drug, no matter how hard I call, I can’t wake him up,” Changan replied.

“First, we need to get out of here. You carry him.” Lei Yin said to one of the Dark team members.

That member nodded and immediately put ReiLi on his back.

When they were out of the door, Lei Yin suddenly felt all his fine hair immediately stood up.

“Get down!” He exclaimed while pulling down the nearby Changan.

A burst of scream sounded from behind him. One of the team members, having no time to crouch, was swept by a row of bullets, and blood wildly spurted out.

The bullets kept coming like a migratory locust. The entire entrance was like a hornet’s nest.

“D*mn it, this is a trap.” Lei Yin lambasted a sentence, hurriedly pulled the unconscious ReiLi looking for a place to cover.

At this time, a strong light lit up from the outside. A powerful light illuminated the room they were in.

“Mr. Shen, surprisingly we met so quickly.” A man with a megaphone said from the outside.

“Master, he is the man that spoke on the phone,” Changan said to Lei Yin in low voice.

“Try to delay him, I’m going to look for a way out of here.” Lei Yin said.

Changan nodded, and then loudly said: “Is this your hospitality?”

That man smiled and said: “To a guest, we, of course, offer our hospitality. But for those mouses that silently drill, then it’s hard to say. Of course, Mr. Shen is our important guest; please speak out your mind.”

Changan glanced at Lei Yin who came to the door.

Under that harsh glare of the lighting, Changan only saw a slightly obese figure on the second floor above. And in the front stood rows of men in black with guns.

“Using a bright light to shine the face of the guest is how you entertain a guest?” Changan said calmly.

“I admire your courage, Mr. Shen.” The man on the second floor clapped his hand. The lighting on the room was suddenly turned off, leaving only the original few fluorescent lamps.

At this time, Changan saw that the man was 50-something years old Caucasian, with slightly bald head, and dressed in a white suit.

He seemed indistinguishable with ordinary middle-aged men on the street. Never thought such an ordinary man is actually the leader here.

“Then what about those who come along with me?” This was the thing that Changan most concerned about at the moment.

“Just a bunch of mouses that want to sabotage, all have been dealt with by my staffs.” Hearing his answer, not only Changan, even Lei Yin felt a burst of heartache.

All of them were the elite of the Dark group. The effort and time spent on each of them are incalculable. Words from the underworld were that, they are definitely the gold medal killer in the underworld. Now, all of a sudden, lost more than twenty, it really is the largest losses of the Black Dragon in recent years.

“I want to know, how did you know that we will come tonight?” Changan quickly restored his calm and asked that man.

“In return, I would like to know how did you get here? This one really make me wonder.” The man asked.

“Since you said that we are guests, shouldn’t you give us the preferential treatment? I would like to hear your answer.” Changan took the initiative to say.

“You really are good at doing business, Mr. Shen. Very well, I’ll tell you. Come out.” When he said the last sentence, the man clapped his hands.

Before long, a man stepped out from behind those group of men in black.

To see that man, Changan’s pupils immediately contracted, “You’re the one who betray us?” He didn’t conceal his murderous intent on his tone.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Shen, I was forced to.” That Dark group member said as he lowered his head.

“Understand now, Mr. Shen? When you began to move, this person has notified us in advance. You must be wondering how I make him betray you, right?” The man said proudly.

Changan didn’t say anything, just kept staring at that Dark group member.

Seeing this, the man smiled and then pulled out a tube-like thing from his body.

“18th, bark like a dog for me, then this thing will belong to you.”

That Dark group member looked up to see the man at a glance, saw the test tube in his hand, his eyes suddenly sent out a strong longing look. Changan had never seen that kind of look before.

“Woof, woof woof….” In Changan’s surprised eyes, that Dark group member actually barked like a dog.

The man proudly smiled.

“You must be very surprised, Mr. Shen.” The man said.

Changan was indeed very surprised, though the Dark group members are his and ReiLi’s subordinates, each is a very proud elite. If they order them to bark like a dog, they’ll immediately mutiny. Exactly what made him became like this?

It seemed like the real culprit is the man upstairs. Changan looked up at him.

“Seeing that you are the guest, I’ll answer your second question now. Do you know what’s in my hand? No, you should not know. This is called T5, our latest researched drug. Originally, we develop this as a cell filtering agent. But later on, after testing, we found a very interesting phenomenon. This stuff is five times stronger than the addiction power of heroin. Each test subject will need it like crazy. Unfortunately, it has a side effect, that is, if long-term use, it will greatly reduce a person’s intelligence. If not for your group member that is too stubborn, I really don’t want to use this kind of thing. However, this also has an advantage, people can buy heroin everywhere, but you can only find the T5 here. So, I don’t worry someone will betray.”

Changan very sadly looked at that Dark group member that was still posing like a dog.

“Well, Mr. Shen, then, let us discuss the issue on how we can cooperate.” The man smiled like a gentleman.

“Go back and talk to your mom.” Suddenly, a voice sounded, followed by something being thrown at those men in black.

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