Awakening: Chapter 127-Breakthrough

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Before the explosions sounded, Changan immediately returned to ReiLi’s captivity room.

“Changan, come quickly.” Lei Yin from the bathroom on the right yelled.

Changan immediately ran following the source of that sound.

Once in the bathroom, Lei Yin added: “Quickly cover your ears, there’s going to be explosions here.”

Just as Changan covered his ears, suddenly, from the outside came the sound of an earth-shattering explosion. Blasts of air flew into the room rolling out everything, even the few men in the bathroom felt dizziness and tinnitus.

“Quickly come with me.” Not long after the explosions happened, Lei Yin immediately rushed out from the bathroom.

In the room filled with dust, five people got out from the big gap that was blasted open by the explosions.

“General, you want to kill them?” A refined looking man next to a man dressed in a white suit asked.

“Except for Shen or ReiLi two people, kill all the others. As long as we catch one of the two, that is enough. I will let them become my dogs.” The man in a white suit sneered.

“Master, what do we do now?”

Changan suddenly heard the sound of ReiLi, turned to take a look, only to find that ReiLi actually followed behind him. His whole face was swollen like a pig, evidently he was awakened by Lei Yin’s gigantic and quick slap in the face.

“Now we have been encircled by wolves, the only way out is to blaze a new trail to survive. We can’t trust the sitemap anymore, who knows if they still have some traps. Now we just need to break through the main entrance, if we can snatch a car the odds of success would be much bigger.” Lei Yin continued to run as he replied.

He originally thought about pretending to cooperate with that man, but to see that man’s means, he knew that person is very difficult to deceive. If that person forced them to take that drug, then it really worse than death. So, he finally decided to make a forced break trough.

“I’m sorry, Master, Changan, I’ve implicated you.” After a moment of silent, ReiLi said something.

“At a time like this, you said these words, what’s the use. Don’t worry, I’ll beat you up after this. I’ve just notified the outside brothers on the boat to come immediately and kill. This is a life and death situation, just hope they will come in time.”

Five people ran through the huge space, along the way continued to shoot the men in black that came at them, it was really lively.

Perhaps because of the influence of the drugs, those men in black recklessly rushed to their fires like crazy. In this shootout, these several people’s path was blocked every now and then. Because these several people’s hand grenades were not many, only when the shootout was too concentrated did Lei Yin order them to throw out one or two. But even so, it was not long before they almost threw all their grenade. Finally, without any other way, they had to use the fast ticking time bomb as they threw their last hand grenade.

For a time, the sound of explosions sounded again and again in the entire base, and the base appeared like it was about to collapse.

These few people, along the way, shoot every human in their sight. ReiLi with the other two have never played such a vigorous battle, it was very exciting. Guns were scattered everywhere on the ground, which they conveniently picked to use. Therefore, they didn’t have to worry about running out of bullets.

To see from the monitor screen, the few people continued to make a breakthrough, the man dressed in the white suit turned ugly.

“Only five people, but they actually able to put the entire base upside down like this, are all our people waste?” He slammed the table full of anger.

“Sorry, General, I also can’t imagine they would be so stubborn. I have ordered all our forces to concentrate on the entrance, as long as they get there, they will be surrounded by our formidable firepower. Then we can flank them, surrounding them from the front and back, and then round them up.” The young subordinate next to him respectfully said.

“Now we can only do so, remember, no matter what, you have to ensure one of the two to stay alive, preferably capturing both of them alive.” The man ordered.

“Yes, General.” After saluting, the young subordinate went out of the room.

“So many facilities have been destroyed by them, I really don’t know how to explain to the above. Those several old ghosts are really long winded.” The man swore to himself.

Faced with several sudden surges of firepower, Lei Yin and the others could not even lift up their heads.

“Changan, when are those guys going to arrive?” Lei Yin asked aloud.

“Master, they have just landed, it may take an hour to arrive,” Changan replied.

“An hour? Calling them to collect our bodies in an hour is more likely. You tell them, they must arrive within twenty minutes in any case. How many bombs we have left?” Up to now, adding the two of them, they only have four people left. From the two remaining Dark team members, one has been shot and killed.

“Master, we are left with the last time bomb,” Changan replied.

“Set it to detonate in five minutes. I’m going to blast apart the wall on the left.” Lei Yin said.

He knew that, before long, these men in black would outflank them from behind, and now the only way is to return inside the base to fight a guerilla warfare. As long as they can hold on until the reinforcement arrives, that would be fine.

When that last Dark team member adjusted the detonation time, Changan suddenly called out a sentence: “Master, little Rei was hit.”

Lei Yin was surprised and immediately looked back. Only to find Changan tightly covered ReiLi’s back. Facing them, ReiLi’s face was as white as a paper.

“I’m fine….” ReiLi hasn’t finished, suddenly coughed violently, some blood coughed out from his mouth.

Lei Yin rushed over to take off his clothes and saw, on the upper right sight of his back, there’s a bullet hole.

Lei Yin quickly made some jabbing movements with his fingers on the several spots around the wound, and torn a strip of ReiLi’s clothes and then strapped it on his wound.

“Master, how is little Rei?” Changan, with a face full of worry, asked.

“Pretty bad, he was shot through the lung, leaving the blood flow back into the lung. If this continues, he’ll be choked to death with his own blood. It seems he had been shot for quite a while, merely endured it to death till now.” Lei Yin said with a heavy face.

“So what happens now?” Changan also watched ReiLi growing up, his affection for him is no less than Lei Yin.

“I have sealed several off his key acupuncture points, so the blood temporarily stopped. But he can’t move heedlessly now, otherwise, the blood will continue to flow back to the lung.”

Hearing what Lei Yin said, Changan’s heart suddenly cooled. If they don’t get out of here soon, they would soon be outflanked. But watching ReiLi’s terribly pale face, he didn’t know what to do.

“Master, Changan, you guys don’t worry about me, quickly leave….quick….” ReiLi said while coughing.

“Don’t move. Master, I’m going to stay here and watch him, you and 12th should go first. They just want me and little Rei, and will not do anything to us, wait until you can work something out and have the opportunity then you come and save us.” Changan looked up and said to Lei Yin.

Lei Yin didn’t answer, just said to that member of the Dark group: “Don’t adjust the bomb, keep it as it is. You continue to find the opportunity to shoot them.”

The Dark member immediately picked up two submachine guns and prepared himself.

“Changan, it seems we still a bit underestimate the opponent.” Lei Yin said with a sigh.

“Yes, master.” Changan nodded heavily.

Lei Yin went on to say: “Looking at the size and the equipment on this base, if they are not supported by the government, even if you kill me I would not believe it. Maybe this is their biological laboratory.”

Changan laughed bitterly, “I now begin to understand why they want to control the Black Dragon, perhaps in order to get a huge amount of research funding as well as wanting the Black Dragon to get more experimental bodies for them. Just like the previous gang in New York that they prop up led by Tang Najin.”

As early as six months ago, those men in black started to launch their attack on several of Black Dragon strongholds. But ReiLi completely unable to find any clues in those cases. Lei Yin then collected the leftover human tissue from the explosion and sent them to several gene research organization from several countries. In those countries, he used variety of means, so that a member of those organizations looked for him and handed him the list that matches the sample that he sent.

Because genetic information has a considerable degree of ** nature, usually only those who donate certain body’s tissue, such as bone marrow or blood, their genetic information can be registered.

After screening the data of the gene banks from the several countries, he finally found a matching sample. A Finnish veteran called Mark.

When the man was still in the military, he voluntarily donated his blood marrow after receiving the application handout by the agency specializing in the treatment of Leukemia. Moreover, he also had a blood test at that time. Therefore, his blood type, genes, and other information were inside the file and was finally found by Lei Yin.

After obtaining this vital clue, Lei Yin told Changan to look for this man named Mark, because he is a member of men in black. After several months of searching, Changan discovered that the man called Mark was once Tang Najin subordinate, that is to say, the assassination of Tang Najin probably has some collusion with those men in black.

Now it seems that the man in white suit is the real boss behind the scene. And Tang Najin is just his pawn.

“Now it seems like there are only two ways to survive. First is to surrender to them, this is the most simple way.” At this point, Lei Yin glanced at ReiLi.

“But as you can see from that 18th appearance, this is very dangerous because he will probably do the same thing to you. An obedient dog is always much more safer than a tied wolve. Therefore, in order not to make you suffer, I’d rather shoot you.” Lei Yin said.

Hearing his words, Changan and ReiLi raised their heads at the same time and looked at him.

“In fact, there is another more direct and simple solution. That is, to kill all those people.” At this point, Lei Yin suddenly revealed a strange expression.

“Master, what do you want to do?” Ten years ago, ReiLi had seen him with exactly the same smile as now, his heart filled with a very uneasy feeling.

“Rest assured, master will not going to let anything happen to you. Changan, it seems, this time I have to say goodbye to you once again.”

“Master you….” Changan was surprised to find that Lei Yin’s body seemed to have a vague layer of silver light.

Lei Yin suddenly smiled faintly, and then, his whole person disappeared….

As if turning into air, Lei Yin disappeared out of thin air just like that. Changan and ReiLi could hardly believe their eyes.

Immediately after that, they heard strange screams from the front, then there’s a burst of messy gunfire.

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