Awakening: Chapter 128-Disappear

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Refusing to think about the danger, Changan and ReiLi exposed their head to look at the front.

Only to see, for some unknown reason, that several hundred men in black suddenly turned chaotic. A few people even shot toward the direction of their own people.

When ReiLi and the other two were still puzzled, all of a sudden, Changan saw next to a man in black suddenly appeared a dark figure, and then, in less than 0.01 second later the dark silhouette was eerily gone. This scene happened so fast that Changan thought he just saw an illusion.

But soon, he knew that that was certainly not an illusion. Because he saw that the man in black, like a slow motion image, fell to his knees on the ground. Then, his head fell off. That big incision was like being made by laser cut, it was so incredibly smooth. Changan can even see, on that incision, the constant twitch of white muscle tissue of the trachea. Several seconds later, the blood, like a fountain, rushed out of the neck from that cut, flowing over the floor.

Changan blankly stared at that head while more than ten men in black beheaded in the same way.

No one knew what happened, those men in black only saw their companions inexplicably die like this at their side, and then it was immediately their turn.

“Monster, it’s a monster….” Didn’t know who shout it first, the whole scene became increasingly chaotic. Initially, only one or two people shooting randomly, but soon, more and more of their companions opened fire at themselves. Those people didn’t care about the consequences anymore, as long as they saw a suspected shadow object, they will immediately open fire.

But all of them were men in black, the friendly fire increased exponentially.

After seeing several times that their compatriots walked a few steps, and then the head fell down to the ground, these men in black members who always kill without batting an eye felt a burst of bone-chilling cold.

This is definitely not something a human can do. Is there really a blade cut that fast? Who can decapitate people’s head so fast that the man didn’t even realize he is already dead?

Seeing the eerie shadows of the ghostly killer flickering all over the place, ReiLi blankly asked: “Changan, that’s Master, right?”

Changan didn’t answer, just closely watching everything that happened.

“Don’t shoot, exactly what happened?” Standing in the back, the refined gentleman who is responsible for commanding these men in black called out in a loud voice. Because he came to the scene later, he only saw his subordinates suddenly became chaotic, then opened fire at each other like crazy.

In just two minutes, more than a hundred highly trained soldiers and mercenaries became like a broken mannequin, their lifeless bodies fell to the ground. Everywhere filled with decapitated heads who died without closing their eyes. There were also more than fifty people who killed by their peers. The entire floor was dyed bright red from the blood.

The commander desperately wanted to call his subordinates to gather around, but no one can hear his voice. Everywhere there seemed to be screaming, hissing roar and gunfire sounds.

The dark shadow only stops when he was killing, but no one knew where will he appear next. Even some people who shot relatively faster, only shot his afterimage.

“What is that thing?” Watching the scene unfolding in the monitor screen, the man in the white suit angrily cried out.

“I….I don’t know.” One of his subordinates said, cold sweat streaming down his head.

“Get Jack with all the people to support there. Right away!” The man pounded the table to urge.

Looking back at the monitor to see the men in black unceasingly fell down, as well as doubting whether there was really a shadow, his face turned very ugly.

“Monster.” He is unable to sit straight on the chair.

Five minutes later, another group of men in black coming up from the rear flank finally arrived.

Running at the front was a man about 40 years of age. He was very surprised to see the strange scene that resembled a slaughterhouse before him.

Those guys actually kill each other? Did they really go crazy?

But soon, he saw two men in black’s heads fell in a weird way. At the same time, he also saw the faint dark shadow.

That’s the monster the old Jess refer to? Are all of these people die because of that thing? Suddenly, Jack felt his hands and feet were cold.

“Everyone immediately shoots at the front, quick!” Without the time to explain to them, Jack said as he raised his submachine gun at the front and started the attack.

Although unclear, under his lead, the men in black standing behind him immediately followed to raise their guns and open fire to the front. But the targets that they shot were only the remaining dozen men in black. They thought those group who shot at each other just now were crazy.

“Changan, are we going to save Master?” Hiding on the side, ReiLi asked.

“Not yet, I’m afraid if we threw the bomb now it will accidentally injure master. Besides, looking at master’s performance, those bullets don’t seem to be able to hit him.” After a few minutes of watching, Changan has calmed down.

After a round of indiscriminate fire, “Stop shooting.” Jake suddenly waved and cried.

Those men in black immediately stopped firing.

Only to see that more than ten men in black lying in the pool of blood, except for one man in black who stood with his back toward them

Looking at that standing alone man in black, Jack’s expression was quite dignified.

In his vision, that man in black already has dozens of bullet holes. He was able to stand only because something supported him. What is behind him? Jack’s hand tightened, ready to shoot.

Finally, that man in black fell to the ground. When he fell to the ground, Jack clearly saw behind him stood a man.

Wearing a black leather jacket, the youth was holding a dagger. Didn’t know whether he had vertigo, Jake seemed to see that person appears to have a layer of silver light.

“Who are you?” Jake loudly asked.

“People who come to kill you.” The voice was very light, but everyone can hear.

Without knowing why, having listened to these words, Jack felt his eyelids jumped a bit.

“Shoot him.” With a shout, he first opened fire to madly shoot that person. The other men in black followed suit.

Looking at the seemingly slow motion replay of the rows of flying bullets, Lei Yin calmly dodged as if nothing happened.

At that moment, in his eyes, the time seemed to be infinitely magnified. He can definitely see those incoming bullets, and it was clear to him that he can grab the bullet with his hand.

But he has no time for such idle thought, he didn’t know how long this body can still support, before this happen, he must kill all the enemies.

Therefore, after flashing through the first round of fire, he began to move.

In the eyes of outsiders, the man suddenly disappeared.

Totally beyond reason, such a large man disappeared just like that.

Jack didn’t have the chance to speak, a second later, the man suddenly appeared in front of him, and then he felt cold on his neck.


After finally decapitated the last head of the men in black, Lei Yin quietly stood there with a pool of blood under his feet.

In addition to the shoe soles, his whole body was clean, including the dagger in his hand.

“Master….” Changan called out to him.

A figure suddenly appeared before them, ReiLi and the last surviving Dark group member automatically jumped.


“You guys listen to me.” Lei Yin interrupted him as usual.

The three people all looked at him.

“Little Rei, if later on I’m gone, you have to take a good care of yourself. Changan too, you…” Speaking to this part, Lei Yin suddenly sprayed a mouthful of blood out of his mouth.


“Master, what happened to you?” ReiLi struggled to stand up.

“Don’t move heedlessly.” Lei Yin waved trying very hard to stop him.

ReiLi immediately dared not to move, only looked at him closely.

“Listen, I’m now using the power that human body can’t afford, so this body is likely to be scrapped. I just hope that in your lifetime, I will have the opportunity to see you again. Take care of my family for me….Changan, help me look at him.” Halfway through his speech, Lei Yin vomited blood from his mouth.

He knew his internal force soon couldn’t suppress the huge energy within his body. Can’t afford to explain further, he turned around and ran out of the base.

Thus, in the eyes of the three of them, Lei Yin once again disappeared.

“Master, Master!” ReiLi screamed himself hoarse.

Seeing the way he was about to excitedly stand up, Changan quickly went over and held him down.

“ReiLi, don’t move, do you want the painstaking effort of master went in vain?” Changan continued to persuade him, and slapped him in the face.

Seeing Changan’s eyes shone with tears, ReiLi finally turned around, and then looked up to loudly cry like a child. As he cried, he constantly hit the wall with the back of his head.


Really going to die?

Lei Yin thought that the energy almost burst out from his body.

Not only his mouth, even his other facial features like eyes, nose, and ears also started to bleed.

He felt like a balloon being constantly filled with gas, ready to burst open at any moment.

His grandma, after all these years, why this energy is still so overbearing, it didn’t even have the slightest room for negotiation.

This energy is not his own, but the “gift” from when he was struck by lightning after becoming an immortal spirit.

In his first rebirth, because he didn’t know how to control this energy, just when his soul entered that body, the body immediately exploded, flesh and blood flying in all directions.

After no less than three rebirths, he slowly learned how to suppress this energy.

But this enormous amount of energy is like a ticking time bomb, as long as he lifts the lid and uses it, although, in a short amount of time, it can bring him an absolutely invincible force, the energy will continue to increase rather than decrease. When his internal force can no longer suppress the increased energy, he will burst and die.

Touching the ring that he wore on his finger, Lei Yin screamed as he rushed into the sea….

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