Awakening: Chapter 130-Church

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Two hundred kilometers from the City of Boston, near a small fishing village called Norman. The entire fishing village population is about three hundred people. A small fishing village this size can be seen everywhere in the surrounding Boston area.

East of the fishing village close to the sea, there’s a not small Catholic Church. The church has a history of more than twenty years. At the beginning when the church was very small, only thirty people can sit inside. Even so, it is the only church within the nearby two hundreds of kilometers. For this reason, those sincere religious believers living nearby more than ten years ago launched a large-scale donations activity. The church then suddenly expanded a lot, turning into today’s scale.

The church is very quiet most of the time on weekdays. Until Sunday, when most of the believers would drive or ride to the church to worship. Moreover, in important events, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, it will be very lively here.

At eight o’clock in the evening, a young man wearing an earring in his left ear pushed open the back door of the church.

After going in, the youth directly went to the second floor, and then walked to the room where the priest rest.

After the youth knocked on the door a few times, there was a voice of Father Marshall, “Is it you, Robin?”

“Yes, Father.” The youth said and then opened the door.

“What can I do for you?” The fifty years old Father Marshall asked Robin.

“Father, have you forgotten? Didn’t you want me to help you to get some anti-inflammatory drugs with the gauze? These are the things that you want.” Robin put the package on the table.

“I almost forgot, thank you. How much do I owe you?”

“Forget it, in any case, these things did not take much money.” Robin declined the offer.

“No, now you have moved out, you need a lot of money.” Father Marshall handed him several paper money.

Robin didn’t insist, took the money, and then said: “Don’t think I’m wordy, but Father, you really do not need to be so good to that stowaway. I urge you to quickly turn him over to the local police.”

“I can’t do that, you should have seen that his whole body are wounded. If I handed him over to the police, they would immediately repatriate him. But the problem is, he doesn’t even know who he is.” Father Marshall said with a straight look.

“Father, do you really believe he is suffering from amnesia? For a stowaway like him, as long as they can stay in the United States, they will do anything. Father, you should listen to my advice and hand him over to the police.” Robin waved his hand and said.

“No, I believe him. From his eyes, I could see that he didn’t lie to me.”

“Alas, I really regret it that I carried him from the beach to here. If I knew, I should directly take him to the police station.” Robin a bit reluctantly said.

“You have always been a good kid. Even if this happen once again, I believe you will still save him.” Father Marshall said with a smile.

Robin was a bit speechless. In fact, he also didn’t want to notify the police. Near the place where he lived, there were also a few people smuggling themselves into the United States to work. Although they usually work very hard and earn much less money, almost all of them spent tens of thousands of dollars to sneak in. If the police catch and repatriate them, all of their previous efforts will come to naught. Based on this inexplicably sympathetic attitude, he didn’t send the man to the police station.

“By the way, how are sister Mary and sister Jill recently?” Robin asked a question.

Although he said it without showing any expression, when it came to the name sister Jill, Father Marshall could see a trace of concern showing on his face.

“They’re doing great. Sister Jill misses you, and sometimes asking about your situation to me. You should go and see her.” Father Marshall said.

“Where is she now?” Robin thought for a moment and asked.

“She is the person in the room taking care of him.”

“What? How could this be.” Robin cried aloud.

Father Marshall was young once, and naturally knew what he was worried about. He smiled and said: “Don’t worry, he’s not the kind of person that you imagined. If you’re not assured, you can go and see them.”

“Actually, I have nothing to worry about. But I haven’t talked to sister Jill for so long. I’m now going to see her.” With that, Robin stood up and ready to leave in a hurry.

“Robin, please help me take the medicine and the gauze to sister Jill.” Father Marshall called out to him and handed him the bag on the table.

“I know.” Robin was burning with impatient, after receiving the bag, immediately went out.

Watching Robin left in a hurry, Father Marshall can’t help but sigh.

Robin was an orphan. When he was very young, Father Marshall took him as adopted son. He has been at this church for a full fifteen years. In that many years, Father Marshall watched him slowly grew up into an adult, the fatherhood kind of joy was unspeakable. Although he had a mind of letting Robin inherited his career to become a priest. But Robin, like other young people, has more longing for the outside world, so, Father Marshall did not force him.

Although he did not want to become a priest, he was brought up in a clean and quiet life in a church. Therefore, he was not like the other young people addicted to tobacco and alcohol, drugs or having fun. This was the thing Father Marshall felt most gratified.

But three years ago, when sister Jill being assigned to work in the church, Robin began to change. He became decadent, often going out all night long, the body filled with the smell of irritating alcohol odor. Later on, Robin finally left the church and moved to live outside.

Father Marshall knew the reason he turned out this way was because he fell in love with sister Jill. But this was a dead-end relationship. He knew better than anyone that sister Jill is loyal to no one but the Lord.

Robin went to the room at the very end of the second floor. The man now lived in that room.

When he arrived at the door and was about to knock, he suddenly heard someone’s voice. He immediately stopped his hand.

“Koger, why are you so stubborn? The Bible is the Word of God, how can you say that kind of thing.” Robin heard sister Jill’s reproach but with the usual gentle tone.

“Although I don’t remember anything, I felt I should believe that there is one mysterious entity that can dictate the fate of the world and all the people. But, is it really completely the same as described in the Bible?” The speaker was the man named Koger. Because he didn’t remember anything, Father Marshall helped him took the name “Koger,” this name means forgetting.

“But this does not prove that the Bible’s teachings are wrong. The above teachings are intended to reduce crime.” Sister Jill continued.

“If in strict accordance with biblical teachings, then every person in the world are doing crime all the time. Chatting with friends can be a sin, spending energy to prepare delicious meals made a sin of gluttony, thinking of others as a fool violated the crime of criticizing, even if in the rainy day be in a bad mood is a sin. Let me give you an example, Of the ten commandments in the Bible, ‘you shall not commit adultery.’ According to this doctrine, this includes not only forbidding a marital relationship outside of one’s legitimate spouse but also forbidding one to even think about it. Don’t you think that this dogma is too harsh? This is inconsistent with God’s mercy. The Bible also said that human body is weak, susceptible to Devil’s temptation, so we need to strengthen our mind. However, when a normal man sees a beautiful woman in a sexy outfit, he will inevitably start to fantasize, this is a normal psychological phenomenon, or should I say this is an animal instinct, as the many men in the United States who like to buy ‘Playboy’ adult magazine come to know. Strange, how would I know this ‘Playboy’ kind of thing?” When it came to the last sentence, the man called Koger suddenly asked strangely.

“That’s because you are a pervert.” Robin could no longer hold, pushed open the door and mercilessly glared at the man lying in the bed.

“Turns out to be Robin, when did you come?” Sister Jill happily said.

“Sister Jill, good evening,” Robin said hello to the young trainee not yet ordained nun.

“You know nothing Koger, how dare you talked absurd things about God’s mercy. If you don’t have any injury, I will mercilessly beat you up.” Robin turned to the man on the bed and scolded.

“The man on the bed glanced at him and then said: “In the middle ages, due to religious issues, people were burned and killed in large number. These were not the will of God, but just the method people at the time used to achieve their purpose, by disguising it in the name of God. I’m not some clergy, am I wrong to doubt the doctrine?”


“Stop messing around, his wound is still not good.” Seeing the way Robin was about to make his move, sister Jill hastened to hold him.

“Please let me go, sister Jill, I want to teach this arrogant guy a lesson.”

“Robin, you can’t do that. Is to make a move against an injured man a thing that someone who believes in God supposed to do?” Sister Jill very seriously said.

Seeing her expression, Robin didn’t try to make his move again, after a while, he said: “Sorry, sister Jill. I’m just too impulsive.”

“Robin, you have to control your emotion.” Sister Jill let go of his hand.

“This is the medicine with the gauze that Father Marshall asked me to give you.” Robin handed her the thing in his hand.

“Thank you. The gauze has just run out today. Fortunately, you promptly brought it.” Sister Jill said with a smile.

Looking at her warm and touching smile, Robin can’t help but be absent-minded.

“Sister Jill, this is the medicine and the gauze that will be used on me?” The man called Koger suddenly asked.

“Yes.” Sister Jill replied.

Koger turned to Robin and said: “Although I have views that are different from yours, I would still like to thank you for sending this stuffs to me. Thank’s a lot.”

Robin didn’t think he would thank him, for a moment, didn’t know what to say.

Sister Jill came to Koger bedside and said: “Since the gauze has arrived, I will now help you change it.”

“Sister Jill, let me change it. After all, he is a man.” Without waiting for an opening, Robin quickly said. This was not his good intention, just didn’t want sister Jill to come into contact with the guy’s body.

“That’s good too, come on then. But you have to be careful, his wound has just healed, if you’re too harsh it will split again.” Sister Jill thought for a moment and then said.

“I know.” After Robin gave that guy a dirty look, came to his bedside.

When untying the old gauze, Robin couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Although Robin saw the wounds on his body when he saved him on the beach, to see now that his whole body was almost covered with terrifying wounds, he could not imagine exactly how the man survived. But the strange thing was, when he saw him on the beach, his wound didn’t bleed, or Robin would have to inform the Police to call an ambulance instead of taking him back to the church.

Though most wounds have scarred, there were still several large wounds not completely healed, the gauze firmly affixed to their top. If you want to change the gauze you have to rip them off. But that could rip the skin off the wounds. But finally, Robin hardened his heart to pull the entire gauze. And then, after he applied the medicine, he wound them with the new gauze.

Watching him sweating out cold sweat on the forehead, enduring the pain but trying not to cry out, Robin couldn’t help but admire him.

“Sister Jill, later on, I will come over to help him change the gauze every day.” Looking at the pale sister Jill at the side, and knowing that the thing she was most afraid of was this gory scene, Robin very sadly said.

“Are you sure?” Sister Jill asked in surprised.


“Thank you so much, Robin. Uh, sorry, I was rude.” Sister Jill couldn’t help but cheer up, but quickly found her performance was beneath a nun’s deportment, immediately stopped and awkwardly said.

Rarely seeing her so happy, a smile appeared on Robin’s face.

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