Awakening: Chapter 131-The Past

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In the vast beautiful environment of the campus, like in the high school, a black-rimmed glasses, shoulder-length hair Kazumi walked quietly.

It is May now, about a month ago, after an exciting opening ceremony, Kazumi officially became ordinary college student of Teikyo University in Hachioji district.

Realizing her dream, to become a student of a first class University, Kazumi found herself not so excited about it. Her expression was still indifferent, letting people difficult to approach her.

In February this year, her mother finally married to Ryutaro Maeda. Regarding this, she sincerely gave her blessings. Only she knows how lonely her mother was after so many years. As for Ryutaro Maeda, he is her present father, although he didn’t force her to call him so. He is a stubborn but very principled man, he is also good to her mother and herself, and should be called a good man.

The wedding was simple and warm that day, Rumiko and Ryutaro didn’t invite many people, just some familiar friends, and relatives.

At the wedding, Rumiko smiled beautifully, and Kazumi found for the first time that her mother in the wedding dress turned out to be so beautiful. Does every woman in this time will become particularly beautiful?

Later on in the bathroom, however, Kazumi heard the constant tears from her mother.

Her cry was filled with sadness, though the sound was so soft and gentle.

Kazumi knew she remembered that person, who was supposed to appear at this time, but hasn’t appeared.

A year has passed, and he finally did not come back.

After Ryutaro Maeda’s continuous investigation, in addition to his exit record, Maeda completely unable to find other information.

Certainly he was not kidnapped, or put under house arrest, he was out alone, the airport staff who saw him can prove it. But why did he have to go to the United States, a place so far away?

The investigation completely fell into a bottleneck. He was even classified as a missing person by the police.

He is a liar. He said, he will be back soon. But in the end, he did not deliver his promise.

Doesn’t he know that mom and Rumi would turn into tears worrying about him?

Maybe he knew he wouldn’t come back, so when I last saw him that night, he put a large sum of money into a bank card and gave it to mom. If I had prevented him out, everything would be fine.

If there were no Ryutaro Maeda supporting mom by the side, mom might have really fallen.

But what about Rumi? What about that naive and a bit cheeky girl?

In a year’s time, when she woke up in the middle of the night, she often heard the low sound of sob of that fellow in her room.

Kazumi’s train of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by the sound of her cell phone ringing.


In a bright and clean restaurant, a beautiful and quiet teenage girl, like a beautiful painting, attracted the unintentional attention of all the young men.

She was not the type of sexy bombshell girl, but any woman standing next to her could not conceal her presence. The girl was like a pearl, elegantly issued a subtle yet exciting light.

Based on her appearance, she was probably still a high school student. Her natural waist long black hair casually tied together, except for the pale yellow ribbon, there was no other ornaments on her head. The skin on her face is white and delicate, without a bit of makeup marks. But people who have seen her will think such a beautiful skin would be a waste if put on makeup.

She sat there quietly, sometimes lifted up the cup on the table to drink, the scene itself is a picture worthy of a beautiful poster.

At this time, a black-rimmed glasses girl arrived at the front of the girl’s table to sit down.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

“Kazumi, you’ve come.” Rumi raised her head and looked at her with a bit of pleasant surprise.

“What are you thinking, you don’t even know that I came,” Kazumi asked.

“It’s nothing, you hungry? Order the food first.” Rumi pushed the menu on the table in front of her.

Kazumi nodded and picked up the menu.

After ordering the food, Kazumi looked up and watched the girl opposite of her.

“What’s wrong Kazumi, do I have something on my face?” Rumi unwittingly wiped her face with her hand.

“No, just haven’t seen you for so long, suddenly found you are getting more and more beautiful,” Kazumi said with a smile.

The Kendo girl suddenly blushed, and stammered: “Not really, don’t talk nonsense.”

Seeing her as shy as ever, Kazumi thought it was very interesting.

“Are you doing ok? Is it fun in college?” Can’t stand the look of Kazumi, the Kendo girl quickly diverted the topic.

“It’s so-so, just a bit more freedom than high school. What about you? Now you’re in a third grade, what does it feel to be the senior sister?” Kazumi took a sip of tea and said.

“It’s okay, when I began to be called senior sister, I was somewhat unused to, but then I gradually adapted to it,” Rumi said with a smile.

“How is my mom? I’ve been busy studying recently, and haven’t been home for almost a month.”

“Aunty is in good health, but uncle Maeda was traveling a lot lately. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of aunty.”

“You should also pay attention to your own body, what about your school clubs?”

“Because I was busy with homework recently, I went to the Kendo club a few days ago, but I haven’t been gone to the Baseball club,” Rumi replied.

Hearing her said so, Kazumi felt relieved. This was the thing that she most worried about her because Rumi was usually too embarrassed to refuse the club activity and that might affect her schoolwork.

“Kazumi, wait till you have the time, can you accompany me to look for some reference books?” While eating, Rumi looked up and asked.

“No problem. Do you want to apply to the University that I attend?” Kazumi asked.

“Yes, I want to study….in the same University as you, Kazumi.” Finishing the sentence, the girl quietly lowered her head.

“Really? I’m also looking forward to become Rumi’s senior sister.” Seeing how her lowered head look, Kazumi said with a wry smile.

“Sorry, I want to go to the bathroom.” With that, Rumi left her seat.

Watching her walked faster and faster, Kazumi sighed.

In order not to open the wound, they will always try to avoid mentioning that guy. But, is it really useful?

In the bathroom, Rumi slapped her cheek with her hands, and then whispered to herself in the mirror: “Rumi, don’t cry, remember, don’t cry.”

But the tears did not listen to her, running down her face.

“If you cry, it would be better.” Suddenly, a voice came from the side.

Rumi turned to look and saw a very beautiful woman. She was slowly washing the hands.

After washing her hands, the woman said to the girl: “Tears are a woman’s wealth, the greater the age, the chance of bursting into tears will become less and less. While you’re still young, let all your tears out.”

Looking into the woman’s warm eyes, Rumi’s tears kept pouring out.

“Broken up with the boyfriend?” After a while, the woman handed her a tissue.

“Thank you.” Rumi very gratefully received the tissue.

“To give up a girl like you, that man is not worth your tears.” That woman carefully looked at the girl with a glance, and then said.

“It’s not like that.” Rumi tightly clutched the tissue in her hand and shook her head.

Seeing her sad face, the woman didn’t speak again, and slowly walked out of the room.

“Sorry, Kazumi, for letting you wait so long.” After coming back from the restroom, Rumi apologetically said to her calmly.

For her slightly swollen eyes, Kazumi pretended not to see and said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter. Hurry up and eat, after a minute we’re going to buy the reference books.”

“Okay.” Rumi looked down and ate something.

After settling their accounts, the two girls walked out of the restaurant door.

Not far away from the door, Rumi saw a pretty woman sitting in a red sports car. Without much thought, Rumi quickly ran over.

“Really thank you for just now.” Arriving at the woman’s side, Rumi made a thank you gesture and said to her.

The woman turned around, looked at the slightly-short-of-breath-because-of-running girl before her, and smiled.

“You come here to say this sentence?”

“Yes.” Rumi nodded her head.

The woman smiled and turned on the car.

After she started the car, from the window, the woman said to her: “You’re still a kid. But I like you a lot.” With that, she closed the window and sped away.

Rumi watched with bewildered look as the sports car getting farther and farther away.

“Rumi, you know that person?” Kazumi went to her to ask.

“I don’t know her, just met her once when in the bathroom,” Rumi replied.

“Turns out to be so,” Kazumi said, and then looked in the direction where the sports car disappeared.

If she isn’t mistaken, that person seems to be the woman she met at the funeral that day, the mistress of the family elder. She did not expect she would meet her here.


“Madame Yaka, this is my daughter, Hasebe Naoko. Please advise.” Naoko’s mother said to the opposite middle-aged woman.

“I have long heard that Director Hasebe has two very beautiful daughters, now seeing her with my own eyes, she is really incomparably beautiful. This is my son, Yaka Kawashiro; this year just graduated from Harvard University. At the graduation time, his mentor wanted him to teach there, but because he wanted to help his father manage the business, he rejected his mentor’s request.” Mrs. Yaka a bit proudly introduced her son.

Hasebe Shohata praised: “Your son is really young and promising, in the future, he will definitely become the right-hand man of Mr. Yaka. Naoko, come say hello to Mrs. Yaka and Mr. Kawashiro.”

“Hello, Mrs. Yaka, Mr. Kawashiro, hello.” Naoko bent her waist to greet them and said.

“You are too kind, Miss Hasebe.” Yaka Kawashiro a bit excited to see the absolutely beautiful person in front of him.

Being accustomed to the culture of freedom in the United States, Yaka Kawashiro hates this kind of blind date. But because he was forced by his parents, he reluctantly agreed. In the first two blind dates, he really had enough of those rich princesses false modesty. One of them is even more exaggerate that she even need to seek her mother’s consent to eat a snack.

These princesses, are not like the ordinary people imagine, that all of them are so beautiful. At least, he had seen some of them, only a few pleasing to his eyes.

For this blind date, he didn’t have much high hope.

But, since he saw Hasebe Naoko for the first time now, his heart didn’t slow down.

He was extremely lucky not to refuse this blind date, or he’d missed such a tender and absolutely beautiful top level beauty.

When the two middle-aged women were engaging monotonous pleasantry, Yaka Kawashiro unblinkingly stared at the opposite Naoko.

Seeing Yaka Kawashiro’s eyes seemingly can’t wait to swallow Naoko, Hasebe Shohata and Mrs. Yaka couldn’t help but smile at each other.

“Let the two young people talk, our two old women will just be a bother here, Kawashiro, why don’t you take miss Hasebe to the outside for a walk. What do you think, Mrs. Hasebe?” Mrs. Yaka asked Hasebe Shohata.

“This proposition is very good. Naoko, you go out with Mr. Kawashiro.” Hasebe Shohata immediately responded.

“Miss Hasebe, would you go out with me?” Yaka Kawashiro said with full of hope.

Naoko thought for a moment, and then looked up and said: “Then bother you, Mr. Kawashiro.”

Seeing her agreed, Yaka Kawashiro deliriously happy, immediately stood up.

“Mother, I go now,” Naoko said to her mother.

“Em, have a great time.” Hasebe Shohata was full of smile.

After also greeting Mrs. Yaka, Naoko went out of that serene restaurant. Yaka Kawashiro, of course, immediately followed after.

“Miss Naoko, do you have any particular place you want to go?” In the car, Yaka Kawashiro eagerly said.

“If possible, I want to go to a nearby coffee shop,” Naoko answered.

“Very well.” Yaka Kawashiro immediately took the car to the cafe two hundred meters away to the left.

After parking the car, the two people walked into the coffee shop.

After getting their respective coffee, Yaka Kawashiro continually created the topic to speak with Naoko, hoping to gather more information about this beauty’s preference.

After replying several of his questions, Naoko sipped her coffee while politely listened to the talk about his study in the US.

After drinking a cup of coffee, Naoko felt she should not refill her empty cup, and said to Yaka Kawashiro: “Mr. Yaka, I have something to say to you.”

“Miss Naoko, please do not hesitate. If you don’t mind, you can call me Kawashiro.” Yaka Kawashiro very eagerly said.

Naoko looked up and said: “Mr. Yaka, I believed you are like me, being forced by the parent to come to the blind date. With Mr. Yaka’s condition, I believe you can find your ideal companion that is your equal. If there’s nothing else, I want to go back. Many thanks to Mr. Yaka’s hospitality.” After bowing to him, Naoko stood up.

Yaka Kawashiro was silly, never thought she would suddenly say she want to go back.

“Miss Naoko, do you have something urgent? If so, I can drive you there.” Yaka Kawashiro immediately said to her.

“I don’t have anything in particular, just don’t want to waste Mr. Yaka’s time,” Naoko answered.

“How can this be called wasting time, I like being together with Miss Naoko.” Yaka Kawashiro also stood up and said.

Naoko said to Yaka Kawashiro: “Mr. Yaka, you should go find someone who is more suitable to be your partner, please do not waste your time.”

“No, Miss Naoko, ever since I first saw you, I already like you, Miss Naoko, please give me a chance?” Yaka Kawashiro directly confessed to her.

Naoko raised her beautiful eyebrows and said with a straight face: “Mr. Yaka, I already have a favorite person. Other than him, I’m not going to accept anyone. Please do not waste time with me.”

“What, is this true?” Yaka Kawashiro said in surprise.

“Yes, it’s true. If there’s nothing else, I take my leave, Mr. Yaka.” After another bowing ritual, Naoko walked toward the door.

Yaka Kawashiro blankly stared at her beautiful figure walking farther and farther away, and for a long time could not say a word.

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