Awakening: Chapter 133-Ward

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“Doctor, How’s my daughter?” When the doctor came out from the ICU, Hase Shohata immediately asked.

The doctor looked around and saw a few of the patient’s family, said: “To be honest, the condition that the patient is in is very dangerous. After being admitted here in the hospital last night and up to now, her heart rate has been very unusual, and so far, she hasn’t woken up.  I saw her medical records, she has a congenital heart disease, and had been hospitalized because of the disease two years ago. Moreover, the patient is very weak, compared to the previous one, this time’s illness is even worse. We will do our best to save the patient, but please prepare yourself.”

“Prepare? Doctor please say it more clearly.” Hase Kenji asked loudly.

The doctor thought for a moment before answering: “If her condition continues to deteriorate, the patient is likely to die.”

Hearing his remark, everyone’s face immediately became pale.

“Doctor, I beg you, you must save my daughter…..”

“We will try out best. Please rest assured.” The doctor comforted Hase Shohata who has been crying all along.

“Doctor, I’ve heard that the best treatment for congenital heart disease is a heart transplant, can you do this type of surgery to my younger sister? Money isn’t an issue, so long as you can rescue my younger sister, we don’t care how much we have to pay.”  Naoko’s brother Hase Kento asked.

“it is as you’ve said, you’re younger sister has a congenital heart disease, and performing a heart transplant is indeed the best way to prolong the patient’s life. But as you know, there are very few people who are willing to donate their organ’s after death, so the storage capacity is very small in organs and tissue, particularly the type of heart needed. There exist a problem when the body rejects an organ, that’s why we want to find a heart that matches with your younger sister which is a very difficult matter. Even if I could find a compatible heart, with your younger sister’s present physical condition, it isn’t good to perform such a large-scale surgery.”

Hearing the doctor’s explanation, Hase Shohata’s heart was ice cold, almost fainting. Seeing her this way, Hase Kento quickly held on to her.

Once the doctor left, Hase Kento said to his younger brother: “Go and inform father immediately, tell him Naoko’s situation.”

Hase Kenji coldly snorted: “So what if we inform him, if he really cared about Naoko, he would have immediately came to see her. The reason why Naoko is like this, is his own making.”

“Kenji, watch your mouth.” Hase Kento immediately stopped him from continuing.

“You want me to inform him, then you inform him, but seeing that his always so busy anyway, he wouldn’t have the time to come.” Hase Kenji quipped.

Hase Kento in his own way, helped his mother sit to one side, then took his cellphone.

“Brother, is sister really going to die?”

“You shut up, saying such unlucky words.” Hase Kenji was furious.

“Yes, I’m sorry…..” Aiko bit her lip crying.

Looking at the pale young girl, Hase Kenji knew that he scared her. Quickly saying softly: “I’m sorry, I didn’t met to say that, Rest assured. Naoko’s going to be fine.” He said as he clenched his fist.

Through the window of the ward, Aiko stared at her sister lying on the bed wearing an oxygen mask, her face pale and her thin white body.

Gennai, you bastard, why haven’t you come back yet?

She knew why her sister became so weak. Without coming back for more than a year, and that bastard didn’t even call back.

Six months ago, Naoko finally moved back to the Apartment Aiko was at.

Helping her move the baggage she had, Aiko discovered a hand-made scarf with gloves. Needless to say, it must be specially woven by her sister for that guy.

When she asked about the circumstances about that guy, her sister just smiled and said that he had something to do, had to temporarily go somewhere, and will take some time before he could come back.

Although it was strange that the guy was away for so long, but Aiko didn’t ask again.

But in the evening, Aiko really regretted asking her this question. Because after her sister went into her room, she heard her desperately suppressing her tears.

In the days that followed, Aiko found that her sister was eating little by little every day, usually she would write something or translate something. It wasn’t because she was trying to work hard, but rather like it was her own anesthesia.

Seeing her face increasingly became thinner, Aiko was very worried.

Talking about her worries to Ami, Ami as usual suggesting something, telling her to spend more time at home, accompanying her sister and talking to her.

Aiko thought that this proposition was very good, that’s why she didn’t go out to play frequently like in the past, and remained at home as much as possible talking with her, and sometimes call Ami to come and play.

This method seemed to be very effective, as her sister was smiling more and more often.

But why was her face getting worse?

Suddenly, the door opened and interrupted her thoughts, as she saw a nurse hurriedly ran out of the intensive care ward.

“What happened?” Hase Kenji immediately ran over and asked.

“The patient isn’t breathing normally, the situation is very dangerous. Please let me, I need to tell the doctor to come immediately.”

“What did you say?” Hase Kenji couldn’t help but make an effort to grab the nurse’s arm.

Please let me go, I need to call the doctor.” The nurse worriedly said.

“Kenji, quickly let go of her. Sorry, could you hurry up and call a doctor.” Hase Kento tugged his brother’s hand.

The nurse nodded, and immediately ran out.

“Why is this happening? Naoko!” Hase Shohata wanted to burst into the intensive care unit, but was pulled by Hase Kento.

“Mom, calm down, it will affect the doctor’s job.”

Aiko looked at her elder sister’s icy cold hands and feet on the hospital bed, tears streaming down on her face unceasingly.

I’m sorry, sister, because of that Gennai guy, I hated you, even cursed you, but now I admit my mistake, I’m really sorry. I don’t care what you do to me, but please wake up quickly….



“Hello, who are you looking for?” The police who was patrolling nearby asked loudly.

He was paying attention to this person for quite sometime now.

This person shouldn’t live nearby. What is important is that on his neck was a very obvious scar, and looked a little like a knife wound. If it really was a knife would, it was very possible that the type of hoodlum who comes out that steals to feed himself.

From the start, he’s just standing there, at that big apartment door, seemed as if he’s waiting for someone.

To his knowledge, that big apartment was where to very beautiful sisters live. Does this guy have ill intentions toward them?

Thinking of this, the young police spontaneously arise, imagining himself like a hero coming to the rescue upholding justice.

But the man ignored him, and continued to stand motionless.

The young policeman was a little angry, and immediately walked over to him.

“Hey, I’m asking you, why aren’t you answering?”

The man looked him in the eye.

The young policeman found that he looked much younger than he had imagined.

Just as he was about to ask, the man spoke first, “Can I borrow your phone to make a call?”

“What? You want to borrow my phone?” The policeman didn’t think that the hoodlum would ask to borrow a police’s phone.

“I have an urgent matter; I need to make a call.”

Looking at his eyes, the police unknowingly pulled out his cell phone and gave it to him.

“Thanks.” After the man received the cell phone, he immediately dialed a phone number.

However, when he pressed the fifth digit, he suddenly stopped, and after a long time didn’t press the sixth digits.

His grandmother, again, something’s up. Feeling something especially from something like a fragmentary thing like a telephone number, and not just from his, but her phone number as well.

Starting from when he got off the plane, he had a very bad feeling. A feeling of anxiety that was slowly disrupting his state of mind.

Taking a deep breath, he calmed his mind, telling himself, the most important thing right now is to get to where she is.



“Immediately send her to the ICUk, take turns and send someone on duty for 24 hours, if anything happens inform me immediately.” Coming out of the operating room, the doctor was talking to the nearby head nurse.

“Doctor, how’s my younger sister?” Looking at Naoko who was on the stretcher, Hase Kenji first asked.

“Sorry, we’ve done everything we could. But your younger sister’s situation is still becoming more and more unstable, even her breathing isn’t normal, in addition her heart rate is excessively slow. In order to make her heart rate become normal, I’ve injected her a cardiac glycoside. But if she doesn’t wake up tonight, the patient would likely have a heart failure.” Here, the doctor didn’t say anything else.

Hearing his words, everyone’s face changed.

“Mom!” At this time, Aiko suddenly cried.

Turning their head, they saw Hase Shohata unknowingly faint on the ground, Aiko was making an effort to hold her head.

“Nurse, immediately send her to the emergency room.” The doctor yelled after observing her condition.

“Doctor, how’s my mother?” Aiko asked quickly.

“She just couldn’t handle the situation and fainted, I’ll check on her again later.”

Kenji, Aiko, both of you stay here and look after Naoko, I’ll take care of mother.” With that, Hase Kento followed the doctor towards the emergency room.

At 22:00, Kenji and Aiko remained at the front of the ICU.

Naoko still didn’t show any signs of waking up, Hase Kenji was anxiously walking up and down the corridor.

Suddenly, a man came over.

“Kenji, how’s Naoko’s condition?”

Hase Kenji looked up, and saw his father Hase Masao.

Although he was unwilling, he still replied: “Naoko’s condition is really bad, the doctor said, if she doesn’t wake up tonight, then, it’s likely that she’ll suffer from heart failure.”

Hase Masao’s face changed, he didn’t think that the situation would be so bad.

“Your mother?” After a while, Hase Masao asked.

“Mother fainted. She’s now in the hospital ward resting, brother is looking after her.” Seeing his father’s dejected look, Hase Kenji’s resentment disappeared.

Hase Masao arrived in front of the ICU room, looking at her daughter lying down on the hospital bed from the glass window, without making any noise for a very long time.

“Because I forced her to do something she doesn’t want, Naoko became like this. Kenji, you hate me, right?” Hase Masao looked back towards them, and said slowly.

Hase Kenji looked at his eyes, and didn’t speak a word.

“You also know, Naoko since childhood was frail. But she has been a sensible and caring child. Besides her illness, she had never made me worry. But this time she really made a mistake. As her father, I can’t continue to let my daughter go down the wrong path, this is my responsibility. However, I’ve made a mistake in handling this matter, I shouldn’t have forced her.” Hase Masao’s tone expressed deep remorse.

Watching their father suddenly look 10 years older, Hase Kenji felt his chest tightened.

Sitting in the back, Aiko made an effort to cover her mouth crying in a low voice.

2:00 am, Naoko still hadn’t woken up. Hase Shohata insisted  on waiting outside until Naoko woke up, Hase Kento who had no choice, escorted her back outside the ICU.

As the minutes ticked by, an incredibly heavy oppressive atmosphere spread in the whole corridor. Everyone lost the mood to talk.

Suddenly, a burst of rapid footsteps came from outside the corridor. Because of the quiet environment, these footsteps became very loud.

Hase Kento found that those footsteps was becoming increasingly clear, as if there were several people walking towards here.

Sure enough, before long, five men appeared in the corridor.

Aiko looked up, looking at the side, her whole being was dumbfounded.

“Ge..Gennai-san?” After a good look it was indeed that man, she cried aloud.

Hearing her cry, the others also looked over.

But before they could look, the man had already appeared in front of Aiko.

“You….” Seeing his face, Aiko was suddenly filled with a mixture of surprise, anger, grievance, and other complex emotions.

Before she could finish, Lei Yin interrupted and asked first: “Has your woken up?”

When he came in, he first saw a doctor and found out Naoko’s illness. After all, only a doctor can explain things clearly.

“Who are you?” Hase Kenji looked at this strange young man and asked.

Looking at Aiko who was also not reacting, Lei Yin didn’t want to waste any more time, and turned around walking towards the ICU.

“Who are you, what are you doing here?” Hase Kento hurriedly blocked him.

“Move out of the way!” Lei Yin didn’t have time to take care of him, shoving him aside.

“Hey, what do you actually want?” Hase Kenji ran up and stopped him.

Lei Yin was worried right now, but seeing someone blocked him again. He couldn’t bear it anymore, turning his head, he said loudly to the four men behind him: “Block them immediately. Don’t let them hinder me.”

The four men immediately ran up, two were blocking the Hase brothers. While the other stood in front of Hase Masao.

“Gennai Masashi, what do you actually want to do?” Hase Masao shouted.

“You listen to me, right now I’m the only one who can save Naoko.” With that, he opened the door, and went inside.

“What do you want?” Hase Kenji cried loudly while struggling.

Suddenly, one of the men pulled something out from his chest and put I in front of his hcest.

“Shut up!”

The two other men also took out the same thing and placed it against Hase Kento’s and Hase Masao’s waist.

“You, you….” Seeing the men hold a hand gun, Hase Masao was frightened, feeling his hand and feet become icy cold.

“We’re just doing what Mr. Gennai told us, just don’t say anything.” One man said towards Hase Masao.

The Hase family suddenly didn’t dare speak out. The four men also immediately retrieved their hand gun, in order to avoid being seen by other people.

Aiko didn’t think that she would see such scene, looking at Lei Yin inside the hospital ward dull.
Looking through the glass window, they saw Lei Yin walked towards Naoko who was lying on the bed, climbing up the bed, he made a very strange posture sitting cross-legged, and then held Naoko’s hands.

The Hase family didn’t know exactly what he wanted, but they had choice but to only look quietly.

Looking at Naoko’s body, Lei Yin found many of her channels stagnating into a ball. Apparently due to worries over this fool.

It was now too late for him to send his qi towards her meridians, one by one, it was important for him to start with her heart arteries first, enabling it to circulate naturally, so that she could live on.

After considering this, Lei Yin sent his qi into her body treating her right away.

She didn’t know if she was seeing things, but in the dark room, Aiko saw Gennai’s body suffused with a faint layer of light.

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