Awakening: Chapter 134-Dreamland

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Naoko had a very strange dream.

She dreamt her whole body soaked in a hot spring, her upper and lower body were warm.

Just like every morning when she woke up fast, she knew she was in a dreamland. But it felt so warm and so comfortable, making her feel this was very familiar and close to her.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. Seeing the man sitting in front of her, she smiled.

‘Really nice, he came to see me.’

“Lei, don’t go, okay? Why do you always have to go so soon? Did you know that every time I woke up and found I am only by myself, was really uncomfortable? Please, let this dream be a little longer, will you?” Naoko forced herself to hug him and said.

“I promise you, I won’t leave you again.”

Naoko’s ears heard that familiar voice.

“Lei, you’re really nice to me.” Naoko closed her eyes very satisfiedly; she suddenly felt exhausted.

After a while, listening to her steady, regular breathing, Lei Yin knew that she fell asleep.

Gently he laid her on the bed and then covered her with the quilt up to her chest. Lei Yin was very aggrieved to see her pale, haggard face.

“I’m sorry, making you suffer.” Lei Yin softly said a sentence, and then put her left hand on his face to gently stroke.

After coming out from the ICU room, Lei Yin saw not only the Hasebe family was here, even the doctor in-charge of Naoko also present. However, it was evident that when he was going to inspect the patient, he was casually “held hostage” by the four men, because one can see his scared look and the beads of sweats that covered his forehead.

“Doctor, please check out her condition. She just woke up for a while, but fell asleep again.”

“Very well.” The doctor was scared to death and hurriedly went in.

“Sorry, just now because the situation is too urgent, I’ve offended you.” Lei Yin turned his head toward the Hasebe family and said.

“How is Naoko now?” Hasebe Masao took one look at him and asked.

Just now the few of them have also seen that after this guy entered the room, about an hour later Naoko indeed awake a bit.

“Let’s wait for the doctor to check over, okay?” He really couldn’t explain to them about his treatment.

“If something happens to my sister, I won’t let you get away with it.” Hasebe Kenji told him what’s inside his heart.

Lei Yin ignored him and turned to look toward Naoko’s ward.

Seeing him like this, Hasebe Kenji was even more furious. His two eyes fiercely stared at him from behind.

Aiko looked at him with an incredibly complex look.

‘I haven’t seen him for more than a year; he seems a bit taller. He also looks a lot thinner than a year ago, but it gives a more mature taste.’

Although she didn’t know where he went this past year, Aiko felt as though he wasn’t doing great. Maybe it was just like what her sister said, he really has had difficulties.

‘Who are the other four men who came with him? Each of them actually carries a gun. Even more surprising is that they seem to be very respectful and obedient to him. Alas, exactly how many secrets this guy has?’

After a while, the doctor came out with a surprised expression.

“How about my daughter?” Hasebe Shohata immediately asked. The other people were nervously waiting for his test result.

“It’s really strange, her heartbeat suddenly returned back to normal, including her breathing. According to her previous situation, even if we could wake her up, it is impossible for her to return to the normal heartbeat so quickly. Excuse me, what did you just do to the patient?” The doctor very excitedly walked toward the young man.

“Thank you, doctor.” Hearing his answer, Lei Yin was relieved.

After thinking for a while, he turned toward the Hasebe family and said: “Naoko should be able to wake up soon, I’ll stay here with her. Just now I’ve offended you, really sorry.” With that, he walked into the ward.

Because he had just excessively used his power, he felt a little fatigue, and not in the mood for a polite talk with them.

The Hasebe family were a bit uncomfortable to see him go, but no one tried to stop him.

“Doctor, exactly what happened to my daughter?” Hasebe Masao wanted to be sure.

“The way she is now, her situation has stabilized. As long as it keeps going, I believe she can wake up tomorrow.” The doctor explained.

Hearing his words, everyone revealed a happy countenance.

At this time, Aiko turned around to look at the ward. The man was quietly sitting on the bed watching her sister. Then, her heart faintly sighed.


Seemingly asleep for a very long time, Naoko thought that this was her best sleep in a year.

She vaguely remembered that last night she seems to dream about him. Naoko was a bit sad to sit up.

Where is this? Naoko was a bit surprised to see she was in a white room.

Soon she came to understand, this should be a hospital ward, and she must have had a heart attack again.

How long can I wait for him? Thinking of this, Naoko’s heart turned sour.

At this time the ward door suddenly opened, and someone came in with a takeaway lunch box.

Because tears blurred her view, she didn’t see the person’s face. After rubbing away the tears with her sleeve, she finally saw the man’s face.

And then, her entire body froze.

Walking over to the bed and gently placing his right hand on her left cheek, Lei Yin full of pity looked at her, “Naoko, I’m back.”


Watching two people cuddled together tightly, Hasebe Kento stood there somewhat embarrassed. ‘It seems I came in a wrong time.’

“Naoko, your brother is here.” Lei Yin whispered a sentence in her ear.

Naoko blushed, and quickly released her hold on his hand.

“Brother, good morning.” Thinking that her brother had just seen the scene where she tightly hugs a man, Naoko blushed.

“You finally woke up; we were all very worried about you.” Hasebe Kento said with a smile.

“I’m sorry, brother, letting you all worry,” Naoko said apologetically.

“It’s okay, as long as you’re alright, father and mother have stayed here until morning before they leave. If they know you’ve woke up, they’ll be very happy.” Hasebe Kento refrained from telling her that Hasebe Shohata had fainted because of too much stimulus, lest she worried.

“Letting them two old people toil so hard, I really feel sorry. Brother, you too, look tired. Why don’t you go back to rest.” Naoko said to Hasebe Kento.

“Your condition have just stabilized and need someone to look for you. Don’t worry, I’m in a good spirit.” Hasebe Kento comforted her.

Naoko just wanted to advise, but Lei Yin already started talking to him: “Brother Hasebe, I will stay here with Naoko, you’d better go back to take a rest. If there’s anything, I’ll let you know.”

Hearing him saying “Brother Hasebe” made Hasebe Kento a bit uncomfortable. For this quite mysterious young man, Hasebe Kento was not very assured. But looking at his last night’s action, he thought that the young man seems to really care about Naoko. Looked at him in the eyes, Hasebe Kento can’t help but hesitate.

“Brother, you first go back.” Naoko pleaded again.

“Very well, I will come again tonight. Mr. Gennai, if something happens, please notify me as soon as possible.” Hasebe Kento finally nodded.

“Rest assured, I’ll take care of Naoko.”

After giving his sister another glance, Hasebe Kento left the ward.

Once Hasebe Kento walked away, Lei Yin opened the lunch box and took out a bowl of steaming porridge from the inside.

“Your body is still very weak, can only eat liquid food.” Sitting on the bed, Lei Yin scooped a spoonful of porridge to her mouth.

“I….I can eat by myself.” Seeing him trying to feed her, Naoko’s face reddened.

“My dear, be obedient.”

She took one look at him, and finally opened her red cherry lips.


Seeing the house from afar, Lei Yin didn’t know how he should feel.

For more than a year he didn’t go back. He wondered what would their reaction be when they see him.

Unfortunately, he forgot Maeda’s phone number, if not, he can have a better lying partner in him. Otherwise, when they ask him where has he been this past year, he really can’t say.

He went to the door and thought for a moment. Finally, Lei Yin raised his hand and pressed the doorbell.

After a while, the door opened, and a man stepped out.

Speak of the devil, the one who opened the door was actually Maeda.

“Ma…Masashi?” Maeda looked at him like seeing a ghost.

Lei Yin found his surprised look was quite funny. But there was no time to laugh, he quickly pulled him out to the street.

Ryutaro Maeda was like a fool being pulled to a corner before stopping.

“Masashi, you really are Masashi?” Maeda tightly clutched his arm. Until now he still can’t believe that this guy who disappeared for more than a year has suddenly appeared before him.

“I know you’re very surprised by this, but now it’s not the time to catch up, let us come up with a string of statements.” Lei Yin said.

“Statement, what statement?” Ryutaro Maeda is, after all, a trained police officer, he quickly recovered his thought.

After seeing him calm down, Lei Yin immediately told him about his ideas.

After a round of talking, Ryutaro Maeda reluctantly said: “Very well, I’ll say it like that. After you come back, you this guy immediately ask me to help you lie, later on, don’t make me do this kind of thing anymore.”

“But what I said is actually not a lie, most of which are true. Later on, I’ll explain it to you. By the way, what are you doing in my house? Came here to eat?” After having his promise, Lei Yin asked.

“Masashi, actually….I’ve married Rumiko.” Ryutaro Maeda stammered.

“When did this happen?” Lei Yin was pleasantly surprised.

“Three months ago,” Maeda said.

“Very good, I can’t believe you guy actually get it, I was worried that you would only talk about love with my mom forever.” Lei Yin vigorously patted him on the shoulder to show his appreciation.

Maeda smiled without saying a word.

“Alright, don’t giggle, hurry up and prepare it. I’m waiting here for you.” Lei Yin said.

“Ok, I’ll drive over.” With that, Maeda walked back.

When he returned to the living room, Rumiko has just showered.

“I just heard someone rang the doorbell, who is it?” Rumiko asked.

“One of my subordinates, Rumiko, listen to me, that fellow said, they’ve found Masashi.” Maeda pretended to be excited.

“What? You say that again!?” Rumiko could not believe her ears.

“Just now the police informed me, they’ve found Masashi,” Maeda repeated.

“Is that true? Are you serious?” Rumiko excitedly pulled his hand.

“It’s true, I’m going to pick him up right now,” Maeda said while wearing a coat.

“I’ll go with you.” Rumiko hurriedly back to the room to change clothes.

“No, just stay at home waiting for us to come back. I’m leaving now.” Before she could say anything, Maeda went out of the door.

“You have to hurry back.” Rumiko had no choice but to run to the door and loudly shout.

“I know.”

Once Maeda drove out, Rumiko was restless, feeling both anxious and looking forward to it.

‘That’s right, Rumi should also know about this.’ Thinking about this, she quickly ran to Rumi’s room and knocked her door.

After the door is opened, Rumiko saw Rumi was single-heartedly dedicated to practicing the test questions.

“Rumi.” Rumiko softly called out.

The Kendo girl finally heard someone called her, raised her head to look at the caller, who turned out to be Rumiko.

“Turns out to be Aunty, what can I do for you?” The girl stood up, looked at her and asked.

“Rumi, according to Ryutaro, the police have found Masashi,” Rumiko said as tears streaming down her face.

“What?” The pen in the girl’s hand dropped to the floor.

“Aunty, is this true, they’ve really found senpai?” The girl excitedly ran to her side.

“It’s true, Ryutaro has gone to pick him up, soon they’ll be back.” At the last word, Rumiko has already choked with sobs.

At this time, the girl’s mind went blank. She could not believe the thing that she looks forward to day and night, could actually come so suddenly.

When the two women were anxiously waiting for the return of Lei Yin, Ryutaro Maeda used the car to carry Lei Yin around the block back and forth to make up time.

“It’s almost time, let’s go back.” Looking at his watch, Ryutaro Maeda said.

“Em, let’s go then. Alas, haven’t seen them for a year, I do not know what has become of them now?” Lei Yin sighed.

“They are thinking of you everyday. If I do not know that you have had difficulties, I really want to beat the sh*t out of you.” Maeda threw the cigarette butt out of the window.

Lei Yin paused, after a while, he said: “Let’s go back. I also want to see them.”

Ryutaro Maeda immediately turned the car to drive back.

Once again coming to the door, Lei Yin saw Rumiko and Rumi standing at the doorway side by side looking out.

After getting out of the car, step by step Lei Yin walked to the door.

Watching the two women’s eyes flashing with tears, Lei Yin didn’t know what to say. After a while, he said a sentence in a very dry voice: “Mom, Rumi, I’m back.”

The two women standing at the doorway rushed out to throw themselves at him….

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