Awakening: Chapter 135-Reunion

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“The thing is, our police met with the US embassy and took Masashi back.” After the excitement from the reunion, Ryutaro Maeda slowly began to explain the reason of Masashi’s disappearance.

“So that sort of thing could actually happen.” Rumiko was very sad, and held Masashi’s hand. At the side Rumi kept on wiping away her tears.

Seeing them cry so sadly, Lei Yin help but feel a little bit guilty. Looking at Maeda, he discovered that he was the same.

The version that Lei Yin explained to them was very simple. The general content follows along: He went to US to visit a good friend who he met online, but it didn’t take long when the plane had an accident. After being sent to a local hospital, because of the excessive blood loss during that time, resulted in insufficient blood to make the brain function, so he had been unconscious and in bed full of patient for a year. After the crash, the documents, wallet and luggage were stolen by local thieves, so the US hospital was unable to confirm his identity. But up until recently, he miraculously woke up, after contacting the local embassy, he had safely returned to Japan.

Although Rumiko was convinced with their explanation, but Lei Yin and Maeda knew, that this version had many weak points. The biggest flaw was that even without the documents to prove his identity, it was very obvious that “Gennai Masashi” had Asian ethnic characteristics, and most people in the US would see him as a tourist. As long as they check immigration records at the airport they’ll be able to find his data quickly. There wouldn’t be any problem to confirm his identity. But Rumiko didn’t understand how the police operated, and in any case, as long as he could make them believe him, it was enough. This time he should have pass through the plan.

“Masashi, you look very tired, quickly take a back and rest well.” After a long time, Rumi finally calmed down, and told Lei Yin.

“Okay, mother. You also get some rest, Rumi you too.” He was indeed a little tired, as he had just got off the plane last night, in addition to nursing Naoko on the hospital bed, he hadn’t close his eyes ever since. If not for Naoko insisting him to go back and rest, he would have possibly still be at the hospital.

“Senpai, I’ll help you prepare hot water.” Rumi stood up.

“Thank you.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

“You’re welcome.” Afraid to look at his eyes, the girl whispered something, and then hurriedly ran towards the bathroom.

Seeing Rumi’s shy look, Rumiko gently laughed.

After taking a bath, Lei Yin’s spirit became a lot better.

Passing through Rumi’s room, he saw the room lights on.

Knocking on the door, there came the familiar voice of Rumi, “Come in.”

Opening the door, he saw Rumi sitting in front of a desk, a book spread on top of the table.

“Senpai.” The young girl didn’t think it would be him, and was suddenly a little startled close the book on the table.

Seeing her like this, Lei smiled and walked towards her.

“Writing a diary? Don’t worry, I won’t take a peek.”

The girls face was crimson.

Pulling up a chair, sitting down, Lei Yin stared at the girl for a moment, then simply said: “It seems that the little girl has finally grown up.”

Hearing this, a surge of emotion suddenly welled up on the young girl. Tears flowed from her eyes coming out uncontrollably.

“Senpai, I miss you.” Rumi could no longer bear it, and threw herself into his arms and cried.

“I’m sorry.” Except for this words, Lei Yin didn’t know what else to say.

The girl shook her head and said: “No, so long as senpai….came back, it’s enough.”

Lei Yin silently stroke her hair, and felt that it had been longer than a year since he had done so.

After she calmed down, Lei Yin said with a  gentl voice: “Listen, Maeda said that you were busy preparing for the university entrance exam recently, studying hard is good, but you must take care of yourself. Understand?”

“Un.” The young girl nodded gently in his arms.

Feeling the girl’s mature body, Lei Yin thought that hugging like this isn’t very good, so he gently lifted her up, and then used his sleeves to wipe the tears from her face.

“Crying kid.” After wiping her tears away, Lei Yin pinched her nose with a smile.

The young girl also looked at him, smiling.

“Well, go get some rest.” Lei Yin stood up.

Following him to the door, the girl looked up at him, and then said meaningfully: “Senpai, Will I see again tomorrow?”

“You little fool, I’ve already come back, I won’t leave again. Later, you’ll be able to see me everyday.” Patting her head, Lei Yin smiled and left the room.

“Senpai, good night.” Standing at the doorway, the girl smiled with tears flowing down her face.



“Lei, when can I get discharged?” Like a cat lover, he was stroking her hair softly, when Naoko asked.

“I asked the doctor, and said that you’ll be able to go home in a week, only that you have to pay special attention to resting and taking medicine on time. Good, patiently wait a few days, all right?” Lei implicitly comforted her.

“Un.” Naoko closed her eyes and complied.

Suddenly she remembered something, looking up, she asked: “Lei, will you continue studying?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just suddenly thought of asking. I heard that your sister is now a first year in Teikyou University.” Naoko replied.

“Do you think it’s necessary for me to continue studying?”

Naoko seriously thought for a moment, then a little reluctantly shook her head.

With her knowledge, Naoko aware that she had never seen anyone like him. On wealth, he had stored a great sum of money in her account a year ago. Which university student could achieve something to this degree?

“Tell me, you actually thought that I would continue studying, right?” Lei Yin asked.

Looking at his eyes, Naoko nodded.

Struggling in his arms, she said softly: “I know that with your knowledge there’s no need for you to continue studying, but it’s just a little pitiful, you won’t get to know more a lot of people, and make more friend.”

“Please, don’t treat me like I’m autistic, will you? The people I know aren’t few, just that there aren’t many good people.” Mentioning autism, he suddenly remembered that little rascal Amy, and din’t know what she had become now.

Hearing his words, Naoko couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’ll think about your suggestion. But compared to this thing, there is another matter that’s just bothering me.”

“What matter?” Naoko asked a bit strangely.

“You’re illness, you may want to take some time to rest and fully recover. But you know, I’m a normal healthy man, that kind of pain isn’t enough to stop me from eating you up, it would be awful if you died because of that. Naoko, you better hurry up and quickly get better.” Then, Lei Yin lowered his head and nipped her ear.

“You bastard….” Naoko blushed up to her ears, as she shrunk into his arms.

Perhaps because of being separated for a long time from being a newly-married couple, seeing captivatingly embarrassed look, Lei Yin immediately had a strong reaction.

Sticking against his body, Naoko immediately sensed the changes in his body, her whole body trembled like a frightened little animal.

Knowing that her heart couldn’t be exposed from too much stimulation, Lei Yin didn’t dare tease her again, and could only hug her motionlessly.

At this time, a knock could suddenly be heard from outside.

Naoko was startled, and immediately left Lei Yin’s arms, and hurriedly fixed her disorderly clothes.

Seing a young nurse come in, Lei Yin thought that she wanted to take Naoko’s temperature and so on, so he immediately got out of the way at one side.

But the nurse said to Lei Yin: “Are you Gennai Masashi?”

“I am, did something happen?” Lei Yin was a little surprised.

“Some gentlemen outside said something about looking for you. They’re waiting in the corridor outside.” The nurse replied.

“Thank you. Naoko, I’ll take my leave.” Lei Yin turned his head and said to Naoko.

“Lei, you must come back a bit faster.” Naoko’s eyes revealed a worried expression.

“Relax, I’ll come back quickly.” Kissing her forehead, Lei Yin went out of the hospital ward.

Naoko was a little restless as she gazed towards the direction he had left.



In the hallway, Lei Yin saw a few people who were looking for him.

It was them, a faint smile crept on Lei Yin face.

One of the men was about to speak, when Lei Yin’s hand had immediately prevented him from opening his mouth.

“Let’s go talk on the roof.” With that, he took the lead, and walked towards the rooftop.

The men immediately followed behind.

After reaching the roof, the four men dressed in black suits shut the door, and then stayed there.

The other two men went to the edge of the roof, one of the man took off his sunglasses clearly revealing his face, and then, all of a sudden knelt in front of Lei Yin, clasping his feet, shouted: “Master!”

Changgan was also shaking out of his hat.

“Master, we finally meet you again.”

Taking a deep breath, Lei Yin calmed himself from their excitement, and then forcefuly shoved Reili away.

“Master, I thought you had….” Reili was crying like a child.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again.” Lei Yin said with a deep feeling.

“Master, why didn’t come to us for so long? I really missed you. If we haven’t received Akamatsu Ryuichiro’s phone call, we wouldn’t have known that you were back.” Reili was hardly able to stop his tears.

“Not that I don’t want to find you, it’s that I couldn’t.” At this point, Lei Yin sighed.

Changan and Reili didn’t say anything, waiting for his answer.

“In the last battle, I opened the power that I shouldn’t use. Although I’ve successfully killed a lot of people, but that power would soon force my body to come to an end. But I don’t know why, I didn’t die. And drifted towards a fishing village near Boston, and later was fortunately saved by a person.

Although it was a narrow escape, but my body’s meridians were broken, so I laid in bed for a full year. On top of that, I had a serious impact on the brain, of course, lost all of my memories. Until six months ago, I slowly recovered my memory, and repaired those broken meridians one by one. Half a month ago, I finally fixed up all my meridians and returned to Japan.”

Hearing his story, Changan and Reili’s face went up and down.

“Master, I’m sorry I almost killed you.” After a moment of silence, Reili said with a deep voice.

Glancing at him, Lei Yin scratched his chin, said: “Do you remember what I had said last time? That I’d teach you a lesson. In order to ease your guilt. Come, let us master and disciple get intimate.” With that, Lei Yin took him at the other side of the roof.

“Master….Master, please don’t?” Reili screamed as he was being pulled away.

Lei Yin ignored him and continued to bring him into the corner.

“Ah, Master, don’t hit me in the face!” Soon, Reili’s screams could be heard at the corner.

Changan without word smiled, the four men who were guarding the door for a moment each had a strange look in their face.

Ten minutes later, Reili’s whole face was swollen like a pig as he pathetically followed Lei Yin back.

“Master, you did it too hard, how could I let anyone see me like this?” Reili touched his face, his eyes shed a drop of green tear.

“This way, I’m giving you the chance to stay at home, and keep you out from fooling around.” Lei Yin gave him a stern look.

Reili suddenly didn’t dare to speak out.

“Master, you’ve worked hard.” Changan said with a smile.

“Fortunately, this no good kid has rough skin and flesh, the feeling is good.” Lei Yin thoughtlessly answered.

With regards to Changan’s ridicule, Reili could only smile helpless. But after a meal of his master’s beating, he seemed to be a lot more comfortable. I won’t become a masochist, right?

“Master, you’ve only possessed this little body, how can you lose your memory?” After a while, Reili remembered an issue, and opened his mouth to ask.

Looking at him, Lei Yin leaned on the railing, and said: “Do you know why human’s get angry? That’s because the brain is stimulated, caused by the kidney sending a signal up. In short, all human emotion, much of which is caused by physiological effect. Although I’m a spirit, but every time I possess a body, I don’t just purely control it, but also fuse with it. If I possessed a serious idiot’s body with brain damage, then similarly, before that body is scrapped, I would also be stranded in that body and become an idiot. That’s why, similarly, with the body I have now, if the brain is damaged, then it would also be normal for me to lose my memory. In the state of spirit, because there is no physiological effect, I was in a state of nothingness, which is what Buddhists call free.”

“Fortunately master has finally returned.” Reili said.

“You came to me, it was too noticeable. Tonight I’ll go look for you.” Lei Yin said.

“Master, let’s talk again in detail tonight. This is your cell phone and the documents.” Changan handed him something.

Lei Yin readily took the bag. Because he couldn’t bring any personal thing while on duty, in order to avoid someone from finding it, Lei Yin had given it to Changan.

“Master, we’ll go first.” Reili said to Lei Yin.

“I’ll call tonight.” Lei Yin nodded.

Once they left, Lei Yin returned to the ward.

Seeing Lei Yin come back safe and sound, Naoko was very happy.

“I said that I’d come back quick, you worry too much.” Lei Yin pitifully touched her face.

“Lei, I was really scared.” Tears were glistening in Naoko’s eyes.

“I won’t leave you again.” Lei Yin lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Feeling that familiar warmth again, Naoko burst into tears while gently responding.

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