Awakening: Chapter 136-Option

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Very quickly, a week has passed.

In this period, Kazumi came back once, and when she saw her brother really came back, she burst into tears.

To see the always calm Kazumi cry like that, Lei Yin was both touched and guilted.

After several days in Japan, Changan and ReiLi returned to the United States.

As for Naoko, her condition has been very stable, and her body recovered quickly.

Everything seems to be developing for the better.

This day, Naoko was discharged from the hospital, besides not knowing what to say to Naoko when he walked her out of the hospital, Lei Yin was having a grand confrontation with the Hasebe family.

“No, Naoko can’t live together with you again, this is highly improper.” Hasebe Masao was very determined.

“Naoko is my woman, what’s wrong with living together with me?” Lei Yin categorically said.

“From today on, Naoko had to move back home. I am her father, I have the right to do so.” Hasebe Masao continued.

“Naoko is already an adult, long past the need for parental permission. Besides, her body just needs more of my care.” Lei Yin replied tit for tat.

“There’s no need for you to worry about this, she’s my daughter, and we’ll take good care of her.”

“Talking to this point, it seems you just want me to say goodbye to Naoko. Father-in-law, what year is it now, a woman that is a few years older than the man is not big of a deal.” Lei Yin shrugged and said.

To hear the man calling himself “Father-in-law,” Hasebe Masao jumped up and shouted, “I’m warning you, I’m not your father-in-law. I will not marry my daughter to you.”

“Father-in-law, why are you so polite, we are all families here. Wouldn’t you say, Mother-in-law?” Lei Yin deliberately said to Hasebe Shohata.

Hasebe Shohata was overwhelmed to see this so-called “Son-in-law.”

“I repeat, I will not let Naoko marry a person like you.” Hasebe Masao was so furious that he started to smoke.

“Father-in-law please quell the anger, being angry is not good for your body.” Lei Yin said, pretending to care.


“You said that Naoko is your woman, but you’re just a high school student who hasn’t even graduated, aren’t you justs boasting. Do you think you can really give Naoko a comfortable life?” Hasebe Kenji has long seen this guy not pleasing to his eyes, immediately said with a cynical tone.

“To be honest, this is not difficult. Brother Kenji, although my money is not a lot, I can still draw billions at any given time.” Lei Yin casually said.

Thinking that he was playing with him, Hasebe Kenji was really angry.

Looking at the scene that was getting more and more intensified, Hasebe Kento can’t help but had a headache.

After many years studying abroad, the recently came back Hasebe Kenji was very different than Hasebe Kento, who has long been taking care of his father’s business. After the many years of business experience, he had developed a fairly accurate reading of a person.

When he first saw the young man named Gennai Masashi who was followed by a few bodyguards, he knew that this man is not as simple as Kenji imagined.

This week, he sent people to carefully investigated him. And sure enough, he also found the records that his father previously investigated in many places.

He did have an ordinary office worker mother, and he also has a policeman as his stepfather. In addition to regularly skipped classes, he is just like any other ordinary high school student.

But after further investigation, they found out that the house their family lives in was actually bought by himself. Moreover, he obtained this money through investment securities. What even more amazing was that he also separately bought a villa in Shinagawa district plus a luxury car. The money is also coming from the stock market.

After checking out his investment security records, he found that the above records could only be summed up with one word, miracle.

None of them missed, always buy in when the stocks were in their lowest position, and then closed when they reached their highest point.

Hasebe Kento does not believe there’s a prophet in this world; this miracle has only one explanation, that is, he and a few mysterious bankers manipulated the stock market as he saw fit.

He also checked the identity of the previous gunmen, but the investigation led to nowhere.

For this mysterious “High school student,” her really didn’t want to have any conflict with him.

Therefore, he suddenly coughed dryly for a moment and then said: “How about this, everyone take a step back, just let Naoko continue to live with Aiko in the apartment. What do you say, father?”

Hearing his son’s words, Hasebe Masao thought that this proposal would be a good solution.

Naoko’s sickness, the biggest reason for that to occur was that he forced her too hard. In fact, what he most disagree with was to see Naoko continue to live with the guy, if in the unlikely event that someone else knows, it will make him lose his face.

“No, I do not agree.” Hasebe Kenji loudly protested.

“Kenji, father will decide this, not you, so stop making any noise.” Fearing his brother would get things into deadlock again, Hasebe Kenta put out his rarely seen elder brother’s prestige.

Seeing his big brother’s angry expression, Hasebe Kenji immediately did not dare to make any sound.

After a while, Hasebe Masao finally nodded and said: “Very well, Naoko can continue to live with Aiko. You don’t have a problem with this, right?” With that, he gave Lei Yin a glance.

“Father-in-law is wise.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

“B*stard!” Hasebe Masao loudly scolded, turned around and walked back to the hospital.

Knowing that his father wanted to help handle Naoko’s discharge formalities, Hasebe Kento immediately followed behind.

“It’s alright now, I’ll send you back.” Lei Yin turned to Naoko and said.

“Em.” Seeing that they no longer quarreled, Naoko felt relieved.

In the car, Naoko leaned on her lover’s shoulder and said: “Lei, please don’t quarrel with my father and brothers again, okay?”

“Relax, I will exercise restraint. Don’t worry about this, all right?” Lei Yin kissed her forehead.

“Lei….” Naoko looked at him gratefully.

She knew the reason why he so against her father was because her father forced her to socialize with Yaka Kawashiro. Which then triggered her heart disease because she took things too heart.

“Alright, let’s go back.” With that, Lei Yin helped fasten her seatbelt and then started the car.

Looking at him driving a BMW in front of them, Hasebe Kenji curiously said: “Where did that guy borrow such a good car?”

Hasebe Kento didn’t speak, just quietly drove the car.

‘Unexpectedly he has paid all the expenses. Perhaps, Naoko has found a good boyfriend.’ Thinking of this, Hasebe Kento smiled.


When he got back from Naoko’s apartment, it was already 9 PM.

Walking down the living room, he saw Rumiko sitting on the couch watching TV.

“You came back, Masashi. Had dinner yet?” Rumiko stood up and asked.

“Yes, I had. Where is uncle Maeda?”

“He won’t be back until late.”

Lei Yin sat on the sofa and asked: “What about Rumi, she’s in the room?”

“Yes, this child has been reviewing her lessons very diligently recently.” Rumiko exposed a warm smile.

Lei Yin nodded his head, and casually picked up from the bowl of fruit on the table in front of him an apple to chew up.

Looking at the face of her constantly maturing son, Rumiko felt very pleased.

Masashi really grew up.

“Masashi, what’s your plan for the future?” After a while, Rumiko asked.

“What do you mean by that?” Lei Yin turned to look at her.

“Are you going to continue studying or going out to work?” Rumiko said.

It seemed he can’t escape from this question forever.

Naoko also asked the same question a few days ago, but at the time he did not pay too much attention to it. Now, he was suddenly being asked again, Lei Yin didn’t know what to say.

To be honest, he can’t think of anything else to do now.

He already gave the Black Dragon over there to Changan and ReiLi, unless they encounter a life and death situation like before, under normal circumstances, he didn’t want to interfere too much.

If he was asked to go out to work like those Japanese bosses, that was even more unbearable to him. Besides, with his current net worth, there was simply no need to do so.

But if every day he were idle, he would be seen as a prodigal. He also can’t pester Naoko to do *that thing* all day long. Moreover, now even Naoko has become a famous columnist in a women’s magazine, and almost everyday writing articles. Compared to her, he did seem a bit less busy.

“Mom, you mean?” Lei Yin asked a rhetorical question.

“I hope you can continue to study. I know you made a lot of money, but I think it would be better if you read more books. Although this year’s college entrance exams is already over, as long as you study for another year, then I am sure you can be admitted.” Rumiko said with full of hope.

“Mom, let me think about it, okay?”

“Em, you think about it.”

After returning to the room, Lei Yin lied on the bed, looking at the ceiling in a daze.

After a long time, he finally sat up, then took out a coin from the wallet.

Looking at the coin in his hand, he used his thumb to flick it up, the coin immediately tossed up into the air.

When it was about to fall, he reached out to catch the coin and then opened his hand to look.

After that, he threw the coin and then catch it for the second look.

After seeing the third results, he helplessly smiled.

He turned around to pick up the phone on the table, and after searching for a number, he finally found it.

After dazedly looking at that number for a moment, he finally pressed down.

Soon, the call was connected, from which came a gentle and elegant female voice: “Is this Mr. Gennai?”

“I am Gennai Masashi, Miss Mio, I have some matter to trouble you….”

Coming out from the bedroom, Lei Yin directly sat down beside Rumiko.

Looking at her full of hope eyes, Lei Yin nodded, “Mom, I listen to you, I will continue my study.”

“Tomorrow I’ll take a leave to help you contact the best cram school, if not, I’ll go ask a tutor to especially teach you.” Rumiko very excitedly said.”

To see her so happy, Lei Yin thought his decision didn’t seem too bad.

“No need, mom. I have a friend who’s father is a board member of Teikyo University. I have just contacted him to ask him to help me find a way. He promised me that if I can pass the Teikyo University entrance exam, I can be admitted to Teikyo University as a midterm student.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

“Is, is it true?” Rumiko looked at him in disbelief.

“It’s true. I’m going to take the entrance exams in a few days.”

“Great, that’s great….” Rumiko’s whole body trembled with excitement.

‘Do not know what would be Naoko reaction if she knows this?’ Lei Yin thought

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