Awakening: Chapter 137-Customized

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“Kazumi, you seem to be really happy these days, did something good happen?” After finishing class, Wu Qianjing looked at Kazumi who was packing her stuffs up, and asked.

“How did you know?” asked Kazumi.

“Recently you’ve been smiling more and more. Did you find a boyfriend?” Wu Qianjing leaned over and said with a grin.

Looking at this girl who had been glued at her side ever since the start of school, Kazumi shook her head and said: “No, it’s because my brother finally came back.”

“Why say that, does your older brother work outside the country?” Wu Qianjing asked puzzled.

“It’s a little complicated, I’ll explain it to you later, let’s go.” When saying that, Kazumi had already put her books and laptop away.

As they walked out of the building, Wu Qianjing said while walking: “I hate that Tanimura old man’s class, so bothersome and long-winded, listening to that Oldman makes me want to sleep. Nakano’s class is quite good, after all he looks handsome, his lectures is a treat in itself.”

“When are you going to change your view on man? That kind of man is no good, always enticing the beautiful woman in our class, just looking at it makes me disgust.” Kazumi thought otherwise.

“You’re so prejudice, he’s just simply making eye contact with them. Are all good looking men bad?” Wu Qianjing protested.

“According to Pavlov’s biological theories. Generally, good looking man will hae a certain psychological advantage, this self-righteous psychological advantage would make them feel that they’re a lady killer. So they aren’t faithful to any woman, because they feel that there are a lot of beautiful woman waiting for him to comfort her. This is commonly known as playboy. That’s why good looking man that are good are indeed few. Do you know who Pavlov is? It was the biologist who proved that you can train a dog to drool with the use of ringtone. Just like how men drool at the sight of beautiful girls.” Kazumi said with a vicious tone.

“Did what you say real or not?” Seeing that even a big name such as Pavlov was included, Wu Qianjing doubtfully asked.

“What do you think?”

Seeing her eyes full of teasing expression, Wu Qianjing immediately knew that she had been fooled.

“Hateful fellow.” She was angry and wanted to rush and teach her a lesson.

“Young lady, your image, you might want to pay attention to your image.” Kazumi delibaretly said something.

And sure enough, Wu Qianjing stopped and took a look around, and then gave her a look.

Looking at Kazumi’s mischievous smile, Wu Qianjing was also infected by her and burst into laughter.

She really was happier, before she would always make a plain face. It seems like she really was very happy to see her brother.

She was saying that It was some kind of fate.

Remembering the day, she was to report to school, she was unexpectedly sexually harassed by a sexual harasser in the train, but because there were too many people inside, she was embarrassed to make a fuss. In her most embarrassing moment, a girl suddenly kicked, kicking the guy out of the way, and then loudly scolded the pervert. Wu Qianjing had never seen such a cool girl, blankly staring at the girl who yelled at the pervert that fled, ever since she had immediately become her idol. Afterwards, she discovered that they were actually studying the same field, and immediately felt that it was destiny that they had met.

Because Teikyou University doesn’t provide lodging for students, so Wu Qianjing was clinging to dear life, and finally thinking that she wanted her life to become peaceful, she had wanted to live and rent at the same place together with Kazumi.

When they arrived at the educational administration building, Kazumi suddenly stopped.

“Hey, why did you stop walking?” Wu Qianjing asked puzzled.

Without replying, Kazumi suddenly ran towards the man standing in front of the building entrance.

Wu Qianjing didn’t see the person’s appearance, and followed close behind.

When Kazumi was about 50 meters away from the man, the man suddenly turned around and looked at her. Then saw the girl who was running towards him.

“It really is elder brother, and I’d thought I got the wrong person.” Running up to him, Kazumi said pleasantly surprised.

“Didn’t imagine we’d meet so soon, I had wanted to surprise you.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

“Did you come looking for me?” Kazumi asked.

“That’s one of the reasons. But, I actually came here to take the entrance exam.”

“What entrance exam?” Hearing his words, Kazumi seemed to have had a premonition of what was about to happen.

“Kazumi, is he your brother?” At this time, Wu Qianjing came and asked.

“Yes, he’s Gennai Masashi. Brother, this is my classmate and roommate, Wu Qianjing.” Kazumi replied.

“Hello, thank you for always taking care of my sister.”

“You’re too polite, I’m actually the one being taken cared of.” Shaking hands with him, Wu Qianjing took a look at him.

After they had greeted each other, Kazumi continued to ask: “Elder brother, you were saying something about an entrance exam, can explain it more clearly?”

“Mother thought that I needed to continue my studies, I happened to know a man, his father is one a member of the Teikyou University board of directors, he has helped me get through the line, and so long as I can pass the entrance exam, he can help me study here.” Lei Yin replied.

“Really? Are you really attending in this university?” Holding his hand, Kazumi was very excited.

“In high school, for a period of time you were already on the same level as me, this older brother of yours had already lost face. Don’t tell me, in the next years you wanted to me to go in a cram school and become you junior?” Lei Yin said.

“How did you do on the test?” Kazumi asked hurriedly.

“All passed. Later on, we’ll graduate together. Please advise me, Kazumi schoolmate.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

Kazumi couldn’t hold it in anymore, and became more excited, suddenly embracing him.

“Damn, why did no one tell me?” Kazumi cried while she complained.

“If someone had told you, where would the surprise be? Come home for dinner tonight, Mother is waiting for us at home.

Kazumi nodded in his arms.

The nearby Wu Qianjing enviously watched them.




“Lei, will you be wearing a suit tomorrow?” At their house in Shinagawa, Naoko was preparing Lei Yin’s clothes for his class tomorrow.

“No, I’ll wear the usual. It’s only a class, no need to be so serious.”

“But Teikyou University is a well-known university, tomorrow will be your first day to attend class, I thought it would be quite good if you put on something nice.” Naoko said.

Lei Yin went over and picked her up on the knee, “Fool, you’re too nervous. The students there, seeing me wear something too formal, would think that I’m a salesman.”

Naoko laughed, and very contently leaned her head on his chest, listening to the familiar sound of his heartbeat.

“Your old man, is he still forcing you to see that Yaka Kawashiro?” Lei Yin asked as he appreciatively held her delicate hands.

“Father hadn’t mentioned this matter again, it seems like he doesn’t want to force me again.” Naoko replied.

“I can understand your father’s anxiety, after all, no father would leave his baby daughter to someone who hasn’t even shown up for high school. Well, anyway, it would be a waste to leave the money in the back, so when I have time I’ll make a company. And let your father see that his son-in-law is not a lounger, and should be a bit more at ease.”

“Do you really want to build a company?” Naoko raised her head and asked.

“I have that idea, in any case I still need to go to university. But at the appointed time, you’ll be my beautiful secretary sitting on my lap inside the office every day.” When it came to the last sentence, Lei Yin jokingly laughed.

“Hateful!” Naoko blushed to her ears, gently hitting his chest.

Lei Yin’s heart moved, he tightly held her in his arms, smelling her heavenly fragrance.

The mature, tender and beautiful woman docilely settled in his arms, letting him do as he wishes.

After hugging for a while, Lei Yin suddenly asked: “That kid Aiko, how’s she doing recently?”

Naoko was charmingly furious: “Still calling her a kid, she’s now a university student. Just that a lot of school boys are chasing her badly, and would receive calls from them every day.

“She needs a shield, your old man should have no free time to manage you two again. The so-called grown up daughter leaving the nest, it seems like he’ll be having a headache again.” Lei Yin smirked.

“Although there are many boys pursuing her, but it seems she isn’t interested in any of them. Lei, I think Aiko may still like you.” Naoko said a bit worried.

“Don’t think too much, maybe she just hadn’t met the right one. She’ll be in university for 4 years, it’s long enough, just let her take her time to find the one.” Lei Yin comforted.

“Un.” Naoko, leaned her head on his chest again.



“Student, I woud like to introduce to you, this is your new classmate Gennai Masashi. And for some special reason, it had been quite some time before he could get here. Later, you must get along well.” Attending his class, a 40-year old teacher, Moriyama-sensei introduced him to the student as he stood at the platform.

After Moriyama was finished, the students immediately began to talk among each other.

It has already been two most since school started, and he had only registered at this time, it really made them think very strangely.

Watching the students talk among themselves, Moriyama-sensei coughed, then loudly said: “Gennai student, just like in the past, go and introduce yourself.”

Lei Yin was most annoyed with was having to introduce himself, but since Moriyama-sensei had called him, he had to walked to the center of the platform, saying: “Hello everyone, I am Gennai Masashi, from now on please advise me.” With that, he went back to the same place.

Seeing that he had just said a sentence and was immediately done, not only the students, even Moriyama-sensei was caught off guard.

“Well, Gennai student, are you finished?”


“Then, you may go back to your seat.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, let’s begin our class.” After Lei Yin got out of the way, Moriyama-sensei immediately said.

When Lei Yin was just about to look for a “bed”, a lanky man suddenly said to him in a low voice: “Hello, my name is Takeda Hidetoshi. Gennai Masashi, come sit here, there are empty seats.”

Hearing his name, Lei Yin couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth. After having a glance at him, he finally sat beside him.

After sitting, Lei Yin discovered that this guy’s jeans were deliberately with holes, on his T-shirt there was two big English letters printed: Me.

Although Lei Yin didn’t care about the traditional moral principal of public dress, but seeing this kind of dress full of bad taste, he now felt a little regret for impulsively sitting next to him.

When the boy saw Lei Yin look at his pants, he proudly said: “Well, isn’t this very cool, I also wanted to make two large holes in the buttocks, but my sister said that if I did, she would at once cut off our brother and sister relationship. That’s why I restrained myself from doing so.”

These words made Lei Yin remember of Reili when he was a kid. The boy at the age of 6 was also persistent in wearing an open-crotch pants, saying that it was more convenient for him. Lei Yin at that time didn’t care about what he wore, and was too lazy to care for him.

Many years later, every time Reili remembered about his righteous appearance at the time, even with his ultra-thick facial skin, he still felt very embarrassed. And even began to blame his master: Why didn’t you stop me from going that, as he was being laughed at for so many years. But after a meal of Lei Yin’s crazy martial arts, he didn’t dare to mention this matter anymore, and could only sigh at his own cruel fate at heart.

“Your family is in Tokyo?” The youth named Takeda Hidetoshi asked.

“Yes, it’s not far from here.” Lei Yin replied.

“That’s really nice, you can go back at any time. My home is in Kyoto, I came here together with my sister to take the test, but she’s older than me by one year. Do you know who my sister is? Yes, you should already know. She’s the student council clerk. Very fierce, she had only been here for two year, but has already become the clerk. Not long, the position of student council president would certainly belong to her. Also, she is the school’s flower in her first year. Having many male students chase her like flies.”

Lei Yin looked at the male student who obviously had an elder sister complex as he was endlessly talking about her elder sister, without any opportunity to interrupt him.

“Takeda Hidetoshi, we’re still in class, shut your mouth.”  When Takeda Hidetoshi was enthusiastically talking, a girl wearing a gold-rimmed glasses in front of them, turned around and gave him a stern look.

“Dead 38, isn’t this none of your business?” Takeda quietly cursed.

“You say that again, and I’ll complain to the teacher for you.” The girl didn’t allow herself to be outdone, and answered back.

“You….” Takeda without making any more noise, and resentfully looked at her.

Lei Yin on the one side watched them bicker with great interest. Although they were university students, but after all, it hadn’t been long since they had graduated from high school, compared to those older students that graduated before them, and sure enough there were still significant differences. As they still resemble a high school student.

“She’s called Dead 38, a friend of Mai Haruko, and is a person who like minding other’s business. Later you must be careful of this fellow. She often snitches people to the teacher.” Takeda looked over to Lei Yin and whispered in his ear.

Lei Yin laughed and didn’t make a sound, and then took out a novel from his bag and started to read.

Takeda Hidetoshi looked at him for a moment, and then said: “Gennai-san, do you have a girlfriend now?”

Lei Yin strangely looked at his eyes.

Takeda pointed to the ring on his hand, and then added: “Your lucky that you already have a girlfriend.”

Lei Yin didn’t understand the meaning of his words, without bothering to think about it, he lowered his head and continued to read.

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