Awakening: Chapter 139-Rearview

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“My class does not welcome you, please leave immediately.” Inuo Kento loudly exclaimed.

Looking at him with one eye, Lei Yin suddenly smiled: “You afraid I’ll continue to say it?”

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Inuo Kento angrily said.

Glancing around at the other college student who were staring at him in surprise, Lei Yin with pity and cold gaze looked at them and said: “All of you here, are a group of both pitiful and sad people. Because you are now, by the Japanese Government as well as him, being given an unconscionable teaching, blindfolding your eyes and covering your ears. Do you really believe that, in those years, the Japanese soldiers invaded various Asian countries in order to promote the so-called Yamato spirit? I can plainly tell you, it was a blatant, full of blood aggression.”

“You shut up and get out of here.” Inuo Kento’s eyelids jumped up.

Lei Yin ignored him and continued in a clear and resounding voice, “You do not understand the real history, you are all blind and deaf, so you guys are pathetic. One day, when you travel to Asian countries, you don’t even know why some people would point at your back scolding you a Japanese devil, so you guys are pitiful. After a few years, when you have kids, another so-called mentor like him will teach this distorted history to your children as you are now. And then your children will also teach their children. As you harm the people in other countries, you also slowly destroy your own. Therefore, you are equally hateful.

Why would the similarly aggressive country in World War II, the Nazi Germany, hasn’t encountered the same diatribe from other nations as they do to Japan? That’s because they bravely admit and bear the mistake that they once made. In contrast, those self-righteous Japanese lawmakers, in addition to altering textbooks, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the history for what? History is history, they will not lose their original meaning because of the distortion of some people.

I know it was useless to say anything, because you’re blind and deaf for far too long. Go online and look to see how much dirty deeds those war heroes, that your Prime Minister visits every year in Yasukuni Shrine, have done.”

“Immediately get out of here. You adulterous traitorous bastard!” Inuo Kento vigorously banged the table, his face was livid.

As if hearing the funniest joke, Lei Yin smiled again.

“If you think you are right, then do you have the guts to come with me to Nanjing, China or South Korean Axe mountain to teach your class there? Rest assured, I’ll help you with the plane ticket, plus I will also help you arrange the lecture venues. I believe after that lecture, within one-day, you will become a world class celebrity. I just do not know if you’ll still have your life back to Japan.” Lei Yin’s tone of voice was thick with sarcasm.

“I told you to scram!” Inuo Kento’s face was flushed with anger as if having a cerebral hemorrhage.

Lei Yin slowly walked to the aisle, looked at him and dismissively said: “Unlike you, I am a person, and will only walk out, not scram.” After he said that, he walked toward the entrance.

The whole classroom was deathly silent, the only audible sound was the sound of Lei Yin’s footsteps.

When he opened the door, Lei Yin suddenly looked back to Inuo Kento and said: “There’s something I forgot to tell you, your wig is crooked.”

Inuo Kento unconsciously held his head.

Seeing his funny appearance, a girl could not help but “pfft” out a laugh.

Inuo Kento knew he was tricked by Lei Yin, under the rage influence, he threw the textbook in his hand at him.

Because the distance was too far, the textbook only flew a third of the distance and then fell to the ground.

Lei Yin sneered and walked out.

All the student’s expression were complex watching his back as he left, the whole classroom was silent.


Opening the rooftop door, Takeda really saw Lei Yin quietly standing in front of the barbed wire.

Looking at that slim and aloof figure, Takeda, for a moment, was suddenly overtaken by the feeling of inability to understand this man.

“Hey, it’s time for lunch, how long are you going to act cool?” Takeda went up to him and said out loud.

Looking back at him for a moment, Lei Yin dismissively said: “You seem to have something you want to ask me.”

Takeda leaned on the barbed wire next to him, “I don’t understand why you must speak those words. If it’s someone else’s words, I would think that in order to attract the girl’s attention, he deliberately said something unconventional, but I know you are not that kind of person. Besides, no one will say such things to attract the attentions of others. If it’s all right, I want you to give me an explanation.”

Lei Yin smiled back to his eyes, “If I tell you that, in my previous life I was a Chinese, would you believe that?”

Takeda fixed his gaze at him for a moment and then a bit unluckily said: “Come on, if you don’t want to say, why say such a lie to me.”

Lei Yin thought for a moment and said: “The reason is not that big of a deal, my grandfather is Chinese, so I have one-fourth of Chinese descent. When I saw that guy spewing out nonsense in the classroom, I can’t help but flare up.”

“This explanation make sense. Very well, let’s go find something to eat.” Takeda a bit understandingly patted his shoulder.

Lei Yin smiled, ‘sometimes it seems that the truth makes people unable to believe than a lie.’

Down the stairs, Takeda suddenly said: “By the way, just after the class, I heard a few guys were talking about you, evidently they don’t have anything good, you better be careful.”

When they walked to the restaurant, Jiro Yoshikawa, and Akira Shiraishi were already there waiting for them.

“Why are you guys so slow? We are famished.” Seeing them, Yoshikawa immediately complained.

“It’s just waiting for a few minutes, what are you squawking about.” Takeda readily pulled a chair to sit down.

“Masashi, why hasn’t your sister came to eat meals together these past few days?” Takeda asked.

“She’s not used to getting along with strangers.” Lei Yin said. ‘Although the character is neither good nor bad, too withdrawn, after all, is not a good thing.’ He started a bit worry about Kazumi’s future interpersonal relationship.

Suddenly, Lei Yin looked up at the restaurant door.

He saw from the outside came in more than a dozen youth, they didn’t seem like they’re looking for a meal, but just walking around as if looking for someone.

“Masashi, quickly look down.” Takeda suddenly pulled Lei Yin’s sleeve and whispered.

“Why?” Lei Yin asked.

“I recognize the two people who were just talking about you, they may come to trouble you. While they still haven’t found you, immediately go to the bathroom to avoid them right now.” Takeda whispered.

“Hey, what happened?” Yoshikawa saw something seemed off, puzzledly asked.

“Wait a minute and then I’ll explain it to you, Masashi, I’ll cover you, hurry up and go to the bathroom. They have many people, you can’t beat them.” Seeing Lei Yin sat motionless in his chair, Takeda was very anxious.

Lei Yin took a glance at him and finally got up from the chair.

But before Takeda started to relax, he saw Lei Yin actually walked toward those people.

‘Is that guy crazy?’ Takeda had the urge to run away to stop him.

‘Really owe him in the previous life,’ Having no time to think, he immediately stood up to follow behind him.

Seeing Takeda like this, Shiraishi and Yoshikawa immediately knew something was about to happen, and stood up.

Looking at the group of more than ten college students, Lei Yin said to the lead students: “It appears you didn’t come here to ask me for a meal.”

That youth in a t-shirt sneered: “It seems you already know why we’re here. I don’t want much nonsense, as long as you kneel down in front of the whole restaurant and bark like a dog, we’re not going to care about you. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

“Senior, don’t go too far. He just said a few words and did not offend you.” Before Lei Yin can answer, Takeda interrupted him.

“You’re wrong, he has offended all of us Japanese. If you don’t want to be like him, immediately get the f*ck out of here.” The young man said aloud.

“I don’t think you’re such a patriotic person, you just want to flaunt your power and prestige in front of everybody. Am I right, senior?” Takeda full of sarcastic said.

“Boy, you will regret what you just said.” That young man sneered.

From these exchange of words, Yoshikawa had some clues about what was about to happen. He never once being ganged up and beaten, and his palm can’t help but shed out cold sweat.

Meanwhile, Akira Shiraishi still showed an expressionless look.

All the people in the restaurant were watching them, in this well-known Teikyo University, it’s the first time such a thing happened.

“That’s enough, let’s go out and talk about something, don’t affect other people’s appetite here.” Being cold-shouldered by the side Lei Yin suddenly said.

“Didn’t you hear, I want you to act like a dog and bark here.” The young man walked up to him and said word by word.

“Want to do violence inside the University campus? Really make me nostalgic. But if there’s a fight on the campus ground, all would be penalized, some might even be expelled. But if it’s on the outside, all bets are off, do you think I’m right?” Lei Yin said dismissively.

That young man looked around and really saw a lot of people were looking at them.

On second thought, he said to Lei Yin: “You can not escape.”

Lei Yin was too lazy to bother him, he turned to the three men and said: “You guys don’t need to follow.”

“No!” Takeda loudly protested.

Lei Yin seriously looked at him and said: “If you still consider me as your friend, then do what I just said.”

“It’s because I consider you as a friend I can’t let you go alone, after this matter is over, then we can talk about it again,” Takeda said stubbornly.

Silently watching him for a while, Lei Yin suddenly smiled, “Forget it, up to you then.”

Takeda for the first time saw him smile like that. His heart suddenly filled with a burst of excited emotion.

“Hey, don’t forget you still have the two of us, two grown up men smiling at each other could be mistaken for being gay.” Yoshikawa a bit helplessly sighed. ‘Who told Takeda that guy is my friend.’

“Come on. Don’t waste everyone’s time.” Lei Yin turned back and said to the young man.

That young man took the lead to go outside.

The other people stared at them leaving the restaurant.

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