Awakening: Chapter 141-Park

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Perhaps because it was part of human nature to protect the environment, for example, many people living at residential areas are focusing on protecting the environment, making fur from a wild animal is more noble compared to human skin, not bothering with plastic flowers and instead buying flowers that would wither. After all, no fool would propose to a woman while holding a plastic flower.

If this viewpoint is correct, then it is understandable why some people like to live in the wild.

Tachibana Park is a very ordinary park, but since the start of the construction of a movie theater near the place, it had become a popular spot for couples. And most of those who would have just finished watching the movie and came out of the cinema were couples who would come to the park and take a break as if it were natural. Overtime, that  had become common.

During holidays, one could usually see couples everywhere affectionately sticking together in the park. The deeper you go in the park, the quieter it was, one would also occasionally hear the place filled with ambiguous short gasps. And the next day, the park’s staff would be responsible to clean up a lot of different styles of condoms.

12:00 am, when most people have already left the park. In the depths of the park, there was a couple springing.

As if a bear hiding in a bush, violently shaking.

“Well….Let’s go back, it’s getting very late.” A girl whom was unnaturally panting said.

“What’s the hurry, tomorrow’s Sunday, let’s do it again.” The male was also breathing unnaturally answered.

“No, it’s dark and scary here, I thought there was someone watching us. Let’s go back.” The woman said.

“You think too much. Everyone has already left, one last time, after that we’ll leave.” The man said as he began to twitch.

The woman had no choice but to match his action.

Without knowing the reason why from the beginning up to now, she felt that she was being watched. This feeling made her very uneasy. And now she just wanted to finish up with her boyfriend and leave as quickly as possible. She vowed in her heart, never to follow him to such a terrible place and do such a thing the next time.

Although she felt uneasy, her body was gradually being invaded with pleasure, slowly forgetting her surroundings.

When she started to moan in ecstasy, she suddenly felt something cold was on her face, as if a drop of water had landed on her.

Rain? The woman slightly opened her eyes.

“Ahh!” The woman screamed loudly.

The boy thought that in his effort, he had made her reach climax. Thinking of this, he was instantly filled with pride.

Then, however, he heard a strange gasping sound above his ear, feeling his neck somewhat cold, as if a drop of water had fallen on it. When he turned his head to look, the man’s eyes instantly shrunk, his whole body became ice cold.

Gruesome screams came from the park.



“This is already the third case this month and now I’m starting to believe that there truly is such a thing as a vampire in this world.” A 30-something police officer forcefully slammed the report on the table.

“If you’re hearing this again from that woman, you must certainly scold her.” Another young officer said with a smile.

“What, do you really think I’m afraid of that woman? I’m already a professional police, what will a patrol officer like her who just writes reports in the office know?” The police officer shouted.

“Now I know that you only think of me as someone that only sits and writes a reports.” A female voice came in from the front of the office of Metropolitan Police department of crimes.

The two who were chatting were surprised and immediately stood at attention and saluting towards their female superior.

At the door they saw a slender young woman with straight hair, wearing a black skirt that still showed her perfect legs, practically catching every man’s line of sight.

She was standing very straight that reflected her commanding disposition making her appear as if she was a strong woman.

In one’s eyes, her soft facial features appeared sharp. But there was no way of denying that she was a real beauty.

Coldly glancing at them, she coldly said: “Instead of using your extra-time talking about your boss, you might as well hurry up and investigate this case diligently.”

“Yes, sorry.” Hearing what his female boss had just loudly said, the police officer blushed to say.

“I don’t want to hear an apology, did the report of the deceased’s autopsy come out?”

The young officer in the criminal department crossed her hands over the pit of her stomach, this sort of involuntary action beautifully revealed her astonishing size. The police officer at the side unconsciously swallowed his saliva.

“Ma’am, the autopsy report has come out. The two that were found dead were a couple, it was inferred in the time of death, that the crime was possibly committed between 1 and 11, while the couple was….” At this point, the police didn’t know if he should go on, after all his boss was a young woman.

Seeing the way he trailed off, the battalion leader Eiko impatiently said: “The two found dead were doing what? Officer Tsukuda, please don’t waste my time.”

“At that time they were having sexual intercourse. The forensic examination found the dead man’s semen in the deceased woman’s vagina.” Tsukuda finally said it.

“Is there more? Please continue.”

Seeing that the battalion leader Eiko had no reaction, Officer Tsukuda finally relaxed, recognizing that this woman was worthy of being called the IceCold Woman.

“The two had the same cause of death, they were both sucked dry of their blood and died. Also there were very obvious teeth marks on their necks. And the teeth marks on the both of them looked the same as the last case, as if it was the teeth marks of a wild beast. The forensic team is still not sure if it was an animal’s teeth marks or wounds caused by dentures. In addition to that, they had discovered animal-like claw marks on their bodies. Apparently, the two violently struggled before they died.”

“Put the forensic reports on my desk. You two continue to investigate the scene of the crime.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The two police officers saluted, replying immediately.

After looking at her slender and graceful figure before their eyes walking out of the office, the two police officer involuntarily let out a sigh.

They feared the crime department adviser Eiko Kotoshi, 26 years old, she was one of the so-called professional class, that was indicated by the national A-level exams, and was also recruited as one of the high level bureaucrat of the National Police Agency. After graduating from college she immediately came to the police department, and after a three-month internship as well as nine-month training, she was promoted to be in the police department, continuing her civil service as a police, but after two years and three months she was promoted again by the National Police Agency, and obtained a high-level bureau chief position of a small headquarters, and she was only 25 or 26 years old when she became a “bureaucratic chief”. The total number of police throughout Japan numbered 22 million, of which less than 500 people were in the professional class, and less than 400 people were a high-level elite member ruling a huge and stable police organization.

Eiko Kotoshi was one of the best, graduating from the Faculty of law, arts and all other classy subjects in Teikyou University, she had also passed the judicial examination, diplomat examination as well as the national A-level exam, allowing her to directly join the police department as an intern, and immediately being promoted as a police in the police department, and finally being promoted with a high rank within the National Police agency, quickly being promoted three times since she had joined.

She was very famous for her promotion speed. Her excellent looks when she had first entered the police force, had attracted a large group of unmarried and married young as well middle-aged police. Only every one of them was rejected by her cold character. There were even rumors that Eiko Kotoshi wasn’t interested in men, but was a homosexual. Privately, people had called her as “Snow Woman”, which meant that she was created with snow. Now, she only had two remaining suitors, who was also in the professional class, one was an inspector while the other was in the ministry police. Theoretically the police who is in the same task as her would have a much greater chance of success in pursuing her, simply because a police investor and a ministry police were in two completely different area, therefore the opportunity of them meeting were not too many.

Compared to Ryoutaro Maeda who was ten years older than her, Eiko Kotoshi was better, compared to her he was promoted quite slowly, it wasn’t because he was lacking in ability, but because he didn’t have the back ground of a first-class family, rising step by step from the lowest level of the investigation, by contrast, he was of course much slower.

In a quiet office, Eiko Kotoshi was seriously reading the forensic report. After a while, she placed it on the table, and then stood up and walked towards the window.

Looking at the heavy traffic outside through the window, she said to herself: “Does this world really this so-called vampires?”



“Masashi, there’s some people looking for you outside.”

Looking at Takeda who was showing a spectacular smile, Lei Yin a little reluctantly said: “Which club is it this time?”

“Good guess. This time it’s the karate club.” Takeda finally couldn’t hold it in and started laughing.

Since they’ve come, we might as well make them comfortable, considering the matter as an exercise. Lei Yin put down the novel in his hand, he walked.

Takeda followed closely behind while informing Yoshikawa on the phone.

Ever since he had sent the students that provoked Lei Yin, more students that were also harboring ulterior motives came such as the boxing club, judo club and other martial arts club, maliciously exaggerating the matter when Lei Yin had intentionally refuted the history teacher in the classroom. Thus, those club had been instigated, immediately coming to Lei Yin. Although they had nominally said that it was a contest, but everyone knew it wasn’t so.

At first Lei Yin didn’t want to take care of these warm-blooded fools, but several days later, a huge amount of curse letters as well as letter of challenge were sent into his locker, in addition to people clamoring about him every day whether it be in class or near his home. Some people had also placed mousetraps and nails frequently trying to harm him, just like a ninja.

Finally, one day, when Lei Yin was taking a nap, he was suddenly awakened by those people. He finally couldn’t take it anymore, and run ominously towards the boxing club, giving the members a good meal.

It didn’t matter that they were beaten all over, as the matter had rapidly turned into a storm. The next day, it was the Judo club’s turn to find trouble.

In any case he had beaten not just one, but two clubs, Lei Yin had complied with their wishes, and immediately fought the Judo club.

When he went out of the Judo club, except for the terrified club manager, no one inside the club was able to stand.

The third day, it was the Aikido club’s turn. But the result was still the same, as every one of them had been beaten black and blue.

After the three fights, the name ‘Gennai Masashi’ was known by everyone in the entire school. Some people called him ‘a human weapon’, while others called him ‘public enemy’.

The matter turning into something like this, was completely contrary to what Lei Yin had wanted of getting by school leisurely and carefree.

But Takeda, Yoshikawa Jiro as well as Shiraishi Akira who had started out by trying to help him, had gradually turned it into a show courageously watching the fun at the side. Takeda and Yoshikawa were even betting how long Lei Yin could keep on going like this.

When Lei Yin arrived outside the classroom building, he saw a troop of morethan 200 young students wearing a karate suit, looking at him, ready to battle. Among those people there were black belts as well as white belts, only that the majority of them were white belts, after all there were only a few people that would be willing to concentrate fully on practicing and get a blank belt, and would focus on their exams. Around them, there were students watching at the side. And at first glance, the scene was quite spectacular.

“Masashi, the Karate club is Teikyou University’s strongest martial arts club, their numbers are also the largest. It looks like they’re all sent out. If you’re not sure you can win, it’s best not to fight.” Among the trio, Shiraishi Akira had said something to Lei Yin in a low voice.

“I’ll handle it, later no one would ask me for trouble.” Hearing his words, Lei Yin had another idea.

Shiraishi Akira smiled bitterly, I really don’t know how this guy’s head is constructed.

The other two had saw Lei Yin’s fearless look. So Takeda had ridiculed the white guy who looks a bit like a snowman.

“I am the Karate club’s captain, Soma Nakaichi, on behalf of all the members of the Karate club, we challenge you, Gennai Masashi.” A very tall young man came up to Lei Yin and loudly said. He didn’t bother saying that it was a like a competition.

“Cut the crap, you should know my rules, the challenge is no problem, but you all have to sign the agreement.” Lei Yin placed a bookmark on the open book in his hand.

“I know, we’ll immediately sign.” After looking at the article above, the Karate club captain was the first to sign his name on the paper, then passing it to the next person to sign.

Yoshikawa had came up with this agreement. Although he only had learnt law for less than half a month, but making this kind of agreement was not a problem. The general content was that in the case that people were injured in the contest, the other party would not bear any legal responsibility. This was to prevent last time’s matter of more than 10 young students accusing him for attacking them.

Although Lei Yin with his powerful spiritual force, in a short amount of time had hypnotized them in the hospital for them to tell the truth, but the process was cumbersome. Lei Yin didn’t want to repeat the same mistake again. So he specially called for Yoshikawa to make this agreement.

After all of the members of the Karata club had signed their name, Lei Yin carefully looked at them, receiving the agreement back. Then he said to the Karate club captain Soma Nagaichi: “Is the location at your dojo?”

“If Gennai-san doesn’t designate a location, we hope that it will be in our dojo.” Soma Nagaichi said humbly.

“Among these many people, your manner is the best one. Let’s go.”

“Please come with me.” Soma Nagaichi went ahead, while the members of the Karate club followed closely behind.

Other than the Karate club members, there were also people who very excitedly followed, watching them behind.

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