Awakening: Chapter 144-Not Suitable for Driving at Night

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Starting from high school, Eiko Kotoshi rarely watches movies or TV. In her views, instead of wasting time on useless entertainment, might as well go jogging or fishing, which contribute to physical and mental health. And within those useless entertainments, the one she most despised of is the so-called horror films. In her opinion, while the cinema makes those unnecessary noises, the perverts use this as covers to make preparation before they attack their dates.

But unfortunately, she became the heroine of the horror drama tonight.

Driving the car, Eiko Kotoshi looked at the rear view mirror, after determining there was nothing in the back, she would slow down the speed again. Then, while her two knees clamped the barrel, her free left hand was responsible for the bullets.

She didn’t remember how many times she fired her gun, luckily before she emptied the bullets, she successfully closed the door, otherwise, she might become tonight’s second victim.

At that time, because of the dark, she didn’t see what that thing look like, except for the eyes. Although this was a bit illogical, she really can’t imagine “it” as a human being.

Because no human has that kind of hungry for a long time wolf’s eyes.

Sometimes someone will be branded as “beast in human clothing” by other people, that just mean to scold the person for behaving like an animal, but still, that person’s appearance is a human, after all. But she believed that tonight, she encountered a real beast, although it has a very similar shape as a human.

Accustomed to deal with people, the female police, faced with this case for the first time, there was a certain degree of out-of-control. She continued to shoot that thing, but none of her bullets hit the intended target. Because that thing dodged the bullets with extraordinary speed backward, it’s degree of sensitivity and its shape did not match. Then, it once again hid under the darkness of the woods.

At the top of her speed, she ran back to the car and then drove away from the Park. However, when she came at the Park exit, she stopped the car.

She has a very crazy but consistent with her own career idea: to lure that thing out. This might be a good opportunity to catch it.

Because around this park was full of residential buildings, and easily accessible, it was not suitable for hunting purpose. So she first returned to the police station. After clearly explaining what happened, she immediately issued instructions to immediately find the nearest suitable place to round up, and then all the people have to be there ready for the collection.

In the dull waiting moment, a local Patrol Chief with 15 years of duty, through the phone, provided a location that was more in line with the condition. It was a place two kilometers away from the park where there were slopes on its left and right. That place was still in maintenance, relatively far from the residential area, and more suitable for large-scale hunting operation.

After analyzing the terrain, Eiko Kotoshi decided to accept this proposal, then commanded them to prepare, and to notify the other areas police station for cooperation.

The plan was laid down, and she only needed to lure that thing out.

Now she only hoped that thing has not left, or all the preparation that have just been made will be in vain.

Eiko Kotoshi drove back again to the Park, and then deliberately slowed down the vehicle speed while taking this opportunity to reload the bullets.

When she vigilantly watched the surrounding environment as she fumbled with the bullets, all of a sudden, from above her car came a burst of strong vibration. Because this vibration was quite large, and it happened very suddenly, Eiko Kotoshi’s hand hasn’t had the time to properly insert the bullet, making it dropped under the seat.

Having made the mental preparation, Eiko Kotoshi immediately pressed the revolver wheel back into the gun and, without taking another thought, fired a shot toward the roof.

After the gunshot, from above the vehicle roof came a wheezing sound of the beast.

Women’s intuition told her that the thing got shot. For this overly rational Eiko Kotoshi, this was a big step forward. Before this, she completely did not believe this intuition kind of thing.

‘Maybe I don’t need those men,’ Eiko Kotoshi thought.

However, when she fired the second shot, a hand twice as large as a human hand with the tips glowed with black glossy giant claws, suddenly broke the glass window, and then moved all the way to grasp Eiko Kotoshi.

Fortunately, she did not wear the seatbelt. Immediately lie down on the side to get out of the way from the claw was the policewoman’s only idea at that time.

If that once on the back said Eiko Kotoshi was just “an officer who will sit in the office writing reports” officer Tsukuda also on the scene, he would certainly exclaim in surprise for this female boss’ excellent reaction.

But the sharp claw still has not given up poking inside the car, the female police lie on the side facing upward, and then fired two shots toward the top of the window.

Two full of anger roaring sound was heard. That lying down unexpected visitor on the roof finally jumped off from the place it did not belong to.

Eiko Kotoshi acted decisively and immediately sat up and jammed her foot on the accelerator.

Driving the car on the road outside the Park, the female police went straight toward the intended destination.

When the car was almost two hundred meters away, Eiko Kotoshi slowed down the vehicle speed again.

If this were an ordinary beast, after experiencing the taste of bullets, it most likely would flee. Now she only wanted this beast to be more angry than its fear of bullet. Otherwise, the rounding up scheme can’t be implemented.

But when she turned a corner heading to the top lane, she felt that thing might not come after her. Because it was too bright here.

Subconsciously, she completely regarded herself as that blood-sucking beast. According to her understanding of the general biology, wild beasts are afraid of the strong light. The first time she saw bright lights on both sides of the lane, a sense of resentment generated within her.

Eiko Kotoshi immediately took out her mobile phone. She wanted to change her plans, calling all the police officers back. It was not the question whether to carry out the operation at this time or not, if the lights were still there the thing that she came across just now might run away.

“Hey….” When the phone has just connected, there was a strong shock coming from above the roof once again.

Shortly thereafter, a giant claw again stretched in from outside the window.

Really has no creative attack mode, Eiko Kotoshi had to once again lean her body to the side to dodge the claw attack.

When she once again aimed her gun and pulled the trigger, she heard “klik, klik” sounds of empty air, her pistol has no bullet anymore.

Eiko Kotoshi whispered curse words and then slammed on the accelerator while she still leaned sideway.

In this sudden acceleration, the guess who fell on top of her vehicle roof, because of the inertia effect, almost fell down from above.

The giant claws instinctively grabbed the edge of the window, while its other hand clutched the other side.

Eiko Kotoshi, who now can slightly raise her head, continued to step on the accelerator ruthlessly, while her other hand rotated the steering wheel left and right.

Like the highway chase scene in the gangster film, on a deserted road, a speeding car kept moving forward while swaying left and right. Like a drunken man. On the car’s roof, one can vaguely see a seemingly person-like object lying there.

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