Awakening: Chapter 145-Knight

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Speeding away at more than 100 kph, two kilometers is just a few minutes distance. But the female police couldn’t shake off the guest above her vehicle roof at the intended destination. In this thrilling fight, the car moved past the other forked road.

Right now, do not say stop, even slowing down a bit would result in her being caught by the claw. At the same time she was also glad that there were no other cars on this road at night, otherwise, with the way she drove the car, even if she did not crash into another car, the other vehicles would be hit.

But then what to do? The female police has no time to think about this question for the time being. Perhaps if she persists for a while, the above friend will lose the ability to act because of motion sickness, Eiko Kotoshi self comfortingly thought.

Ten minutes later, Eiko Kotoshi saw a white car parked 100 meters away in front of her. Next to the road, a man was waving toward her.

‘Bastard, why did your car has to break at this time.’ Eiko Kotoshi scolded a sentence unsympathetically in her heart.

Fortunately, this is not a one-way street, in order to avoid that stopped in the middle of the road car, the female police had to temporarily take the reverse traffic route and somewhat narrowly passed that car.

She seemed to hear the man in the back loudly cursed.

Not long after that, Eiko Kotoshi began to adapt to this erratic driving. She controlled the steering wheel with her left hand, while her right hand held the phone, dialing the police headquarters once again.

Now she did not have the time to look for another convenient place, and the car may stop at anytime because there might be another obstacle at the front that can’t be easily evaded as the last. So, her command was very simple: everybody rushes over to her as soon as possible.

The car gradually marched toward the city center. From the completely destroyed glass, her view on her surrounding was completely unhindered as she saw the blocks of houses and tall buildings.

Perhaps she would become the first police officer who brings danger to the City, Eiko Kotoshi self-deprecatingly thought.

Tokyo’s nightlife is world famous. Therefore, different from the previous road, the vehicles on this road gradually increased.

Fortunately, the road is wide, the other cars just quietly gave way, they would not want to take a surprise hit by this road racer coming from the mountain road.

However, not all drivers are so obedient, after driving unhindered for nearly 15 minutes, the car traveling in front of Eiko Kotoshi suddenly stopped. The reason was simple, there was a red light at the front. Stop when the red light is on, this is a simple truth that all the people who know the traffic rules understand.

Seeing the flocks of vehicles crossing through the front intersection, the female police inspector changed direction again, taking a right turn.

After turning over, Eiko Kotoshi bitterly smiled. There was no other open lane, other than a parking lot behind a restaurant. As anyone can imagine, this was likely to be the finish line of this automobile test of strength match, just hoping that this would not be the end of her life.

The female police suddenly relied on her car once again as she sped up the vehicle, and then when the car was about 100 meters away from the end of the parking lot, she suddenly made an emergency brake. The screeching sound of high-density polyester tires in close contact with the ground was heard. The guess on the roof finally thrown off by the powerful inertia, its whole body flew into the parking lot.

If this were ordinary people, they would at least fell into a serious injury. But for that thing, the female police did not want to take any chance. She immediately made a big U-turn and sailed back to the driveway again.

She did not immediately leave this place because she still wanted to continue to lead the thing out, continuing the roundup plan that she did not even have the confidence it would succeed.

Suddenly, she heard a woman’s scream coming from the inside.

‘There’s still people in the parking lot?’

This understanding made Eiko Kotoshi’s scalp went numb.

If for her own sake, someone else has to die, she would have nightmares every night. After finding a reason to turn back, Eiko Kotoshi immediately bent over and fumbled under the seat for the bullets that previously fell but didn’t have the time to pick up.

Although she only found five, there was no time to find the others. She quickly put those bullets on the revolver cylinder as fast as possible.

Having the loaded gun in her hand, the female police calmed down a lot. She immediately opened the door and ran to the parking lot.

After the terrifying encounter with that thing, Eiko Kotoshi thought when she arrived at the scene, she would only see a corpse. But in the parking lot on the place not brightly lit by the lights, she saw an incredible sight.


Previously, four hours ago.

Naoko was very happy today, because she had a dinner appointment with him this evening.

Teikyo University was quite far away from the apartment where she lived; it was an hour drive away in distances. She didn’t want him to move around so hard everyday. There was also the traffic safety consideration, so she begged him to come look for her on holidays. Finally, he promised her.

After enduring for so many days, today is the day where they will finally meet. Starting from this morning, Naoko was in an excited mood.

Wearing the one-piece hanging from the shoulder, miniskirt dress that he bought for her, Naoko blushingly looked at herself in the mirror. ‘How could the bad guy send me such a dress, didn’t he say he doesn’t like others to see me wearing a miniskirt?’

After putting a little bit of moisturizer on her face, and carefully combed her shoulder-length hair, Naoko picked up the handbag and left the room.

“Lei, we can go now,” Naoko said, subconsciously lowered her head. She didn’t dare to look at him looking at her.

The places where he swept his vision seemed to have a strange burning sensation. Naoko blushed again.

She was really very suitable to wear that dress. Lei Yin, for Naoko’s perfect pair of slender legs with the bare snow-white skin, was full of incessant heartbeat.

Gently holding her in his arms, Lei Yin said in her ear: “Fortunately that kid is not here, I’m thinking of eating you as my main course for the night.” As he said that, he put his hand on her upper thigh and slowly stroked. This kind of amazingly elastic, as smooth as cream, and too wonderful to touch skin made him unable to put his hand down.

“Lei….not here, do not go wild here, okay? I’m afraid Aiko would suddenly come back….” Naoko said with a trembling voice.

“Very well, let’s go to dinner first, you’re hungry, right?” Lei Yin bowed and kissed her on the forehead.

Naoko gently nodded. She really liked this occasionally showed action of him. She felt, in his eyes, she was like a spoiled child.

Living together for a long time, Naoko found her beloved man is a fine food lover. He would often lead her to a seemingly ordinary looking but have amazingly tasty food on the inside restaurant or snack bar.

However, tonight Lei Yin didn’t take her to a snack bar, but to a very famous restaurant. After all, tonight’s subject was two people being together, rather than to enjoy food, of course, it was better to find a romantic place.

Even in the most bustling avenue, nobody can ignore Naoko’s existence, especially when she dressed so sexy.

The two people, upon entering the restaurant, as long as the men who saw Naoko was straight, without exception, they all gave her the hungry wolf staring at the prey look. While all the women who saw her showed the look of intense jealousy coupled with hostility.

“May I ask if the two have a reservation?” The restaurant manager managed to pull his gaze away from Naoko’s body.

“Yes. My name is Gennai.” Lei Yin replied.

“The two please come with me.” The manager quickly found the reservation record, immediately took them into the dining room.

At dinner time, Naoko asked Lei Yin’s college life with great interest.

“It’s okay, not too stuffy, perhaps because I knew several eccentric students.” Lei Yin introduced Takeda et al. with all of their peculiar characters to Naoko. When he told her Takeda had wrested away his apartment and stubbornly refused to leave, Naoko could not help but laugh.

The dinner was spent in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

“In accordance with the normal procedures, after the meal, we should go to see a movie, you like it?” After settling their account, Lei Yin asked.

“Em.” Naoko gently took his arm out of the restaurant.

In the parking lot, when Naoko was about to open the door, suddenly she heard a burst of rapid braking sound. Then she noticed a human-shaped object came flying at her….

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