Awakening: Chapter 146-Retreat

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Influenced by Western literature or films, a lot of girls aged between little girls and teenagers will more or less fantasize about having a handsome and strong knight that would always protect themselves. Author note, the knight here does not refer to a person riding a motorcycle or bicycle.

When teenagers grow into young women, along with the increased age and experience, will slowly become obsessed with a real and handsome star.

Looking at the man who occupied the exclusively reserved spot for a Knight in front of her currently engaging in an intense confrontation with that monster, Naoko in addition to heartache and worry, there was no joy.

There were several deep and penetrating wounds on his shoulder blade, constantly overflowing with blood. That was just the injuries he received for protecting her.

If this were a normal situation, to meet with such an opponent, Lei Yin would be thrilled.

The strength in each of this guy’s attack and the speed were not something that a normal human can withstand.

If he had a knife in his hand, Lei Yin would not put this level of opponent in his eyes. But this assumption in the present circumstances is not established.

Naoko stood just behind him, so he cannot take a step back.

This kind of flesh action felt really good, but he knew he couldn’t delay this for too long because his wounds continued to bleed.

This monster not only have sharp claws, his skin and flesh were also thick, hitting them felt like hitting a tire.

Although Lei Yin was incessantly complaining in his heart, Eiko Kotoshi who rushed from the outside actually has another feeling.

She can’t imagine there’s a human that could fight hand to hand combat with that monster on this level.

Looking strangely at the person who was currently in a fierce struggle, she had a feeling that those two combatants were inhuman.

But obviously, that man is much more skilled.

He used a very ingenious or should she say marvelous technique to get rid of its claws, and then she could hear an audible sound of harsh blow against that guy’s body.


Although she has been a free driver for that thing this night, until now, Eiko Kotoshi never saw the real appearance of this little-overlord passenger.

From a distance, it looked like a normal human, because it stood upright like a man, but the most important thing was, it was wearing a pair of pants with a gray shirt??

This ultra avant-garde dress made the policewoman thought of those synthetic clothing that were put on pets by their masters.

Although that piece of clothing has been broken and tattered and might as well be worn by a bum, it is indeed something that called a shirt. From the damaged spots of that shirt, the female police can clearly see the yellow-brown hair inside.

Compared with the shirt, that pair of pants were much more complete. It was just covered with dirt making people unable to see the original color.

Because that thing was facing the man, she can’t see its face and only saw something similar to yellow hair on its head.

Its two body parts that can be called hands were also covered with yellow-brown fur. The reason why she previously thought they were much bigger than normal, was perhaps because of those furs. In the fingers section, she can clearly see the long and sharp black claws.

This thing made Eiko Kotoshi reminisced about the mythical creature called “Werewolf.”

“Woman with a gun over there, you still have time to watch this lively spectacle?” Even in this intense exchange situation, Lei Yin still has a certain perception of the surrounding environment. Besides, that woman was standing behind the monster’s back, he can see her with using just his peripheral vision.

Hearing the man’s scolding voice, Eiko Kotoshi woke up from the shock, but she was also quite uncomfortable with the man’s attitude.

Though unwilling, she knew what she should do. Therefore, she ran over there.

To be honest, Lei Yin did not want to let this suddenly appeared woman to meddle in this, but now the situation has become more and more disadvantageous to him.

Using his full internal force, Lei Yin’s blows seemed pretty effective. The beast was constantly wheezing in pain. But it seemed that thing never encountered such blows, which only made it completely enraged. His full of bloodshot eyes emitted a faint red light. The black shiny claws’ dances produced the sound of rattling wind, under its violent rage, it just wanted to tear the enemy in front into pieces.

Although his opponent’s attack was fairly repetitive, Lei Yin’s situation was even more unfavorable.

From his wound on the back, the blood continued to pour out and have soaked his whole coat. The feeling of punch that was getting weaker and weaker was evident.

If this was Lei Yin in his heyday, this level of opponent, even if he did not have any weapon, as long as he sends his best shot he doesn’t need to send the second shot. But to make his body reach his heyday was truly elusive.

Once he got very lucky, he reincarnated into the body of a child under eight years old. He reached his apex after fully immersed in practice for nearly two decades. Since then, he never reached that pinnacle of humanity state again.

But because the body that he occupied right now is stunted, the meridians were blocked, practicing time was too short and various other reasons, he only reached 20% of his heyday ability. To flat a person is more than enough, but to do a melee fight with such a monster, it is somewhat inadequate. Of course, if there’s weapon in his hand, that’s another matter.

Seemingly able to smell the familiar scent of Eiko Kotoshi’s gunpowder in the barrel, before she approached, that thing slightly turned his head and took one look at this female police.

From that brief glance, Eiko Kotoshi finally saw that thing’s appearance.

She didn’t see the imagined protruding fangs, but admittedly, the sharpness of its teeth is not much difference than the wild wolves. That severely distorted face fully covered in long hairs made her remember the depictions of ancient ape in the illustrated book in high school biology class.

That thing’s hatred toward the female police seemed to be more intense than toward Lei Yin. When he saw her, he immediately left Lei Yin and rushed to her.

Two sharp gunshots sounded in the empty parking lot, causing very uncomfortable echoes.

Although it was furious, the memory of the weapon in her hands was still fresh in its mind.

When it was dozens of meters away from her, it saw the woman held up the black stuff, and it immediately made a swift action that completely incompatible with its body size; quickly jumped on the roof of a nearby car, and barely dodged the flashing bullet. And then, like Tarzan, constantly hopped on top of the cars all the way toward the exit direction to flee.

Eiko Kotoshi immediately followed behind it and fired a shot; the bullet grazed the edge of its scalp. After that, it loudly roared, increased its speed, and quickly jumped out of the parking lot.

After seeing the monster and the woman ran out, Lei Yin breathed a sigh of relief. Then he felt a burst of dizziness and quickly put a hand out to the car to hold his body.

“Lei what happened to you?” Naoko teared up as she held him. Just now because she was afraid to divert his attention, didn’t dare to call out, but now seeing him covered with blood, she could no longer hold back anymore.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m fine. Help me take off my coat, and then tear it and strapped it on my wound.” Because of the excessive bleeding, Lei Yin felt his whole body was getting cold.

Naoko bit her lips not to cry and quickly took his coat off.

Seeing beside the five flesh wounds on his back there were also deeply visible bone deep terrible wounds, Naoko felt as if her heart was pierced by a knife.

After using all her strength to tear the coat, she was unable to rip it open. Just like when in a nightmare being chased by a monster but can’t run fast.

Since she can’t tear it by hand, she wanted to use her teeth to bite it, but the result was still the same.

“Fool….don’t force it, the quality of this coat is quite good. No need to tear it….Just use it to press my wound. We’ll wait here for the ambulance.” Lei Yin comforted her and slowly sat down on the ground.

Unfortunately, they wounds were on his back, otherwise, he can stop the bleeding using acupuncture technique. Lei Yin smiled bitterly in his heart.

While trying hard to press his wound, Naoko called an ambulance.

During the long wait, Naoko anxiously stared at the exit.

“Don’t worry, as long as….you keep pressing, the bleeding can be stopped. I’m not going to die because of this small injuries. But it seems, I can’t go to the movies with you tonight.”

“Lei….” Naoko silently cried.

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