Awakening: Chapter 147-The Two in their own World in the Hospita

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When Lei Yin woke up, he found himself lying on a hospital bed.

Looking at Naoko lying her head on his bed, asleep, his heart was filled with a deep sense of love and affection.

This fellow must have stayed up all night and stayed here for me.

He tried to sit up, but felt his limbs were weak, he knew that it was the side effect from blood lost.

Forcing himself to sit up, Naoko suddenly woke up.

“Lei, you’re awake.” Naoko said with surprise. Although the doctor had said that he only lost blood, and so long as he gets a good rest he’ll be fine, but she still couldn’t be at ease, however, now that she saw him wake up, her heart settled down a bit.

“I’m sorry to wake you up.”

“I’m going to call the doctor.” Naoko ran out in a hurry.

After running through the check up process, the 30-year-old doctor told Naoko: “The patient has recovered, there are no symptoms of inflammation in his wounds, as long as he stays here and rest for a few days, he’ll be able to leave.”

“Thank you doctor.” Naoko gratefully bowed to him.

“Your younger brother really is fortunate to have you as his elder sister. Please rest assured Hase-san, I’ll certainly do my best to take good care of your younger brother.” The young doctor’s also showed that he was very serious.

Younger brother? Naoko looked at the young doctor a little puzzled.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you doctor. Right, I almost forgot to introduce you, she’s my fiancée, not my elder sister.” Lei Yin said with a false smile.

“No, I’m sorry. If there’s nothing else, I have other works to do. There are also many patients waiting for me outside. So I’ll have to take my leave first.” The doctor, who had reached a marriageable age, felt devastated as he hurriedly ran out of the hospital ward.

Lei Yin revealed his middle finger towards his back.

“Lei are you hungry? I’ll come back and buy you something to eat, okay?” Naoko said as she wrung the towel, then gently wiping his face.

“No need, while hospital food doesn’t taste good, but asking you to buy it would cause too much trouble. I’m not hungry, so just sit down and accompany me.

Naoko then put down the towel, and sat at the bedside.

“Does your wound hurt?” Looking at his gauze, Naoko asked in a soft tone.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Lei Yin said, as he stroked her face.

Naoko didn’t say anything, and just held down his right hand tightly pressing it on her face, tears then flowed down slowly.

If it was all right, she would rather be the one to get hurt.

She really didn’t know how much she treasured this man who had protected her with his own life on the line.

“Lei….” Other than constantly repeating his name, she couldn’t say anything, while tears brazenly rolled down her face like a flood.

Not knowing how to comfort her, Lei Yin hugged her tightly in his arms. His strength was nothing like a bleeding patient.

Due to not resting for a whole night, it was certain that she would have wild mood swings. A few minutes later, Naoko finally couldn’t resist any longer, and fell asleep on Lei Yin’s arms, her face was still wet from her tears.

Lei Yin could only move his right hand, and after putting some effort, he was able to put Naoko’s whole body on the bed with great difficulty.

Then after putting half of the bed sheet on top of her, Lei Yin looked at her sleeping tranquilly, then smiled contentedly.

Sitting up on the bed, Lei Yin unconsciously recalled the battle last night.

Disinclined to think about the fight against the monster again, although compared to the monster his internal force was too far off, but if not for his injury and bleeding unceasingly, the chances of him winning were very high.

But what Lei Yin had really care about was that nothing happens to Naoko.

At the time that the monster flew, Lei Yin was already in the driver’s seat, while Naoko was just about to board the car.

When the monster had suddenly threw itself towards Naoko, while the car happened to be in his way. And without enough time for him to rescue her, without knowing why, he suddenly used that power unconsciously. Like last time, the time around him seemed to suddenly slow down. He then jumped towards Naoko hugging her around his arms taking the claw instead of her, which had resulted in the wound on his left shoulder.

The important point was, even though he had used that power again, his body wasn’t scrapped.

Perhaps, after surviving the previous disaster, there were changes that quietly took place that he himself didn’t even know.

After knocking on the door, Naoko opened the door to the hospital ward.

Apart from Lei Yin, she saw another man in the room. They looked like they were talking to each other.

In order to not to affect their conversation, Naoko gently place the meal on the table.

Seeing Maeda look at her, she hastily nodded to him.

“Masashi, this is?” It was the first time Ryoutaro Maeda saw Naoko.

“She was my high school teacher in the past, but now she’s my fiancée.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

“What?” Even though Maeda was usually calm, but hearing this he still couldn’t help but cry out aloud.

Naoko didn’t think that Lei Yin would tell a bystander about them like this, so she was suddenly both happy and embarrassed, at the same time.

When Naoko had arrived at Lei Yin’s bedside, he said: “Do you know who this guys is?”

Naoko shook her head.

“He’s my mother’s husband, that is, your father-in-law.”

“What?” Naoko said aloud.

“Uncle, please forgive me, I just didn’t know.” Naoko reacted quickly, and bowed towards him.

“Being called uncle when you’re not even 40 years old, you must have mixed feeling, right?” Lei Yin didn’t miss the chance to ridicule him.

“You guys always surprise me.” Maeda said with a wry smile.

“Uncle, you wait, I’ll go get you some tea. Right, have you eaten yet? I just bought some food from the restaurant outside, eat with us. Or we could also eat outside.” In order to give a good impression on Lei’s family, Naoko rushed to greet Lei’s stepfather.

“Fool, don’t be so nervous. Although this guy is my stepfather, he’s also my friend. Rest assured, even if he’s opposed to us, in the future I’ll still marry you.” Lei Yin took her hand and said with a smile.

“Lei….” Naoko was both embarrassed and nervous.

“Well, never mind about this guy. He already had dinner at home, so let’s just eat together.”

“Uncle, do you want to eat with us? I bought a lot, It should be enough for the three of us to eat.” Naoko ignored what he had said, and turned her head towards Ryoutaro Maeda.

“Thanks, but no need. I already ate. You eat, I’m going to buy a pack of cigarettes, wait for me to come back.” Ryoutaro Maeda stood up, and walked outside.

“Uncle take care.” Although Ryoutaro Maeda turned his back towards her, Naoko still bowed to him very respectfully.

“Good, you are being too tactful to him, If he hadn’t left, you may have gotten a stomach ache. well, let’s eat. What did you bring back?” Lei Yin asked interestingly. Although he was already prepared, but he had tried the hospital food at noon, so Lei Yin was opposed with Naoko’s decision to buy it again.

“Didn’t you say that although hospital food doesn’t taste good, buying food outside is too troublesome, so why are you so concerned about what I bought?”

“Hey, I heard from someone that a person had insisted in going outside to buy food which was probably you, I just didn’t want to waste it. Don’t say anything else, I’m a little hungry.”

Naoko looked at his eyes, a bit charmingly and angrily, and then opened the lunch box.

When Maeda came back, Naoko was already tidying up the tableware. Seeing Maeda come back, she hastily bowed to greet him.

While she had went to the bathroom sink, Maeda asked Lei Yin in a low voice: “Hey, when did this happen?”

“In addition to me missing for more than a year, it should be two years now.”

“Does Rumiko and Kazumi know this?”

“Lucky for you, you’re the very first person to know about it.”

“I don’t think I’m actually lucky. Well, this wasn’t the thing that I wanted to talk about, I came to see how you are, and at the same time ask what had happened the night before. I heard that you fought against that murderer. Do you know who that guy was?” Maeda indicated his purpose in coming here.

Murderer? Lei Yin looked at him, and said: “I see you really don’t know about it. I remember there was a woman holding a gun, she should be a peer of yours, right?”

“You’re talking about Eiko Kotoshi. I’ve asked her about this matter, but she told me not to meddle in this matter, and that she was ordered not to tell anyone about this by the top, however, she then quietly wrote down your hospital address to me. At that time when I saw your name, I almost jumped out of my own skin.”

Lei Yin thought for a moment, and then said: “It seems that your peer’s mouth is sealed. But she isn’t willing to just end this matter, so she urged you to continue and pursue this matter. The matter is much more complicated than you think, and may even involve many people. If you would like to continue, than you would have to retire as police, I urged you not to ask about this.”

“It’s really that serious?” Maeda frowned.

“When something dirty can’t be accepted by people, the top will be involved considering a so-called top secret. Since your peer’s mouth had been sealed by the top, it should be obvious that this matter is something that can’t be exposed to light. Of course, standing before you as a friend, if you really want to know, I will tell you the truth. But after hearing about it, I think you’d better not interfere in this matter.”

“A person’s curiosity is much more poisonous than gut feeling, but I still want to know exactly what happened that night.” Maeda wanted to know the truth.

“Good, if you’re dismissed, I’ll lend you money to open a shop. Naoko, you also come here.”

“Lei, you continue with your talk, I’ll go out to buy something.” Naoko didn’t want to interfere their conversation.

“Fool, it’s already late, how can I let you go out by yourself. Sit down, in any case you were also on the scene at that time.”

“What, Miss Hase was also there?” Maeda asked in surprise.

“Yes, if not for that matter, we would have gone to the movie theater to watch a movie that night.”

Under Lei Yin’s insistence, Naoko finally sat down at his bedside docilely.

“Hey, it’s almost time, have you found him yet?” Yoshikawa looked at a table next to him, and asked.

“Since yesterday, I’ve been trying to call that guy’s phone, but his phone always seems to be turned off. What can I do about it then?” Takeda said a little helplessly.

“I really wanted to see what kind of girl would even write a love letter to that guy. Does he fear that he’d gut punched after denying her?” Yoshikawa touched his chin as he said so.

“It think she should be an eight-foot woman that has arms thicker than our waist. Maybe she thought that the only one that can be with her was a humanoid monster like Masashi.” Takeda laughed a bit obscenely.

“Idiot, where could we found such a woman in our school. Well, anyway, that guy can’t come, as his friend, we’ll sacrifice ourselves for him.” Yoshikawa said with great loyalty.

“Approved.” Takeda answered when someone finally said these words.

“Akira, you’ll also go, right? If it’s a trap, the more of us, the higher the chance for us of escaping.” Yoshikawa was really worried about this issue.

“If I refuse, will you let me off?” Shiraishi Akira looked up and asked.

“Nope.” The two shouted in unison.

In accordance to the described address in the letter, the three man came to the appointed restaurant with the tables already reserved.

“Hey, what are you looking at? Girls tend to like being late, don’t be in a rush.” Yoshikawa sat as he looked at Takeda who was looking around the restaurant and said.

“Fool, of course I’m looking for the nearest exit, just wait, if this really is a trap, we could at least escape right away.” Takeda said seriously.

“You’re the fool, where would you find people who would do that in a restaurant. Although I knew from the very moment you were born that you are slow-witted, but I didn’t think it would be this serious. This is my mistake; I should have urged your older sister to take you to see a doctor.”

“You say one more word, soon you’ll find someone who’ll stand up in a restaurant and give you a good beating.”

“Hey, you two are arguing again, the girl who wrote the letter to Masashi wouldn’t dare to come after seeing you fight like this.” Shiraishi Akira suddenly said something.

“What do you mean, did she come?”

“In the letter she said that she’ll wear a long white dress, and on the right side of her chest there would be an inscription of a purple flower, as well as a handbag in her other hand.”

“How do you know? I don’t remember you reading the letter.” Yoshikawa said strangely.

“Because there’s a girl dressed like that coming over to this side.”


The two immediately turned their head, and saw a girl wearing a long white dress coming over to their side.

“No way?” Yoshikawa couldn’t believe it, and muttered.

“It can’t be her, I think she’s just going to pass through us.” Takeda’s face also had a look of disbelief.

“I think it’s her.” Shiraishi Akira whispered.

“You shut up.”

Finally, the girl went to their table. Yoshikawa and Takeda then had a dizzy feeling.

“Hello, I remember asking Gennai-san to come, for what reason would you be here during our appointment?” The girl asked.

Yoshikawa and Takeda immediately fainted.

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