Awakening: Chapter 148-Visitors

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When Naoko’s eyes moved away from the computer screen, she subconsciously looked at Lei Yin, who was sitting on the bed. Only to find out that he was actually looking at her without blinking.

“Lei, do you want anything to drink, or do you want to go to the bathroom?” Naoko quickly went to his side.

“I just found out that you look really attractive when you’re seriously working.” Lei Yin took her left hand placing it near his lips, and kissed her.

“Fool.” Naoko blushed, quietly sat down, and leaned on his right shoulder.

Although, the tip of their nose was filled with the smell of disinfectant, that wasn’t pleasing to their nose, but it still didn’t stop them from snuggling.

“Lei, did your mother know that you are hospitalized?” Naoko, just like a cat, closed her eyes, and asked.

“She shouldn’t know, I’ve told Maeda to help me keep it a secret. If we are to let her know, then she would worry too.” Lei Yin thought that the advantage of studying was that he didn’t need to go home every day. Even if the situation was serious, as it is now, so long as he could conceal it properly, he wouldn’t let Rumiko know.

“Uncle Maeda probably feels like he’s become an accomplice, after listening to his complaints, I think you should let him help you before you tell a lot of lies, okay? On one side is his wife, and the other is his overbearing step-son, it must be very hard on him.” Naoko couldn’t bear but smile.

“I only hope that fellow doesn’t have any habit of speaking in his sleep, otherwise I’ll die a tragic death with him.” As Lei Yin was talking, he at the same time moved his hand inside her skirt.

“Lei, don’t do this, you’re still hurt.” Naoko said with a weak voice.

“Don’t you know that accelerating the blood and circulating it in body is the best medicine for a flesh wound?”

“Where did you get such an idea.” Naoko said in a low voice, revealing a charmingly angry look, but she didn’t stop him, and had instead placed her face on his shoulder, not daring to look him in the eye.

As long as he likes it, it’s fine. With this thought in mind, the mature beauty firmly held the bed sheet with both her hands, enduring the feeling of shame, and the unceasingly pleasant sensation violently coursing through her body, constraining herself not to cry out as much as possible. But just as the hand that reached out for a yard after taking an inch, touched her sensitive body, she didn’t know how long she could patiently endure this.

Before, because he was afraid that it would affect Naoko’s writing, Lei Yin didn’t turn on the television, so the room was very quiet. Moaning in this quiet environment, had only made Naoko’s rapid breathing increasingly noticeable.

Although, because it was inconvenient to move, and trying not to overwhelm her with ecstasy, but with this level of intimacy, Lei Yin was very satisfied. When he lowered his head and appreciated her outstandingly beautiful appearance, he was then overwhelmed with passion as he seized this stunning beauty in his arms, as if he seized the god.

There were many words that can be used to describe women, such as beautiful, strong, weak and cute. But in Lei Yin’s opinion, this couldn’t be compared with “a woman who could infatuate anyone” this sentence is most suited to describe Naoko.

“Lei…..” Along with her rapid wail, Naoko’s whole body shook violently, then immediately after her whole body became stiff, curling up her perfect thigh and delicate calf. Her radiant white toes as well as her jade-like neck, became radiant. At the same time, Lei Yin felt that a warm heat slamming on his fingers.

After a while, Naoko’s whole body was lying limp in his arms, constantly panting just like a patient who doesn’t have air, and at the same time her body’s skin turned rosy pink.

Gently rubbing his face with hers, he kissed her lips, trying to comfort her.

After her panting slightly slowed down, he whispered in her ear: “Did you like it?”

“Bad guy….” The mature beauty leaned on his chest, acting like a spoiled brat.

“Do you want to try again?”

“No, I’m afraid that someone will come. Wait for tonight when nobody’s around, okay?” Naoko pleaded.

“Rest assured, aside from Maeda, no one else knows I’m here.”

“But if the nurse comes in to help take your temperature, what do I do?” Naoko said in her final effort.

“My temperature had just been measured, so she won’t come again before the next meal.” Lei Yin didn’t need to do it, and had just wanted to tease her, and see how would she refuse him.

“But…but….” Naoko really didn’t want to do it in a place like this, as someone could come in at any moment.

At the same time, Lei Yin suddenly looked at the door.

“What’s wrong?” Naoko looked at him.

“Someone’s coming. I’ll let you go for the time being. Go tidy yourself in the bathroom.” Lei Yin kissed her, and let go of her.

Hearing the word “tidy”, Naoko blushed, and quickly went to the bathroom.

After a while, she really heard someone knocking at the door outside.

“Please come in.” It was the sound of Lei Yin’s voice.

She then heard someone opening the door, followed by the sounds of high heels hitting the floor.

After a while, a cool female voice sounded: “Hello, I’m the Battalion Adviser Kotoshi Eiko, it’s not the first time we met, but I wonder if Gennai Masashi still remembers me? Or should I call you schoolmate Gennai.”

Looking at her black skirt, and her calm expression, Lei Yin said lightly: “How can I help you?”

Without his consent, Eiko Kotoshi sat down on the chair. She then looked strangely at Lei Yin.

“If I hadn’t personally seen it, I couldn’t have believed that you actually fought that thing to a standstill. You and I are strangers, so I won’t make an excuse and tell you that I’ve come to visit you. I only have one goal; I want you to help me trace it.” The policewoman straightforwardly said her intention.

“I think you’ve made a mistake, I’m only an ordinary student, and not a detective, moreover isn’t it the police’s responsibility to find criminals?”

“I believe that your stepfather had said my situation to you, just like he said, the top forbade me to continue pursuing this matter. If there was another way, I wouldn’t have come to see you.” The policewoman had a very serious expression.

“Since your superiors don’t want you to pursue this matter, it indicated that they have a method to solve the problem. So why don’t you just stay out of this? Also, why do you think that I’ll help you, because I fought that monster to a standstill? If it’s only this, I urge you, to seize that monster, it’s best to bring heavy weapons like machine guns, it’s really useful, rather than having an ordinary student contain that kind of monster, having a sniper behind that monster would give you a better chance.”

“I don’t want to answer your first question. And as to why I want you to help me, it’s not just because you have a monster-like strength, but because I know you have a close relationship with Sakurai of the Tokyo underworld organization. As far as I know, Sakurai, more than a year ago, had secretly sent someone to protect your family. Although I don’t know exactly what kind of relationship you and Sakurai possess, but one thing’s for sure, your relationship isn’t ordinary. You should also know that to pursue this matter, it would require a lot of manpower as well as intelligence network, and Sakurai meets this criterion.”

Sakurai was in charge with the business of the Black Dragon branch in Tokyo. This matter, besides the senior team in Black Dragon, the people that knew were absolutely not over three. Outside the organization, the only one that knew this was the Yamaguchi-gumi, a similar underworld organization. It seems that this woman, although did a very detailed investigation about him, but she still couldn’t know his true identity.

“You’re a policewoman, even if it’s just teaming up with an underworld organization for an investigation, it would still become an scandal. Does this case really worth so much to you?” Lei Yin felt that this woman was insane.

“So you admit that you have a relationship with Sakurai?” The policewoman looked him in the eye.

“I didn’t say that.” Lei Yin said with a shrug.

“Although the superiors are forbidding me to look into this matter, but they didn’t forbid me to investigate about you and Sakura. In order to reduce your own trouble, I hope that you work well with me. I don’t need you to do anything, I only want some useful information.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you. If someday you have something dirty against me, at that time come and discuss with me, about the conditions again.”  Lei Yin had no intention of being a Messiah.

“We’ll meet again.” Eiko Kotoshi stood with cold feet.

“I won’t send you off.” Lei Yin said something behind her.

“Lei, is this really unimportant?” After Eiko had went out of the hospital ward, Naoko walked out from the bathroom.

“You want me to help her?”

“I didn’t mean that, it’s too dangerous, so you might get hurt again. I just thought that she is a little pitiful. You may not know, that night when you had lost so much blood and fainted, she was the one who sent you to the hospital.”

“I don’t have the slightest gratitude towards her, after all, she is the one who brought over that monster, and had almost gotten you hurt. But hearing you say that, I also thought that she seemed so persistent about this case.”

Naoko didn’t make a sound, but had instead leaned on his shoulder while looking at him.

Three days later, Lei Yin’s injury had mostly recovered already.

Fed up with the smell of disinfectant, he decided to leave the hospital earlier.

After a night of love making with Naoko at their house in Shinagawa, he returned to school the next morning.

Outside the apartment he had rented, he saw Shiraishi Akira taking out the trash.

“You’re back?” Seeing Lei Yin, Shiraishi Akira simply said something.

“You didn’t live here while I was away, right?”

“Not me, just them.”

If the hygienic Shiraishi Akira wasn’t here, Lei Yin couldn’t imagine what the house would be like.

“I advise you not to go in.” Shiraishi Akira suddenly said something.

“Why? Did those guys invite a woman and made a mess in my house?” Thinking about the two’s playboy-like character, Lei Yin was convinced that this was likely the case.

“No, it’s just two bored men getting jealous, and wanting to cause trouble.”

Lei Yin was confused, and finally opened the door.

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