Awakening: Chapter 149-The Author of the Love Letter

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Although there has been a certain degree of heart preparation, seeing the apartment like a refugee camp, Lei Yin has a kind of horrible feeling.

Cigarette butts, beer bottles, snack bags, and instant noodles….all kinds of modern youth’s unhealthy lifestyle representation. The entire living room was filled with the unpleasant smell of smoke and alcohol, and the TV also continued to show the game titles. The original creators of this misery, the evil pair Takeda and Yoshikawa were like tramps, lying down unconscious on the couch and on the floor.

Lei Yin felt sorry for Kazumi, who every now and then come to help him clean the house.

In order to assume the responsibility for bringing in the wolves into the house, Lei Yin has to clean up.

“Masashi, are you hurt?” Akira Shiraishi from the side found his left hand moved a bit, seemingly somewhat inconvenience.

“Minor matter only, it’ll be fine in a few days. Has my sister came to see me these few days?”

“Heard from Takeda she seems to come once, but when she saw you’re not here, she left.”

‘It seems I need to give her a phone call later, lest she worries.’ Previously in the hospital, he said on the phone that he would be out for a few days.

When the two men spoke, Yoshikawa and Takeda gradually awoke by the glare of light coming through the window.

“Masashi, you bastard.” After some confirmation, they have no doubt about the person, Takeda first jumped up and rushed at him with a roar.

“You didn’t brush the teeth, don’t come near me.” Lei Yin used the broom in his hand against his chest, not letting him get close.

“You heartless pervert, you don’t even spare your friend’s girlfriend, I’m going to kill you!” Takeda attempted to break through the police blockade like a mob, constantly trying to rush.

“You shut up, please brush your teeth first, okay? Your mouth stinks.” Lei Yin kept blocking the guy with the broom while holding his breath.

“Your eloquence is smelly, you bastard.” The angry youth behaved more and more like a mob.

Seeing the slowly crawled up like a zombie Yoshikawa, Lei Yin called out: “Yoshikawa, quickly hold your childhood sweetheart. This guy took the wrong medicine.”

“Masashi you bastard.”

How could this sentence seemed familiar? Seeing that he can’t hold back Takeda any longer, plus Yoshikawa was coming at him like a mad dog, Lei Yin quickly retreated back to the door.

“Shiraishi, quickly come and help me stop them.” Single-handedly, Lei Yin was a bit difficult to simultaneously cope with the two thugs. Of course, if he were willing to use a heavy hand, that would be a different story.

“Sorry, I’m in the middle of something. I have long warned you, told you not to come in.” Akira Shiraishi had the I-told-you-so indifferent look.

“When did you warn me? Hey, the two of you restrain yourself a bit. I wasn’t introduced to your bad breath first, so you use this as a pre-emptive strike.”

“Assh*le….” Have just woken up and with the corner of the eyes still have some discharge, they didn’t see the danger in Lei Yin’s eyes, still desperately trying to rush at him.

“The two can rest in peace.” Akira Shiraishi on the side put his palm together toward the two reckless guys.

“If there any last words, say it when you visit their graves.” Lei Yin flicked his right hand, the broom in his hand moved like a swimming dragon, stabbing the two angry youths.



Two different styles of scream almost simultaneously sounded.

Just before they fell to the ground, the two rebellious youths remembered that the man in front of them was terrible, but it was too late.

“Reckless guys. Enough, now you can tell me exactly what happened?” Lei Yin threw away the broom and then lifted his feet to sit on the sofa watching them.


“Are you sure the author of that love letter is the so-called campus’ nascent beauty, Nari-em-muko?”

“It’s Narimura Haruko! You didn’t even know her name, I really don’t understand what she likes about you.” Yoshikawa has the look of someone having diarrhea.

“Maybe what she likes is this type of violent man, if I knew that I would have made my move earlier.” Takeda’s tone was like a juvenile delinquent.

“There can’t be such a thing, Narimura Haruko is not a masochistic girl.” Yoshikawa didn’t seem to have a certainty in his tone.

“Otherwise, how do you explain this? This guy in addition to his ability to fight, I don’t see any other point that will make girls like him.

“You two bastard shut up.” Being described as a man who beat his wife, Masashi finally unable to endure anymore.

Still feeling the ache from broom’s strike, the rebel duo immediately didn’t dare to make a sound, just looked at him with resentment.

“I don’t care what that woman wants, this father has no interest in that kind of pretty face. You satisfied now?”

“Do you mean it?” Yoshikawa at this moment was like a death row inmate that has just been acquitted, could hardly believe his ears.

Takeda was like a cat that was awakened by the sound of footsteps.

“But I have conditions.”

“What conditions?” Yoshikawa asked almost as soon as Lei Yin finished.

“You two assh*les immediately clean up this house. If you don’t clean until it becomes spotless before I get back, I will immediately call the woman for a meal, and then go to the hotel to book a room.” Lei Yin suddenly stood up and roared at the two bored youth who made the apartment looked like a refugee camp.

Although the words were so harsh and evil, the rebel duo actually heard as if those were gospels. No sooner had he finished, Yoshikawa picked up the broom on the floor and began to sweep, Takeda was stunned for a moment before hastened to pick up the garbage on the table.

“Let’s find something to eat. What are you looking at, I’m not talking to you, be serious.”

Being stared at the two hastily bowed their heads to continue cleaning.

After Lei Yin and Akira Shiraishi walked out of the apartment, Takeda said to Yoshikawa: “Hey, do you think that guy will keep his promise?”

“If he dares to lie to me, I will not let him off.” Yoshikawa a bit guiltily cried.

“No action talk only guy. Don’t forget that guy is a human weapon, if you want to deal with him, first write your will.”

“None of your business. By the way, why are you so nervous about this thing, don’t tell me you also have a liking for Narimura Haruko.” Yoshikawa suddenly remembered a problem.

“What’s with this nonsense, I already had a liking for that young girl. Although she can’t be compared to my sister, to be my girlfriend, however, that’s entirely possible.”

“You bast*rd, always try to snatch things away from me since you’re still a kid, this time, you even want to get your hands on your sister-in-law, you really are worse than animals.” Yoshikawa cursed.

“What sister-in-law, you’ve already given many flowers and gifts, but the other paid no attention to you, yet you still have the nerve to say this self-comforting words.” Takeda defiantly retorted.

“Shut up, you sister complex pervert.”

“You’re the pervert, you dare to say it again.”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you? You really are a sister complex pervert.”

“B*tch, I’m going to kill you!” The angry youths once again transformed into a mob, shouted out as they threw away the trash in their hands, rushing toward their childhood friends.

Finally, a low-level insult turned into a low-level melee, the refugee camp also gradually upgraded into a concentration camp.

If Lei Yin were there, he would certainly regret allowing them to remain in the apartment.

At this time in the university cafeteria, Lei Yin and Akira Shiraishi encountered two people. One of them was the original source that led to the scuffle of the two childhood friends.

“Hello, student Gennai.” When the two people were eating, two female students suddenly arrived at their table and stood by their side.

Lei Yin raised his head, “Hello, what can I do for you?”

A sexy short skirted Narimura Haruko said with a smile: “I never thought that I could coincidentally meet with you here, so I want to come to student Gennai to say hello.”

Lei Yin briefly looked around and found many students were tightly watching them with various kinds of vision. If a class have these many focused eyes, the teacher would be moved to cry and shed bitter tears.

“If you don’t mind, please sit down and have a talk, okay?” In Lei Yin’s mind, two such beautiful girls standing around talking seem too noticeable.

Narimura Haruko smiled and sat down gracefully. While her companion, after a bit of hesitation, also followed to sit down.

As they sat down, Lei Yin found no improvement to the situation, even becoming more serious. Several boys even want to rush at them.

A group of guys in heat. Lei Yin didn’t bother them, in any case, no one will dare to come looking for him asking for a duel.

“Can I ask a question to student Gennai?” Narimura Haruko’s voice was very clear, although the sound was not loud, could be clearly heard.

“What?” Lei Yin lifted the cup to drink some tea.

“Don’t know how the result of this time you went back home for a blind date?”

Fortunately he responded in a timely manner and didn’t spurt out the tea in his mouth.

“May I ask, who told you that I went home for a blind date?” Lei Yin put down the cup and asked.

“It’s student Yoshikawa. He told me the reason why you missed the appointment was that you went home for a blind date. Isn’t it?”

It really is the good deed of those two guys.

“Something like that.” Lei Yin casually replied.

“Then can you tell me the result?”

“I have no plan to get married so soon.”

“Then I’m relieved.” Narimura Haruko smiled.

Lei Yin didn’t make a noise, just quietly sized up the nascent beauty in front of him. And Narimura Haruko also didn’t speak, very graciously let him watched herself.

After a while, Lei Yin recovered his vision, and then casually lifted the cup to take a sip.

“Don’t know what student Gennai usually do to pass the time in the evening?” Narimura Haruko asked.

“I generally sleep relatively early.”

“I thought student Gennai would have a very colorful nightlife. In fact, I also have nothing to do at night, generally in the apartment just reading books, watching TV or the likes. To be honest, sometimes it’s kinda boring, like tonight.”

“Security is not very good at night in Tokyo, if it is all right, better to stay at home.” Lei Yin’s tone of voice was like the Discipline Director.

After a while, seeing Lei Yin didn’t seem to continue his words, Narimura Haruko had to continue to say: “I’ve heard recently there’s a film starring Haruka Suzuki, I wonder if student Gennai is interested to go and see.”

“Haruka Suzuki? Listen to her name she seems to be an actress, does she appear in a horror movie or science fiction? I’m sorry, I only watch horror or science fiction films.”

“Em, She only starred in romance….”

“Romance? Sorry, everytime I see artistic films I will fall asleep in the middle of the movie. Because I think the love that can occur within two hours is more like a one-night stand.”


Akira Shiraishi looked at this nascent beauty with some sympathy. But the female companion of Narimura Haruko looked at Lei Yin as if she was watching a monster.


When she opened the door, Eiko Kotoshi saw her mother was watching TV with the guy called Yaetera.

“Eiko, you’ve come.” Sayaka Kotoshi said a sentence as her daughter changed her shoes on the porch.

“Eiko, good evening.” Yaetera, with a heavy Kansai accent that is very repugnant to the policewoman, said hello.

“I’ll go to my room, there’re some reports that I need to see.” With that, Eiko Kotoshi with indifferent expression walked to her room.

“I’m sorry, Eiko is having a lot of pressure because of work recently.” Sayaka Kotoshi apologetically said.

“It’s okay, I know that she still can’t accept me. Don’t worry, I believe after spending some period of time, she would accept me.” Yaetera said with confidence.

Sayaka Kotoshi smiled and nodded, and then secretly sighed, thinking.

‘Unless she is informed of her father’s death, Eiko will never accept anyone who might become her father.’

After arriving at her room, Eiko readily threw her briefcase on the bed and turned on the computer.

Taking advantage of the loading time, she took out the files from her briefcase.

A moment later, she was suddenly filled with a sense of boredom. Can’t bear to look anymore, she put down the reports in her hand.

Although the room have an excellent sound insulation, she seemed to be able to clearly hear the man outside with the nasty Kansai accent shouting words.

She really can’t understand how a woman with 30 years old look and good figure like her mother would fancy a man like him.

She no longer wanted to lie down, walked to the front of the computer and sat down.

After she opened the mailbox and didn’t see any new email, she can’t help but feel depressed. It seemed her several informers haven’t obtained any useful information.

Even so, she did not give up.

Ever since she saw that monster, she knew the few dark and hard to read paragraphs that her father wrote in his diary, actually has a very deep meaning.

She felt that the mysterious disappearance of her father years ago must have a connection with this case.

In any case, she must press ahead. Unfortunately, the available manpower that she had right now have too little information.

Thinking of this, a youth named Gennai Masashi suddenly appeared in her mind.


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