Awakening: Chapter 150-Honored Visitor

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Economic Theory class, middle aged teacher Fujita sputtered to speak about Japanese economic development history. But few listened to him, many students were sleeping or chatting in low voices, some even ate snacks and played GameBoy as it was in the high school. In this situation, it’s hard to believe such a scene could occur on an elite campus like Teikyo University.

Perhaps this has something to do with the listener being a first-year student, completely without a sense of crisis. Moreover, the teacher gave the students a dull lecture; that’s the other reason. Even so, the absentees are few, because this is a required course in Economic discipline. For the average college student, this course credit is everything.

“In the analysis of the early postwar Keynesian macroeconomic theory in Japan, of the implication on Japan macroeconomic policy, the role of the renowned economist Shigeto Tsuru should not be overlooked. Shigeto Tsuru is beyond just an economist, during his academic visit to the United States, he concentrated on studying Keynes ‘General Theory’ and macroeconomic theory, and often get together with US famous scholar Samuel and others for discussion and consultation. In the early post-war period, he served as Vice Chairman of the Committee on economic stability. In 1947, Shigeto Tsuru presided over Japan’s first white paper on ‘Economic Reality Report,’ the use of Keynesian macroeconomics theoretical analysis of the economic situation of Japan, and put forward relevant macroeconomics policies. This theoretical framework of economic white paper has a significant impact on the establishment and formation of Japan’s macroeconomic.

But after the seventies and eighties, China and United States formed a long-term friendly diplomatic relation. Both in terms of economic theory or substantial economic cooperation, there have been considerable development and benefits.”

Hearing the deep sense of reverence from teacher Fujita, Lei Yin removed his gaze from the novel in his hand and then sneered.

When Japan experienced the bubble economy, the US said it was because the Japanese Bank management system has a problem. The Bank of Japan, in particular, is fond of making forged account, this was very serious, and only by learning from the US can Japan get out of this trouble.

While Japan local economists said Japan’s economic bubble is due to Japan adopting financial policies based on John Maynard Keynes; the money supply is too large while the bank rate was too low. However, Japan after the fifties has always been implementing financial expansion policies; just when the situation was particularly bad it shrunk a bit, but it never emerges from the 90’s severe recession situation. After the collapse of the bubble economy, Japan has also imposed financial contraction policy, but still having no positive result.

Others said that the reason why Japan’s bubble economy happened is that the United States forced the appreciation of the yen. Although these words are not entirely right, it is said that it is one of the major causes. As the result of the 1985 “Plaza Accord”, the yen appreciated, which fundamentally undermine Japan’s economic competitiveness, thereby leading to the bubble economy. After The Plaza Accord was signed, the yen appreciated sharply, the imported product prices dropped significantly, leading to Japan Consumer Index sharply fell, and the Japanese enterprises suffered great difficulties. In order to get out from this problem, the Ministry of Finance started to implement expansionary financial policies, for several years in succession the annual growth of currency circulation was more than 10 percent, while significantly reducing the bank rate. This stimulated the growth of exports. However, the growth of exports did not bring a new growth cycle. The Japanese found that, in the situation of the large appreciation of yen, the foreign trade was tired, the profit is far less than before. But the people have accumulated a large amount of currency. They later gradually found that stocks and real estate are the two places that are good to add the value of their money, so they desperately invested their money into it. Later, all financial institutions were green with envy and began to break the rules by giving excessive loans and credit expansion. This is what the US said “Institutional Issues.”

Regarding this forced appreciation of the yen, to a large extent it did cause the Japan to have the bubble economy, making the Japanese seriously deteriorate to the state of “Friendly Neighbors”, and the so-called economists who tightly clung to the textbook now sounded their eulogy.

In this sleepy atmosphere, the classroom door was suddenly being gently pushed open. Then, two graceful figures quietly walked in.

A male student who was sleeping soundly was hit awake, when he was very unhappy to look for the bastard woke him up, he suddenly saw the beautiful face of Narimura Haruko. At that moment, he thought his whole body was electrocuted.

“Please let me pass.” That completely-not-inferior-to-idol pretty girl whispered some words.

There was some time before the male student reacted; He immediately stood up like a javelin, but because he used too much force, the chair was almost knocked over.

The following noise attracted the few gossipy students to turn back to take a look.

“I’m not seeing wrong right, isn’t that Narimura Haruko? How come she’s here?”

“That’s really Narimura Haruko. Even Taomori Junko is here.”

“Why is Narimura Haruko here, isn’t she in the Literary Department.”

For a time, this was the topic that the students who saw Narimura Haruko were talking about.

The dull economic theory became ever more lively, but unfortunately, the attention of the students lies on the one sitting in the last row Narimura Haruko, rather than the wizened old man standing in front of the podium.

“Student Gennai, we meet again.” After sitting next to Lei Yin, Narimura Haruko said with a smile.

“I never thought student Narimura is also interested in Economics.”

“Does student Gennai really think I came here in order to listen to the lecture?” Narimura Haruko asked.

“Isn’t it?”

Narimura Haruko didn’t speak, just looked at him strangely.

All the students were looking with envious eyes toward Lei Yin who leisurely sat next to Narimura Haruko.

Based on Masashi’s horror reputation, in the eyes of everyone, those two sitting together are the modern example of Beauty and the Beast.

Aware that he has nothing to say to the beauty, Lei Yin patted the sleeping like a dead hog on his right side Takeda.

“The class is over?” Takeda awoke and gave a knee-jerk response.

“Look who’s here?” Lei Yin turned his head to the left.

“It’s, it’s Narimura Haruko. He, hello, my name is Takeda Hidetoshi.” This rebellious youth acted like he is a kindergarten kid.

“Do you want to swap places with me?” Lei Yin turned his head back to him.

“What did you say?”

“Want to change places with me?”

“Is it true? Yes, good, good.” At this time in Takeda’s eyes, Lei Yin’s body exuded a sage-like light.

“Idiot, continue your greeting first then you can thank me later.”

“Does student Gennai really hates me?” Seeing Lei Yin stood up prepared to change places with Takeda, Narimura Haruko’s face became cold as frost.

“Please don’t get me wrong, I just thought student Takeda is more suitable to talk to student Narimura. I did this to prevent you from being bored.”

If not for fear Narimura Haruko would suspect the two of them were gay, Takeda would certainly hold this fellow and madly kiss him.

After five minutes, the classroom gradually restored to the original quiet atmosphere, but many students still looked back from time to time.

“Haruko, can I call you like this? Good, since you do not mind, later on, I’ll call you like this. I know a nice restaurant, let’s go there for dinner tonight?”

“Sorry, I have no free time tonight.”

“No problem, let’s do it tomorrow night.”

“I won’t be free tomorrow.”

“So, you’re free after that, good then, I’ll pick you up at the appointed time. I wish I could see your look when you wear a short skirt, are you going to wear it?”

“Student Takeda….”

“Haruko you are too kind, just call me handsome. That’s what my family members call me.”

Others said he has no advantages, but Takeda was born cheeky. He continued to do his best to lure Narimura Haruko into talking, even though the other clearly showed the lack of interest.

Narimura Haruko’s companion Taomori Junko curiously looked at the “human weapon” sitting next to Takeda, who was leisurely reading the novel.

Publicly satirizing the history teacher, and then single-handedly duel with four martial arts communities. If she didn’t see it for herself, she would never believe this ordinary looking boy could do such unimaginable things.

But more importantly, she never saw any boy that can be so indifferent toward the campus belle Haruko.

He is also different than those boys who pretend to be cool to attract Haruko’s attention; his indifferent attitude is definitely not fake.

Then she suddenly remembered some of the girls’ private evaluation of this guy: An aloof eagle.

Lei Yin didn’t know that in addition to being regarded as a humanoid monster by the boys, he was also regarded as a bird by the female students.


“Masashi, let’s go look for a restaurant outside campus to eat. Occasionally there should be a change of taste.” Takeda suggested.

“Okay, I’ll call Yoshikawa and the others over.” Lei Yin took out his mobile phone.

“Don’t call Yoshikawa.” Takeda loudly cried.

Taking a glance at Narimura Haruko, Lei Yin smiled. ‘So this guy wants to do something in secret.’

‘Very well, lest this two guys fight with each other because of Narimura Haruko at the appointed time.’

When he was about to put his phone down, it suddenly rang.

“What happened, Yoshikawa?” Lei Yin looked a bit funny at the nervously watching Takeda beside him.

After taking the phone, Lei Yin said to Takeda: “It seems there’s no other way, that guy is in a hurry to find me. Why don’t you go by yourself.”

“Forget it, just let him come,” Takeda said in frustration. He was not confidence to go meet with Narimura Haruko alone without Masashi, after all, she agreed to come because she is attracted to Masashi.

Five minutes later, Yoshikawa and Akira Shiraishi arrived. But they didn’t come alone, there were also two girls with them.

Seeing those two girls, Lei Yin was completely surprised. He did not expect to see them here.

Seeing Lei Yin, a girl in a blue dress immediately rushed over.


But before he could finish, the woman suddenly threw her handbag at him.

“Hei….” Lei Yin immediately blocked with his right hand.

“Bastard! You didn’t tell me you’ve come, let me worry for so long. I will not forgive you.” After the failure of the handbag attack, the girl immediately punched him in the face.

“Hey, listen to me.” Lei Yin dodged sideways to avoid being labeled as Panda’s eye.

“You even dare to dodge, go to hell.” That girl rushed at him like a bull.

“Hey, let’s stop this, okay? We can slowly talk things over; you can’t catch me.” Lei Yin said while running.

“You let me hit you first, and then we’ll talk, otherwise don’t even think about running away.” After catching her breath, Kurata Ryoko loudly said.

“First, let’s come to an agreement, then you can hit.” Lei Yin thought he has no other way, so he had to talk about the conditions with her.

“Quickly come here!”

Lei Yin wryly smiled, he was actually reduced to take the initiative to let other people beat him.

When Lei Yin came forward, Kurata Ryoko suddenly hugged him.

“You bastard, you actually use your teeth to bite.” After being hugged by her, Lei Yin suddenly yelled.

“This is just the interest, I’ll slowly deal the rest with you later.” Kurata Ryoko smiled smugly like a door to door debt collector.

When the two returned back to the front of the crowd, all of them looked at the duo as if they were ghosts.

It seemed they were scared to shed out cold sweat looking at the two cousins reunion scene.

“Em, Masashi, is she your girlfriend?” Takeda managed to say some words.

“Please don’t say such terrible words. She is my cousin, Kurata Ryoko.” Lei Yin rubbed his bitten shoulder as he introduced.

“I’m sorry to scare you guys just now. Because this guy quietly disappeared more than a year ago, I was worried about him. But after he came back, he didn’t even give me a single phone call, making me worry for so long. Therefore, when we met, inevitably I became a bit excited.” Kurata Ryoko said with a smile.

‘This is called a bit excited?’ Lei Yin thought.

“Hey, how’d you get here?” Lei Yin asked.

“You still dare to ask me that, were it not for a few days ago I gave aunt a call, I wouldn’t know that you have returned. D*mn you, you didn’t even give me a call, do you still consider me as your cousin?” Kurata Ryoko became more and more testy, and can’t help but raise her foot to kick him.

Takeda’s eyes almost fell out. This was the first time he saw a girl in a short skirt dares to raise her foot to kick.

“I’ve thought about giving you a call, but you’ve changed your phone number, what can I do then?”

“Why don’t you call my home to ask?”

“I forgot.” Lei Yin replied very honestly.

“Bastard, you even forgot such a thing.”

“Hey, aren’t you tired yet? Let’s go find something to eat. Even if you’re not hungry, I am hungry.” Lei Yin has no intention to continue this without nutrition dialogue.

“I’ll let you go this time. Hurry up.” After a series of futile endeavor, Kurata Ryoko also felt a bit hungry.

“As you can see, if you guys don’t want to get beaten, let’s get out of here.” Lei Yin said to the other people.

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