Awakening: Chapter 151-The Diary

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“Hi, I’m looking for Professor Amuro, where is he right now?” Eiko Kotoshi, in a white dress, said to the staff at the reception.

“Please wait a moment, I’ll enquire for you.” The young receptionist said very politely.

“Thank you.”

As she was nationally recognized as a policewoman, who had graduated from The University of Tokyo which is regarded as the the highest institution in Japan.

Tokyo University’s predecessor, the Tokyo Kaisei Academy and the Tokyo Medical school, was founded during the Meiji era. Tracing farther back, in the early Bakufu period, [Dutch Studies] mechanism, [Method of Astronomy], a proper leveled Osaka Academic Prefecture, and the development of planting culture were established. During the initial period of the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese government announced a ‘a new educational command system’ opening the gateway to the European and American studies, in 1877 according to what the Ministry of Education had instructed, the two schools merged to become Tokyo University. At that time, the  amount of students enrolled were more than 500 people, in a university which only had 4 faculties which were literature, law, science, and medicine. The Ministry in charge of the Tokyo Law school soon concurrently merged into this school, which was under the French Education Ministry. In 1886, the Meiji government because of national need made the ‘Imperial University System’, and had made Tokyo University as one of the Imperial Universities. Which was divided into separate fields such as Business, Engineering, agricultural, and one after another the engineering field and agricultural field had also become part of the Imperial Universities. Several education ministries also become part of it such as; Hosei University, Medical College, Liberal Arts University and Science University respectively; and began to set a graduate program, becoming a real University. After World War II, the Japanese Government changed the unreasonable system by removing the Imperial Universities, and restoring Tokyo University to its former state. After the restructuring of Tokyo University, there was established a new foundational faculty, the faculty of Education, the medical field which was a part of the Tokyo Imperial University, the Tokyo High school and had also incorporated many old and new faculties, establishing a huge number of research centers. Today, the Tokyo University has 11 graduate schools, 12 research institutes, and tens of thousands of students and staff in the University.

Having such a long history and being famous worldwide, Eiko Kotoshi, compared to most people, has a special feeling towards this place. Because this was the place where her father used to work.

After five minutes, the receptionist returned to the reception room.

“Miss Eiko, Professor Amuro is in his office at the biological research institute, I’ll lead you there.

“No need, I’ll do it myself, I’ve been there before.” The policewoman stood up.

“In that case, please take care. If there’s anything you need please feel free to contact me.” The receptionist’s tone was a bit that of a waiter working at a restaurant. Being unable to walk together with the beautiful woman, he was genuinely disappointed.

“Thank you.” The policewoman said, stepping out of the reception room.

Really attractive, stature is also pretty good, what a pity that she is a bit cold. Looking at her back getting further away, the receptionist made an appraisal at heart.

Arriving at the entrance of the research institute, the policewoman suddenly found herself lost. Compared to several years ago, there wasn’t too big of a change towards the surrounding of the research institute, just that it had made a layer of renovation outside. Moreover, many flowers were planted in blue rock on both sides of the road, but the most noticeable change was the tree standing erect at the roadside, which looked bigger and more luxuriant than the one several years ago.

Still remembering about the last time she had come, when she was still a high-school student. But ever since her father had gone missing, she had never visited this place again.

After asking the attendant in the building where Professor Amuro was, Eiko Kotoshi walked over to where it was.

After obtaining permission to the room, Eiko Kotoshi opened the door to the office.

“Eiko, I didn’t think you would really come here to look for me, please quickly sit down .” In the peaceful room, a person with half of his hair that had gone white, greeting her very happily after seeing the child of his old friend,.

“It has been a very long time, Uncle Amuro, how have you been recently?”

“I’m still getting by. I’m old already, so my body couldn’t avoid getting a few minor problems. How’s your mom doing?”

“She’s very good.” Eiko Kotoshi omitted the rude man who was together with her mother.

“Since high school, I haven’t seen you and your mother. Still I didn’t think that you’d grow more beautiful, do you have a boyfriend right now? If not, I’ll introduce you to my son, how about it? He has at least graduated with a master’s degree; he should be worthy of you.” Akito Amuro said with a smile.

Eiko Kotoshi didn’t have any intention of talking about the matter of her marriage, so she interrupted him and said, “Uncle Amuro, this time I’ve come here to ask you something.”

Seeing her serious expression, Akito Amuro put away his smile, “tell me, what’s the matter?”

“I would like to ask, before my father disappearance, was there anyone who was fairly close with him?” Eiko Kotoshi asked directly.

Akito Amuro bitterly smiled, “the question you’ve asked, the police had also asked me. But to be honest, I don’t really know, because I was studying abroad at the time.”

“If I may, aside from Uncle Amuro, my father never went out with any of his fairly close friends. I believe you know why I’ve become a police officer, and more than half of the reason is because of my father. After so many years, I think I’ve finally found a clue, so I looked for Uncle Amuro to confirm it.”

“What clue?” Akito Amuro asked a bit surprised.

Eiko Kotoshi didn’t immediately reply, but instead took out a small yellow book, turning to the last few pages of the book.

“Uncle, my father had the habit of writing a diary, this is one of the diaries he left behind. When I was packing his thing six months ago, I’ve stumbled upon it. And in the last pages of his diary, I am very much confused about what he wrote.” Eiko Kotoshi gave Akito Amuro the diary.

Taking the diary, Akito Amuro found out that it really was her former friend’s handwriting. Being apart from him for so many years, and having finally able to see the writing of his good friend once more, he was assailed.

After a pause, he carefully read the contents of the diary. Only a few words were written:

He came to me, and this time he made a generous offer.

To be honest, I’m really starting to get moved. But not because of the pay he offered, but because of the sample he brought.

The thing he specially brought over to me, is definitely not from an obsessed man only thinking about money. Moreover, it appears that there were even more brilliant people behind him. Perhaps his peers, is what my instincts told me.

Akito Amuro turned over to the second page, only to see one sentence:

Maybe I should have complied to him, I’m starting to regret it now.

Turning over to the third page, Akito Amuro suddenly discovered that the dates written above the two pages were unexpectedly separated by nearly three months. But the above handwriting was much clear than the previous page.

As a human being, I can’t do it, it’s just too cruel. But as a scientist who pursues the truth, I absolutely can’t suppress this desire.

It is also said that the human desire is the devil itself, and if you accidentally take this demon out, it will eat your soul away. I thought I was going to be devoured by this demon.

Turning to the next page, the date all of a sudden jumped over half a month, but the handwriting was even more illegible. As if it was written by a drunk man.

Today, the 3rd to 5th experimental bodies appear to have changed with that of a beast’s. But they seemed to have lost their mind, as I was even almost bitten by the experiment No.5. In this stage, the experiment was successful. But, what have I actually become? I have lost the conscience of what humans should have. Perhaps, at the same time I was swallowed by the devil, I had also turned into a devil too.

I haven’t gone home for a long time, because I’m afraid to see Sayaka and Eiko. They might not know that standing before them, is only a demon dressed in human skin.

When Akito Amuro turned the page, he found that the diary had came to an end.

After getting back his composure, Akito Amuro thought for a moment and asked: “This diary, have you handed it over to the police?”

“Uncle Amuro, did you forget? I myself am a police. In accordance with the normal procedures, in the case that no bodies are found, it would only be a missing case, and will not be appointed more staffs to search. But as he is my father, I have to find out the truth.” Eiko Kotoshi revealed an unquestionable resoluteness in her eyes.

“But can this diary alone prove anything? It has, after all, been 8 years already.” Akito Amuro sighed.

“Uncle Amuro, please carefully recall, several months before my father went missing, has he ever mentioned about anyone to you?” Eiko Kotoshi was going to talk about meeting that monster, but thinking that it was the police’s internal secrets, she had to hold it back.

Hearing her question, Amuro lowered his head trying to recall his memories.

Eiko Kotoshi had a complicated look as she closed the diary.

Her father after graduating from Tokyo University, stayed to work in this institute.

He was an introverted person, and at the age of 30, her parents met in a blind date arranged by their mothers. And after a short few months of dating, they got married, and then the following year she was born.

A few years later, after his father published several papers on his biological research, he suddenly became a well-known biologist. Afterwards, according to him, he also thought that it was inconceivable. But at that time Eiko Kotoshi had thought that it was natural that it had happened. Because she personally saw her father earnestly doing his job. Sometimes she felt more like he was a religious fanatic, but instead of believing in god, he believed in biology.

Although he was not a good husband, or a good father, but for them he was the best person alive.

She would never forget her father waiting for her at school, often rubbing his hands standing in the cold outside.

While in her second year of high school, there was a time that her father suddenly became strange. This good honest men in the eyes of outsiders, became a person who frequently did an all-nighter, moreover he, who in the past didn’t smoke nor drink, came back home covered with alcohol each time.

Her mother who began to suspect that he was seeing a different woman outside, but she was sure that her father would never do that. But seeing her father become like this, she became increasingly worried.

Later, something unexpected happened and fearing that something might happened to his family: Her father went missing.

The police had investigated for several days, but he has yet to come back. This made her exceedingly furious.

She thought that even if it was just once in a while, her father would still come back. But after waiting for him for 8 years, he didn’t come back.

Now, after reading her father’s diaries as well as seeing that monster with her own eyes, she finally found a small clue.

She had mixed feelings, she wanted to continue , hoping to find her missing father, but was also afraid that the monster had something to do with her father.

“Eiko, I suddenly remembered something, I don’t know if it would help you thought.” Akito Amuro suddenly looked up and said.

“What happened uncle?” Eiko Kotoshi quickly asked.

“I remember the day as I prepared to go abroad to study, your father sent me to the airport. Just before I had to go on the plan, he suddenly received a phone call. Although I didn’t listen to their conversation, but I vaguely heard him on the phone saying [Is this Goyama-san?], If I haven’t remembered incorrectly, that should be the person’s name. Because before your father bid farewell, they talked very briefly on the phone.”

Goyama? That name seems to be very rare, it seems like I’ll have to go to the police department’s personnel file system, and check. Thinking of this, Eiko Kotoshi continued to ask: “In that period of time, did you seen anyone who walking towards father?”

“I think there wasn’t anyone who did. But I remember that for some time his temperament had suddenly become fierce. Once, when an intern had accidentally poured tea on his desk, he shouted at him. I’ve never seen him like that, his temper was good, and he never cursed at other over such trifle matters.”

Eiko Kotoshi thought for a moment, then bowed and said, “Thank you, uncle. I’m sorry for disturbing you so much of your time.”

“No need to be polite, I watched you grow up, so it’s natural for me to do so. Right, the matter I’ve talked to you about my son, are you interested in meeting him?” Akito Amuro didn’t lose heart and said.

“Sorry, before I get any good news about my father, I don’t plan on considering this matter. Uncle Amuro, if you remember anything else, please call me as soon as possible.”

“Okay.” Under the bright room, Akito Amuro had a look of disappointment.

Saying goodbye to Akito Amuro, Eiko Kotoshi immediately went out of the research institute.

“Masashi, you….bastard, I was worried about you for so long. Damn guy….” Kurata Ryoko was still hammering away.

“Masashi, now what?” Seeing Kurata Ryoko covered with alcohol, Yamaguchi had a confused look.

“First look for a nearby hotel for her to stay in, then will wait for this fellow to sober up, and talk again tomorrow. Sometimes I really suspect if this fellow really is a woman, she could actually drink more fiercely than men.” Lei Yin said with a headache. Then supporting Kurata Ryoko who couldn’t stand up, he went out to search for a hotel.

Following behind was Yamaguchi Tomoko, who was laughing, “Seems like she’s really happy to see you again. After knowing that you were missing, I knew that she was very worried about you. She just refused to talk about it.”

Lei Yin was a little touched, he came to learn that in addition to Naoko who was now a part of his family, there were also other people who cared about him.

“Masashi, that beautiful girl Narimura Haruko, is she your girlfriend?” Yamaguchi Tomoko asked while walking.


“But looking at her, she seems to care a lot about you. When you two were eating, she just kept looking at you every time.”

“That means nothing. Maybe she just wants to ask me for help, after all, she’s always surrounded by two perverts all the time.”

Thinking about Takeda and Yoshikawa who were both filled with jealousy, Yamaguchi Tomoko couldn’t help but laugh.

On the other hand, at the same time, after the two were described as a pervert, Narimura Haruko who was now sitting in a luxurious car, came to pick her friend Taomori Junko, who was also sitting with her,.

After they had gotten inside, Narimura Haruko put on a serious look, not making a single noise. Seeing this expression, Taomori Junko didn’t dare say anything.

After the car drove for nearly ten minutes, Taomori Junko finally couldn’t bear it anymore and in a low voice said: “Haruko, I think it would be best if you don’t continue.”

Narimura Haruko coldly looked at her, and then said: “You mean to say, I’ll lose?”

“I didn’t mean that, I’m just saying that Gennai-san isn’t worth doing all of this.” Taomori Junko carefully organized her words.

Hearing her words, Narimura Haruko’s face eased a little bit.

“It isn’t about what his worth, just that I don’t want to lose to that woman Ji Zi. In any case, I will make that Gennai Masashi listen to my words like a dog.”

“But that fellow looks troublesome, I think he’s probably a little different from all those male students before.” Taomori Junko said a little worried.

“Well, in my opinion, him being different from the other boys, is just only part of an act, and in the end he will become obedient to me.” While that was what her mouth was saying, but if she could choose, she would rather change with Ji Zi, as this Gennai Masashi was indeed much more troublesome than she had ever imagined.

If it was the other boys, not to say inviting her to dinner or seeing a movie, just talking to her would make them feel helpless, making her pestered just like those two sexual harassers. But in the eyes of that fellow, she actually couldn’t see any eagerness when he saw her, which made her lose confidence about her appearance for the first time.

I don’t know how things are with Ji Zi? Hopefully compared to that student council president who only has looks, would not be able to easily catch him, otherwise I really will lose to that woman. This was the result she least wanted to see.

Narimura Haruko looked outside the window in a trance.

Taomori Junko repeatedly tried to persuade her, but without any better option she sighed. Sometime she just couldn’t understand why they were so keen on this so-called game between the two rich princess.

Perhaps princesses from wealthy families really does think differently from ordinary people. Taomori Junko explained to herself.

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