Awakening: Chapter 152-Invitation

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“Hey, would you two hurry up already?” Yoshikawa called out from the side.

“Please pay attention to your words, I would have been ready, if it weren’t for someone still trying to decide what to wear.” Lei Yin corrected him.

“Okay, long-winded fellow.” Takeda turned away from the mirror.

“Masashi, what do you think about this suit, does it look too old? I still think the one with the light color is better compared to this one.” Takeda wasn’t satisfied with the suit he was wearing.

“Even if you don’t wear anything no one would care. Hurry up, or else we’ll be late.” Yoshikawa looked at his watched, and urged again.

“You guys always have ill intentions, it’s only natural that you want me to make a fool of myself in front of Haruko.” Takeda exclaimed pointing at him.

“Whatever you think, but since you still don’t want to go, then I’ll go first.” With that, Yoshikawa turned around and walked out of the apartment.

“Yoshikawa you bastard, I won’t let you get away, Masashi let’s go quickly.” Takeda was ashamed, and sped up like a soldier turning off the apartment lights, running right behind his friend.

Just the other day, Narimura Haruko had suddenly invited Lei Yin to the birthday dinner party, that her father held in celebration of his friend.

Lei Yin didn’t want to take part in such a boring party, but since the rebellious duo was there, the two immediately held him down regardless of the danger they were in. Then after much shameless haggling, the two finally had finally haggled two extra tickets to the dinner party, and had assumed the great responsibility of bringing Masashi to the party.

Later, after they had gone back, the rebellious duo took turns pleading Lei Yin, he finally couldn’t stand it, and had promised to go with them to the dinner party.

In order to impress Narimura Haruko at the dinner party, the rebellious duo was intensely making preparations.

The dinner party was held at the prestigious Keio hotel in Shinjuku.

When the three got there, they saw the parking outside was full with all kinds of cars.

“What kind of person is that birthday guy, to be able to unexpectedly have this many rich people come, and celebrate with him?” Takeda said a little amazed.

Although Yoshikawa thought that the cars were good, but parking so many cars here, he felt like someone would steal it after they abandon it at the parking lot.

After looking at the three’s invitation, the personnel responsible for the reception immediately invited them to go inside.

Inside there were several huge crystal chandeliers, and at a first glance, all these men dressed in formal dress were all with a woman, some were talking in a group, while others were walking around slowly. On the east side of the hall, there was a long rectangular table, as long as the hall, waiters were constantly walking back and forth placing all kinds of food on top of it.

Transparent wine glasses, silver cutlery, ladies filled with expensive jewelry and so on, were radiating a blinding light.

All of this gave off a film-like feeling.

Of course, only ordinary people would have such a feeling coming to this sort of place, but to those rich men coming from the upper circle of society, who frequently went to socials, this was only a very normal social activity.

Although in recent years there was a downturn in the Japanese economy, but it didn’t seem like it had any impact on these rich fellows. The amount of money to have a banquet at this place, would be enough to feed a large number of hungry people in Somalia.

Not long after Lei Yin was admitted, Narimura Haruko who was wearing a white dress walked over.

“You finally came.” Narimura Haruko said to Lei Yin in a low voice, as if they’ve surpassed the boundaries of being ordinary friends.

“Haruko, tonight you look quite amazing. Certainly, I didn’t mean that you are usually unattractive, but just that tonight you look especially attractive.” Without waiting for Lei Yin to reply, Yoshikawa was the first to open his mouth.



“You look really beautiful tonight.” According to the lessons he learned about love, in the book called [Encyclopedia of Courtship], Takeda at this time had deliberately said something in a deep voice.

“Thank you.” Narimura Haruko just like before, replied very politely.

When an outstandingly beautiful woman splendidly dress up, her attractiveness could exponentially increase.

Dressed in an elegant white gown, her body’s proportions were revealed. Although it wasn’t the suicide bomber type of beauty, but her figure was still full of curves giving off a sort of reverie.

On her neck was a diamond shaped pendant, reflecting off light, giving a bright luster. Her beautiful black long hair was specially set up, looking like a young girl mixed with the flavor of a mature woman.

Seeing that figure, they were immediately enchanted by her, which made Narimura Haruko very satisfied. Looking at Lei Yin at the other side, she actually discovered that he wasn’t looking at her, but was instead silently observing the hall.

This discovery had made Narimura Haruko surge in an intense anger.

In order to give a strong visual impact to this hick, who had never seen the upper class social life, she had spent a much longer time than usual to dress up. Her efforts weren’t in vain, as when she walked outside the venue in addition to the people at the same level as her parents, she saw that all men were looking at her who couldn’t wait to swallow her with their eyes, including the two perverts in front of her.

But he still treated her as if she was nothing.

This wasn’t just a bet with Ji Zi, but also her dignity in question. At this moment she pledged that she would do anything just to make this man to be death set on her just like a dog.

“You haven’t eaten yet, right? Just wait a minute, when the ball starts, you’ll be able to get something to eat.” After recomposing herself, Narimura Haruko smiled more sweetly.

“In fact, I’m not hungry, I only want to talk to you.” Yoshikawa was indeed a long time veteran in terms of love, as he soon responded like a professional playboy.

Narimura Haruko sighed at heart, it would be nice if the target was Yoshikawa or Takeda. I don’t even have to be passive to get them.

As they continued to talk, three people came up to them. Two of them were young man wearing a suit, while another was a stylish beauty.

“Haruko, I was just looking for you, so you were here.” A tall, straight young man was the first to speak.

“I’m sorry, my college friends came, so I had to go and greet them.” Narimura Haruko said with a smile.

“The three of them, which one’s your boyfriend?” Just as Takeda was looking at the three of them, the woman who was tightly holding the young man’s arm asked with a smile.

“No need to guess, they’re all my good friends.” With that, she deliberately looked at Masashi with a hint of bitterness.

“Haruko, why don’t you tell us about your classmates?” At the same time the other young man who had a long hair that reached his shoulder spoke, the three of them were carefully observing Takeda.

After a brief introduction, the young man with the long hair said: “Seeing that Haruko is together with some boys, I thought you already had a boyfriend, it really threw me off. Don’t forget what I told you before, if you want a boyfriend just think about me first.”

“Narita, you’re talking nonsense. Careful, your girlfriend might find out about this afterwards.”

“When did I have any girlfriends? Even if there were, if you’re willing to be my girlfriend, I’ll dump them right away.”

“Them? So you’re saying you have more than one? Narita, you’re so unfaithful, how would you make Haruko feel reassured being with you?” The beautiful woman who has been holding the tall young man’s arm, Ryotani Reimi interrupted to say.

“I’m sorry, I spilled the beans.”

Seeing the several of them were talking and laughing merrily, Takeda and Yoshikawa since the beginning couldn’t interrupt their conversation, and could only smile as they watched them at the side.

Takeda’s face muscle began to stiffen a little, he then turned his head to look at Lei Yin, only to discovered that he was leisurely drinking red wine, as if nobody was around. Takeda couldn’t help but get angry and at the same time find it funny, but also felt a little envious of him.

Besides the tall youth Awamaru Akimasa, the other young people were all college students. But even so, it was all right as in the business world nothing was accidental nor casual. Although they hadn’t officially inherited their family’s business, but whether it was intentional or not, they chose to help their business by creating relationships with other people.

Although they were aware of this fact, Yoshikawa and Takeda still felt very depressed. Yoshikawa especially hated the man named Narita, as he could see clearly that Narimura Haruko was interested, and seem to have a good impression of him.

In the bathroom, after washing her hand, Ryotani Reimi said to Narimura Haruko who was putting her make up on: “So which one of them is Gennai Masashi, the object of your bet with Ji Zi this time?”

Narimura Haruko was a little surprised, putting down her makeup box, she looked at her and said, “How do you know about the bet? I know, it must be Ji Zi who told you.”

Ryotani Reimi didn’t deny it “You and Ji Zi are in college now, but you two are actually still having childish fights. But to also make a bet in this way, you might want to be careful, you might be playing with fire.”

“You’re her cousin, of course you’ll help her.” Narimura Haruko a bit unhappily said.

“I don’t favour anyone, but I’m only going to tell you this. That guy seems hard to deal with.”

“Why do you say that?”

“It’s just my hunch, but he’s the type of man that’s difficult to grasp, and just as we were talking, he didn’t even listen to us.”

“That fellows just putting on airs.” Narimura Haruko said a little bit angrily.

Ryotani Reimi shook her head saying: “I forgot to tell you, Ji Zi will come tonight.”

“What? Didn’t she go to Tahiti, how can she be so quick?” Narimura Haruko was startled.

“I don’t know, she probably just went back earlier.”

Narimura Haruko’s face suddenly changed.

She now regretted it, if she had known that woman would come, she wouldn’t have asked Gennai Masashi to come to the dinner party. If Ji Zi were to see Gennai Masashi’s stingy attitude towards her, she would certainly be happy.

When they got out of the washroom, the ball had already started.

All the guests were looking at the podium, where Ikeyama Togoto was standing, holding a microphone to make a speech.

“Thank you for everyone who participated in my birthday. During the next years I’ll very grateful if you give me your support and help. Aside from tonight’s banquet, there is one more thing I would like to announce, I will participate in the next senate election. I hope that everyone would continue to support me.”

The audience immediately burst into warm applause.

In Japan, politicians and their business partners would always have a close relationship. The cost of this half-open banquet, how much of it really came from this old man’s pocket? After all, government officials receiving political donations were normal, so that they would never forget to pay attention to their people.

Ikeyama Togoto was apparently very satisfied with their reaction, and went on to say: “Now, let the party begin, I hope you have fun.”

It wasn’t long before he spoke that a melodious music orchestra group who were in charge of the music, began to play at the side. This had also meant that the ball had officially started.

Although she was prepared to a certain extent, but when she actually saw Mingyu Ji Zi wearing a similar dress as her, Narimura Haruko’s complexion became increasingly ugly. Especially when she saw the student council president at her side, she wished that she herself didn’t come here.

“Isn’t that Haruko? It’s been a week since we saw each other, I really miss you, cousin Reimi too.” Wearing a purple dress, Ji Zi smiled as she held the student body presidents arm.

Compared to Narimura Haruko, Mingyu Ji Zi’s appearance was slightly inferior, but she beat with her shape that could make most man’s heart beat rapidly.

“Thank you for troubling you, and worrying about me.” Narimura Haruko’s expression turned cold, and said.

“Ji Zi when did you get off the plane?” Ryotani Reimi asked.

“This afternoon, I had to ride the plane for such a long time, I almost died of exhaustion. Senpai, can you help me get some juice?” Mingyu Ji Zi turned her head towards the student council president and said while acting like a spoiled brat.

“Okay, you wait.” After taking a look at the well-known prettiest girl in the new students, the student council president turned around, and walked over the table at the other side.

Mingyu Ji Zi very proudly looked at Narimura Haruko, and said: “I heard that Gennai-san’s here, can you introduce him to me? However if you don’t want to, then so be it.”

Looking at her self-satisfied smile, Narimura Haruko really wanted to slap the face of this woman.

“Whatever.” Managing to control herself, Narimura Haruko said something.

Mingyu Ji Xi smiled, and followed right behind her.

Arriving at Takeda’s side, she saw the three eating together. If possible, she really wished that these three would immediately disappear.

“Masashi.” Approaching Lei Yin’s side, Narimura Haruko gently patted his shoulder.

Hearing her affectionately call his name, Lei Yin’s face grimaced.

“What’s the matter?”

“Can I introduce my friend to you?” After speaking these words, Narimura Haruko felt humiliated.

She never thought that there would be one day that someone would talk to her with such a tone, moreover it was this sort of man.

Looking deeply into her eyes, Lei Yin nodded, “I’ll have to trouble you.”

Hearing him comply, Narimura Haruko subconsciously relaxed.

“You must be Gennai-san. Hello, my name’s Mingyu Ji Zi, a student of Teikyo University in the Foreign Languages Department of Literature. Just like you, I’m also a new student. Moreover, I’m good friends with Haruko, and we grew up together.” Without waiting for Narimura Haruko to open her mouth, Mingyu Ji Zi first introduced herself to Lei Yin.

Seeing that she had introduced herself with such a charming smile, Narimura Haruko sneered in her heart. This woman was sending off her sex appeal again.

Even so, she nervously looked at Lei Yin’s expression. After all, this woman had enticed a lot of men.

“Hello.” Lei Yin said dismissively.

Hearing his exceeding short answer, Mingyu Ji Zi was stunned. Seeing this, the nearby Narimura Haruko had a strange sense of pleasant revenge.

“Gennai-san, you’re classmates with Haruko right? To what extent is your relationship with Haruko now?” Mingyu Jizi soon replied with a sweet smile, then looked at him and asked.

Narimura Haruko didn’t think that she would be so direct, and immediately retorted: “It seems like this has nothing to do with you, Mingyu-san.”

“Haruko how can you say that, I’m your best friend, so it should concern me. Right, Gennai-san?”

Lei Yin didn’t speak, and had instead raised his glass and took a sip.

At that time, the student council president suddenly came holding a glass of juice, “Ji Zi, I looked everywhere for you, this is the juice that you wanted.”

“Senpai, I forgot to tell you, I don’t like to drink orange juice, can you help me get a glass of apple juice.”

“This, it’s fine, I’ll go get another glass.” The student council president a little reluctantly placed the drink on the dinner table, and walked back to where the drinks were.

After he walked away, Mingyu Ji Zi said, “Haruko, did you know? I thought that Yasumasa-senpai was a difficult person to approach, but after only a few days, I found out he is actually a very easy-going person. Haruko you also have to work hard, otherwise falling behind numerous things is rather boring. Well, I want to go dancing with senpai, so if the two of you will excuse me.”

Although she knew perfectly well that she was demonstrating herself, so Narimura Haruko protested, and was even secretly angry, but she could only watch her leave a bit helplessly.

Seeing that she was about to go away, Narimura Haruko stopped him and said: “Gennai-san, can I talk to you alone for a bit?”

Lei Yin looked at the table where Takeda and Yoshikawa were still eating, he then nodded.

They left the hall and went to the quiet balcony.

Standing on the balcony with carved railing, Lei Yin asked: “What’s the matter?”

After Narimura Haruko looked at him for a while, she then said: “Gennai-san doesn’t seem to have any favorable impression of me?”

“I am not very clear with your meaning.”

“You should understand. I like you Gennai-san, are you willing to give me a chance?”

Lei Yin calmly looked at her, and hadn’t said a single word for a very long time.

Narimura Haruko didn’t like how he looked at her.

“Honestly, I’m bored.”

Narimura Haruko didn’t imagine that he would say such words.

“What do you mean?” Her tone began to turn cold.

“Although I don’t know for what purpose you have to get close to me, but one thing’s for sure, I absolutely don’t have the slightest feelings towards you. Whether you smile delightfully or display such a gentle character, you can’t hide it in your eyes, your temperament. You’re a good actor, but by no means are you a very good one. In my opinion, your acting can only deceive those small boys with IQ lower than you.”

“You…” Narimura Haruko’s expression turned ugly.

“So please don’t bother me again, all right?” Lei Yin added.

“You….Bastard!” Feeling that she was completely seen through, Narimura Haruko felt angry and couldn’t control herself anymore, slapping him in the face.

Grabbing her by the wrist, Lei Yin said flatly: “You are not qualified to do so. Please don’t let yourself become a bitch.” With that, he let go of her hand.

Narimura Haruko looked at his eyes, cursed, and then quickly turned around and walked out of the balcony.

Done? Lei Yin sneered as he looked at her back.

After stopping for a moment, Lei Yin felt he wasn’t full yet, so he stood up and went inside the hall.

Suddenly, he heard a noise outside.

From the balcony he saw several police cars parked at the gate. But dozens of police were being stopped by the hotel manager at the front of the hotel.

It appears as though there was something unexpected happened.

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